Things are already looking up. I mean, sure, my computer isn’t working, but that can be fixed in time, and my friend is letting me use her old one when she gets a new one until I fix mine. I made a friend last night, and am a little bit infatuated with him too. (I can’t tell if it’s most because he’s cool or I’m lonely [among other things…]) We got a lot of awesome healthy groceries, I got my air mattress blown up and the recliner brought from Dana’s. My roomie is awesome and laid back and really kind and helpful. I feel happy, and it’s fucking awesome :D

Also, I am so sorry to those with questions right now. I’m sort of taking a break until I can answer fully and properly on a steady Internet connection. I hope you understand. I’ll be on every couple days but just to update until we get our own Internet at the house.
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Hey guys. I’ve encountered some issues. My air mattress has a leak that I can’t find. And Ive unexpectedly used most of the money I brought on toiletries that have been stolen/lost and a new back pack that didn’t have a giant hole in it.
Nobody owes me anything, but if you have means to spare a couple bucks to help me buy an air mattress that’d be awesome. Every penny helps.
Thanks for the read

Adulting Life Hacks (Short List)
  • Buy an air mattress 12+ inches off the ground and a memory foam bed topper or two. It’ll cost hundreds less than a mattress and you’ll sleep just as good if not better. 
  • Wash your sheets once a week if you can. Yes, you will notice a difference. 
  • Never study/read/scroll through tumblr on your bed. Your brain associates activities with places. Associate your bed with sleeping. 
  • Grocery outlets are not below you. You can get the same produce at a steep discount, allowing those on a college sized budget to eat better. 
  • Invest in quality products (laptops, school supplies, clothes, ect) but don’t be outlandish. A laptop that will last you through a doctoral degree is one thing and a $200 pair of jeans is another. 
  • Never go to sleep with makeup on if you can help it. 
  • Cleanse, exfoliate, tone, THEN moisturize. 
  • Tea tree oil shampoos twice a week will heavily combat dandruff and scalp flakes. 
  • Invest in a pair of good sneakers and hiking shoes. Look for pairs at thrift stores and outlets. (I got a pair of leather Timberland boots for $20). 
  • Always carry an umbrella, a lip balm or chapstick, change, and a snack. 
  • Therapy does not mean you are weak or need help. Sometimes talking things out can let your brain focus on more important things. 

Stay positive my darlings.