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any funny spell backfiring stories?

Mostly just those two about the sigils, lol.

My spells have never really backfired in the sense that they did not do as I intended them to, or their effects were reversed somehow and sent back to me negatively. Like, those two were probably the only cases of misfiring that I have experienced, but as soon as the sigils were destroyed and nullified, it righted itself, there were no long lasting effects or anything.

I have had some spell mishaps though, which I am definitely happy to talk about!

× There was sea salt on my air mattress in my old city for, like, two weeks - I had spilled it trying to make some powders and just…never cleaned it up, lol. Just slept on some sea salt for a while. Super cleansing, mildly uncomfortable lmao.

× Or, as an extension of the sea salt thing (because these happened on the same day): @draconicastralguardian was over at my house once, and we were doing coven-y biz (translates to: practicing magic in the same room), and I was passing around one of the powders I just made for everyone to smell (our coven was four people, one for each traditional element, it was perfect); Icarus went to smell the powder, and inhaled too sharply and almost snorted it. xD

× I was doing a spell a separate time the covenbros were over, and I almost burnt my hair leaning over candles too closely. (This happened way too often, but now I have no hair really, so not a concern, woo!)

× During that same spell where I almost burnt my bangs, I had extinguished a candle by accident from laughing to hard at something one of the guys had said (proof that spellwork never needs to be 100% serious). I went to relight it, tipped it over on its side, and spilled hot candle wax all over my PJs like a boss. I didn’t get burned or anything. I just kinda looked down, went “that was dumb,” and we all laughed about it. :p

Seriously, though, don’t be an idiot like me and practice appropriate fire safety when working with candles. ^^

I hope that entertained you! ;)

I just got out of an abusive relationship & I’m in need of help. I left an abusive boyfriend I was living with, with noting except my ID, government documents, debit card, phone, laptop, car, a pillow, and a bag of my clothes. I have nothing else.

After being in my car for a few nights while waiting to hear back from a few studio apartments, I moved into a new place by myself and away from my abuser and I ended up putting my entire paycheck into a deposit, first month’s rent, gas for my car so I can get to work, cancelling the cable contract that was in my name at my ex’s place (which was a $350 cancellation fee, jfc.), my phone bill, buying out of my old lease, credit card bill.

My credit card is maxed out and I’m steadily paying it off, so I can’t use it. I’m a very independent person but I need help in getting myself on my feet until I get payed again. I have a very stable and decent paying job, but right now I’m going through a hard time. 

My google wallet is I need essentials like soap, toothpaste, shampoo, conditioner, laundry soap, a few groceries, an air mattress or bed of some kind, blankets, toilet paper, dishes, to hold me over until I get paid again. Any amount helps me so much. Again, I never make posts like this and I pride myself a lot in being an independent and self sustained person. Asking for help like this is a big blow to my pride but I’m trying to get back on my feet after leaving an abuse ridden relationship.


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Domestic headcanons for Otayuri?

u have found my weakness anon,,,,,,,dorks.

  • Otabek prefers cooking over baking, while Yuri prefers baking over cooking. So often, they’re in the kitchen working on two different things, and eventually they find themselves playing music and singing and dancing together while they get dinner and dessert prepared. 
  • (This is for you Heather bby~) Otabek is actually lactose intolerant, and so Yuri switches his milk diet to be things like soy milk and whatnot and they avoid cheese as much as they can. A little bit wouldn’t bother him, but they try to avoid it if they can. 
  • Every so often they like to go through old pictures on their computer together, and they end up laughing so hard every three pictures and they tease each other about some of the faces they make for weeks. 
  • They got in the habit of doing their morning routine together once their sleep schedules were about the same times. They brushed teeth together, ate breakfast together, the works. Sometimes one is up earlier and they get started on breakfast while the other sleeps in, but they always end up eating it together. 
  • They totally “borrow” each others’ clothes too.
  • After they retire, Yuri decides he’s writing a book about success and self discovery and overcoming obstacles and all that bullshit, but he often works late. Otabek would see him asleep at his desk, and he would simply save the progress, close everything down, and then pick Yuri up and take him to bed where they both sleep cuddling each other.
  • Before they got their mattress, they were just using a simple air mattress for the night when they first moved in. Yuri had already passed out on the mattress, while Otabek had finished up a few things. When he went in, he just flopped on the mattress, launching Yuri into the air. Yuri would have been angry, but he had never seen Otabek laugh so hard in his life that he couldn’t stay mad. 
  • Yuri didn’t have a childhood, for obvious reasons, and so Otabek made it a small personal mission and he promised himself he would give Yuri the childhood memories he never had the chance to have. They would make pillow forts, play stupid games meant for children, and just do anything that would let Yuri be a kid for a while. 
  • Picture them with jet lag for a second and trying to sleep when they absolutely can’t. Great. Now imagine Otabek being the kind of person that tells stupid ass knock-knock jokes and puns when he’s slap happy but can’t sleep. Boom. 
  • Let’s not forget that they go to random places within the town, exploring where they’ve never been before and trying new things together. They ended up finding a place that sold popcorn cooled with liquid nitrogen, and they loved it to bits and they love finding hidden gems like that in the world. 
  • Sometimes, when the days are long and tiring or just overall bad, they just hold each other in the living room, in a place where it just smells like home, holding their lover and kissing them from time to time until the time comes to pull away, and they’re only reminded that everything is going to be okay. 
  • They would have arguments that go on for weeks, but they’re over the stupidest things like who would make a better evil scientist and if the cake really is a lie. 
  • They try to adult™ a lot but they still eat kids cereal and watch cartoons and colour together in a colouring book because you don’t stop playing because you grow old, you grow old because you stop playing.
  • Just,,,picture them so happy and content with life because they’re with each other,,,smiling and kissing and holding each other because home isn’t just four walls and a roof,,,,it’s each other. 

