Rylan: Ok I um… I don’t have work I just…

Marceline: I do not fucking care alright! I’m going back to bed you kept me up all fucking night! Do me a favor and sleep on your air mattress tonight ok? I’m exhausted.

Rylan: Ok well… goodbye Marceline… can I just?

Marceline: ~storms off~

I was a weird child...

Here are some of the things I did.

-said my dad used to be in a famous band

-asked my mom to marry me

-told my grandma she had a big butt

-told my friends I got a tattoo, but it was just invisible

-voluntarily slept on a flat air mattress because it had Dora on it

-collected broken safety class by a curb bc I thought they were crystals

Feel free to add your weird childhood things


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Never Again (Jughead x Reader)

Prompt: okay this is stupid but its so jughead i can’t even. so the reader and jughead are spending the night together at the reader’s house (probs after finding out about jugs homelessness,) and the reader is on an air mattress on the floor bc they insisted on giving jug the bed. he starts missing the reader during the night and tried the cute “calling for them sweetly” thing but it doesn’t work and he accidentally falls off the bed onto the other side of the mattress launching the reader into the air.

A/N: Sorry this is short! Xxx


Never Again (Jughead x Reader)

When you found out about your boyfriend staying at the school, you packed all his stuff up and dragged him to your house.

Your parents loved him so they said he could stay.

The problem was that they were redoing to guest bedroom and it wouldn’t be ready for another few days.

You simply suggested you pull out the air mattress.

Big Mistake.

“So you are taking my bed and I’ll take the air mattress.” You shrug as you enter your bedroom with the box for it.

“I can take-” You glare at your boyfriend to shut him up.

“Jug, you’re taller than me. There’s no way you’ll fit on this damn thing.” You nod your head to show him that it was final.

He rolls his eyes and spreads out on your bed. “Fine.”

Having slept on the air mattress plenty of times, you fell fast asleep.

Jug on the other hand was having a hard time sleeping.

The only times he ever slept in an actual bed, he had you next to him. He was confused as to why you didn’t just offer to share it with him.

He glances down at your sleeping face and grins. You look so peaceful.

“Princess?” He whispers. He wanted you to join him up here.

No Response.

He leans over to shake your shoulder.

But It’s Jughead Jones.

He falls off the bed and onto the air mattress, launching your sleeping form out of the dream world.

“What the fuck?” You groan when you hit the hard floor.

Jug looks at you for a moment before laughing.

You just glare at your boyfriend. “What was that for, Asshole?” You rest your head on the edge of the mattress. God you want to sleep so badly.

He just keeps shaking the mattress with his laughter as you roll your eyes and pull yourself back onto the mattress.

“I just wanted you to join me on the bed but hahahaha I fell and oh my god.” He’s full on crying with laughter.

You crack a smile at your idiot boyfriend and curl into his side, pulling the blanket of your bed.

“Go to Sleep, Idiot.”

He calms down a little and wraps his arms around you. Chuckling every few seconds.

“And Never again are we using this damn mattress.” You mumble as you slip back into your dreams.

Jug looks down at your face pressed to his chest and grins to himself.

He still got what he wanted. Even if he was an idiot.

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No worries, Sports Authority has great sales on air mattresses. You can buy a two year warranty for $8 dollars, and they’ll replace it if it gets damaged, as many times as long as it’s within the two year warranty. No matter what kind of damage, even if the bed is just not holding air. They’re comfortable too! Invest smart, friends.

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Hi, my name is Amanda and I live in North Wales, Pennsylvania, about 30-45 minutes outside Philadelphia. I moved in with my boyfriend this weekend and will no longer be staying at my apartment. My lease is not up until June 7, 2017. If anyone in the area needs a free place to stay until then, they are completely welcome. They do need to be able to go down steps to get into the apartment. The only downside is that I took my furniture with me. I can provide a full size air mattress though.

Another sleepless night

First time writing. Bughead, based between episode 6 and 7. Chapter 1 (maybe?)

Summary: Jughead lays awake at night still trying to process the “moment” he and Betty shared just days ago.

Another sleepless night.

