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How would all the chocobros, Iggy included, react to their s/o imitating Ignis' little "I've come up with a new recipeh" line? Like, they'll do it when least expected and or when he's in the middle of saying it himself?? I need this like I need air to breathe

Tried to write this as a headcanon, couldn’t do it. So enjoy some shameless short-to-medium length drabbles, lovelies :)

New Recipeh


It had become a game between you and Prompto. It had began as a way to make each other laugh while on the road; the two of you thinking of the most ridiculous things you could say to the other to make them crack a smile, or better yet, bust out laughing. The idea had dawned on you one afternoon, the instant Ignis had snapped his fingers after coming upon some Lucian tomatoes. Positioning yourself at Ignis’ back, you made eye contact with Prompto, snapped your own fingers, and did your best to mirror the expression and movements of your poor strategist.

Needless to say, Prompto was in pieces the first time you tried it. Ignis had given him the strangest look as he doubled over in silent laughter, turning to you. In an instant, you dropped the charade and mustered the most innocent face you could. 

As the chef raised his eyebrows at you in question, you shrugged, which only produced a loud snort from the blond goofball. 

He was lucky you were a much better actor than he was.

From that moment on, if you so much as whispered recipeh in his vicinity, it would reduce your lover to a cackling mess. You realized you were in too deep when Prompto began giving you his puppy-dog eyes every time Ignis said it and you didn’t copy him. Not that you really minded. Seeing the way his eyes lit up when he laughed was always worth it.


The Moogle Chocobo Carnival was spectacular, better than anything you could have imagined. You could tell Noctis was having the time of his life as well, much as he tried to maintain his too-cool-for-school demeanor he sometimes adopted around you. But every time you came across some new wonder, he squeezed your hand a little tighter and pulled you along.

But midday came, and you both needed a break. There was a small pop-up cafe set up for the occasion, with specially themed dishes made specifically with the festival in mind. You didn’t exactly need to beg Noctis for a pit stop. 

You ordered, and the brightly-decorated pastries were set in front of you with refreshing vigor. They were lovely and delicious, and like nothing you’d had before. 

“Gonna have to tell Specs about these,” Noct said, his mouth full of cake.

You giggled and poked at your pastry with your fork. “He’d have a field day if he were here. Can you imagine?” You brandished the fork with a flourish, pointing it towards the sky. “Ah’ve come up with a new recipeh.

You took another bite before you realized that Noctis was silently staring at you, his eyes wide.

“Um… Noct? What’s up?”

He blinked once, then snorted loudly, nearly spraying you with cake crumbs. “Nice job,” his eyes darted up to meet yours, a sudden playful glint appearing, “but I can do better.”

“Oh can you now, Prince Perfect?”

“It’s all in the breath support. More like: Aaah’ve come up with a new recipeh!

You shoot back, matching his sly smile. “Recipeh.”

He scoots closer to you, changing the inflection. “Recipeh.”

It progressed like this back and forth until the two of you were yelling ‘recipeh’ in the middle of the crowded cafe, in your best terrible accents.


It was late in the night. You’d volunteered to take first watch as everyone else had sauntered into the tent to sleep. You stared glumly into the fire, the boredom nearly driving you mad in the quiet night. Your eyes fell on the modest cookstove that Ignis had used to cook dinner. You could practically see the man snapping his fingers and setting to work. And that phrase he said… what was it again?

You said it, just barely breathing it out at first. The imitation of Ignis’ accent rolled off of your tongue, and you giggled softly at the absurdity. You tried it again, louder this time. With every utterance of the phrase, you became more and more bold, both in volume and in delivery. By the time you turned to see Gladio’s hulking form examining you, it had progressed into full-on Shakespearean acting.

Heat rushed to his face as he crossed his arms at you from the mouth of the tent. It was difficult to read his face clearly in the dim light, but his shoulders were shaking wildly with silent laughter.

“I… I had no idea you had such a talent for… acting,” he said, between gulps of air. 

You pursed your lips and gave him a swat to discourage his chuckling, but it only made him laugh harder. “Please don’t tell the others about this.”

He grinned smugly, wrapping you in his arms. “Or what?”

“Come on, Gladio, Ignis will poison my food or something!”

“Hey, maybe in exchange for my silence, you have to do something else for me.” His hand reached down and pinched your ass.

Heat rushed to your face once again, now for an entirely different reason. “Um, yeah, whatever–”

Before you could get the words out, his mouth was on yours.


You were roaming the forest in search of new ingredients to try. Ignis had insisted at being up at the crack of dawn, as he assured you the foraging would be more plentiful, but you knew it was just an excuse to be alone for a while.