J: Insurance from the fire covered a little motel room for me to live in until further notice, so I have my own place still.

R: And after living with my dad got too, um, unbearable, Jake offered to let me crash with him. I got myself a sick double air mattress and everything.

J: …it’s nice not to live alone anymore.

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How many girls do you think Alex accidentally flirted with before she realized she was gay? Like she was SO flirting with Maggie before she realized but like how often do you think that happened and she just thought she was being nice or whatever? Fucking oblivious gay nerd.

She’s six and the girl’s brothers had left her all alone in the sand as they dashed into the ocean, yelping and shoving and splashing each other as they barrel deeper into the water.

The girl looks lonely and the girl looks listless, and Alex knows the feeling.

“You don’t like the ocean?” she asks without preamble, because six year old social code permits so much more direct communication than older codes will.

The girl turns to her and sighs. Her face is pretty, even when it’s sad, and Alex bites the inside of her cheek. “I’ll just slow my brothers down,” she says, and Alex holds out an open hand.

“You won’t slow me down.”

They take each wave together, the girl never letting go of Alex’s hand, and Alex never wanting her to.

Eliza, watching from their balcony overlooking the beach, is proud that her shy little Alexandra is finally making a friend.

She’s ten and the pretty girl from homeroom has the best science fair poster in the whole lunchroom.

Except for Alex’s, of course, but Alex doesn’t mention that when she tells her that it looks great, and how did she get such clear images of a monthly progression of sunspots from a homemade pinhole camera?

Alex thinks the girl blushes, but it must be because she’s shy, or maybe she doesn’t like talking in such a crowded, bustling space. Or it’s Alex’s imagination.

Either way, she decides that the best course of action is to keep complimenting the girl, because she deserves it, and if Alex’s life as a professional ten year old nerd is any indication, the girl can use all the compliments she can get.

She’s fourteen, and her newest surf instructor is eighteen, and Alex has never been nervous before classes before, but she almost throws up each time, now, because what if she messes up, and what if her instructor decides that Alex has only been accelerated to an advanced class by luck, and she demotes her back down to surfing with the other fourteen year olds, and – 

“Nice job, Danvers!” she calls, and Alex nearly spills off her board at the way her heart leaps, at the way she says her name.

When her boyfriend picks her up after class – her instructor’s boyfriend, not Alex’s, because who would ever want to date her, anyway? – Alex stands a little bit straighter, gets her instructor to laugh a little bit louder.

“Make sure he takes you somewhere nice: you only deserve the best places, you know?” she tells her, and she thinks she’s smooth, thinks she’s putting the college boy in his place, even though she’s not quite sure why she wants to.

She’s sixteen and Vicky Donahue is always on her mind. And that’s okay – they’re best friends, and best friends are supposed to always be on each other’s minds, right? – and Vicky is nice to Kara and Vicky smells so damn good and Alex wants to be just like her and she usually loves school but god the days before the nights she gets to sleep over at Vicky’s are horribly, horribly long.

