The Aura

What is aura? 
Aura  is this field of bio-electricity surrounding the physical body.  In a healthy individual, it makes an elliptical or egg shape about the body. Some starseeds who have  trained to see auras can clearly view them and discern much personal information just by reading the color, strength, size and shape of one’s aura. Color is a characteristic of the vibration of matter, and our souls seem to reflect it in this three-dimensional world.

The aura is comprised of energies absorbed and transformed from the elements of nature. There is also an interaction of the body with the energy fields of the heavens. Planetary influences - as are often described in astrology - are also absorbed and transformed into energy expressions. Everyone has his or her own unique energy system, and the way it interacts will vary from starseed to starseed.

To see your own aura, you should start out by going into a meditative state. Hold your hand out in front of you, preferably against a solid white background. In the beginning, you should be able to see some faint lines surrounding your hand and fingers. The better you become at seeing your own aura the sooner you shall be able to see the auras of others, by just tuning in.

Anyone can learn to see and experience the aura. You just need a little understanding,time, practice and perseverance.

#Practice Tip
Prior to your practice it’s best to keep in mind that your surroundings affect your results!

The aura is weakened by:

1. Poor diet

2. Lack of exercise

3. Lack of fresh air

4. Lack of rest

5. Stress

6. Alcohol

7. Drugs

8. Tobacco

9. Negative habits

10. Improper psychic activity

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Like all of my retrospective posts, this will be based, obviously, on those podcasts that I listened to during 2016. More details on certain choices under the cut. Have your own best-of lists for 2016? Please tag me or let me know!

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Check out this playlist on @8tracks: EɬerᏁal Utopia by Nikinya

Track List:

1.   Vaporous- Elsiane

2.   Heaven- I Monster

3.   Seven Stars- Air

4.   Utopia (Genetically Enriched)- Goldfrapp

5.   Incantations- Massive Attack

6.   Things Untold- Daughter Darling

7.   Aquarius- Waldeck

8.   2Wicky- Hooverphonic

9.   Mysterons- Portishead

10.  Spin Spin Sugar- Sneaker Pimps

11.  Your Shadow- Lunascape

12.  Paranoia- Elsiane

13.  Never The Same- Supreme Beings of Leisure

14.  Don’t forget to Breathe- Bitter:Sweet

15.  Finer- Nightmares On Wax

16.  Get Up… Carmen- Waldeck

17.  In The Waiting Line- Zero 7

18.  Mad About You- Hooverphonic

19.  Daydream in Blue (The Penelopes Remix)- I Moster

20.  Dirty Laundry- Bitter:Sweet

21.  You Wish- Nightmares On Wax

22.  Right Here (feat. Oh Land)- Tricky

23.  Inertia Creeps- Massive Attack

24.  You Make Me Feel- Archive

25.  Small Town Witch- Sneaker Pimps

26.  Sparkly- Young Magic

27.  Backspace Unwind- Lamb

28.  Digging Too Deep- Puracane

29.  Slow Dripping In My Brain- Lendi Vexer

30.  Bedtime Stories- Anomie Belle

31.  Wandering Star- Portishead

32.  Moon Fever- Air

33.  Vertigo (feta. Lou Rhodes)- Creep

34. As Satellites Go By- Lamb

35.  Lazarus- Active Child

36.  Lane Navachi (Theme from Haunted Castle 3D)- Lunascape

37.  Afraid- Sarah Fimm

38.  A Necessary End- Saltillo

Some Tips

For all you winged kin who long for the sensation of flying, here are a few tips for getting that feeling:

1. (The obvious) skydiving with a wingsuit! It is the closest to flying we humans will ever be able to get.

2. (My favorite) Skiing! The best skiing is early in the morning with no one on the mountain, where you can have a freshly groomed or powdery trail all to yourself. Go all the way up a windy peak and feel the wind blow against you. If you are skilled enough to go fast, that’s even better. Hit jumps, get air, feel that freedom and thrill that flying would give you.

3. Ziplining or bungee jumping, doubly so if it’s high in the air

4. Biking down a large hill. Like skiing, feeling the wind against you is awesome.

5. Amusement park rides, like roller coasters. But these are pretty fun anyways.

6. Just plain running on a windy day.

- Compiled from Kinmunity

hello beans!! the year just started so the first thing i thought of doing is making a lil contribution to help everyone and here it is! i know this isn’t all of it but i guess you could say these are the basics so here you go:

Animal Bites

1. wash the wound at once under running tap water to wash out the animal’s saliva
2. bathe it for five minutes with gauze and plenty of clean water
3. rinse with more water and cover with a dressing
4. see a doctor IMMEDIATELY

Ant and Mosquito Bites

1. wash the bites with soap and water
2. put a paste made of baking soda and a little water on them OR put calamine lotion on them
3. if there is a swelling, cover with a cold-water bandage


place a cold compress (a cotton wool or a towel soaked in cold water and wrung out will do) over the bruise

Cuts And Scratches

1. wash your hands always
2. wash the skin around the wound with soap and running tap water (wash away from and not towards the wound)
3. when the surrounding skin is clean, wash the wound with soap and running tap water, using a fresh sterile gauze
4. put a mild antiseptic on the wound and when dry, cover with a sterile gauze and a bandage

Hiccups (not really an injury but it does feel a bit annoying sometimes)

1. take a deep breath and hold it as long as you can
2. slowly sip several glasses of cold water

Minor Burns and Scalds

1. wash your hands
2. run cold tap water over the burn to ease the pain
3. (i) if the skin is not blistered put on petroleum jelly and cover with several layers of sterile dressing
(ii) if the skin is blistered just apply dressing and keep out the air
4. don’t apply ointment, oil or antiseptic
5. if the burn is large, see a doctor

Nose Bleed

1. sit quietly with head bent forward
2. press nostrils together for five minutes OR lie down with a cold wet towel across the face


1. wash round the splinter with soap and water
2. sterilize a needle and tweezers by boiling them for five minutes
3. loosen the skin round the splinter with the needle
4. remove it with the tweezers
5. cover the skin with a dressing


(i) if the skin is red but not blistered put calamine lotion freely on it

(ii) 1. if there are blisters or there is a severe burn, make a weak solution of baking soda (two tablespoonfuls of soda to one quart of water)
2. wet a sterile dressing with it
3. put on the burn
4. do not use anything greasy and do not expose skin to the sun until burn is healed

Wasp and Bee Stings

1. remove the sting if visible
2. run cold water over the sting to ease the pain
3. bathe in water in which baking soda has been dissolved
4. leave on a wet bandage

happy new year and stay safe buds!