Can we just take a moment to appreciate the fact that in Mad Max, you learn Furiosa’s name as soon as you meet her. But if it hadn’t been for Max’s visions, you wouldn’t have known his name in-universe until the very end of the movie.

elinimate says this is a theme with the previous Mad Max movies - I’ll admit, I’ve never watched them - but even if it is, I really appreciated that was included in the reboot. Modern media and modern action movies especially have a bad habit of it being the reverse and including that was just one more way in which this movie raised the bar for the genre and its treatment of women.

Like, it was very clear throughout the entire thing that the name might have been Mad Max but this was very much Furiosa’s movie. It was like outsider POV fanfiction; Max was the main character but the story was about Furiosa and the group of women she was trying to save. 

Max was just along for the ride.

In the Younow where Zach is in the car going to outback he showed that he was wearing his air maxes (the ones that are the same as Frankie’s but purple). He said he doesn’t know why but he hated those shoes for like three weeks and he left them in NY and didn’t care. Now he likes them again. Idk the fic lover part of my brain is like making up the backstory for that comment: Zach had a fallout with Frankie and was pissed off and left the shoes in NY because they remind him of Frankie and then now that they are on better terms again he likes the shoes and got them back from Josh.

Oh and he kept singing the “gotta eat the booty like groceries” line over and over. All I can think about now is Frankie’s snap “I want you to eat it.”