Because Vicky’s mother keeps offering to set up an air mattress in Vicky’s room, and Alex keeps telling her, “It’s alright, Mrs. Donahue, you don’t have to go out of your way, I don’t mind the tight space, honest.” Because it is a tight space, sharing Vicky’s bed, but it means that Vicky’s body is close to hers, and best friends snuggle all the time, right?

And friends play dress up, too, even in high school, right, and when Vicky goes through her parents’ closets and tosses her top off without thinking to try on something new, Alex gulps extra hard and she blushes like she’s Kara and she stammers but she obeys when Vicky tells her to come zip her up, and she nearly kisses the back of her neck because friends are affectionate with each other, right, and she’s sincere when she tells her that she’s beautiful, that she’s the prettiest girl in the whole school, the whole town, and Vicky gives her something of a strange look, and she turns her back to Alex before she changes again.

She’s nineteen and she doesn’t have much use for English class, but that girl who sits across from her makes great drawings in her notebook and Alex has to tell her, right, because who doesn’t want to be complimented?

“Hey – I really like your uh… art.”

The girl giggles. “They’re just doodles.”

“No, but they’re really good! You’re really good.”

The girl shrugs, her eyes lingering on Alex’s face a beat too long. But not long enough.

She starts doodling for Alex, nudging her and edging her notebook toward her, sometimes ripping out the sketches and gifting them to a spluttering Alex. She keeps every one of them and she takes them out during long days in the lab, and she chews on the inside of her cheek, and she fantasizes about what the girl’s boyfriend probably likes to do to her in bed, because some of the doodles are a bit sexual, so it’s only natural for the mind to wander, right?

She’s twenty-three and she’s partying way too hard, because college was too easy and grad school is easy but what’s not easy is Eliza’s voice in the back of her head, is the constant guilt of having gone off to Stanford without Kara, is the constant confusion and loneliness because she can get everything else right, but not dating, not men, and Eliza is starting to ask uncomfortable questions.

She goes home with men with clumsy hands and overeager tongues, but she dances with women with scintillating touches and vodka on their breath. She smiles and sometimes, she winks, and sometimes, she puts her hands on hips that aren’t hers, and sometimes, her blood rushes through her veins so fast she can barely breathe because her body will go home with a guy, but her mind will stay here on the dance floor.

She’s twenty-seven and it’s been too long, and that’s okay, because the DEO keeps her busy, the DEO keeps her focused. The DEO saved her life.

But she’s twenty-seven and Lucy Lane walks in and Kara isn’t wrong about how nice she smells and how smart she is and how date-able she is, but she’s the enemy because of who her father is and she’s the enemy because of who her ex-boyfriend-sort-of-still-boyfriend is and she’s the enemy because she almost sends Alex and J’onn off to Cadmus, but suddenly she’s not the enemy because she rescues them and fights for them and she throws everything on the line for them and Alex thinks of that thing she felt during her interrogation, correcting Lucy from calling her Alexandra, Lucy’s piercing eyes when she called out that Alex was lying, Lucy’s uncomfortable shifting when what’s his face was going on yet another xenophobic rant, and Alex can’t think about any of this now because now, she’s on the run, and sure, she’ll always have Lucy to thank for that, but later, later, later.

She’s twenty-eight and it’s her crime scene, dammit, not some arrogant detective’s with gorgeous eyes and gorgeous hair and a confident smirk and god, god, god, how is she that smart, how is anyone that sharp?

She’s twenty-eight and it’s innocent, it’s pool, they’re friends, and of course she’s not jealous when she says she’s got a hot date, because sure, whatever woman has a hot date with Maggie Sawyer is probably the luckiest woman in the world, but Alex is just excited to finally meet someone that can go toe-to-toe with her, that can challenge her, that can change her. And if her stomach flips a little bit when she saunters off in those jeans and that tank top to that date, it’s just because she’d hoped maybe they could go for a drink, because it’s been so long since Alex has had a friend outside of work.

She’s twenty-eight and she’s up all night, because she’s twenty-eight and she’s falling in love. In gay love. Lesbian love. 

God, god, god, how has she not seen it before?

She’s falling in love with a woman, and memories are exploding out of her like water bursting out of a dam, and she’s terrified and she’s confused and she’s never felt more… herself.

And Maggie Sawyer is the reason why.

Mandatory bughead post

Can we talk about:

1) How Betty & Juggie are married in Jughead’s retro dream & the poor boy feels subconscioulsy guilty for having feelings for Betty ?

