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O' Great Queen, please help me. I am in need of dc fics to read, for I have fallen into the hole of DC (and specifically Damian Wayne-he's my son) and do not plan on getting out anytime soon. You recommend fics that are well written and delightfully engaging, so will you help me?

Laughter Lines

Its Not the End of the World (But It Might as Well be the End of Your World)

Things We’ve Lost, and Things We’ve Gained

Take Care of Yourself

Dick Wolf is a Really Funny Name

Never Say Never


On Fridays We Wear Taupe

it takes a house, a village

In Which We’re a Daytime Soap Opera

We’re Either a Murder Expose or a Rom-Com

By Degrees

Doubting Gets You Places

The Gazette Misses the Mark Again

Hot Toddy

Cradle Robber

these lines of lightning

Raising Robin

Shared Air

at certain hours it all breaks down

nine tenths

Sister Knows Best

Mad Love: A New Beginning

Bylines and Bracelets (Or How Lois Lane Fell In Love With Diana of Themyscira)

a stick and string from the paleolithic era and a utility belt full of crap (This one is a Marvel crossover with Kate Bishop/Stephanie Brown. It isn’t really possible to get a more kickass pairing than that)

“Really Close Friends” AKA Cass and Steph’s Adventures With Tabloids

sanctuary in haunted city #1



Each Possible Outcome

The Knot In Her Throat

The Girl Who Falls

Storm in the Soul

“Hummingbird vs. Air Tater”

LC received an Airator today at work. Me, Monday-brained as I was, read it as “Airtater.” I told Ryan about it.

“That sounds like a winged tater tot!”

I decided I had to draw it.

Ryan suggested I draw one of my crazy hummingbirds chasing it. :D


@trollforinitiative RYAN YOU ARE A GENIUSSSSS <333

My Alpha

Summary:   Akaashi is the most desired omega in the Fukurodani race. The fact that he already has a mate doesn’t seem to make a difference to his suitors. Then again, his mate is Bokuto Koutarou. When has anyone took his alpha seriously?

Pairings:  BokuAka / BokutoxAkaashi

Genre: Romance, Shounen-ai

Rating: T

Author: Canna / Yellowcanna

Status: Complete (One shot)

In the Fukuroudani race, the beauty of omegas is made up of three main components.

Strength, grace, and most important of all, intelligence.  

Akaashi Keiji is the omega who has it all.

At first glance the omega always appears plain without any special features that make him stand out. However, after the first few glances, alphas would always found themselves attracted to the dark haired boy who was in fact radiating with beauty. He was like an unpolished gem that needed to be inspected closely in order to understand the true value.

Many people who saw Akaashi would notice his expressionless face first. His brows were thick with unappealing half-lidded eyes that always portray a sense of tiredness. But if looked closer, anyone would see that it wasn’t the case at all. His brows are thick, but it gives him a sharpness that matches his narrow eyes, reflecting his frightening acute observation ability fitting for a bird of prey. He rarely expresses any emotions, but when he does, it was like the feeling of opening a treasure chest. The prize inside was beyond anything anyone could imagine, and the satisfaction of knowing they are the one who unlocked that was an indescribable feeling between joy and pride.

Intelligence was something the dark haired omega was gifted with at birth. He was the smartest of his school, always standing at the very top no matter what subject it was. Like that of an owl, Akaashi moved fluidly and soundlessly with trained precision that would take other omegas years of practice to achieve. He was graceful no matter what he was doing and just that alone, every omega looked to him as their idol.

Many alphas first saw the raven as an easy prey as eighty percent of omegas are proven to be. With his intelligence and grace, no one had expected the omega to be able fight. That was quickly changed the moment an alpha tried to make the omega submit in the middle of the school yard for all to see.

That alpha was crushed within seconds.

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This is an opinion brought to you by a rancher, who knows quite a few other ranchers and dairy farms.

I recently watched a documentary called Earthlings, which gets praised on a lot in the Vegan, animal rights, and animal welfare tags.

This documentary is complete, biased, exaggerated, and twisted bullshit (At least when it comes to beef and dairy, which is what I’m talking about)

It opens on beef with branding, showing an animal being hot ironed on the face. In my state, you cannot register to brand a cow on a face. In fact, the face is the least common branding site available, as it can damage the cow’s jaw and make it difficult for her to eat. The most common branding site is the hip, rib, and shoulder, but the documentary simply says, cows are branded on their face.

Does it say why? No. Because obviously we scar our animals for fun, right? Cattle don’t have microchips like a dog. If your dog gets stolen, you can usually find it because of it’s Microchipped. Cows don’t have that. Cows are so expensive, they’re like gold, so often Ranchers brand their cattle. If a cow has a brand, she cannot be sold without the brand owner’s authorization, meaning, someone can not steal young, healthy animals from my pasture, and sell them for slaughter.

Next they go on to dehorning, stating that it is cruel, painful, and often done with simple pliers. HAaha.