Jughead was getting accustomed to nights like these. Often his mind was unable to slow down long enough to get any proper sleep. In nights past, he’d lay awake and still in projection room of the drive in. Cold nights allowed his mind to fester from tragedy to tragedy; his father drinking his life away with the serpants, his last conversation with Mom and Jellybean, the lingering sting of Archie’s betrayal that summer, and pondering the ramifications of Jason Blossom’s murder. But tonight, in the warmth and safety of Archie’s bedroom, his thoughts were focused and clear.

He shifted onto his back, causing the plastic of the air mattress to creak against the floor.
He rested his hands behind his head, and picturing the gentle smile of his blonde haired beauty, he exhaled deeply. A vulnerable smile tugged on his lips. She… she was incredible.

Clarity. That was the undeniable comfort that she gave to him. With her, Jughead could think again. Suddenly the pain and fear that dominated him each night was lifted, and his mind could flow to and from ideas with meaning, with purpose. Ever since she asked him to write for the Blue and Gold, Betty Cooper had become the fuel for his literary fire. Because of her, Jughead finally felt connected to writing again. The clarity she gave his troubled mind was a gift he appreciated more than he could ever hope to express.

‘Does she even realize what she does to me?’ He thought, rubbing the back of his neck with his long fingers. She didn’t seem to notice how his entire being relaxed as soon as she entered the room, how his sleepy green eyes suddenly were alert and alive, drinking in every ounce of her sunshine.

He used this creative focus to bury himseld in his writing, and in their collaborative sleuthing into Jason’s murder. Every moment with Betty had to have a purpose: a channel for the drive she had gifted to him. Otherwise, he was afraid his focus would shift to the way her ponytail swung to and fro as she rattled off ideas for their lastest story, how her voice softened when she spoke about her family. He had to keep his mind away from everything that made Betty the kind, nurturing, down to earth woman she was. He was afraid if he gave her too much thought, it would become clear just how deeply he loved her.

'But… she kissed me back…’

His mind’s eye took him back to their moment in Betty’s room. He knew climbing that ladder was crossing a final line: there would be no focusing on anything but Betty once he entered that floral pink fortress. From the window, seeing her sitting at her desk, eyes low and deep in thought, her delicate hands twisting her necklace. He considered turning back, retreating into the safety of silent admiration. His gaze was lost to her image, tracing the line of her jaw and neck when his hand involuntarily tapped on the window.

In her room, standing before her, his hand on her shoulder. She’s doubting her own sanity, and it’s his honest words that bring her back to herself. He knew what it was like for family to make you feel like you’re broken, and it was Betty who showed him that he was still a whole person, untainted by the struggles he had faced. For Jughead, honest words of comfort was the least he could offer her. As she relaxed, sinking into his touch, he realized the most he could offer to her: the truth of how he felt.

He barely choked out a single word. She’s looking at him sweetly, her blue eyes inviting him closer. He tried again to speak, to tell her how she makes the world make sense to him again, but his voice was frozen. She was his clarity, but Jughead found no words that did justice to how important Betty was to him.

So he kissed her.

He kissed Betty Cooper and nothing had ever felt so right before.

Pulling himself back into reality, Jughead sat up at the edge of the mattress. He swore he felt her kiss him back, her fingers hovering at his neck. But she moved right along to finding Jason’s car, leaving the moment of elation in the dust. He knew Betty needed answers, and he was committed to helping her find them. But his mind couldn’t let go of her lips, her scent, her very presence so close to him. It was a moment of enlightenment for Jughead, but what did it mean to Betty?

Exasperated by the futility of the unknown, he leaned forward, bracing his elbows on his knees, and his head in his hands. He let out an emotionally exhausted sigh, and let his mind wander again.

'What do I mean to you, Betty Cooper?’

A modern au Sera would be college campus legend for her dorm pranks like the chancellor’s office furniture? Now perfectly arranged on the lawn. Instead of the time, the clock tower bells now play the chorus of Born This Way at noon Never Gonna Give You Up at midnight. All the chairs at the fancy-schmancy-uppity college donor gala would be missing a few screws. Someone would end up on an air mattress out in the pond.