2) How the writers paid homage to Harry Potter by having Jughead, the poor, tortured,abandoned, bullied kid with the messy black hair and green eyes live in a cupboard under the stairs filled with spiders?

3) How he wears his beanie even when alone in the entire school?

4) Oof! Hot Jughead with the wet hair & damp skin casually strolling out of a steamy shower

5) Being vulnerable physically & emotionally, trying to hide from the world & his shock at getting caught (thankfully by Archie)

6) Archie, despite his many faults being a true friend to Jughead & helping him out.

7) Juggie trying to protect Betty by ensuring she doesn’t find out about his homeless situation because he knows she’ll be very worried ,because he doesn’t want to pile her already full plate

8) Low key bughead arm around the shoulder, them being in their own little world

9)Betty gushing over Jughead to Veronica, Veronica being supportive AF

10) Bughead leading a search party & finishing each other’s sentences

11) Jughead being protective & a thorough gentleman making sure Betty got home safe.

12) Being eloquent with words but struggling to articulate the nature of their relationship to Betty

13) Bughead’s hand holding and the simultaneous tightening of grip on each other’s hand

14) Betty’s moment of clarity being around Jughead & being appreciative of it.

15) Betty going in for the spontaneous kiss this time & Jughead asking, “What?”

16) Jughead’s heart eyes & tender smile. The slight look of giddiness after the kiss.

Archie & Jughead trying to have a good time bonding with their dads. Jughead trying to not so discreetly hide about him & Betty from his father & Archie noticing.

17) Jughead’s vulnerability & a child’s desperate hope to get his family back together & loving his dad despite all the shit. Feeling pride over Jelly Bean & the look of disappointment on his face to see his dad passed out while he was trying to tell him about his mum & sister.

18) Jughead biting his lip nervously during the interrogation.

19) Jughead being a vulnerable kid & panicking at the idea of being made a scape goat. Him imploring Betty to believe him. His crazy eyes.

20) Jughead’s  exhale of relief when Betty holds his hands & fiercely tells him that she will make sure he is safe.

21) Holding on to Jughead and supporting him as they walk out of the police station

22) Jughead’s face crumpling up like a little boy, fighting hard to hold back tears, face a mixture of fear, anger , desperation, vulnerability  when his father begs him to believe that he’ll get his shit back together & bring his family under the same roof.

23) Betty rushing to be by his side, touching his face and walking out with him.

24) Archie sweetly filling up an air mattress for Jughead & Juggy not giving up on his dad.


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you gotta figure the fake ah crew is used to a certain amount of luxury, given their wealth: king-sized beds and entire apartments to themselves (or at least their own bathroom if they have a roommate), so i kind of like to think about how things would go if the whole crew ended up in a small safehouse after a heist

like maybe it’s geoff jack ryan michael gavin jeremy lindsay mica trevor matt ray etc etc in one tiny-ass home

and things very, very quickly devolve into anarchy.

  • there’s an all-out brawl for who should get the two full-sized beds, another for who gets the couches, another still for who gets the air mattresses vs. who sleeps on the floor.
  • the second day ryan bursts from the bathroom armed with a pistol and snarls, “whoever used up all the hot water better start praying to their deity of choice”
  • everyone’s in the kitchen in the mornings trying to make their own breakfast
  • everything gets burned 
  • jeremy holds up a grenade and demands to know who ate all his energy bars, those had his name on them
  • mica wants to know who the fuck used the last of the toothpaste, are you guys animals
  • where did all the coffee go. do you want trevor to die.
  • linday is going to kill everyone in this house and then herself.
  • save ray from the horror of having to navigate back-to-back showers in the morning for two hours, fuck you, he’s gonna just get in there with somebody else
  • matt would rather take his chances with the cops, ryan has watched seven straight episodes of Cupcake Wars and refuses to hand over the remote and he thinks his eyes are bleeding

after the heat dies down and they can go home, they’re at each other’s throats and don’t talk to each other for nearly a month. they would not make good roommates, okay, it goes down as the incident that almost took out the fake ah crew

Request from the one line prompts:
‘Sleep in your car if you don’t like it.’

