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Observing the Ozone Hole from Space: A Science Success Story

Using our unique ability to view Earth from space, we are working together with NOAA to monitor an emerging success story – the shrinking ozone hole over Antarctica.

Thirty years ago, the nations of the world agreed to the landmark ‘Montreal Protocol on Substances that Deplete the Ozone Layer.’ The Protocol limited the release of ozone-depleting chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs) into the atmosphere.

Since the 1960s our scientists have worked with NOAA researchers to study the ozone layer. 

We use a combination of satellite, aircraft and balloon measurements of the atmosphere.

The ozone layer acts like a sunscreen for Earth, blocking harmful ultraviolet, or UV, rays emitted by the Sun.

In 1985, scientists first reported a hole forming in the ozone layer over Antarctica. It formed over Antarctica because the Earth’s atmospheric circulation traps air over Antarctica.  This air contains chlorine released from the CFCs and thus it rapidly depletes the ozone.

Because colder temperatures speed up the process of CFCs breaking up and releasing chlorine more quickly, the ozone hole fluctuates with temperature. The hole shrinks during the warmer summer months and grows larger during the southern winter. In September 2006, the ozone hole reached a record large extent.

But things have been improving in the 30 years since the Montreal Protocol. Thanks to the agreement, the concentration of CFCs in the atmosphere has been decreasing, and the ozone hole maximum has been smaller since 2006’s record.

That being said, the ozone hole still exists and fluctuates depending on temperature because CFCs have very long lifetimes. So, they still exist in our atmosphere and continue to deplete the ozone layer.

To get a view of what the ozone hole would have looked like if the world had not come to the agreement to limit CFCs, our scientists developed computer models. These show that by 2065, much of Earth would have had almost no ozone layer at all.

Luckily, the Montreal Protocol exists, and we’ve managed to save our protective ozone layer. Looking into the future, our scientists project that by 2065, the ozone hole will have returned to the same size it was thirty years ago.

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Mischievous Maintenance (M)

Summary: You have an eventful Monday, thanks to the ever-resourceful head maintenance technician who works in your office.

Pairing: Jimin x Reader

Genre: Smut

Word Count: 6,913

Warning: MaintenanceTechnician!Jimin, workplace hookup, sexual themes, dirty talk, rough sex, oral sex, profanity

Series: Working Man Bangtan

A/N: Hope you enjoy this quick and dirty oneshot!

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Cosplay Tutorial: How to Create Worbla Feathers

By popular request: it’s the worbla feather tutorial!!

For Tsukki’s Legend of Karasuno cosplay, I decided to go with a heavy crow motif, and what better way to do that than covering myself in feather armor?  I ended up crafting close to 100 in total between the shield, gauntlet, and pauldrons, using a few different tweaks for different armor pieces.  However all of my feathers were made in one of two ways: either by sandwiching worbla around foam for a very thick, large feather, or by stacking two pieces of worbla for a thinner but very sturdy feather that is thick enough to etch deep details into.  Read on for these two methods!

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143 - I Want You (M)

Author’s Note: im a mess. park chanyeol did this to me. dont touch me i am vulnerable.
Pairing: Chanyeol x Reader (oc; female)
Genre: smut
Summary: On a day off, you spend all day craving your boyfriend. In the middle of one of his meetings, you decide to let him know.
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: explicit sexual situations; explicit language; dirty talk; mentions of breathplay; themes of voyeurism
Word Count: 7,030

Originally posted by fy-sexo-exo

The thing is, it starts with a text.

YN[4:03 PM]: I want you.

The thing is, you had him this morning, deep, slow, and intense until you both were shaking from the pleasure.