His graceful fingers were intertwined with yours, leading you through the trees. He seemed to be taking the errand far more seriously than you were, as was usual. His eyes scanned the ground for possible produce, while yours were turned toward the sky, watching the world wake up. It was there you spotted a familiar purple fruit dangling from a tree ahead, just out of your reach.

“A plum!” you nearly shout, breaking the silence and pulling him to the tree. 

Ignis jumped at your sudden outburst, but allowed himself to be towed toward the fruit.

You turn to him, squeezing his hand excitedly. “I know that fruit! We used to have a tree growing in our yard back in Insomnia! My mother used to cook with it!”

He squinted up at it from behind his glasses. “You’re certain?”

You roll your eyes at him. “I appreciate the caution, but I know what I’m on about. But I can’t reach it. Could you maybe…?”

You point up hopefully, and he gives you a small smirk, reaching to retrieve the fruit. He handed you the wild produce and flash him a grateful smile. You’re about to put it in your bag when an idea dawns on you. Your smile turning devious, you lift your newfound goods triumphantly and yell to the heavens, “Aah’ve come up with a new recipeh!

He freezes, and after moments of hearing only birds chirping, you worry that you’ve offended him. Finally, he blinks slowly, his mouth slightly ajar.

You hastily stuff the fruit in the bag, and your hand finds his again. “Ignis? I’m sorry, did I–”

He shakes his head, bemused, and a smile creeps onto his face. “I suppose I should not be surprised you have my… catchphrase down cold?”

You relax instantly when you hear the teasing in his voice. “You might say it kind of often. Might have heard it a few times.” You steal a quick kiss, pressing your lips to his softly. “You’d be surprised how quickly I can pick up on things.”

He gathers you in his arms and shakes his head again, a rare chuckle escaping. “Do I honestly sound like that?”

You giggle and nestle yourself into his embrace, the sounds of your laughter breaking the peace of the morning.

I’ll bury my love against your skin

Honestly I have no idea how this happened. I had an idea for a cute/fluffy drabble where Marcus braids Abby’s hair after a shower but somehow it escalated into this smutfest. You’re welcome?
Anyhow I still incorporated the braiding so yay me. Hope you’ll like it

When Marcus enters their quarters after his shift, he’s been awake for over 24 hours. So all he wants to do, is to get out of his clothes, fall into bed and not get up for at least 6 hours. Preferably with Abby next to him. Or on top. Both sound good to me, he reckons with a grin as he puts his jacket over the back of a chair. He’s down to his shirt and boxers when Abby walks into the room and his mind just goes blank. She obviously just had a shower, because she’s only wearing a towel. Her wet hair tumbles around her face and clings to her skin. His eyes travel from her face to her chest where they linger for a few seconds, taking in her breasts which are just barely covered, to the slight curve of her hips when they finally settle on her long and smooth legs. His breath hitches and he feels a pull of desire in his lower belly. Even after being together for some time now, Marcus still feels like pinching himself, just to make sure that this isn’t a dream, that this is real.

A throaty laugh startles him out of his blatant appraisal of her body and when he meets her gaze, Abby’s wearing a sly smirk. Oh, she knows exactly what she’s doing to him and loves every second of it. Marcus realises that he should say something, anything and not just stare like someone who has never seen a half naked woman before, but this isn’t some woman, this is Abby. Kind, stubborn, beautiful and half naked Abby. He tries to speak, he really does but when he opens his mouth nothing but a guttural sound comes out. So he closes his mouth with an audible snap. Abby lets out another laugh in response. She crosses her arms under her breasts, pushing them up slightly and raises a single eyebrow. His throat suddenly feels very dry and his boxers a bit too snug. Is she trying to kill me? He manages to think, which is a victory in itself since most of his blood seems to have rushed to his groin.  

“Cat got your tongue Marcus?”, Abby teases as she takes several steps towards, stopping just inches from him.

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Staring PT 3

Dedicated to fanmail14 just for the enthusiasm??? Like damn sorry I took so long! Also thanks for following, everybody!


 part  1       part 2

 You sat at the lunch table going a mile a minute. You had so many things you were procrastinating on that you couldn’t even focus on eating. You sprawled yourself on an entire lunch table waiting for Carlos to join you. “Hey.” You heard Brett’s lovely voice. You turned and saw him in close proximity but he wasn’t talking to you. Your stare lingered and before you know it he looked over and locked gazes with you. 