It finally arrived.
It was one week overdue and Y/N and Harry were both sick of sleeping on a air mattress.
Now their new bed stood perfectly in the middle of the room.
They just moved in together. After two years of dating and happily being in love they moved in together in a nice apartment in London.
They furnished everything together, from the kitchen table to the pillows on their couch. But Y/N wanted to do the bedroom alone. She loved bedrooms. She always loved to decorate her bedrooms with fairy lights and fluffy blankets but she knew she couldn’t do that to Harry now, he would feel deprived of his masculinity.
So she ordered a simple white bed with a headboard that maybe was a bit girly with roses but the metal and vintage look made it unisex. The carpets on each side of the bed were a dusty shade of pink because Y/N knew Harry loved the color, even his phone case was pink.
The drawer was simply white as well and fitted with the bed perfectly. The desk underneath the window would be perfect for her to apply makeup and for him to write songs on while having the best lighting and opportunity to look outside.
Her favorite part though was the wall across from the bed. She put a map of the world as a cork board on it. Every city they visited was pinned with a picture of them and it looked absolutely amazing. All the other pictures she loved of them that had nothing to do with traveling hing over the headboard of the bed, filters on the pictures to create a ombre look, from pink to black and white.
The silky sheets she put on the bed were the same color as the carpets and when she stood back to admire her work she couldn’t help but beam proudly.
Just as Harry came home she placed pinkish rose petals all over the floor and bed, the last touch to her surprise.
“Darling?” she heard him call for her from downstairs.
“Bedroom.” she shouted back and waited sheepishly for him to open the door.
When he did his smile fell a bit when he saw what happened to the bedroom. His eyes wandered over the pictures on the wall, the bed, the map and then finally landed on Y/N.
“What do you think?” she pressed. He hesitated for a moment before he once again studied his surroundings.
“I mean… At least we don’t have to sleep on that air mattress anymore.”
Y/N’s smile fell immediately, her mouth open in shock. A part of her hoped he would start laughing in a second and tell her that he was joking and absolutely loved it but he never did.
She scoffed and turned away to leave the room, hitting his shoulder on her way.
“Sleep in your car if you don’t like it.” she mumbled bitterly.
“What? Baby…” he sighed and grabbed her hand.
“I’m not trying to upset you, darling. It’s just… very girly.”
“Well, you live with a girl now. Should have thought about that earlier.”
“And I did.” he chuckled softly.
“You know I want nothing more than to share a home with you.”
“Then maybe you shouldn’t be such an ass when I do something nice for our home.” she bit back.
“You’re right. And I’m sorry for how I reacted I was just a bit surprised. I mean I love pink, you know I do.” he smiled and pulled his phone out to shore her his pink case.
“Really, it looks very beautiful. It’s very you and I love that. I love you. Thank you, angel.” he said and wrapped his arms around her waist in a tight hug.
She hesitated for a moment before she sighed in defeat and hugged him back.
“I thought you’d like it.” she whispered.
“And I do, baby. Really, I love it.”
“You promise?”
“I promise.” he nodded.
“You’re not just saying that because you don’t want to sleep in the car?”
He laughed and shook his head.
“No. I’m saying it because you put a lot of effort into it and you did absolutely amazing.”

A while later they were laying in bed together, tangled up in each other and covered by the pink sheets. Y/N pressed a kiss to the top of Harry’s head which was resting on her chest.
“Love?” he asked.
“Hmm?” she hummed.
“Would you have actually made me sleep in the car?” he questioned looked up at her.
“Like… You wouldn’t even have let me sleep on that damn air mattress or the couch? Even the floor?”
“No.” she giggled and stroked through Harry’s hair lovingly.
“Assholes don’t get to sleep in the house.”
“Have to remember that.”


i live in the crawl space of a theater like the phantom of the opera. there’s an air mattress and wifi and enough room for my small bunny. the stage crew know about me but leave me alone. i eat concession stand snacks for sustenance and viciously murder audience members who make noise during the performances. 

I’m still no ready to let go of my hope that Class 1-A will spend a fun day at the beach with their teachers.
Especially since I headcanon that Aizawa is the kind of guy to show up in his usual clothes, not swimming trunks, and when everyone wonders if he doesn’t join them in the water, he produces one of those air mattresses that swim out of nowhere and proceeds to just, float stylishly on his makeshift-bed on the water.

Literally nobody is really surprised about it.

Just a dream


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Authors Note: I am doing a sentence prompt, “It was just a dream” because Archie feels mkay? So on with the story! :)

Warnings: I don’t think there are any, just nightmares

Archie, Betty, Jughead, and Y/N had been best friends since childhood. The summer before Jason was killed, Archie and Jughead grew apart, and from that, Y/N, along with Betty, grew apart from Archie. Y/N and Betty spent most of their time together their freshman year of high school, and the summer Jason was killed, they grew closer than ever. The week before school, when Veronica Lodge came to town, something tragic happened for the second time that summer in peaceful old Riverdale. Y/N went missing, and a few days later, they found her parents’ bodies in her old house. 

