Sooooo I recently got into Steven Universe and I love Rose Quarts the colors scheme for her is so pretty, well most of the characters have good color schemes but Rose really stands out to me. 

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Fecundity and Life

The beautiful Aira Force surrounded by lush vegetation, flowers, moss, water everywhere. Nowt like getting moist and cool when the warm summer sun beats down the gorge. =)

Aira Force, Ullswater, Lake District, Cumbria, England.

ISO100, f/14, 16mm (24mm full-frame equiv.) using a circular polariser on my Tokina 11-16mm f/2.8 lens attached to a Nikon D7000. This is three bracketed exposures blended and edited together with Aurora HDR, Color Efex and Photoshop.


Rathalos/Rathian Plate~

This was painted and made by Aira as a present to Sachi, but we’ve not been able to put it on display until now due to moving house ^^;

Now she will always have a plate, regardless how well the hunt goes! :P

The plushies were also brought by Aira and Megumi.

He thinks of other wars, and all his memories are of tanks.

‘67, when they ran riot in the Sinai, smashing the Egyptian Army practically at will. The Arabs seemed completely clueless, handing them victory on a plate. How many times had he been hit? A dozen? But the chassis rocked and the turret echoed with the ringing clang of every impact, and the iron walls held, and the thing kept going.

Three years before that, in what they called the Water War, he’d sniped an ancient Panzer IV the Syrians had dug in at Nukheila. That had been his first Centurion kill. His gunner sang the praises of the new 105, said with sights as good as that a child could do the job.

And what was he in '56? A boy, or not much more. Manning the 75-50 on an upgunned Sherman, discovering he had the steel to do the job. They raced across the desert to hit the Egyptians from the rear, blasting T-34s and even Stalin-3s, littering the sand with burning corpse upon burning corpse…

A Jewish Blitzkrieg, someone had called it.

—  “Children of Israel”, Garth Ennis and Tomas Aira

“The secret of success is intelligent effort, work accompanied by thought, self-criticicsm, a realistic assessment of the environment, and above all, demand. Not the paltry demand of profit but on the contrary, of youthful dreams that should never be abandoned. You have to know how to see beyond the interests of survival and make the decision to give something to the world, because only those who give receive. And for that, you need imagination. The prose of business must express itself in the poetry of life.”

- Cesar Aira, DINNER (2015 translation Katherine Silver)

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Heres a magic portal that you can use to jump to Aira's timeline and back. Because why not have convenient stuff.

Why not indeed?

Leo had been running around the palace (why was he running? It’s not as if time was moving on Aira’s end) gathering things he would need to go help Aira when this new anon appeared.

He quite nearly skidded to a halt in front of them, holding a bag of assorted things. He’d acquired small objects made of highly condensed magic, just in case, a notebook and writing utensil (though he always had them on him anyways), a bit of food and water, some basic medical supplies, his phone, and a few other things. He’d also (sort-of) told Wingheart, and sent Silver a text. He couldn’t think of anything else he should be taking with him or do first…

He nodded in thanks to the anon and stepped into the portal. Hopefully he would end up near Aira…

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Hello and welcome to Wolfen Truths!~

This is my tumblr page for the book series I’m writing and I’m hoping by doing this it will help me reach out more and convince me I should be writing more too!

It’s also a great place where I can post pics of cosplays myself and my partner have done of the characters and any doodles I do -^^-

If you have any questions about the series, myself or characters please feel free to ask! ^^

While the others were going into raptures about the stars, Patri felt that she could see her family in the sky, her beloved family, and realized that she was bidding them farewell. It wasn’t true what they said about the dead being turned into stars for the living to see: it was the other way around. She couldn’t say that she was sad to be leaving them for ever, but she was them scattered over the black sky, each a beautiful, everlasting point of light, and felt a kind of nostalgia, not in anticipation but almost as if she were looking back already. She was telling herself that as long as a sacrifice is worthwhile, it is possible. The thing is, the stars were so far away… The kids were right: they needed a telescope; but that would have made them look even more distant. She moved her head slightly, and felt that the stars, remote as they were, had entered her. The “state of farewell” implied a certain detachment. That detachment or doubling affected thought as well, and under its influence Patri conceived the following analogy. In the course of his everyday activities, it occurs to a man that in an ideal state of perfect happiness, satisfying all the requirements set out by the philosophers (and some have been extremely particular in these matters, not so much because they were naturally fussy, although they were, because most of them were bachelors, but mainly because they got carried away by their ontological deductions), he would be doing exactly what he is doing now, not something equivalent, but the very same thing, as if in a parallel world. Of course not if his work was really terrible, as so much work is, but these days, thought Patri, quite a few people live without working, so the objects of this man’s hypothetical comparisons would be a walk, a session at the gym, a train trip to the suburbs, that sort of thing, and it wouldn’t require a great imaginative effort to arrive at the conclusion that there could indeed be a perfect identity between what he is doing in reality, and what he would be doing at the same time, on the same day, in a state of perfect happiness (individual, social, and even cosmic happiness, if you like, the end of alienation, etc. etc.). In fact it wouldn’t require any imaginative effort at all, because there would be no need to call on the imagination; all he’d have to do would be to modify his gestures, or their form: slightly slower movements, a conceited little smile, the head held slightly higher… It’s always the way, she thought: you look up at the starry sky, and before you know it you’re thinking about other worlds. How idiotic!
—  César Aira – from Ghosts, translated by Chris Andrews

5 Days till Monster Hunter Generations~

And Huntress Aira is STILL busy sewing costumes, despite the fact Huntresses Megumi and Mello will be arriving tomorrow!

She’s just finished making Sachi’s Zinogre horns and now needs to finish her own Oroshi Kirin costume! :P

Bring on our launch party! :D

…for all eternity, even if eternity lasted an instant, especially if it lasted an instant. That was the only eternity she could imagine. Come, eternity, come and be the instant of my life! she exclaimed.
—  César Aira – from Ghosts, translated by Chris Andrews