You looked away instantly and went back to writing some bs for your English assignment. “You should probably stop procrastinating so much.” Brett said sitting down next to you. His hands were all over the papers you had scattered in front of you. His eyes squinted looking at the things written. “Whoa, this is a lot of work. How long did this take you to do?" 

You had no idea you were staring at him until he turned to ask you that question. "Ugh. Only like two periods. And lunch.” You said looking down at your paper. You heard his laugh ring through the air. You tried hard to concentrate on what you were writing. 

You looked up when you heard Carlos say hi to Brett and you. But Carlos’ eyes lingered on Brett widening. You rolled your eyes and continued writing. Next thing you know Mason and another friend of Brett’s came and joined you at your table. And a whole crowd followed with an interrupting roar, this was what it was like for the popular crowd. I stopped and glared at them all seeing they didn’t give a damn about me sitting here trying to do work. Everyone busy talking about girls, games, and friends, making you slit your eyes at the incompetence. 

I huffed and grabbed all of my things quickly and didn’t notice Carlos or Brett, staring at me in confusion. I hurriedly grabbed my back pack and went to my car in the parking lot. I got inside and continued my work. 

With all the work I still had I skipped my last classes and finished everything so I could turn it all in tomorrow. I waited patiently for Carlos to come around as I sat on the hood of my car. I took out my phone and went through checking all of my notifications. I felt a tap on my shoe and looked up to see Brett smiling at me. “Hey.” I said sitting up, fixing my posture. 

“Hey, just came to tell you we have a new project for Government.” He said not moving his hand from where it was resting on the edge of my car. And dangerously close to my thigh. 

“Really? What about?” I looked from his hand to his face quickly. 

“Just of the specifics of the judicial branch  I have notes. We’re partners by the way.” He said seemingly getting closer. Or maybe it was just my imagination….

“Partners? How did that happen?” I ask with a smile on my face. Brett was one of the hottest guys here, and popular. How in the fuck did I become his partner?

He shrugged and smirked at me. “You know I got to pick my partner, and I haven’t gotten to work with you yet.” He let his sentence take on a whole new meaning when he winked at the end of it. I smiled brightly feeling a blush rise. 

“Okay whoa whoa whoa. You cannot walk up into AP Gov with your blonde hair, and your blue eyes, and you tall lanky body, and think-!” Carlos ran over to Brett screaming and yelling. 

“What the hell Carlos?” I asked interrupting him. Why was he getting in between me and Brett time!

“This guy stole my partner for Government! You know I can’t do anything without you!” He furrowed his brows and crossed his arms obviously pissed. “Now I’m stuck with Mason so that means I’m probably going to be too busy sucking his d-" 

"Shut the fuck up!” I laughed out covering his mouth. Brett was having a fit trying not to comment on Carlos’ gross revelations. “It’s ok, it’s not the end of the world.”

“What? This is serious Y/N! My grade depends on this. And you are the only one who keeps me concentrated enough to actually write my name on the paper.” He stated everything matter-of-factly. 

“Well too bad, now I have her all to myself.” Brett threw his arm around me and tauntingly shook his head at Carlos. 

“Watch it Brett or I’m going to put that lacrosse stick to better use.” Carlos winked at the blue eyed boy next to me. 

We both oh’d at Carlos’ blatant threat. Carlos just laughed it off like it was nothing. “So when can I go over?” Brett asked looking down at me even though I was sitting down on my car hood. 

“Ugh.” I looked around avoiding Carlos eyes. “I would say to come over today…” He couldn’t come over today, I wasn’t ready my room wasn’t ready. My house was a mess, how could I have him come over? 

“But?” Brett interjected. 

“But my mom won’t be home.” I said quickly. 

“But I will be so need to worry about mummy getting worried about a boy being over.” Carlos said with a terrible grin on his face. 

Brett’s eyebrows shot up. “Will that work?" 

I mulled it over while biting on my bottom lip. Of course Carlos is going to do this right now. "You don’t have lacrosse practice?” I asked one last time.

He smiled, and laughed threw his nose. “Not for you I don’t." 

I sucked in a breath and nodded my head. "Sure why not. You wanna follow me?” I asked getting off my car. 

“Yeah, I’ll be right behind you.” He said with a smile. 

“Okay, hopefully you can keep up cause I won’t wait.” I said with a laugh getting in my car. 

He furrowed his brows and looked at my car. “In this thing? You can’t beat me.” He shook his head. 

“Just watch me.” I said smiling at him. He smiled wider and nodded his head. 

“Alright Y/N lets see what you can do.” He started walking away from you and to his car. Carlos hopped into your car looking excited. 

