Signs as iconic 80s synth pop

Aries: hungry Like the wolf // Duran Duran

Taurus: take on me // a-ha

Gemini: don’t you want me // the human league

Cancer: Time after time // cyndi Lauper

Leo: (keep feeling) fascination // the human league

Virgo: weird science // oingo boingo

Libra: tainted love // soft cell

Scorpio: sweet dreams (are made of this) // eurythmics

Sagittarius: don’t you (forget about me) // simple minds

Capricorn: everybody wants to rule the world // tears for fears

Aquarius: whip it // DEVO

Pisces: video killed the radio star // the buggles

German Words for the Signs

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Aries: Fuchsteufelswild

“As wild as a fox & as mad as the devil”

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Taurus: Geborgenheit

“Feelings of comfort, warmth and closeness”

Gemini: Zugzwang

“Being put at a disadvantage by being forced to make a decision.”

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Cancer: Fingerspitzengefühl

“The ability to possess a powerful intuition.”

Leo: Kopfkino

“A cinema inside of your head.”

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Virgo: Erbsenzähler 

“Someone who is neurotic or has perfectionist behaviors.”

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Libra: Weltschmerz 

“The sad feeling that comes with seeing chaos & wishing for things to get better.”

Scorpio: Schnapsidee

“A drunk idea that will most likely be regretted.”

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Sagittarius: Fernweh

“A desire to visit distant places.”

Capricorn: Waldeinsamkeit

“The feeling of being by yourself in the forest, connected to nature.”

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Aquarius: Sehnsucht

“Longing for something that is missing”

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Pisces: Luftschloss

“An unlikely but magical dream.”

Challenges given to Fire Signs (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius)

  • Frequent experiences with people who are antagonistic and disrespectful, consistent threats and intrusions to personal space, and circumstances where they are forced into defending and asserting themselves. They can feel restricted or unable to truly demonstrate their softer and more sentimental points and often sense that people therefore don’t recognise these qualities in them
  • Restrictions others have enforced and the standards they are measured by that belong to limitation 
  • The re-experiencing of betrayal, heartbreak, deceit, and vilification that generates the anger that rests on their natural baseline. This is the rage and the heat they are called to tame and rise from (creatively, self-actualising, sexually) rather than internalise or squander in a single explosion 

Challenges given to Earth Signs (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn)

  • Sudden implosions to personal security in the form of abrupt location change, break up, or employment that dually threaten their internal structures and the constants they rely upon 
  • Being enclosed by others and trying to build upon and make do in a small space, negotiating frequent intrusion and over-reliance by other people who may begin to use the individual as a resource. This is when they have the opportunity to self-reflect on their own needs and the knowledge that their single-minded pursuits are ultimately beneficial for everybody
  • Constant and repetitive inconveniences, mix ups, breakdowns, surprise expenses, injuries that impair proficiency rarely caused by the individual
  • Being forced to work alongside or with incompetency and playing the improvised supervisor, instructor, and problem solver 

Challenges given to Air Signs (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius)

  • Frequent earth bound problems reoccurring to test and exercise their logic and judgement, often caused by their episodes of absent mindedness
  • Being enclosed by a regulated and confined education system that may have been to slow or under stimulating to engage in or demonstrate their intellect and there is an ongoing fight ever after to vindicate the mind
  • Lack of material stability, continuity, and frequent troubles with transport and mobility that re focuses the development of wealth and capital into relationships, knowledge, and learning
  • The loss of love and friendships that re-reveal the transparent emptiness

Challenges given to Water Signs (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces)

  • Being forced to adjust to their earth bound demands while adhering to deeper and more spiritual, emotional, and connective responsibilities
  • Frequent experiences with people who are invalidating, emotionally immature, or mirrors of the past that provoke their own extreme emotional state to develop internal regulation, emotional clarity, self-awareness, and empathy
  • Regular intervals of social exclusion that provide the opportunity to self-reflect and acknowledge the emotions, sensations, and thoughts that belong to them and not other people
  • Having their altruism, favours, or good deeds for other people depended upon, exploited, or manipulated where they are then forced to contemplate if their best option is to absolve these qualities and stop caring, but therein they also lose a part of themselves 