“911, what is your emergency?” 

“Hello, I’d like to report a missing person, she’s been found.”

“What is your name sir? Can you ID her?”

“My name is Archie Andrews, and the girl’s name is Y/N Y/L/N.”

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lwoorl  asked:

Do you think the animorphs could have win the war if Eva had not been taken by the Yeerks?

Eva’s right about Marco: he’s a sweet kid, even to the point of delicacy, and he has no understanding of the vileness of the world.  He’s never tasted death, never watched one parent disappear while the other decayed.  The world has not yet made him hard, has not honed the sharp edges of his mind into razors and armored spikes.

  • This time around, when they’re all standing around arguing in Cassie’s barn, Marco becomes first the one to agree with Tobias.  “Think about it, man,” Marco says, grinning at Jake.  “Turning into animals? Saving the planet? It’s like something out of a comic book.”
    • “Our parents would kill us if they knew,” Jake says slowly.
    • “That’s why they’re never gonna know,” Marco says, laughing.  “How about it, huh?  We rescue Tom, we kick butts, and depending on how that goes we’ll talk more later.”
    • After the mission goes more wrong than they ever could have imagined, after they learn what hell looks like and lose a fight against the being who rules that hell, Marco misses nearly a week of school.  His parents are worried, of course, but neither of them can get a straight answer out of him.  Marco keeps his trap shut, because he knows this much: if Tom could be a controller, then anyone could be.  
  • Still, Marco loves his friends, and he can’t let them face danger alone.  He helps them infiltrate Chapman’s house, and the construction site afterward.  He goes with them to take down the yeerks’ supply ship, grumbling the whole time about how they’re all gonna die.  He rescues Ax, and does his best to stifle the nightmares that follow their encounter with the sharks.  Each time he gets home, he’s met at the door of his house by Eva, who is growing steadily more concerned and doesn’t know what to think of his increasingly-flimsy lies.  
    • He says to Jake, “This is going to be my last mission,” and this time he means it.  They barely make it out of that mission alive, and even then only because of the grace of Visser One (whose human host is a young engineer named Allison Kim) and her ongoing conflict with Visser Three.
    • Marco quits; Jake doesn’t try to stop him.  Marco agrees to stop morphing entirely, and so he walks home—and straight into an intervention.  
  • Eva and Peter don’t know whether Marco has joined a gang, started taking drugs, fallen in with the wrong crowd, or what.  All they know is that the withdrawn silences, the nightmares, and the free-falling GPA are all recent developments.  They have questions, and they’re not letting him get away without answers.  They tell him that they’re here for him, but also that they are going to leave town to go spend some time in Eva’s sister’s cabin in the woods for the next five days, and he doesn’t have a choice in the matter.  
    • “Actually,” Marco says, “five days in the middle of nowhere sounds like the best idea I’ve heard all year.”
    • Even this kinder, gentler version of Marco is still Marco: he watches both his parents carefully for the next seventy-two hours, and can hardly believe the relief he feels when they go that entire time without leaving their tiny corner of nowheresville long enough to access a yeerk pool.  
    • When those seventy-two hours are up, Marco sends a mental apology to Jake (who, although Marco doesn’t know it, is starving out a yeerk of his own at that very time) and then starts answering his parents’ questions.  He tells them where he’s been going lately.  Why he and Jake have missed so much school in the past two months.  What the nightmares are about.  
    • Eva and Peter think he’s crazy at first, because they’re God-fearing suburban Americans who have never once considered the possibility of aliens outside of sci-fi.  They start to listen a lot more closely, however, once he morphs a wolf in front of their eyes and then changes back.  
  • When the entire family gets home and Marco discovers that his best friend spent three days as a controller in his absence, he immediately rejoins the team.  Peter disapproves sharply of Marco continuing to fight.  Eva asks Peter, tears in her eyes, what choice they have in the matter.  It’s not like the human authorities are doing anything to combat the yeerks.  It’s not like they can fight back themselves.  And so they get in the habit of sending Marco out the door (or a window) any time Jake or Cassie calls, always begging him to let them know he’s safe the instant he can.
  • Funny enough, though, they do find ways to fight back. 
    • Eva listens to their description of the Veleek in careful detail, then she loads Jake and Cassie and Marco into the back seat of her sedan and instructs them to take turns morphing.  For nearly six hours she barrels up and down Highway 1 at speeds which leave Marco shrieking in terror at the turns, playing keep-away with the tornado monster until at last Visser Three calls it home in exasperation.  
    • Peter simply hands over his laptop to Ax and asks for help in “fixing” his code for the long-distance communications array.  Ax does one better and helps him design a program which gets them a permanent connection between the andalite home world and Marco’s own living room.  He stops by to call his parents twice a week, and once a month gives carefully-edited reports on the resistance to the andalite high command.