If I have an animal, I don’t want to ruin it by painfully tearing off it’s horns. This animal will never let me touch it again!

Most cattle, and I DO mean most, are dehorned either as calves (Less painful, not remembered), or have a shot to numb the area at the base of the horn before it’s CUT off, not YANKED off. This way, the cow can still be handled.

Does the documentary say WHY cattle are dehorned? Does it mention that a cow with horns is a danger to itself, humans, and other animals? No? Of course not!

Beef cattle are not stuffed into trailers until it’s so full the animals die. This makes absolutely no sense. If the animals die before they reach the sale ring or slaughter house, no paycheck for you! You make less money if the animals die before slaughter.

Nothing the documentary covers is explained why. WHY do they do that? It’s biased. It makes it seem like ranchers and farmers WANT to hurt their cattle. They don’t. Most of us get attached to our cows. It exaggerates EVERYTHING


According to the documentary, Dairy cattle are CHAINED to their stalls, in their own feces, with no water or food, pumped full of hormones to make them milk more. Wrong.

A dairy barn consists of a long isle down the middle of the barn, with a large alley on each side for the cattle. The cattle can walk down the main alley, or lay in a padded stall. They can stick their head through railings to eat food specially mixed to meet all their needs, or drink water. Dairy barns, because they produce milk that MUST be clean, cannot milk a cow pumped full or hormones and chemicals, and clean their barns daily to avoid bacteria. WOW! It’s almost like we take care of our animals so they produce! WHO KNEW?

Most dairy cattle are allowed to graze in a pasture with their calves, until they’re milked in the morning and the evening. Others keep their cows in a well airated barn. Calves are removed to avoid injury! Calves are often kept it smaller pens, with calf huts, pads, soft bedding, and even blankets! It is counter productive to not care for a calf. A calf is your future cow! Dairy farmers feed them the highest quality milk so the calves grow into strong, productive animals.

Dieing cows are not left in the isles. If a cow begins to appear sick, a vet is called. Simple as that.

The documentary states that a cow’s lifespan can reach 20. WRONG. at the age of 8 or 9, a cow starts to lose her teeth. If you kept a cow alive until 20 she would be malnourished and miserable, unable to eat. The average cow lives until 8 or 9, at which point they are sold. It would be cruel to keep an animal who cannot eat or fulfill it’s own needs.

Cows do not, on average, die at FOUR YEARS OLD because of exhaustion! Four years, at almost any dairy or ranch you visit, is a cow in her PRIME! We do not run our animals to death. We do NOT torture them.

You don’t eat meat? Great! Do your thing! Eat your veggies! That’s fine! But don’t make me out to be devilspawn if I eat meat. Don’t make me out to be cruel, (As stated by the documentary, as cruel as hitler to the jews), because I raise cattle. Fuck. You.

The shit thing about that documentary is it preys on people who have never been on a farm or dairy. If you’ve never been to one, it’s easy to believe things like this. If I made a documentary about how vegans grew their food, and showed it to people who have never met Vegans, or seen how crops are grown, I could easily exaggerate and make Veganism seem horrible, like this documentary does to livestock owners.

Please stop hating on ranchers and farmers. Please?

on nonbinary representation, and why couple-ish is amazing as hell

so here’s the thing

in modern film/television, the vast majority of characters who are genderless, or in between male and female, or fluid in their gender, are either robots and aliens

and EVEN THEN, most people feel the need to assign some gender to them (see: BB-8, BMO, etc)

its very very rare to see a human character identify as nonbinary

in fact, the only instance i’ve ever come across (other than dee) is lafontaine 

(gee, kaitlyn’s really the epitome of nb representation, huh?)

and carmilla has always been great at representation, be it well-rounded women, wlw or nonbinary people

but the thing that makes carmilla so good… is that it doesn’t talk about it

there’s no ‘you can’t do this because youre a girl’ and there’s no ‘i wonder if she’s gay’ and there’s certainly no ‘oh shit now i need to come out, i wonder if people will accept me’ 

and that’s great! because lgbt people are tired of hearing about the struggles of being lgbt, they want characters like them, who get to go on regular adventures like everyone else

the only problem is that nonbinary people are vastly underrepresented, and carmilla’s method of just accepting people’s identities without talking about it, can make this confusing, because a lot of people don’t really understand this gender 

and then enter… 


so here we have a main character who identifies as nonbinary, and for the first few episodes this is completely accepted. nobody messed up pronouns, amy refers to dee as ‘sib’ which i think is adorable btw and as a trans-gender-somewhat-unsure person, this felt like a breath of fresh air

at the same time, when a new character was introduced (cute butt guy, ed), there was no pretence that he’d magically understand dee’s gender straight away, because of course he wouldnt, our society doesn’t recognise nb people

so then dee had to sit down and explain it to him, which gave us one of the most important scenes in history (in my humble opinion)

we got a talk about pronouns, we got a clear explanation of what dee’s gender means to them, and we got pretty much the best-case scenario (which did include confusion because, as mentioned before, our society pretends nonbinary people don’t exist)