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a waterfall of mist flowing over golden cliffs of west bay in dorset. noted the videographer, “when i walked on to the beach i couldn’t see anything because of the fog. i could barely see the top of the cliffs. i sent up my drone well above the cliffs to see what was happening and i could see the fog just flowing over the cliffs like a waterfall. 

normally, hot air will cool as it rises, but the opposite can sometimes occur in what is known as temperature inversion, where hot air high up acts as a seal to keep cold air and fog trapped below, creating the scene of a river of fog seeming to flow into the sea below. (x)


Requested by @redwoodthunder, @empoleonpaladin, @xeobug-iii, and anonymously

When I first saw that the Dewpider family were spiders, my immediate thought was this:

These are jumping spiders, and sadly these photographs are extremely staged. These spiders do not naturally carry dewdrops on their head for any reason, but they’re still cute enough, and slightly relevant enough, that I wanted to share.

More relevant, perhaps, is the Diving Bell Spider. These spiders, like most spiders, cannot breathe underwater. And yet, unlike most spiders, they spend most of their entire lives underwater, only coming up for air once a day. They can do this because these spiders bring air bubbles underneath the water with them, like little bubble scuba helmets:

Looks a lot like Dewpider and Araquanid, right? The Araquanid family, however, is the opposite: they can only breathe through water, presumably through some sort of gill system. So, to live on land they must bring a bubble of water with them.

A Diving Bell Spider’s abdomen is covered in tiny hydrophobic hairs. Hydrophobic, meaning “afraid of water”, refers to a material that repels water: so when these spiders go underwater, water stays away from their abdomen and a bubble is created. This is only the start of their bubbles, however. The larger “bell” bubbles which encase their whole bodies is created by their webs: their silk is thin and nearly invisible (like most spider silk), and so spinning cocoons allows them to build much larger bubbles of air.

The interesting part is that they won’t suffocate in these bubbles: despite the small amount of air trapped in these bubbles, the oxygen can replenish itself even while they’re underwater: oxygen from the water can enter into the bubble, while the water will stay out. Because of this, Diving Bell Spiders only need to surface about once per day.

Even though Araquanid and Dewpider have bubbles of water and not air, you can imagine the process is probably similar. Their heads must be covered with tiny, hydrophilic hairs which attract water. Then, spinning a thin net of silk allows them to keep larger bubbles of water with them at all times.

Araquanid and Dewpider’s bubbles are surrounded by their nearly-invisible spider silk, which keeps the water close to their heads so they can spend extended periods of time on land.

midnight aquarius confessions

i’m used to this late night chaos inside my mind, thoughts getting air whipped into trap doors and i can’t escape them or leave them incomplete. only part of my day seems real to me there was a moment i seemed to connect with somebody or feel the sensation of being a part of it all, then the thoughts crept up again, and i was there but somewhere else, it’s like i’m always somewhere else. if i could just decode this puzzle inside i would, i would let them inside because sometimes theres icicles around my heart i feel will shatter if there’s not a heartbeat on them soon


Unlike seals, whales, and other such marine mammals, sea otters do not have blubber (a thick layer of subcutaneous fat) to keep themselves warm in cold ocean waters.  Instead, sea otters are insulated by a remarkable coat of fur.  At 150,000 strands of hair for each square centimeter of skin, the sea otter’s fur is the densest of any animal in the world, and keeps cold water from even touching the animal’s skin.  The fur must be kept scrupulously clean in order to retain its insulating properties, and so sea otters spend a great deal of their time grooming and washing.  Their skin is so loose that the otter can easily reach and groom every square inch of its body.  The fur will also trap air bubbles between the outer “guard” layer and the undercoat, which not only helps keep the otter warm but will aid in buoyancy.  In fact, a newborn sea otter’s fur will retain so much air that, after careful grooming by its mother, the baby literally cannot sink; it bobs in the water like a cork.

| Properly | Sebastian Michaelis

Prompt: “Then do it properly.”


You whisper-shouted as you walked through the Phantomhive estate. Your footsteps echoed in the hallway, resonating loudly through the still air. There was a candle lit in your hand, dripping steadily onto the saucer beneath it, flickering onto your face and casting shadows that made you jump at everything.

“Oh come on…” You whispered. “Where are you?”

