Monsta X as Dads

Request: PLEASE do monstax as dads :333


  • has already been a single father since 2015
  • endless patience
  • when texting, uses lol as “lots of love”
  • discipline through facial expressions
  • has a “my child is a stellar student” sticker on his minivan bumper
  • tries to help with math homework, ends up just as lost as his kid
  • dance parties in the kitchen 

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  • uses the infant as weights when he can’t make it to the gym
  • “when i was your age…”
  • little league coach who makes sure everyone gets a participation trophy, himself included
  • shows off his kid to everyone, even the disinterested teen cashier at the grocery
  • tries his hardest to make his children proud
  • weekend visits to grandma’s cafe
  • skinny jeans and leather pants at an inappropriate age

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  • throws blankets in the dryer to get nice and warm before cuddles
  • cuts the crusts off of all sandwiches 
  • cries on his child’s first day of kindergarten
  • “one day you’ll understand why i care so much”
  • a walking disney sing along songs dvd
  • keeps at least three photos of his child in his wallet at all times
  • actively investigates for monsters under the bed

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  • lowkey threatens the school bully
  • highkey threatens the school bully’s mom
  • “don’t make me count to three!”
  • cooks, cleans, and does laundry all at once
  • bakes revenge cookies after being kicked out of the PTA
  • starts an alternative PTA in which he is the president 
  • actually raises hundreds of dollars with nega-PTA bake sales 

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  • co-sleeper
  • insists his child is the true visual amongst baby x
  • hyungwon and baby: always in onesies 
  • vice president of kihyun’s nega-PTA 
  • “i’m not sleeping, i’m resting my eyes” 
  • steals his kid’s phone upgrades
  • not afraid to roast his kid when they talk back

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  • tears up at baby’s first word: “s-s-swag”
  • best friend dad 
  • insists baby’s gurgling is natural aegyo 
  • matching air force 1′s 
  • baby proofed EVERYTHING 
  • actual PTA president 
  • always the pink princess for dress up tea parties

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  • encourages an exploding volcano for every. single. science fair
  • doesn’t believe in discipline
  • “don’t tell your mom”
  • ate play dough once to prove a point
  • may or may not have lost the child at the grocery store
  • lives to be as embarrassing as possible
  • created a nonsense language only he and his child know

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In 1977, all babies born at the Air Force Academy’s hospital during the month of December went home in Christmas stockings, thanks to the @americanredcross-blog and the Airman-NCO and Officers’ Wives Clubs. (We assume Technical Sergeant Christopher Walters and his wife took their son out of the stocking before they put him in the carseat!)

What’s your favorite stocking stuffer?

Thank you to the National Archives at Denver for sharing this fun photo from their holdings!

You take the ones you love for granted but then it hits you like a hard, strong, tidal wave about how important they are to you and how their being just brings out the right side of you. I look for a break in the wave but something about him just keeps me astonished that one person could possible consume so much beauty.
—  A 60 day love letter