(we also got kaitlyn dancing in their underwear which was pretty awesome)

this episode felt like the perfect balance between ‘lets make it happy because lgbt people have enough sad media’ but also ‘lets make it realistic’

and to be honest i think the entire show itself walks the line between ‘giving lgbt people stories other than their lgbt identity’ and ‘talking about the issues that arise’ 

and basically… couple-ish

“Grief is a house
where the chairs
have forgotten how to hold us
the mirrors how to reflect us
the walls how to contain us
grief is a house that disappears
each time someone knocks at the door
or rings the bell
a house that blows into the air
at the slightest gust
that buries itself deep in the ground
while everyone is sleeping
grief is a house where no one can protect you
where the younger sister
will grow older than the older one
where the doors
no longer let you in
or out.”
― Jandy Nelson, The Sky Is Everywhere


Summary: When ruby red eyes first laid sight on the pair of silver, turquoise and mulberry coloured eyes staring back at him, Sakaki Yuya knew right away that their destinies were tied. However, he also knew that his soul mates weren’t meant to be with him, so he decided long ago to simply watch them from the distance.

Pairing:  Dimensionshipping: Yuto x Yuri x Yugo x Yuya    

Genre: Romance, Hurt/Comfort, Shounen-ai

Rating: T

Author: Canna / Yellow Canna

Status: Complete (One shot)

When ruby red eyes first laid sight on the pair of silver, turquoise and mulberry coloured eyes staring back from the television screen, Sakaki Yuya knew right away that their destinies were tied. He could feel his soul resonate, calling out fruitlessly to the beings standing on the wide stage with millions of fans around the world cheering them on.

At the young age of fourteen, Sakaki Yuya found the carriers of the missing pieces of his soul.

Everyone in the world is born with a part of their soul missing. The person carrying that same piece was called a soul mate. A soul mate was someone who can complete the emptiness inside you, someone who can make you whole again. Unfortunately, not many people can meet with their soul mates. The world was too big, and there was also the matter of age gap. It wasn’t rare for a baby to be born just as the child’s soul mate dies from old ages. To make matters worse, the only way to know if that person has the same soul was to look into the other’s eye and your soul will respond if it was the right one.

Of soul mates, there was one unusually rare type that stands out. There are those who are born at the exact same time with the exact same faces despite different genetic. Those are called counterpart—the rarest and purest form of soul mate.

When Yuya showed his parent the live concert, they were ecstatic. They celebrated with him in finding his counterparts and his father immediately began tried to get into contact with his soul mate’s agency.

Unfortunately, that joy didn’t last long.

Being only fourteen, Yuya was naïve and stupid. He didn’t know how cruel the world was until he went to school the day after the news surrounding the three counterpart stars exploded throughout the world. The young boy found himself suddenly being preyed on by his classmates and other kids he doesn’t even know. He couldn’t understand why the students had turned on him and called him mean things.

They called him fake.

They called him worthless and undeserving.

They made fun of him, called him awful names.

Unable to stand the bullying, Yuya phoned home crying for his parents—not knowing that his desperate pleas would lead them into a brutal traffic accident.

He had killed them.

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Status report!
Since we’re ***officially*** as of two weeks of having my axolotls here’s what I did today:
Bought a screen lid to try and airate a bit better for them and I got a PVC pipe to replace one of their caves to see if they might like it more. I seem to have gotten that random pH spike under control after a thorough cleaning and a 20% water change with purified water, and I’m gonna do another change tomorrow now working on kicking my nitrites. But question for aquascape / planted tank community, my anubias plant seems to be very quickly dying and I’m not sure why. My other plants are doing ok is it not enough light? I have a lamp but I can rarely turn it on due to my lotls freaking out if it’s bright but I try to give it as much indirect sunlight as I can. Any thoughts? Thank you!!


by Gwendolyn Bennett

I shall hate you
Like a dart of singing steel
Shot through still air
At even-tide,
Or solemnly
As pines are sober
When they stand etched
Against the sky.
Hating you shall be a game
Played with cool hands
And slim fingers.
Your heart will yearn
For the lonely splendor
Of the pine tree
While rekindled fires
In my eyes
Shall wound you like swift arrows.
Memory will lay its hands
Upon your breast
And you will understand
My hatred.

AKAFURI (side pairing kagakuro)

genre: gag, romance, fluff, shonen ai
rating: R-15
-24 pages, size B6 custom
-IDR 40.000/ USD 4.5  (bonus mini spiral notes)


oh god, finally i’m done with the cover doujin. o<–<

will be available on comifuro 4. booth number info will be update later.

online pre order will be open as well after that, and i will try to get some advice from my friend how to open international pre order. so i hope i can shipping this doujin to overseas. :’D