Sebastian Michaelis, a.k.a extremely capable butler that you swear isn’t human, had told you to stay up a bit after everyone went to bed. It was “something the young master wanted you two to do” apparently.

Ciel could be a real pain in your butt sometimes.

“I could be in my nice, warm bed right now but no,” You muttered irritably, holding the cloth around your shoulders closer to your shivering form. It was dark, and besides the faint pounding of rain upon the earth outside, deadly silent.

It felt odd being up at this time. No crashing of plates by Mey-rin and her loud apologies. No explosions being caused by Bard, no childish wailing from Finnian or chuckles from the old man.

It was just….quiet.

It made you realize just how lonely these empty halls were.

You bit your lip, eyebrows furrowing. Where in the world was Sebastian? You’d checked every room in the establishment - except the young master’s of course - and you hadn’t found not a glimpse of raven hair. This was really not the time for any of his games.

A groan left your lips. You’d checked literally everywhere-

You paused.

Change that thought. Almost everywhere.

You headed towards your knew destination, turning the corner into the one room you had forgotten. The kitchen. Tiptoeing inside, you let out a puff when you finally caught sight of your target, his figure seated in one of the chairs by a table.

“Seba-” You started before cutting yourself off. At first you thought he hadn’t seen you (which you really shouldn’t have considered by how impossible he was) but now that you were closer you saw that he was sleeping.

Did he fall asleep…waiting on me? You thought, eyes widening. The mess of papers on the table caught your attention and your tongue clicked against your teeth in annoyance.

“Really?” You muttered, placing the candle down a bit away from the papers. With as much grace as you had, you shuffled them together and began arranging them in a more orderly fashion. Glancing over them, you saw that information regarding the case Ciel was solving was written, stamped, collectively almost splattered across every page. This must’ve been what he wanted you and Sebastian to discuss.

“Why didn’t he just do it?” You muttered but then shook your head out of it. Did you really just think that about the young master? Jeez, you needed to keep a leash on that temper.

At what time you had finally finished the job you weren’t quite sure, but the candle had been reduced to half it’s size so it must have been a good while.

“I got lost in categorizing them,” You mused. You had lost track of time even. “Well, guess I’m done here.”

You lifted your head, turning to look at the butler once more.

And you forgot how to breathe.

While fixing the stack, you had been progressively moving down the table, and closer to Sebastian on the way. Now your face was dangerously close to his.

You felt your cheeks heating up as you bit your lip again. He was asleep right? So he wouldn’t mind if you did some looking…

You almost slapped yourself at the naughty thoughts but couldn’t resist raking your eyes across his features.

His eyes were closed, dark, long eyelashes brushing onto the flawless porcelain skin of his cheeks. He had one fist loosely below his cheek, elbow bent onto the table as his face rested on his hand. He must have fallen asleep sitting upright, because that’s how he was seated right then and there.

You felt your heart pick up the pace a bit as you moved closer.

It suddenly struck you that you’d never seen Sebastian sleep before. Ever.

You’d seen all the others at times, maybe naps, definitely Ciel sleeping when you alternated with Sebastian to wake him up.

But never Sebastian.

He looked…different in his sleep.

(He was sleeping….right?)

You’d never seen him like this. You’d only ever seen his punishing glare when scolding you all when you didn’t do your jobs right. Or his comical composed, angry expression. At other moments, he would have a completely nonchalant mask, not letting anyone see what he was thinking. Even rarer were the smirks he would give when either something went his way, he was being a show off, or if something amused him.

But at the current moment, his face was completely relaxed into a…he was….

“Peaceful,” you finally found the word. He looked peaceful.

You found yourself creeping even closer until your face was just above his. Your eyes switched from admiring his handsome features to trail down to his lips. You absentmindedly licked your own lips.

Would it be wrong? He would never know….

At that thought the urge to kiss him became overbearing and you let your lips hover over his till you could feel the invisible pressure between them. You shut your eyes, flesh barely brushing against his-

You opened them.