The signs in a relationship

aries: starts arguments over dumb shit like who came faster and

taurus: multiple dates and netflix & chill

gemini: fucking with your head 24/7 and acts childish af

cancer: being hella touchy and over protective af

leo: flaunting you 24/7 / telling everyone how good you look

virgo: schedules will start fucking up just to be with you more often

libra: will have you running in a field of flowers butt ass naked

scorpio: trying to have sex with you or give you head in the most inappropriate places

sagittarius: sending you a bunch of nudes while you’re busy.

capricorn: constant expensive dates and probably will be the submissve or the dominant in the relationship

aquarius: taking you weird places and spends hella money on you n always in your personal space

pisces: clingy but in a good way , probably showing you how compatible you guys signs are.

the nature of zodiac

AQUARIUS: I am like a bird that soars through the sky. Everything I have depends on how far my freedom will allow me to travel. I don’t follow the laws of gravity. Home is where I make it, ever changing, never restricted to one place at one time. I migrate to the warm promise of tomorrow, every day offering something new to explore.

PISCES: I am like the current, flowing from place to place. Pushed and shoved, flooded and drained. I feel every ripple of every rock that’s ever been thrown, every breeze that’s moved me and storm that’s destroyed me. I am pure, I run deep, I am full of healing. I am truly needed. I’m doing my best not to lose myself in the tide.

ARIES: I am like a flame, quick to ignite, even quicker to fizz out. I am what people turn to in moments of darkness. I am the first responder, feared but needed, seen from miles away. I am the torch that lights the way for those to follow. I spend my whole life walking on the edge of what may send me into fire. I must be aware of what I burn along the way. 

TAURUS: I am like a flower, bound to the earth, on a slow and steady journey. I am affected by everything, but changed by nothing. I bloom even when destruction surrounds me. I am there for the birds and the bees and the bugs, seemingly delicate, but truly stubborn to my core– fulfilling a patient and promising destiny to fill the earth with beauty.

GEMINI: I am like the wind, never quite obtainable, an abstract motion of change. I am constantly evolving, from cold to warm, weak to strong, picking up everything along the way. I can be subtle, but I am capable of a storm. I am free, a part of something much larger than I know. I am a force that makes my own rules, felt by anyone who crosses the path I travel.

 CANCER: I am like the moon. I go through phases, and my soul moves in cyclic motion, from here, to there, to back here once again. I am loyal to the core, rising every night just on time. I am a child of the night, vulnerable to any sound or ray of light. I am a quiet safe haven, a mother to the stars who seek shelter in my arms. 

LEOI am like the sun, the guardian of the light, a force larger than life. I am adored, prayed for, and relied on. I radiate beyond my own reach and the world can feel it. I am an ever-glowing force that will be the first to rise. I’m devoted towards promising a new day. I want to see the way you look with my rays glowing against your face. 

VIRGO: I am like a tree. I’ve grown everything I have. I am on a long and patient journey. I am solid to the core, grounded to what I know and what I’ve ever only known. I have seen it all, my changes are slow and subtle, my branches flexible, but stable, and capable of withstanding the force of what surrounds me. I am a lifelong observer to the changing world around me. 

LIBRA: I am like the sky. Never day for too long, never night for too long either. I have mastered the perfect balance between the two. I can be found in the beauty when the sun sets and the clouds collide. And the perfect moments when you gaze into my eyes and wonder where I came from. I am the vast and romantic abyss inviting you to dream, wish upon, and fall deeply into.

SCORPIO:  I am like the waves that push against the sand. I am a reflection of the current that is thrown to me, and I will respond a force that is persistent and pussiant. I can be consuming, I take what I need, I leave a mark on the shore, and I am hard to resist. I reveal a deeper sea that encompasses all that I am, and all that I can be.

SAGITTARIUS: I am like the heat, I thrive in moments of speed, chaos, and explosion. I am magnetic, others are drawn to the warmth I give off, and the trail I leave when I circulate the sky. I am the steam that engulfs the air and the lava that devours anyone in its reach. I am on a quest to conquer something greater.

CAPRICORN: I am like the roots of plants who live beyond the earth. I am what I am because I’ve learned this way of life, and I’ve earned it. I am sheltered from the surface world, and I operate on my own clock. I am devoted to where I came from, and the conditions of the world that’s made me that way. I am obligated to myself, to my journey, to my own way of life.  