“You better sped your ass to the house!” He said buckling up and waiting for you to start. 

You smirked and turned your car on. It may be an old car but you invested some money into it. Which wasn’t to expensive since it was old. But the car was meant for having power so the hum of the engine was loud. You could see Brett in your rear view mirror smirking at you. 

When you turned onto Main Street, you quickly stepped on the gas. You barely made the light that had turned yellow, and crossed the road in a quick 3 second pass. You started laughing when you saw Brett waiting back at the first turn. 

You sped like crazy to your house. Going at the very least 50, and getting home in 5 minutes. You hopped out of the car and ran inside. Carlos followed wondering what the hell the rush was. “It’s fucken dirty in here!” You yelled running around like a chicken without a head. You cleaned up the dishes in the sink, and moved all the papers from the counter. Carlos moved all the shoes in the hallway into a closet. 

“Girl lets get your room and the study.” You nod and bolt to the upstairs. You take your room and Carlos takes the study. You throw your blanket nicely down. And move around the shit on your desk. Moving your dirty clothes into the closet. 

Your phone buzzes. It’s Brett asking where the hell your house was since you lost him at the second turn. You quickly text your address and put your phone away in you back pocket. “How’s it look?” You ask walking into the study. Carlos’ hands are full and you eye him weirdly. 

“I had some stuff in there from last time.” He shrugged his shoulders and moved past you. You followed him downstairs and waited in the living room for Brett to get here. Within ten minutes he texted you and you heard a knock on the door. You open it with a smile and not say a word to him. “What’s with the grinning?” He asked poking your cheek. 

You shrugged and smiling wider. “I beat you.” And you closed the door behind him. 

“You only got lucky. You should go for a ride with me and I’ll show you how to really drive.” He turned around and was smiling down at you. 

“Whatever you say, Mr. You-can’t-beat-me-in-this-thing.” You sang walking past him. You entered the open living room and kitchen area. Not seeing Carlos anywhere, you knew he was lurking.  "Uh we should probably start. We might finish today depending on what she wants from us. Did you want something to drink?“ You look up to see Brett just waiting for you. Staring down at you like he wanted to ask you something.

He nodded not looking away. "Yeah sure.” You nod too and walk to the fridge. 

“Okay, water? Gatorade? Juice?” You look through your fridge for more options. 

“Just a water.” He said from behind you. You felt a heat emanating and you widened your eyes. He must have been right behind you. You grab two bottles and walk away. Noticing he was almost directly behind you. You walked up the stairs to the door of your room and waited for him to catch up. 

“Just go into the study and I’ll be right there.” You point to the room right across from you.

He smirked and asked. “You’re not going to let me see your room?" 

You laughed and shook your head. "Not today, maybe under different circumstances.” You laugh pushing your way through the doorway. You rushed and grabbed everything you needed and made sure you looked okay. “Calm the fuck down.” You whispered to yourself. You knew Brett was a werewolf and he could hear you if he tried. You took a few calming breathes and walked over to the study. 

You saw Brett looking around, seeing all the books and paintings. You interrupted his thinking, “There my moms. She does all the painting around here.” You put your bag on the ground and look over at him. He was staring at a giant blue canvas that your mother painted when your father left her. And blue was ruined for her because it was her favorite. But since that day that’s all she felt. 

“Their all wonderful. She’s pretty talented. So besides the tattoos and the paining what else does she do?” He asked sounding quite interested.

You crossed your arms and leaned against the couch. “She does all kinds of things. She can pretty much do any medium, and she’ll do galleries, and charity. She’s like the greatest artist I know.” Brett was staring directly at you. 

“Can you draw?” He walked closer towards you. 

You mashed your lips together, almost grinning. “Uhhhh.” You dragged out the syllable. You didn’t want to have to show your stuff, because how enthralled you’d get. You loved your art so much, and wanted other people to love it to. But your mother was the greatest artist you knew, and Brett has seen you mothers work. Which your work couldn’t compare to it. “Yes. But it is nothing like my mothers. She is absolutely gifted and she’s been doing this professionally since she was 17. So I kinda have no way to amount up to that.” You put your hands up to the sides of you. 

“I’m sure you’re really good and you’re just being hard on yourself. You seem like you’re good really artist, with the way your dress,” his hand grazed your short hem. “And the way you look,” his fingertips touched a small curl in your hair. “And just your attitude.” He pulled away from you. 

You let go of a breath you held waiting for the last touch. It never came, and you looked away feeling disappointed. “So let’s start, just so we can finish. Explain to me what happened." 

