How much must Luke Skywalker be freaking out right now?

Can you imagine?

You are moping on your island of self-imposed exile, and then this girl shows up.

  • She’s flying your best friend’s ship. The ship that Han thought he lost for ever. The ship that was stolen and passed through so many hands that he was sure he’d never see it again. The same ship that took you away from home for the first time.
  • She’s accompanied by your personal droid. The droid you left behind and abandoned. The droid that C-3PO was sure would never be the same again.
  • She holds out her hand and she’s holding your father’s light saber. The sword you were sure was lost forever. The light saber that you dropped down a bottomless air shaft on a gas giant thirty years ago. The light saber you knew you would never see again.
  • You look up and you see her eyes. Maz Kanata says that if you live long enough, you see the same eyes looking out of different faces. The girl’s face is different, but those eyes are the same. You know those eyes. They’re the eyes you thought you’d never see again.

And that’s when you know it.

You’re screwed.

They say sometimes the Force works in mysterious ways. Sometimes, the Force will send you little signs. Subtle clues.

Other times, the Force will just beat you repeatedly over the head with a gigantic neon sign that says: “You can’t run away from your past anymore, Luke. I won’t let you. Look, here is your past come back to haunt you. Now deal with it.

Nancy Drew in Treasure in the Royal Tower

Mischief and Destiny | Frigga/Loki RP | thequeenfrigga | Closed

There was pride in the little boy’s eyes for the barest of moments as the arrow hit its mark. The piercing emerald gaze of the eight year old child never moving from the target. Hopeful to hear his father’s words of praise for his achievement as his brother cocked the arrow along his own bow.

Loki watched in dismay as the young blond’s arrow flew through the air, splitting the shaft of his own in two as it slammed into the bullseye. 

“Well done,” Odin praised as he moved towards his sons. “A very difficult shot for one’s so young.” He motioned for them to follow as they moved back towards the palace. “It takes incredible strength to split an arrow that way, Thor, you should be very proud.”

Loki sighed as his gate slowed to fall behind the two of them. It felt as if he were invisible as his father continued to praise his older brothers young prowess as a warrior. Soon the tiny trickster fell back completely. He doubted either of them would notice his absence as he moved away from the palace and ran toward the gardens. Hardly paying attention as he rounded a corner and straight into his mother. 

Powerhouse Air Shaft by .freeside.
Via Flickr :
Titan 1 Missile Silo powerhouse air filtration facility air shaft. Whew, that’s a mouthful. My tripod was sitting in water that had collected on the floor while Scott Haefner ran around firing his gelled flash for me. I painted in the forground with a flashlight. See Scott Haefner’s photo of me, Tunnelbug and Scott posing in this shaft here.

April 29th - A late afternoon escape found me spinning round Brownhills Common in a fruitless hunt for deer. I pottered on up to Engine Lane, and remembered the shaft located on a small mound by the old level crossing. Brick-lined, capped about six feet down with old railway sleepers, I think it must have been an air shaft for a nearby colliery. It’s not really wide enough to be a working shaft, and it’s termination at a considerable height above surrounding ground level suggests that the constructors wanted to avoid surface water draining down it. 

A conundrum indeed. 

Titan I power dome - pano by PhoenixHVAC174 on Flickr.

Via Flickr:
This is the largest single space in the Titan I complex, a room 130 feet across and sixty feet high - all buried underground. In here were the complex’s four diesel generators, capable of powering the whole site for weeks without resupply if the ‘button-up’ order was given. This massive space also held water filtration equipment, transformer banks, and HVAC equipment. The tunnel to the left on the mezzanine level leads to the air shafts and their enormous intake fan; the right side tunnel leads to the diesel and water storage tanks. Unlike later US missile silos, these complexes were essentially small, self-sufficient cities. 180° panorama, stitched from 12 individual frames and merged in PS.

Made with Flickr

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It was supposed to be an easy case, in and out before anyone could see him, collect the information on what the scientist were doing and report back to the Justice League. It wasn’t often he did requests for them but he owed Superman in his opinion, a lifetime worth of owing anyway, and so he didn’t mind doing what the big man asked of him. Besides, it was much easier for someone like Nightwing to get in that someone like Superman. Nightwing could pick locks and sneak around through air shafts where Superman was a bit to bulky to do that and honestly he wasn’t even sure the man knew how to pick a lock instead of melting it off.