Things the signs want

aries: excitement and fun 24/7

taurus: a bf/gf who loves food just as much as them

gemini: someone who can connect with them mentally

cancer: never ending love

leo: to play the lead and show everybody how shit is done

virgo: to be around more relaxed and chilled out people

libra: someone who can catch their drift

scorpio: dominance and power (over someone or other people)

sagittarius: freedom and good vibes

capricorn: a million dollar check with their name on it and someone who can match their wild side.

aquarius: a person who can make them feel at home and can keep up with their bullshit

pisces: someone who captures their mind body and soul and keeps them safe.

The Most “Moon” Things My Friends Have Ever Said

Thought this would be pretty fun & silly lol

Aries moon: I want to stop playing. Not because I’m losing, but because this game is fucking dumb”.

Taurus moon: I’m just looking to get wine-mom drunk tonight.”

Gemini moon: “Sometimes I stay up really late and enter random chat rooms for fun. They tell me their fetishes and everything…”

Cancer moon: “I feel like I really care about everyone but no one cares about me.”

Leo moon: “I skipped class because they don’t deserve my presence.”

Virgo moon: “Yeah, it’s that modern art shit that’s just a potato chip crumb on a plate. Genius.”

Libra moon: “There’s no hot people at this party, what’s the point?”

Scorpio moon: “Crime shows bore me, I always know who did it within like 5 minutes.”

Sagittarius moon: “I dropped 2 tabs of acid yesterday and became the best artist of all time.”

Capricorn moon: “Fuck you, I could beat Gordon Ramsay in a cook-off any day.”

Aquarius moon: “The state of our country right now…no actually, the state of our WORLD right now terrifies me.”

Pisces moon: “I don’t care that it’s just a game, you can’t leave those dogs in such small cages like that!”

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โ™ˆโ™Œโ™ Fire Glows  โ™‰โ™โ™‘ Earth Grows โ™Šโ™Žโ™’ Air Knows โ™‹โ™โ™“ Water Flows

Fire emphasis: Self confident, impulsive, initiative, dominant, energetic, uncontrollable, independent, imaginative, creative, idealistic, stimulating, intense, inspiring, self amusing, intuitive, defensive, self ruling, commanding, playful, spontaneous, delighted, can become burnt out, passionate, independent

Fire Deficit can express as: Lethargic, lack confidence, reserved, underwhelmed, rational, guarded, withdrawing, disinterested, has trouble with assertion, easily bored, melancholic and/or ultra restless and disorderly, impatient, forceful, angry, confused, lack of passion and direction, attention seeking, aggressive

Earth emphasis: Realistic, pedantic, compulsive, materialistic, orderly, refined, responsible, shy, guarded, emotionally reserved, ritualistic, pessimistic, rational, thorough, aware, intelligent, focused, in tune with nature, understands limitations, the physical body is a temple, stabilizing, relies too heavily on logic, sensual

Earth deficit can express as: Spaciness, disorderly, irresponsible, dependent, out of touch with basic living requirements, distant or not contained in the physical body, nomadic, can struggle holding down employment or responsibilities, neglects health, moody or overly cautious and serious, controlling, structured, anxious, hypochondriac, meticulous, duty bound, afraid of imagination

Air emphasis: Clever, spaced out, communicative, cerebral, conceptual, out of touch with the physical body, unrealistic, engaging, social, curious, restless, objective, mentally active, light eater, graceful, flexible, lost in thought, insomniac, informative, abstract, conceives ideas, detached, over emphasizes the intellectual response, distant, imaginative

Air deficient can express as: Extreme doubts with intelligence, struggle with academic and educative institutions, sedate in thinking and latching onto ideas, trouble turning inner world into language, disconnected, quiet minded or becomes a master of a field, highly motivated with education, feels the need to prove intelligence, over rational, worried, high functioning intellectual, dominant in conversation

Water emphasis: Receptive, fluid, hyper sensitive, emotionally focused, secretive, empathetic, withdrawing, solitary, idealistic, visionary, unstable, melancholic, theatrical with emotional displays, projects feelings onto others, people conscious, intuitive, lacks boundaries, can be easily manipulated, lethargic, escapist, disturbed, overwhelmed

Water deficit can express as: Inability to comprehend and identify feelings, disregards emotions, low emotional intelligence, dissociated, unresponsive, has trouble ascertaining values, emptiness, contained, distant, insensitive to the pain of others or extremely moody and unstable, represses emotions until violent outburst, unpredictable, hypersensitive, cannot understand nor control moods, reactive