Brett and you had almost finished, by the time your mother came home. You wanted Brett out of here so she wouldn’t ask if he wanted to stay for dinner. Cause that would call for questions and implications of him being more than a "friend”. Which he wasn’t, yet. 

“Okay, so I’ll start the PowerPoint or whatever. Thanks for skipping out on practice for me, and getting me caught up.” You said to Brett on your dimly lit porch.

 "No problem.“ He said smoothly. It was weird how suave this guy seemed to be. You eyed him, and dug a hand in your back pocket. "Don’t leave me hanging in class again.” He winked at you so quickly you didn’t think it happened. 

“Don’t worry about that. I was busy finishing some stuff up. It was spur of the moment.” You nodded your head. 

He smirked and turned his body halfway. “Sorry about making you leave your lunch table by the way. It’s just those guys and my friends follow sometimes and it gets, hectic." 

You shrug with one shoulder, "It’s not your fault. I would’ve stayed under any other situation." 

He laughed and walked down the steps. "I’ll see you tomorrow then. Maybe we can have a try at that again. Show up to class so I have something worth staring at.” He continued walking to his back truck parked I front of your house. 

“Goodbye Brett.” You sang in a disbelieving tone. 

“Goodnight beautiful.” Brett called back to you. You waved and felt your heart beating fast. You tried breathing through you nose knowing Brett could probably hear it. When he finally left you rushed inside to find Carlos stuck at the window. “What the fuck?” You asked surprised. 

“Oh my god! You’re all red! That was so cute! I have to call Lydia.” He walked away with his phone in his hand. He was already talking a mile a minute on the way up the stairs. 

That night you laid happily in bed, thinking where the fuck did this all come from. How could Brett possibly think you fall under radar? 


*Buzz* your phone vibrated on your bedside table. You reached for it seeing the messages from Brett. 

Don’t skip out on me tomorrow. We have to give Carlos and Lydia something worth talking about. ;) 

You squealed at the words on the screen. He double texted right away. 

Good night beautiful. Get some sleep❤️. 

You sighed loudly, putting your phone to your chest. Okay so if Brett didn’t kiss you, or ask you out tomorrow you’d to ably die.

“Remember that?” You asked Brett, as he handed you your coffee. He smiled and sat right next to you. 

“Of course I remember that. Not only did I completely fuck it up, Mason didn’t remember the plan.” He shook his head and took a sip out of his cup. “I still remember your face when I kissed you.” He laughed and put his cup down to prevent it from spilling. “And the way Carlos was recording is the whole time." 

You nodded your head, feeling that same rush you had that day. Brett kissed you, and basically claimed you I front of the whole school. While getting detention, and community service for starting a food fight. "I don’t know why your instant reaction was to throw food? Like ‘Hey be my girlfriend. Yes? Ok.’ Let me just take this tray of food from my new girlfriend and chuck it at this innocent band kid." 

Brett was now laughing hard tearing up at the memories. He took a deep breath to calm down before explain himself. "Now, if you didn’t know I couldn’t believe you said yes to me. So of course my initial reaction was to do something crazy. But Mason wasn’t thinking straight so he didn’t bring the confetti like I asked him. And that band kid wasn’t innocent because he threw his milk at me and it hurt." 

You shook your head, "Why did I say yes? I would’ve gotten out of detention if I wasn’t your girlfriend.” You say putting your hands to your face. 

“Oh but then we wouldn’t have been able to make out when the teacher left, remember?” He put an arm around you bringing you to his side. 

“You’re right.” You lean into him feeling his warmth. He kissed the top of your head lovingly. 

“I’m sorry it wasn’t like a fairytale you deserve.” He said with a small smile. 

“It was perfect,” you turned and looked him in the eye. “No way would I want that any differently.” You lean up and kiss his lips as he smiles at you. Of course Brett was sweet enough to apologize for something that happens long ago. He had empathy like no one else. That’s why he’d be a really, really great dad.


A/N So the painting I used is obviously not the one I’m talking about. I didn’t want to use my mom’s actual painting that inspired that bit, so here’s some Monet for ya.

ByunBaek forgot how to write "L" kekkee~

*Wanted to show the fans the letter “L” using flags for EXO-Ls*

*But showed it the opposite way keke*

*Then he got confuse* LOL THIS IS SO CUTE HAHAA LOOK AT HIM♡

*Turns back to use his hands to remember how to write the letter ‘L’*

 *Then tries writing in the air*

*Turns back and used the flags to make a 'L’ for the EXO-Ls*