“I can’t,” You whispered so quietly it was really a breath, half telling yourself off, half needing to hear it so that you’d stop.

You backed away, sighing. You gave one last look at the tormentor of your emotions before fully lifting your head.

And a hand enclosed around your wrist.

You jerked, heart leaping into your throat as your eyes snapped to Sebastian.


Blood red orbs captured your every thought. His invigorating eyes were now open and were staring deep into you, as if he could see through to your very soul. You felt your mouth go dry.

He wasn’t speaking but he didn’t even need to. His eyes spoke for themselves, smouldering and bright in the candle light, shadows flickering across his face. He tilted his head slowly while observing you, as if you were a panicking animal that was intriguing him.

Then again, you were indeed shaking.

“S-Sebastian,” You finally managed to say. The curiousity in his gaze increased, almost crushing you. When it was clear you weren’t going to say much else, face aflame, mouth flapping, he shifted.

And chuckled.

The deep sound rolled off his tongue, vibrating intensely within you, setting your nerves on fire.

“Miss Y/N…” The words rumbled through his chest to and the air, trapping you in that close eyed smile of his. His tone was as polite and deep as ever, something about his voice entrancing whoever heard it -  charismatic, tempting. Something that purposefully lured them in.

Almost sinful.

You couldn’t even respond. You fought against your body, wanting to say something, anything. What kind of damsel in distress were you being at the moment?!

“S-Sebastian, if you could please let me go,” You started, almost convincingly if not for your stutter. You tried to steady yourself, both you and he knowing you were trying to get away from the topic. “We need to get to the work the young master aske-”

“Y/N…” He repeated and a warm rush flooded your stomach. Without the respectful title at the front, without the ‘Miss’ that was required with women in these days it sounded weird. Closer. Scandalous.

And you loved it.

His thumb stroked the underneath of your wrist slowly, as if calming a cat. Your whole body shuddered at the contact quite obviously.

You swore you saw a flash of pink in his eyes at your shiver.

The crimson eyes narrowed teasingly as he lifted your hand to brush along the lips you had been almost about to claim as yours mere moments ago. You basically exploded.

“Sebastian!” You screeched, shushing yourself for the sake of the sleeping individuals in the house. “W-what a-are y-you-”

“If you’re going to kiss me,” He continued as if you’d never spoken. You felt your heart knocking against your ribcage in utter embarrassment. You shut your eyes from his amused glare, too humiliated to witness it anymore.

The cold and smooth touch of his glove interrupted you from your inner monologue of how you were going to die. It glided along your cheek before his fingers pressed behind your neck, cupping. Your eyes shot open in surprise.

A smirk lifted his lips, tufts of black hair brushing into his luminescent orbs as his fingers traced some kind of symbol on your neck - something intricate, claiming you as his.

Then do it properly.

A fluid movement and his mouth covered yours.

bruises that you left (go deeper than my skin)


bucky has had his eyes on you since you arrived, but after you kicked his ass in training, he can’t seem to get his mind off of you. (based on this request)

word count: ~3.5K

pairing: bucky barnes x fem!reader

warnings: smut (18+ ONLY), gentledom!bucky, dirty talk, oral, bucky gets his ass kicked in training, sensual sex (??), this was fluffier than i planned

a/n: i’m not sure what the request meant by “reading the reader” but i think i got it, if not whoops, sorry anon :/ here’s some sex! (also, let’s take a moment of silence for our lord and savior, thicc bucky)

Bucky’s eye twitched as he watched you step up on the training mat next to Sam. Smoke practically blowing out of his ears, he hurried to think of a way to stop it. You were still relatively new to training, a novice in comparison to the rest of them. Bucky’d grown fond of you since your arrival almost a month ago, keeping an eye on you when you both were in the same proximity. It was just a crush, a large, festering, cluster-fuck of a crush. He could handle it.