    • At first, Eva nudges Ax into staying for dinner after his twice-weekly calls home, on the grounds that she’s never in her life seen someone eat her cooking with that much enthusiasm.  However, it’s not long before she convinces him to bring Tobias by as often as he can.  It does them a lot of good, even though neither one of them will admit it outright, to have a safe place to get inside when they need it.  
    • Eva doesn’t love it, but she starts doing a lot of the kids’ homework as well.  She always does her best to quiz them on Algebra concepts or history dates when there’s time, but she also understands that sometimes the war has to take priority.
    • Peter installs an air mattress on Marco’s floor on a semi-permanent basis, and gets in the habit of lying to Jean.  Because Jake’s just a kid, at the end of the day, and there are a lot of times at the end of the day when he’s too wrecked or exhausted from yet another mission gone bad to face the thought of lying to his family.  
  • Eva dislikes David right from the moment Marco first brings him home, but she keeps that opinion to herself.  She sits patiently through the entitled little brat asking her where she’s from (implying, of course, that “San Diego” cannot possibly be the full truth) but also tells him that if he even thinks of borrowing their phone without permission she will make him regret it for the rest of his life.  With effort she ignores his repeated attempts to undermine her authority (she’s not his real mom, as he feels the need to remind her constantly) but when she catches him stealing money from Peter’s wallet, she snaps and grounds him on the spot.
    • David immediately morphs into a lion, unsheathing hooked claws as a growl builds inside his throat.  It takes a force of will Eva didn’t even know she had, but she stares him down without flinching.  Cold sweat is running down her back, but there’s not even a trace of a tremor in her words when she orders him to demorph now, young man, in her best Mom Voice.  
    • Miraculously, he listens.  He sulks about it all afternoon, whining to Peter and to Marco (neither of whom is remotely sympathetic), but the fact is that he can’t bring himself to kill a human.  Not yet, anyway.  
    • When David disappears two days later, Eva asks Marco only once what happened.  He tells her in two or three halting sentences, and afterwards she hugs him until he finally stops shaking.  She explains what happened to Peter, and neither one of them ever brings it up again.  
  • Marco’s house becomes the natural convergence point for all their meetings.  It’s only three doors down from Jake’s house, a five-block walk from Rachel’s, and close enough to Cassie’s usual bus route that she has little trouble getting there.  They don’t really converge there for the location, though.  They come for Peter’s willingness to cobble together a fake Bug fighter distress signal on the fly, for Eva’s no-nonsense questions about whether they’re sure it’s a good idea to attack Joe Bob Fenestre’s house before they know what they’re getting into.  They come for the cinnamon cookies that Ax eats by the trayful and the links to forum discussions about the latest yeerk activity.  
    • It might be a cliche, but the truth is this: at Marco’s house they are safe.  And in that small bubble of safety, they have freedom.  The freedom to talk openly about new morphs without fear of being overheard.  The freedom to come and go through the sunroom skylight that Eva leaves open at all times.  The freedom to be vulnerable and scared and not sure where they’re going with this war.  The freedom to be kids, and to ask an adult for help.  
    • Eva talks to Rachel for nearly three hours about her own parents’ divorce, and what it was like to realize she’d probably never see her dad again.  Peter keeps a stock of paperback novels in the living room, never minding when Tobias tends to return them with talon marks in their spines.  Eva teaches Ax how to cook cinnamon cookies and churros, chicken fajitas and western omelettes.  Peter becomes ever more convincing when assuring Walter and Michelle on the phone that Cassie is simply a delight to have around as she and Marco help each other with homework.  
  • Marco kills Visser One, and Allison Kim along with her, one sunny afternoon in May.  Visser Three witnesses the whole thing, not lifting a finger to intervene.  The kids have gotten in the habit of telling Peter and especially Eva absolutely everything, but this is the one thing Marco can never bring himself to tell.  
  • The war ends eventually.  Maybe it’s not better, or worse, than it would have been if Visser One had chosen a different host.  They take longer to figure out how to defeat Visser Three without Eva’s insight to the way yeerk leadership works, but they get there in the end.  Tom dies.  Rachel dies.  James and Kelly and several thousand humans and hork-bajir and taxxons die.  Seventeen thousand yeerks meet a terrible icy death in the vacuum of space; Eva finds out about it later and can’t bring herself to disapprove.  
  • One week after Rachel’s funeral, Eva is watching Marco’s latest NBC segment when she hears a knock on the door.  Muting the TV, she goes to answer it and finds Jake on her doorstep once again.  This time he’s got a backpack over one shoulder and a worn duffle bag with the name of a basketball team that rejected him tucked under the opposite arm.  
    • “Hi,” he says softly, voice hoarse as if from tears.  “Things with my parents are kind of a mess right now, and I was just wondering…”  
    • Eva pulls the door open all the way.  “Of course, honey.  Stay as long as you’d like.”
Let's have a current-thoughts story