Getting in was fairly easy and sneaking around barely even a challenge, at one point he was actually wondering if they were letting him do it but brushed that off because there was no way they could have actually known he was there. Right?

Apparently not because the second he reached the main room he found himself falling out of the vent and into a class cage. A trap, his least favorite kinds of missions because they always ended up with him dragging his broken and beaten ass home. Nightwing pounded on the glass wall, kicked and even tried bashing the Escrima stick into it but whatever the damn thing was made out of was a bit to hard for even him to break, at least by normal means.

He was working on getting out one of his explosives when the main scientist pushed a small red button and started cackling at him. The vigilante raised his head and looked once to the mad man before spinning around and turning to face the machine that was now aimed at him. He took one step back just as a beam was actually shot out of the contraption and hit him.

His body felt weird, almost like he was asleep and his vision was taken from him but it barely last more than a minute before he could see again. He wasn’t in the same place he was before, that much was for certain, but wherever he had been moved to wasn’t familiar with him. Nightwing checked his body over, bending his arms and flexing his fingers before he stood up off of the very nice carpet he had been dumped on.

“Great, just my goddamn luck. It’s so Superman’s fault.”

Denton Underground Secrets

Buried deep beneath the surface of the Denton, Texas countryside, a huge military installation lies abandoned and almost forgotten. This top-secret, three-story military complex has six hundred acres underground, miles of tunnels and hundreds of air shafts. Throughout the county, a network of regularly-spaced and heavily-filtered air shafts once connected the secret underground to the surface above. They drew fresh air in and pushed foul air out.

When the base closed in the late sixties, its ventilation system was dismantled. The fans, the motors and the buildings that housed them were all hauled away. The openings were sealed tight and each site was then covered up and camouflaged.  Sometimes the deception was obvious and easy to read, sometimes not so obvious. Either way, the underground base was closed and its air shafts sealed tight and hidden from view.

Freaky Friday Birthday

[to; Princess
the primadonna is insisting on a party. promptly put a bullet in my skull please. thinking about squeezing into the air shaft and spending the day there.]

Fox chuckled as he read the text.

[to; bitchface
Whats wrong with a party? We’ll all be over go shower you with gifts and attention. Ruffle your hair and pinch your cheeks. Should I get a pinata? Get you a birthday crown to wear? Pick up a MLP cake?] 

Hee chuckled, sending the text and putting his phone in his pocket. “You guys ready? Benji’s about ready to split this party.”

“NO HE CAN’T!” Jimmy gasped, holding the carton of eggs close to his chest. “I worked all night on these!”

“Don’ worry Jimbo… he can’t refuse those eggs…” Smokes laughed, painted or not.

~ ~ ~

Later that evening the three bots arrived. Not bothering to knock as Smokes led the troop inside. “WHERE’S THE BIRTHDAY BOY? He’s gotta open my gift so we can use it already!”

Dear Marvel,

So last night as soon as Simmons finally finished Fitz’s sentence for him and they had that little moment, I turned to my husband and said JOKINGLY, “Well, Mack’s served his purpose. Now they’re gonna drop him down an air shaft.” 10 minutes later I was fuming mad. GOD. DAMN. IT. MARVEL.

Do you even realize you do this with such consistency?? Do you understand that the diversity of the cast only makes it all the more glaring when you lazily stick to tropes that use women and people of color as props and tools to provoke emotion and motivate caucasian cast members?

5 people go into a spooky place. What are the chances that something messed up happens to the one person of color among them? Well, it’s AoS so… 100%. 

Last episode someone needed to get shot and made a medical hostage to make the situation dire and demonstrate Skyedad’s ruthlessness. Wonder who took that hit? Yeah, Trip… Who is still listed as a recurring cast member while Hunter is already listed under main cast. 

Hartley’s rag tag group of mercs sure are a fun bunch with great chemistry. I wonder who the sole surviver will be by mid-season? Oh yeah, the ONLY white guy. 

Fury needs to come back for a few episodes just so I can have ONE PoC I know you won’t kill off, torture or mutilate. Wait… no… you’d find a way wouldn’t you? Run, Fury! Get as far away from AoS as you can! 

But seriously, Marvel. I am a huge fan both of AoS and the MCU overall but this is actually getting predictable and quite frankly, upsetting. 

P.S. If Mack is alive AND survives until the end of the season without being tortured/mind-controlled/sacrificed (as you are wont to do with PoC in guest/recurring roles), I will begin to forgive you. Otherwise, I stand by the above.