He couldn’t, however, handle this training bullshit Natasha was putting you through. Just arriving to see you get thrown into the ring with Sam, he was practically vibrating in restraint to stop himself from ending this entire thing. He knew, somehow, Sam wasn’t going to go easy on you. The thought sent a shrivel of dread up his spine, his subconscious drudging up thoughts of you bleeding on the floor sending him into a near panic.

“No,” he declared loudly, standing to his feet, “I’ll do it.”

“Oh, this should be good,” Natasha said, Wanda rolling her eyes next to her before snickering.

“Alright, big guy. Let’s do it.” You winked at him before turning away, stretching your neck out.

Bucky twisted his torso side to side, trying to get his muscles to unknot a bit. He cracked his knuckles as you turned back around, beckoning you closer before you both began. Walking closer, you folded your arms and leaned into him as he cleared his throat awkwardly, trying to gather the right words.

“Listen, baby doll, I know you’re new to this whole thing, so I’ll take it easy on you, I promise. We’ll have to build your muscle and stamina up before a real fight, but if you want, I can teach you some moves after this, if you’d like?”

You smiled at him quizzically before your eyes widened. Snickering slightly, his eyebrows drew together in confusion as you looked toward the other girls with a smirk, “Sure, thanks. I’d really like that. Now, let’s do this.”

You stepped back, leaving him standing there before he shook himself of his thoughts, taking a fighting stance. You crouched slightly, waiting for the cue. Natasha said go, watching in amusement as you both circled each other slightly. She rang the makeshift bell on her phone, yelling for you both to start.

Every time his arm reached out to swipe at you, it was as if you just disappeared, your movements so fast. He blinked owlishly, figuring he must be off his game today. His arm swung out to land a blow, growing frustrated with your evasive moves. Quirking an eyebrow, you grabbed his forearm, his other hand reaching around to get out of your hold.

You pulled him closer to you, assessing as he stumbled. His weight landed on his right foot, leaning him toward you slightly as you used your upper body strength to swing your legs in the air, his left arm trapped against your chest. Knowing what was coming, he leaned away slightly, trying to escape the inevitable before your leg ultimately swung over his head, landing on his shoulder. Your ankles crossed, the both of you twisting slightly before you heaved, grunting as you both tumbled toward the ground.

Your shins were pressing into his bicep, preventing his right arm from moving as his left was immobile, wrapped up against your torso.

“Holy shit,” he croaked, tapping his right hand as fast as he could three times. You laughed, letting him go before strolling over to Natasha, grabbing the water from her outstretched hand and taking a sip. Bucky, still laying on the mat, brushed his hair out of his eyes before turning to you.

“What the hell was that?” He asked, grunting as he pushed himself up.

“I think,” you snickered, “that was me kicking your ass, Barnes.”

“Oh, as if. Where did you learn that?”

“Ты думал, что ты единственный солдат в городе, зима?”

He groaned slightly as he watched you smirk and saunter out of the room, trying to discreetly cover his hardening erection. Failing, he sneered as the rest of the team snickered at him, walking quickly toward the bathroom.

And just like that, everything was different.

If possible, Bucky watched you even more now, groaning at every move you made. He noticed you before, but it was different now, more primal and lust-filled. You’d walk into the communal kitchen, an oversized shirt thrown over your head leaving only your legs showing and he’d have to leave. His cock would chub up in his pants, all of the blood rushing south as he waddled as discreetly as possible while trying to adjust his cock. He quit coming out for breakfast in the mornings the time Natasha saw, the smirk she shot at him a little too all-knowing for his liking.

It was starting to get annoying, really, the way he avoided you, yet still watched from a distance. It was creepy, he felt gross doing it, but the way you smirked and swayed your hips just a bit more every time you noticed him soothed his worries a bit. You looked and acted interested, but he wasn’t about to make the first move.

At least, not yet.

Thinking about the next time he could ask you, he remembered the big shindig that was coming up soon. Bucky was dreading the halloween party, knowing Natasha and Wanda had already gotten ahold of you. He’d seen them drag you out to the store last week, barely having time to wave at him before the door slammed behind you. Knowing your costume was going to be fantastic, he decided to put more effort than usual, actually ordering a real costume this time.

