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One of my favorite things about Zenyuki is how Zen and Shirayuki love and adore each other, but their lives don’t revolve each other. Instead, their love for each other inspires them to better follow their careers. Zen’s duties as a prince and Shirayuki’s job as a pharmacist play just as huge of a role in their lives as romance.

I also love how the two of them acknowledge and respect each other’s jobs. Shirayuki doesn’t separate Zen the friend from Zen the prince and she even snaps at Obi when he asks her if she wishes that Zen wasn’t a prince. On Zen’s end, the way he called her “Pharmacist-san” during her exam was such a cute way for him to signal that he understands how being a herbalist is such a large part of her identity. They know how much their duties mean to each other and try their best to manage both their romance and their jobs.

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I was so excited for SnK s2 and all the jearmin goodness that would come with it, but now that it's turned out it's only going to be a one-cour series instead of the expected 25 episodes, I'm starting to wonder how much of the jearmin material they'll manage to cover. Which jearmin scenes do you think we can safely expect to be adapted within those 12 episodes?

It’s tough, Jearmin got a lot of attention as a ship during the Uprising arc, and Jean is rather absent for the first half of the Clash of the Titans arc as it is. though considering we have already had that added scene between Eren and Mikasa in S2E1, he could have some extra screen-time somewhere.

As for jearmin, as long as they stay faithful to the manga then we can expect this banger of a moment from chapter 50…

I’ll be extremely upset if this scene is removed from the anime. I think it speaks great volumes for both characters, and not just in regards to their relationship to each other. But either way fingers-crossed for lots of lovely Jearmin!!

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Everyone's pretending not to notice Louis saying he desperately didnt want the hiatus. neither did Niall. Liam said he didnt know what it meant. But Harry said it was his idea way back in 2014 and he wanted it. Im finding it hard to see how Harry could have pushed for something he knew was going to hurt & disadvantage Louis. Reading Louis feelings of loss, in the light of Harrys hard push for that solo career & the huge gulf in opportunities, it doesn't even sound like a friendship blue :(

You do realize that Harry could’ve left the band in 2014/2015 with Zayn if he wanted right? They’d probably have give him the world and more and he could’ve the solo career completely detached from 1D. Of course Louis felt lost, he never was a solo artist. He only knew the band, being in a band that’s normal feelings. When you do something you never did before you feel lost, until you learn how to do it. That’s how life works in every aspect. And like I said, yes Louis must have felt sacred af because he didn’t saw himself as a big artists as the others, but Harry couldn’t have forced them on going on a hiatus by himself. He doesn’t have that type of power and when you guys say things like this you’re dismissing all the others and their voices. Look at how things are now, look how happy Niall looks, look at Louis working with great artists, discovering what he likes, working on photoshoots. He was scared there, he was reluctant because it’s something new, something you can’t be sure of, and if you’re doubting yourself already it sure would make things harder, but look at him now. He wasn’t bitter about, he didn’t resent that. Goddammit people, Sweet Creature literally exists why y'all being like this

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Oh look it's episode 22 of an odd number season! Time to ask Captain Cold for help!" "But he's dead..." "Time to ask Captain Cold for help!"

omg you’re right 

Originally posted by bobbimorxe

i hope this becomes a theme for every odd-numbered season’s episode 22


“the darksider will not be able to open your jedi holocron.”

hi !!! this is an oc blog for something akin to a personification of a star that’s finally setting up !! their name is sallet and holds an immense curiosity for everything and anything and will point to the sky if you ask where they’re from !! so if ya wanna hang out, check us out maybe ?? !!

Raise your hand if you would have enjoyed Spiderman a lot more if SHIELD was in it (or later revealed that Damage Control was an alias for SHIELD), but you’re a little annoyed that instead, we got a backdoor pilot for a show that will probably never happen.


Once again:



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what omg you used you watch teen wolf???

i watched the first season when i was in grad school cuz i had cable in my dorm and access to MTV lmaooo so it was easy to tune in. i enjoyed it well enough, most of it made no sense but it was all right and the characters were pretty fun to watch. after that i only kept up through tumblr; i watched a couple of eps for kira but honestly they did danny and kira so dirty so….i never really came back on board. it was def a case of “hey this show looks rough but it’s the first season so it might have potential?” and then it fell apart fast.

