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No worries, Sports Authority has great sales on air mattresses. You can buy a two year warranty for $8 dollars, and they’ll replace it if it gets damaged, as many times as long as it’s within the two year warranty. No matter what kind of damage, even if the bed is just not holding air. They’re comfortable too! Invest smart, friends.

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The couple is sleeping on an air mattress. One person goes to bed later then the other. They're so tired they flop down, thus launching the other into the air. Feysand or Nessian pleaseeeeeeeee?

Sorry, this took so long but I have been super busy lately and I hope you enjoy it. Sad thing is that I originally had this written but it deleted itself so I had to restart which is why it is so late. 

I really hope you enjoy it!

“Rhys!” I yelled as I slammed my hands down on the table he was seated at. “Please, what are you doing?” I said still angry that he had ignored me for so long. I missed him, desperately. I knew he was busy and I knew that he was stressed but I just needed him beside me. 

“Yes Feyre darling,” he said as he looked up but my anger disappeared when I saw his face. He was tired and I knew that I had made him more upset by commanding him. The dark circles around his eyes indicated to me that he was beyond tired. I was instantly embarrassed by my outburst because I knew he was doing this for me. 

We had recently moved out of our apartment and were in the process of building a new house which would start construction on Monday. This meant that we had rented out a cheap apartment and were currently sleeping on an air mattress that was missing my new husband.

“I miss you,” I whispered. “I know you’re busy but Rhys, I need you.” 

“I know Feyre darling but please. I’m almost done for the night. I just need to look at these things and I’ll be done. I promise.” He said and I knew I was being selfish but he was so tired that he should’ve come to bed a long time ago. 

“Please come to bed soon darling,” I said as I walked around him and placed my arms around his neck and placed a kiss on his cheek. 

“Feyre,” he said as he tilted his head allowing me more access to place my kisses. “Everything I do is for us. The reason I am doing this is because I want it to be perfect. Somewhere we can call completely ours because…” He moaned as I licked the column of his neck, “Because, you and me. We deserve a place to call home. A place that is not tainted by previous people. Somewhere that I can start making new memories with you. That’s all I’ve wanted Feyre. To share this with you.” I finished kissing his neck down to his shoulder and stood straight up, my chin on his head. 

“Take all the time you need. But Rhys… Know that when this is over. I will have an incredibly long list of ways to start our new lives.” With this, I walked out and left him there. He had made me realize I was being extremely selfish but this is what we did. Him and I. We balanced each other out. Mor had once called as soul mates and I wondered if she was right. 

That something in my soul had spoken to him and he understood completely what it was like. Like we were bonded through an unknown force of nature that made us inseparable, Whatever it was. He was the one that made me the happiest in my life. 

As soon as my head hit the rather small pillow of our makeshift air mattress I was instantly asleep but was awoken when I was catapulted into the air. I screamed and rolled onto the floor. I immediately got up already knowing who was the cause of my discomfort. 

“Rhys!” I screamed. I couldn’t believe it. First, he came to bed late. I didn’t even know what the time was and secondly he had woken me up. I could hear him chuckling softly as I scrambled back onto the bed. 

“Sorry, darling. I was tired,” he mumbled, his voice obscured by the cushion. Unbelievable bastard. 

“You couldn’t have sunk down nicely instead of launching me into the air,” There was a smile playing on my lips now because Rhys was beside me. He usually slept later than me and woke up earlier so I truly hadn’t felt his presence in weeks. 

“You know me Feyre. I’m all about the show. Besides, it was your idea to get the air mattress.” he said wrapping his arm around my waist, I was now facing him and his violet eyes, although obviously exhausted held so much love and mischievous ideas that I laughed and playfully pushed him away. 

“I thought it would be fun,” I said as I leaned in and brushed his lips with mine. The kiss soon became heated and demanding and his arm had tightened around my waist. 

“What do you mean? I’m having a wonderful time,” he chuckled and kissed my forehead. I smiled into his chest and clung to him. 

“If I go to sleep now and you are not here when I wake up. I’m leaving you,” I said smiling broadly hoping he would take the bait. 

“You leave me no choice Feyre dear,” he started to stroke my hair and I held him close as he continued. “I love you,” I think he said as I started to drift off to sleep. 

Anyone need a Katsucon room?

ALRIGHT NERDS we just had someone drop out of our second room for Katsucon so now there’s only two people in the room and the price for the room is just yikes since there’s less people to split the cost. If anyone out there is lookin for a room to stay in for Katsu hmu!!

It’s in the Gaylord (the host hotel) and there’s a whole bed available and an air mattress if required.