When the day of the party came, he was hanging out by the bar, chatting up Dr. Banner. He’d made friends with the man quite easily, both having a common understanding of a darker side to them that neither one really understood. Bruce was talking about this movie he saw the other day when he did a double-take, looking over Bucky’s shoulder longingly. Bucky turned, seeing Natasha looking as gorgeous as ever in her cliche police uniform. Bruce made hasty and incoherent excuses as he practically melted into the floor, following her to the other side of the room quickly. He chuckled at his friend, smirking slightly before he felt more than saw your presence.

Turning his head, his jaw clenched as you finally walked in, his cock already starting to chub up just from looking at you. Your costume was out of this world, hugging your body perfectly and showing off the right amount of skin to tease anyone who even glances in your direction. Little red shorts hugging your ass perfectly, his eyes trailed from your boots to your thigh high stockings and up the mesh top, finally landing on the innocent looking Mickey Mouse ears placed atop your head.

He turned his body toward you invitingly as he heard you approach, leaning against the wall. He hoped the baggy front of his pants was enough to hide his already growing erection.

“Mickey Mouse, huh?”

“Technically, it’s Nicky Mouse. Apparently that’s the ‘sexy’ version,” you rolled your eyes.

“Sexy version?” He snorted, “It’s a cartoon mouse.”

“That’s what I said, it’s cute though.”

“Oh, it’s more than cute, sweet girl.” He smirked at you, glancing at your chest.

“Is that so?” You licked your lips, looking him up and down appreciatively, “You’re a firefighter, I assume?”

He plucked at his bright red suspenders, reaching up to tip his helmet softly at you, “You’d be right.”

Your hand came up, resting softly on his hand before trailing up his forearm, landing on his bicep to grab the firm muscles softly. The shirt did his arms definite justice, framing the huge man quite beautifully. His pants were baggy towards his legs, but you knew they would be tight in other places and sculpt his ass perfectly. Biting your lip thinking about it, you glanced up at him, finding him already looking at you with heat in his eyes.

“You want to get out of here?” You asked, smirking.

“Oh baby, I thought you’d never ask.”

He grasped your hand gently in his, fingers overlapping yours until his digits practically swallowed yours, pulling you toward the elevator. Both of you nodding at Natasha and Bruce by the exit, you took the lift to his room. The sexual tension was stifling, filling up the small box until it was practically bursting with it. Casual touches between you two fueled the flame as you made your way to his door, metal arm wrapped around your waist as his other moved to press his palm against the touch pad, opening the door quickly.

Nudging you inside, he trapped you against the wall in the foyer. Bucky leaned forward, hesitating only slightly before pressing you against the wall with his hips. The static between you both was crackling underneath your skin, charging up the air surrounding you as it prepared to light. Bucky slid his knee between your legs, grasping your hips and pulling you against his thigh. Moaning as he pressed the fabric against you, he chuckled darkly into your mouth.

“What do you want, sweetheart?” He whispered against your skin.

“Fuck, whatever you want to give me.”

“I want to give you the world, baby doll. Put it on a nice little silver platter and serve it up to you, so sweet and so hot,” he moaned out.

“Please, Bucky, just do something,” you whimpered, rocking your hips nicely against his thigh.

His tongue traveled down your body, unzipping your romper before tugging it off and away. Taking a nipple in between his teeth, he tugged it lightly as the blood rushed to the surface. He watched your face screw up in pleasure before flicking it lightly, the extra sensitivity making it so much more. Jaw dropping open, you moaned lowly as your hands came up to rest in his hair, tugging the strands between your fingers. He smirked around your breast, trailing his lips further down until he was bent on his knees in front of you, face level with your core.

“Look how wet you are, sweetheart,” He moaned, pressing his nose against the fabric and nuzzling your clit softly, “Why’re you so wet?”

“You, Bucky,” you whined softly.

