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Can you do a recording of your favourite piece of poetry?

Possibly. Not tonight cos I’m on baby duty and using Tumblr mobile from the air mattress on our little girls bedroom floor. But I can maybe do it tomorrow if you’d really like. My speaking voice is a bit dodgy though. xx

I love my father but,

I wanted him to get a hotel room when he visited me out here for 2 reasons:

1) my apartment is tiny and because I am a Good Daughter, I am sleeping on an air mattress, which is less than ideal.

2) my dad’s snoring could raise the dead.


Whether you’re waiting in line for the new iPhone or hiding in the woods waiting to capture proof of the existence of Bigfoot, it’s crucial that you’re able to get some rest no matter where you are. Thank goodness for this awesome Wearable Futon Air Mat Set by Japanese office supply manufacturer King Jim:

The coat-like wearable futon can be fastened at the neck and the bottoms of the legs folded up to adjust for different heights or to make it snugger in colder seasons. The pack includes an air mat so you have a full blanket and futon set that is comfortable and quick to prepare (there’s even an air pump included to help). The wearable futon can be rolled up into a sack like a sleeping bag while the air bed-like mat flattens, making this super easy to store in the A4 file-sized pack.

Now there’s no need to pack a cumbersome bag with blankets and a pillow or suffer trying to sleep on the cold, hard ground. Not when you could be wearing a stylish pair of futon coveralls and then, when it’s sleepy time, inflate your personal air mattress and drift off to a peaceful sleep, quietly hoping that none of the poor suckers who don’t have their own wearable futons decide spend their sleepless hours trying to figure out if you and your air mattress will float or perhaps make a good toboggan.

Click here to order.

[via Japan Trend Shop]