Castiel is sitting on one side of the air mattress thinking of how different it is from all the other materials he had slept on before. “Dean, it feels like a cloud…”
“Huh, oh well it’s an air mattress, Cas.” Dean takes his jeans off and he plops down onto the mattress making Cas jump into the air from the force. He falls to the floor making Dean look at him from the top of the mattress, “You okay?!?!”
“Do it again!”
“Do it again, Dean.”
“Why the heck would I do that?” Cas looks at Dean sadly as he sat down on the side of the mattress while he mumbled something under his breath.
“What was that?”
“I said that it sort of felt like I was flying again…”

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What's on your list rn?

Here’s my list right now! 

“Take a Bullet for You” - Jug and Reader face Jason’s killer. The killer tries to shoot jug but the reader gets in the way. This is taking forever omg.

“A way to wake up” - Jug spends the night with reader and fails to softly wake her up. (in other words, never again is the reader sleeping on an air mattress near jug)

“Black and White” - Soulmate AU, the world sees in black and white until you look into the eyes of your soulmate.

“Don’t leave me” - Suicidal!Reader. Jug finds reader trying to kill herself.

“Oops” (smut) - The group think Jug and reader are sleeping together, even though they deny it. One day they walk in and hear them.

“Birthday Dinner” - It’s jug’s birthday and Fred & Archie throw him a dinner. Jug wants to invite his gf over. One problem. No one knows he’s dating someone and he has to ask Mr. Andrews

“Hickeys” - Reader has a hickey and the group teases her for it. Only to find out it came from Jughead.

Feel free to let me know if you want a certain request sooner rather than later! 

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Stiles/Chris/Derek (idk how you feel about this ship, let me know if it's not your cup of tea)

Stiles and Derek drift together when Stiles is twenty-one, a senior at GWU, planning his future with the FBI. Derek’s in a really good place mentally, and they’ve stayed in touch over the years despite not seeing each other since Mexico, all those years ago.

Derek comes to DC for Christmas, and Stiles throws him a surprise birthday party with a lot of the people he’s talked about over the years since no one Derek knows is actually in DC. Derek ends up just sort of staying in DC, and he sleeps on an air mattress in Stiles’ bedroom in the townhouse he shares with five other students. Rent in DC is ridiculous, but roommates make it affordable.

The air mattress is only used for a week and a half before their relationship is changing, becoming less platonic and more romantic, and then there’s sharing a bed for a couple of months before they even go all the way. Both taking it slow, neither in a hurry, realizing this is maybe where and when things for them were supposed to happen.

Chris doesn’t enter the picture until Stiles has finished at Quantico, and he’s got his first assignment. Hand picked for a BAU by a senior agent impressed with his performance in training, he’s given orders to move to Seattle. Derek goes with him. They’re in town for about a month before they get a text from Chris, asking for a place to stay while he’s hunting a succubus.

Chris stays nearly a week. There’s some tension, but not much, and it’s a confusing sort of tension because Stiles is looking at Chris in a way he knows should make him feel guilty but doesn’t, and Derek notices, but that’s because he’s also looking.

The next time it happens is a few months later. Chris is looking for some omega that’s killed a couple of people. He stays a week this time, and Stiles flirts with him. He and Derek have already talked about it, clearing the air after that first visit because their relationship is important to them and communication is key. Chris is surprised but Derek confirms he’s definitely interested.

It’s the third time that Chris comes to Seattle, not even a month after the omega, his excuse rather weak and not entirely believable, that things escalate. There’s kissing that first night, some blunt conversations and negotiations, some boundaries set (Chris isn’t looking for romance or anything serious, Stiles and Derek are open to a casual third whenever he’s in town), and some more kissing.

The fourth time Chris comes to Seattle, it’s just to spend a week with them because he’s been on the road for a couple of months, and he’s missed waking up in their bed.

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okay this is stupid but its so jughead i can't even. so the reader and jughead are spending the night together at the reader's house (probs after finding out about jugs homelessness,) and the reader is on an air mattress on the floor bc they insisted on giving jug the bed. he starts missing the reader during the night and tried the cute "calling for them sweetly" thing but it doesn't work and he accidentally falls off the bed onto the other side of the mattress launching the reader into the air.