There’s two people in it so far, if there’s 3 people in the room it’s $263 USD each. If 4, $197 and if 5, $158 so we have room for 3 more people. We have the room from Thursday to Sunday (checkout time is 11 am) so if you or anyone you know needs a room please please hmu


Nothing really happened after that. Elijah’s cheeks coloured a little and all his touches were flighty and nervous; Connor moved carefully, making sure nothing he did spooked Elijah or made him feel uncomfortable. But Elijah never pushed him away; if anything he moved a little closer and his body became a little easier. They sat beneath the stars and talked, laughing at themselves for being such fools and for jumping to conclusions, for ignoring each other, for failing to listen when they needed to the most.

Elijah began to nod off at around eleven o’clock. Connor barely noticed - he’d already had one hand carding through Elijah’s hair, the boy’s head cradled against his shoulder, but once he realised that Elijah had nodded off he picked him up carefully, carrying him over to the air mattress on the other side of the balcony.

He lay Elijah down and pulled the covers up so he didn’t get a chill. And then he kicked off his own shoes, lying down as well, though being careful to stick to the other side of the bed, a sizeable space between them.

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Prompt: BaekSoo neck kisses and hickeys 💕 ~trash-can-child


Kyungsoo doesn’t look up from his book. Or away from his laptop playing a movie on mute to his left. The one earbud hooked up to Kyungsoo’s phone remains firmly plugged in his ear. “No.”

Soo,” Baekhyun repeats, bouncing on the balls of his feet.

Kyungsoo flips a page.

The bed is only three steps from his spot in Kyungsoo’s bedroom doorway. The wooden bedframe groans in protest as Baekhyun lets himself collapse onto the mattress, air pushed out of his lungs in a loud sigh.

Kyungsoo looks up from his book, black owlish eyes slightly squinted as he observes Baekhyun plastering himself all over his personal space. Baekhyun stretches out his arms, Kyungsoo puts the book down. Baekhyun spreads his legs until he occupies as much space on Kyungsoo’s bed as he can manage, Kyungsoo pulls on the cord of his earbuds and drops them on his desk.

It takes a lot of effort to keep his gaze focused on the cracks of Kyungsoo’s ceiling, to fight down the smile tugging at the corners of his lips. But even without looking Baekhyun can perfectly envision Kyungsoo sitting cross-legged on his desk chair, arms probably folded, all his feathers ruffled.

Baekhyun wriggles his body a little deeper into Kyungsoo’s sheets.

Kyungsoo bites out a: “yes, Baekhyun.”

Baekhyun turns his head towards Kyungsoo, boxy grin widening when he takes in the way Kyungsoo’s arms are crossed, his brows furrowed together, every line and curve of his body positioned exactly the way Baekhyun knew it would be. Baekhyun briefly toys with the idea of replying with a coyly muttered nothing. Then he remembers he came to Kyungsoo for something else than bestowing him with his signature brand of teasing affection.

“I’m meeting Tae for coffee.”

For a second, Baekhyun thinks Kyungsoo is reaching out for his book again, but he pushes his laptop close instead.

“Why do you keep hanging out with him?”

“He’s my friend,” Baekhyun is quick to respond. Too quick.

“He’s your ex-boyfriend.”

“I know.” Baekhyun breaks away from the intensity of Kyungsoo’s stare. His friend’s eyes say and read too much. “But we were friends first. We—we can still be friends. It’s not like we had a bad breakup. I was the one who broke up with him.”

It’s a list of arguments Baekhyun runs through in his head over and over again whenever he thinks of Taehyung. It’s a well-rehearsed list.

Kyungsoo turns it all into a moot point. “He’s bad for you.”

Instant fire in Baekhyun’s belly. “Tae’s a good kid.”

“I’m not saying that. I’m saying he’s bad for you.” Kyungsoo’s voice is deep and steady; calm and considered where Baekhyun’s is energy and emotion. “Whenever you meet up with him, you come home sad.”

There’s several way Baekhyun can respond to his friend’s observation. He can laugh it off. He can make one of his silly jokes, cackle a little too loudly, a little bit fake, and maybe throw a pillow at Kyungsoo’s head. He can be the mood maker. He can pretend that feeling of sadness Kyungsoo speaks of doesn’t exist. There are options.

“It’s not his fault, you know,” Baekhyun says, hugging his arms to his chest. “He’s just happy. He found someone who makes him happy.” Baekhyun thinks of the marks always littering the tan skin of Taehyung’s neck. Once even the curve of his jaw. His ex-boyfriend’s failed but well-meant attempts at obscuring them from Baekhyun’s eyes with progressively uglier scarfs. “Someone who watched one too many vampire movies if you ask me. You should see those hickeys. Like he got himself a rabid dog instead of a new boyfriend.”

Baekhyun huffs out an empty laugh when Kyungsoo remains silent. Kyungsoo’s silence is a tricky thing. It makes Baekhyun want to fill it up with words.