-Shiro, Keith, and Lance have been through hell to defeat the Galra and bring peace to the universe

-It’s also solidified their relationship. Lance has always been afraid of being the third wheel, but after all their trials and near-death experiences, he can no longer doubt his boyfriends’ love for him.

-They finally get back to earth. Lance flips to be able to see his family again.

-He is amazingly excited to introduce his family to the two loves of his life and show them how perfect Keith and Shiro are.

-Shiro especially hits it off with the family, joking, laughing, making inside jokes, and generally acting like he had been there for years

-It takes Keith an hour and two glasses of wine to start to unwind. But when he does, Keith is teased incessantly with everyone getting a kick out of his red cheeks and flustered reactions.

-The family is so enamored with Shiro and Keith that Lance fades into the background. He sits at the side of the table, sipping on his wine and watching his family interact with his boyfriends

-Old thoughts of inadequacy run through Lance’s head. He can’t help but think that they don’t need him there. They’re all fine without him. What was he contributing anyway?

-Shiro and Keith slip away before Lance has a chance to notice. His mom and abuela are gone too. Which figures.

-When Shiro and Keith return, they’re both laughing and joking, the smiles on their faces big and broad.

-Lance doesn’t question them but simply gets ready for bed. They can’t all sleep in Lance’s twin bed so Shiro and Keith sleep on the double air mattress next to his bed. It takes up the entirety of his room.

-They’re all a little tipsy, and he can hear his bf’s whispering and giggling to each other and he just feels like shit. Maybe he should just stay in his bed tomorrow. And forever.

-He’s not in a better mood the next day. Trying his best to be his usual cheery self but being outshone by the two prodigies. He texts the group chat he has with Hunk and Pidge to release some of his hateful thoughts. It makes him feel better for a bit.

-The days goes on much the same. Eventually, Lance feels so suffocated, he makes some excuse about a walk and goes to his favorite place–the ocean.

-Keith and Shiro find him there, confused why he would duck out on his family so quickly after reuniting. He dodges the questions, but they’re eventually able to pry it out of him.

-They negate all of his negative thoughts and reaffirm how much they love him.

-He takes them to his favorite spot on the cliffs looking over the ocean. There, they shock Lance by proposing.

-He’s able to squeeze out a yes through his tears. His family comes out of hiding to congratulate them. Apparently, Lance’s now-fiancés had asked his family’s matriarchs the night before.

-Everyone enjoys the sunset as our favorite paladins contemplate their future and how much they love each other.

witch tip

when you change you sheets, let your mattress air out in between and while its airing out, make a crystal mandala near where your head would rest to charge your mattress with good energy. also, spray your mattress with some nice smelling essential oil mists before putting sheets back on it.

Mine Once

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“You can’t be serious.” You gasped as your mother dragged the air mattress from the attic and dumped it in your room..

“His parents are going away for the week and Liam’s parents asked if we could look after him … I wouldn’t want you alone for so long.” She sighed and smiled when you shook your head and refused to look at her. “I’m sorry that it will be awkward but… you know what it’s like here if something happened while they were away they’d never forgive themselves.”

“Why can’t he go with them!” You offered hopefully but she shook her head as the Dunbar’s pulled into the drive..

“I’m sorry ok, I promise I’ll make it up to you.” She insisted as you reluctantly headed down with her to greet everyone looked down at your feet when Liam heaved his bags inside, offering your mother his help for dinner once his parents had left. “Thank you Liam.”

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