air wac


Some sketches of witches from several WACs. Beetle’s Bauble is set in a kinda Central/Southtern American location in my head. A lot of their culture is appropriated from !Europe and !Central America. Kinda imagine if the Spanish Conquistadors met the Aztech empire and didn’t wipe them off the map and opened up a trade route with the empire. The Beetle’s Bauble in my head was kinda an amalgam of Rio, SF, Chicago, New York, Venice, and Shanghai. 

Anyway each WAC has their specialties.

Cuauhtli Witches from BB are specialists in Hit and Run tactics with ship sabotaging hexes and kraken fall techniques. Some divisions have hex runners who carve curses into the soles of their boots and run along the surface of ships or krakens.

Dragon Daughters from Oshia specialize in spell bombs and payload delivery. When they are not dropping their payloads on targets they can easily dismount and act as a sudden strike force that have been known to capture entire ships and turn them on their previous fleet.

Valkyries from Bergshcloss are known for their incredibly lethal counter-witch dog fight techniques in high altitudes. From the tops of their mountain cities Valkyries opt out and use a breathing apparatus for the altitude instead of concentrating spells. They often charge from the face of the sun and crash directly into other witches engaging in lethal point blank gun battles or spell slinging knife fights.

Papillons from Prima are incredible in long range attacks and flanking tactics, often appearing out of nowhere in cloudy dog fights just in the nick of time. Known for flying in Swan formation, their concentrated and coordinated spell salvos have broken many an aerial push.

Falcons from the Gilded Empire are famed for their spell sniping techniques and iron discipline. Falcons strike from the clouds pegging enemy witches from afar and then follow it up with a deadly bayonet charge. Some Falcons are said to carry scimitars or shotels on their backs. Once they zip past a line of witches all they leave are hacked brooms and ribbons that were previously people.

Skygirls from the Wildland Indiependants are known for their low altitude “Shock and Awe” techniques. Often letting loose dozens of spell etches rockets from their bandoliers in close of their targets. Reckless witches that get too close fighting them often find themselves broom to broom with a Skygirls revolver and her unnaturally fast drawing arm.