Torn Down the Middle - Jughead x Reader- requested


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isabelleisoknow: Ok well I thought of a Jughead x reader idea but unfortunately I can’t write to save my life so I thought I could give you the idea and you could use your skills to make it better 😂 And Well they grew up together and she always took pictures of them. They did that thing where they took a picture and split it between two phones. Jughead purposely took a bit out so y/n ask what it is that’s missing and gets another copy out. In the bit missing it’s a list of people she has been out with on the tree house walls with love hearts around them then crossed out but there is one with jugheads name in that is untouched that he wrote and Yh that’s it really he asks her out yh 

Thanks for the request again. I did make it a physical picture in the end but I hope this was what you wanted. 

That boy and his camera.

You were pretty sure that was going to be his best friend forever besides the beanie that was constantly adorned on his head.

You were quite surprised when Sophmore year rolled around and he was without the camera strap or bag but rather his laptop always with him.

You peered up from your book, trying to gather your thoughts away from your horrible week - staring at Jughead across from you. “Why don’t you take pictures anymore?”

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You can watch this scene with in the Japanese dub with English subs here—- X 

or the English dub with English subs here—- X

The scene is fully voiced^^ 

(This scene happens around 30:00 in the Japanese dub and around 23:00 in the English dub)

It does NOT contain many spoilers for the plot, it’s mostly filler. 

I just loved this scene SO much I had to fic it. 

*NO Persona 5 spoilers* 

(Author’s note; Mishima’s name is Yuuki, I refer to him as so. I also use the name “Akira” for the protagonist as he is so named in the manga.) 

Please enjoy! 


After everyone had agreed on where they were sleeping, they turned off the lights and settled down for bed. Yuuki was lucky enough to get to sleep in the bed. But he found even in the comfortable bed, he couldn’t fall asleep. 

It didn’t help that Ryuji and Ann were talking up a storm, but the main thing keeping him awake was his stomach. He had been feeling a bit queasy earlier but playing cards had been enough of a distraction to help him forget until now. 

Tossing and turning in bed, Yuuki could feel the queasiness progressing to something much worse. He didn’t understand what could be making his stomach hurt. He didn’t think he had eaten anything that was particularly out of the ordinary for him or that tasted off. But it had to be something because the feeling that had started out being almost unnoticeable, progressed into something far worse in a matter of minutes. 

Although desperately trying to fall asleep, he soon found himself with no choice but to give his stomach the attention it was demanding. Yuuki stumbled out of bed and went into the restroom. He was ever so slightly relieved to be in the sanctuary of the bathroom but it still made him nervous to be within earshot of everyone. 

He stood around nervously, then started pacing back and forth in the small quarters of the room. A pain went through his stomach that forced him to double over. It took all of his willpower not to cry out right then. He leaned over the sink, clutching his stomach and shaking. 

He saw in the mirror that he was sweating and he waited on bated breath for the pain to subside. When it finally did, he leaned against the wall, enjoying the relief as much as he could for fear that it wouldn’t last. 

The next time however, he wasn’t hit with pain but intense nausea. He bent forward, closing his eyes and breathing through his nose. He slid down the wall until he was sitting on the floor with his arms wrapped around his legs. He buried his face in his knees, begging for the feeling to go away. By then, he knew it was out of his hands. While curled up against the wall, his body started fighting him. 

Yuuki could feel his stomach lurching, trying hard to push whatever was inside of it, out. When an air bubble forced its way up his throat with a muscle spasm, Yuuki knew he had no say left in the matter. He darted to the toilet and hung over it, clutching his stomach tightly. The nausea was overwhelming and he couldn’t focus on anything else. 

He gagged inside his throat and started to whimper. He suddenly felt scared and alone. He cried out. 

“S-someone…” There was no reply. “M-my stomach…" 

Then his entire body lurched forward. "Hrgh…!” He vomited into the toilet with a loud heave. 

He could hear Ann and Ryuji outside. “That didn’t sound good…” Ann sounded concerned. 

