So I was just chatting at my cowriter BorealisBlast for our story “Becoming a Bird-Family” and I suddenly had Thoughts about James Rhodes and Tony Stark.

Like, I see a lot of fic where Rhodey is the Voice of Reason and honestly??? I do not believe for ONE SECOND that Rhodey always made great decisions. They met in college. At their youngest, Tony was fourteen and Rhodey was maybe seventeen, probably eighteen. And even if Rhodey was in ROTC (which I do headcanon), he’s still a teenager/young adult. Nobody is making smart choices. And what eighteen-year-old is going to take great care of a fourteen-year-old that’s way too smart and way too young for his surroundings? He probably just tried to keep an eye on Tony because honestly at least if he’s there he can try and help.

“Hey I’m gonna go get smashed wanna come?” Rhodey asked. Tony agreed because he didn’t want to be alone and drank everyone under the table. Rhodey cheered him on. They played beer pong and then were banned from playing beer pong. (No hard feelings though. Lots of engineering students were banned from regular beer pong. Engineering once got together to play beer pong and everyone got alcohol poisoning so they gave it up.)

I bet that Rhodey and Tony stayed at school over a holiday weekend and went on a bender those entire three days inventing a robot that could cook them breakfast when they were hungover. It happened more often that either of them would have expected for a fourteen- and eighteen-year-old and neither of them wanted to be the ones to cook in the morning. When the robot finally shorted pouring orange juice they both mourned its passing.

You what what? Rhodey was probably the one that started Tony’s coffee addiction and he’s not even sorry about it. In fact, I bet Tony was that student who accidentally fried his hard drive with his final paper on it and Rhodey told him, “I know a Turkish exchange student that can caffeine you up enough to redo it in two days but to be honest it might punch a hole in your stomach” and then he watched Tony redo his final exam paper and then, still hopped up, have several conversations with various inanimate objects in Italian, French, and Spanish. “You didn’t tell me he was fourteen years old!” Turkish Exchange student shouted at him, horrified. “I thought he was an adult! That was way too much caffeine! He’s still growing! He should have died!” Both Rhodey and Tony wonder if this incident is why Tony is so short.

Even as adults, when they’re together, the probability that they’re going to do something stupid actually SKYROCKETS, not plummets, because Rhodey has enough rules and regulations with the military. He doesn’t need to worry about that kind of shit while he’s off duty with his best friend. Tony has spent thousands of dollars to bribe people into silence so that some of the stupid shit they do doesn’t make it back to the brass and get Rhodey kicked out of the Air Force. Pepper loves to see Rhodey but she’s also extremely anxious when he comes to visit because last time they got drunk and decided to try and invent a new type of rocket fuel and accidentally blew a hole right out the side of the workshop, through the rest of the house, and the model rocket finally landed in the ocean, and all they had to say for themselves was “that was probably not safe but at least we know that it worked.”

Like I love the serious military man trope but honestly a lot of my extended family is former military and when they’re home they are WILD.


I just ordered pizza and wings for me and babe. It’s nights like this where I appreciate him the most. When we’re just laying in bed watching a movie. When he says, “baby, I love you. And not just because you bought me wings” hahaha

I love this man through the ups and downs. I love him through the excitements and dullness of life. I love him through the craziness of the army and the craziness of our schedules. I don’t get to spend every night with him but when I do, I cherish it.

Cherish your loved ones no matter what. Especially as Thanksgiving is coming up. Tell them how much they mean to you. Don’t let them forget why you love ‘em.


Born September 1st, 1922, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.
Yvonne De Carlo (Margaret Yvonne Middleton) and her mother made several trips to Los Angeles until 1940, when she was first runner-up to “Miss Venice Beach.” and also came in fifth in a 1940s Miss California competition.

She was subsequently arrested by immigration officials and deported back to Canada but in January 1941, an American show producer sent a telegram to immigration officials pledging his sponsorship of De Carlo in the U.S., and affirmed his offer of steady employment, both requirements to reenter the country.

Yvonne De Carlo was later spotted dancing at a Hollywood nightclub by a talent scout searching for girls to audition for the role of Anna Maria, an Austrian dancer, in the movie Salome, Where She Danced.

21 Royal Canadian Air Force bombardier students who loved her as a pinup star dancer campaigned to get her the role as the actor because she was performing at the nightclub against her will.

De Carlo received her big break in September 1944 when she was chosen over a reported 20,000 girls to play the lead role in Salome, Where She Danced (1945). The movie heavily promoted De Carlo and she was hailed as an up-and-coming star. 

Her ability to sing, dance and act made her an internationally known figure and landed her a long term contract with Universal Studios. In which she starred in many leading roles. She later expressed a desire to do comedy , landing her the famous role of Lily Munster in the CBS sitcom series The Munsters (1964-1966)

“De Carlo died of heart failure in January 8th 2007. For her contributions to motion pictures and television, she was awarded two stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.”

Me and my airman made this bear together so I can cuddle with something while he is away

MILITARY STRONG: So cute!!! I love having a special bear to cuddle with while I can’t cuddle with the boyfriend. It definitely isn’t the same but helps! I have a bear too his name is Kyle and my boyfriend made him for me before basic…I’m right there with ya girl. Sending you all my love, stay strong darlin :)
Its you.
And it always will be you.
It always has been you.
Your smile.
Your teeth.
Your eyes.
You are the only person to ever exist to take my breath away, or make me laugh the way you do.
You get me.
You understand me sometimes more than I understand myself.
Your love over flows and sometimes I don’t know what to do with it all.
But I’d never complain about that.
All I want is you.
It will be you until the oceans run dry.
It will be you until the stars burn out.
It will be you until my lungs breathe stale air.
It will be you until my eyes close for the last time.
—  A 60 day love letter
Pen Pal

content: Dean is twelve years old when he asks Castiel to be his pen pal, not knowing that it will change his life completely. (x)

word count: 5377



“Hey, Cas, you wanna be my pen pal?”

Dean grins brightly at the slightly older boy in front of him who hid himself in a quiet corner of the Winchesters’ garden with a heavy book and ignored the grown-ups enjoying their barbecue party since the moment he arrived with his parents about an hour ago.

“What?” Castiel asks confused, apparently contemplating if he misheard Dean.

“Pen pal,” Dean repeats, dropping onto the ground right next to the other boy. “You know, exchanging letters and that stuff.”

“I know what it means,” Castiel counters. “But … why?”

Dean shrugs and starts to pluck some blades of grass. “It’s just … a stupid school project,” he explains. “Our teacher thinks it’d be good for us or whatever. She wants us to talk to kids from different countries.”

Castiel blinks. “I’m sitting right beside you,” he reminds Dean as if he seriously believes the other may have not noticed that. “And I was born here. I grew up here.”

“I know,” Dean rolls his eyes. “But you’re moving. I mean that what this party is all about, right?”

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