“I just wish he would stop feeling bad for me, you know, because he’s got something I don’t have—Yet, something I don’t have yet. I just—I wish he would stop feeling guilty.” A brief pause. “Maybe that way I would stop feeling bad too.”

Kyungsoo’s silence has pulled enough secrets past his mouth from somewhere deep in his chest. Baekhyun bites his bottom lip to prevent more from tumbling out.

“How do you think you could do that?”


“Make him stop feeling bad for you. Make him stop feeling guilty.”

Baekhyun sits up on Kyungsoo’s bed, half-heartedly brushing away some of the wrinkles he put in Kyungsoo’s sheets. “Find a way to show him I moved on. Get some hickeys of my own.” The lines around Kyungsoo’s eyes tighten almost imperceptibly. “Tae’s a visual learner.”

Weariness settles more firmly in Kyungsoo’s features. “And who’s going to give you those?”

“Strangers,” Baekhyun suggests. He tilts his head cutely and raises a questioning eyebrow. “Friends?”

Kyungsoo gives him the look. Then he grabs his book off his desk, flipping it open on the page he earmarked before.



Soo,” Baekhyun repeats, swinging his legs of the bed.

Kyungsoo flips a page. Baekhyun is convinced he can’t read that quickly.

It takes another three steps to get from the bed to Kyungsoo’s desk. It thuds against the wall when Baekhyun leans his weight into it. “Soo.”

“I said no.”

Baekhyun takes in a deep breath, sees Kyungsoo burning holes into his book with his eyes, jaw clenched, and all the air suddenly escapes him. “Never mind. This is—stupid, it’s all stupid. Forget I said anything.”

If Baekhyun was someone else, he would probably leave the Kyungsoo’s room. He might pretend none of this happened and go prepare for a coffee date with his ex-boyfriend. But he is Baekhyun and he prefers to be in awkward silence with Kyungsoo instead, hands fiddling with the various items on Kyungsoo’s desk.

Small fingers clasp around his wrist. Baekhyun stills.

“Do you think this will make it stop?” Kyungsoo asks. “You coming home sad?”

“I…” Baekhyun swallows down the crack in his voice. “I don’t know.”

Kyungsoo nods. The vice around his wrist pulls Baekhyun down in his lap.


Kyungsoo’s lips feel just the way Baekhyun had always thought they would. Soft. It’s the electricity that’s unexpected. The buzz that burns down his nerves from where Kyungsoo nips at his skin. The gasp that escapes Baekhyun unchecked as Kyungsoo’s tongue swipes across the fresh mark to soothe the sting. The need for Baekhyun to wind fingers in the hairs on the back of Kyungsoo’s head for support as he feels a heart shaped kiss being pressed into the skin above his frantic pulse.

Kyungsoo pulls back first. His eyes are wide and Baekhyun thinks it’s unfair they can be so expressive and give so little away at the same time. “More?”

Baekhyun nods, heat flaring out across his cheekbones, letting his body fall against Kyungsoo. “More.”

Taehyung can wait. 

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Ever wondered how the boys sleep in the tent? Like do they have individual sleeping bags or do they share on an air mattress and sleep with each other cuddling in each other's arms?

Hahaha I’d like to think it’s super cramped, especially with the notorious man mountain that is Gladio in there. I’m sure Prompto and Noctis sleep in the middle, with Iggy and Gladdy on the outsides. I’m sure that in the middle of the night, they roll all over each other and kick each other in the sides haha. Either way, I bet it’s a sight to see ❤️🐥

do silly things for fun, right now it’s raining but i’m outside on my (covered) porch with an air mattress and blankets made into a nest, and it’s really ridiculous and really beautiful, and i’m gonna take a nap out here, and life is good- do! silly! things! for! fun!


“Why did you think I’d be mad that you left Teagan?” Millie asked curiously.
“I don’t know I just figured since I was the last one left maybe you guys expected me to stay and take care of the house and such.”
“After we’re gone?” Millie asked again.
“MOM!” Teagan said “Don’t talk like that.”
“It’s just fact Teagan, we can’t live forever.” Millie shrugged.
Ellis looked uncomfortable and wouldn’t meet his mothers eyes.
“You were trying to get rid of me huh Eli?” Teagan said suddenly “That’s why you let mom come.”
“Well I like sleeping alone what can I say?” Ellis said sheepishly and Teagan chuckled.
“You guys are sharing a bed?” Millie laughed.
“Yeah our air mattress gave out and I didn’t want her to sleep in the couch so now I sleep with her feet in my face instead.” Ellis sighed.
“Oh my lord.” Millicent chuckled “I’d like to see that.”
“No, you really wouldn’t ma.” Ellis frowned “I need her out of my bed.”

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for my gf and i's 6 month i set up an air mattress outside with candles so we could see the strawberry moon and we had sex outside , we've also had sex in bathroom stalls and in pillow forts !

I love candles this seems nice