this is boring, ignore this, ignore me

soup: on the stove, needs moderate intervention bc the sugar snaps and green beans aren’t cooking as fast as everything else, tweak spices, add squash

rice for soup: not started

raspberry nonsense: done, needs cover and refrigeration

banana bread: not started

cookies: not going to happen probably unless I get another burst of energy

laundry: half done sort of

nail varnish: done!

gift wrapping: done!

packing: not started

air mattresses: found

pasta salad: leave until we get there?

shower: needs to happen when i’m done working in the hot kitchen

sleep: lmao ur joking right that’s not gonna happen

using my blog like a fuckening journal so I feel accountable and can hopefully push through the overwhelming fatigue: priceless


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No worries, Sports Authority has great sales on air mattresses. You can buy a two year warranty for $8 dollars, and they’ll replace it if it gets damaged, as many times as long as it’s within the two year warranty. No matter what kind of damage, even if the bed is just not holding air. They’re comfortable too! Invest smart, friends.