Here’s the piece I did for the @takemyhandzine - a kiribaku fanzine full of manly love! 💥💕

(Someone literally stuck to the title, here, huh)


Iwaois and surprise attack kisses because. ╮( ͡~ ͜ʖ ͡~)╭

Bold Iwa-chan is bold and goes straight with da tongue. Whereas Oiks is just a predictable brat, but Iwa’ll always catch him anyway. ♥

I liek so much drawing their muscular bodies dat next I’ll have dem naked, yup


Gonna watch this movie asap even tho I know they won’t be saying what I’m sure they would be saying if it wasn’t for damn you Arakawa. With love despite everything,

Your friendly neighborhood Aira
(don’t take me seriously I rlly do love herrrrr)