Sickin' up to Boston...

I have really been looking forward to my brother’s visit this weekend. We had a few fun things planned for today specifically. Poor guy has a stomach bug and is currently sleeping it off on an air mattress in my living room. 😞


No worries, Sports Authority has great sales on air mattresses. You can buy a two year warranty for $8 dollars, and they’ll replace it if it gets damaged, as many times as long as it’s within the two year warranty. No matter what kind of damage, even if the bed is just not holding air. They’re comfortable too! Invest smart, friends.

The first night living together,
we piled our suitcases in the corner;
warmed up a frozen pizza,
and sat criss-cross applesauce
under a broken coffee table,
drank water in paper cups,
and tried to imagine how our lives
would grow within these walls.
We were two lovers
living on the floor,
bare rooms
and battered blinds.
All we had to boast for
is a padded air mattress,
a set of silverware,
and a cactus that somehow
survived the winter.
We had everything.
—  Schuyler Peck, Newlyweds