Yuuki couldn’t hear any more of their commentary as he continued to puke up his stomach contents into the bowl. When he found a moment to breathe, he flushed the toilet. Gagging again just as the water was settling. Gagging brought more hot liquid up his throat and with another heave, he spewed more digested semi-liquids into the newly clear water. These bouts kept on going for what felt like ages. 


In the meantime, Ryuji, Ann and Akira were laying in the other room listening to every one of his episodes. 

“Man… he’s really hacking his guts out in there.” Ryuji crossed his arms. “I feel bad for the guy." 

"Maybe… we should call for help?” Ann said nervously. “What if he’s really sick?”  

“The last thing he probably wants is to be fussed over by a bunch of adults right now.” Ryuji thought. “I think we should leave him be awhile. What’d you think Akira?" 

Akira nodded from on the couch. 

“Okay…” Ann said hesitantly. 

As they were discussing it, they heard Yuuki vomit loudly from inside the bathroom again. The sound of splashing echoed against the walls inside. “I don’t think I’ll be able to sleep with that though…” Ann sat in bed with her legs over the side of her bed. 

Yuuki heaved loudly again with a moan and Akira sat up too, resting his chin in his hand. Ryuji sighed. “Looks like it’s ganna be a long night for all of us." 


By about 2:00AM, the three of them had just about exhausted all of their topics of conversation, when they noticed that it had been quiet for some time. "Maybe we ought to check on him…?” Ann thought. 

“Mm… pass…” Ryuji mumbled. “Akira?" 

Akira’s shoulders dropped and he reluctantly agreed to. He got up and with a knock, peered into the bathroom. 

"Akira…?” Yuuki opened his eyes slightly. He had been using the toilet seat as a pillow and Akira felt pretty sorry for him. He was drenched in sweat and his eyes were red with dark circles under them. 

He asked casually if Yuuki wanted some water. Yuuki seemed to perk up ever so slightly, lifting his head up. “Really…? Thanks Akira.” He said in a hoarse voice. 

Akira nodded and went to fetch him a water bottle. Yuuki drank it gratefully and sat back against the wall. Akira leaned against the sink nonchalantly, hoping to escape as quickly as possible. “I don’t know what came over me but it was killer.” Yuuki sighed. 

Akira told him Ryuji thought it might have been the tap water. 

“Heh? No way!” Yuuki cried in a squeaky voice. “Hawaii’s part of America! We’re not in some underdeveloped country. I’m sure it was just something I ate." 

Akira shrugged and Yuuki found himself smiling slightly. "Hah, tap water. That’s a good one Sakamoto." 

Akira scratched his head awkwardly. He told Yuuki if he was feeling better, he should try to get some sleep. 

"Yeah.. you’re right.” Yuuki nodded. “Thanks for checking on me Akira. You’re a real friend.”

*Good Friend* Newt x reader

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So, I asked you this back when I didn’t have any account and I think it wasn’t sent. Newt shows his s/o and Jacob (or anyone else) new beast he rescued, and Jacob makes a movement that scares it and it tried to attack to defend itself, but Newt pushes him away in time, getting hurt instead. Maybe it’s something dangerous and he is about to die but reader knows of a cure with plants and heals him in time. Then scolds him for always putting himself In danger to help his friends.

♦ I’m assuming the s/o in this is the reader? Anyway, had some time before work to write today! I hope you enjoy! 

WARNINGS: Mentions of blood.

Newt Scamander was a lot of things. Loving, caring, passionate… and above all, a good friend. He would go just about anywhere or do anything to help a friend. This was something you had always admired about him and just one of the many things that drew you to him all those years ago while attending Hogwarts. 

Today you were inside the case, your no-maj friend, Jacob Kowalski, with you and helping you tend to Newt’s creatures. Jacob had been inside the case many times before but he had still never met all the beasts that were kept inside. 

Newt was currently near the Nundu habitat and as Jacob peered from were he was with Dougal, he decided you wanted to finally see the creature up close. Newt was more than happy to oblige and carefully walked Jacob over, you beside him, to meet the beloved Nundu. 

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