“Ah, darlin’, have you been playin’ with yourself and thinkin’a me?” He smiles when you nod, mouthing at the crease of your thighs, “Aren’t you just a cute little baby? Shakin’, needy, and drippin’, all for me.”

“Please, do something, please, please.”

“I will, be patient, naughty girl. Why’a been hidin’ this from me, baby?” he asked, running a finger against your folds through your thin panties, his touch barely resonating. His thumb moves upwards, pressing against your clit as you whimper. His lips come down, pressing a delicate kiss to your hard nub before his tongue swipes out against your folds, the wetness that had soaked through was welcomed into his mouth.

“Fu-uck,” he stutters as he tastes you, “this is heaven, sweet thing.”

He reached up to your hips and grasped at the sides of your underwear as you arched your back, trying to assist him as much as you could through the haze of arousal. He lifted one leg, pulling the fabric off before doing the same to the other leg. Pushing your thighs apart, he pressed you against the wall as he traced experimental licks against your folds.

Bucky’s tongue curled around your clit, sucking harshly as your hips thrust against his face. His palms slid up your thighs and pulled you impossibly closer, lips sucking your labia before his tongue dipped out to taste your wet hole. He continued the pattern, adding pressure and movements until your thighs were quivering in pleasure.

“Oh fuck, please let me cum,” you croaked, voice hoarse from the moans falling from your lips.

“Not yet, pretty baby,” he breathed, pressing one last kiss on your oversensitive clit, “I want you to cum on my cock. Wanna feel that pussy clench, darlin’. How’s that sound to ya?”

You shivered, “So good, so fucking good Buck.”

He rolled away from you, putting your feet back on the ground gently before pulling you towards his bedroom. Stumbling a few times on shaky legs, you made it there quickly as he took a condom from the night stand. Unzipping his pants and rolling them down, he kicked them off his ankles, watching you with ever growing interest as you stripped in front of him.

Taking the condom from his palm, you rolled it on at a snail’s pace, taking your time in admiring the way the latex stretched against his veins and foreskin. It was intoxicating to watch, you almost felt like you were in a trace. It was ridiculous, the steady touches and gradually building tension was like a drug to you. Looking up at him, you found his eyes already on yours.

He wasn’t rushing you, instead standing quiet and pliant for the first time that evening, lost in the touch of your hands and the barrier of protection between you both. Your hands were soft, so delicate on what he felt was the most physically vulnerable piece of him. Your eyes never left each other’s as the condom finally reached his base, making you stand on shaky legs as he laid down on the bed, back against the headboard. He watched as you tracked his movements, finally moving over to him. Swinging your leg over his body, you settled yourself on top of his thighs, watching as his cock bobbed slightly. Taking it in your fingers, you carefully hovered over him.

Your legs bent, knees on either side of his hips as you dropped yourself slowly onto his cock, one hand spreading yourself apart for better access to your dripping hole. The other hand was clasped to his pectoral muscle, squeezing, nails digging into his skin as you anchored yourself. His lips were open in a soft and silent gasp, his hands gripping your sides as his thumbs pressed delicate circles into your skin.

It was odd, how fast it switched from fast and filthy to slow and dirty, the change in mood bring a new sensual confidence to you and Bucky. It wasn’t just a hook-up anymore, you both knew that. It was more, something past the deep and primal that you both craved. It was loving and tender and so, so dirty your thighs trembled once again at the thought. Fully seated against him, hips flush against the other’s, he looked up at you. His eyes were carnally vulnerable, pupils large as they drank in your form.

Sitting up, the sheets rustled underneath him. They seemed to echo endlessly in the near-silent room as he settled himself, palm resting against the bed as his other hand caressed softly against your face, brushing your hair away from your eyes before running down your neck and settling around your waist.

“Come ‘ere, darlin’” he whispered, pulling both of you closer as you met in the middle, breaths mingling as he stared into your eyes. His hips lifted off the mattress slightly, thrusting short and soft circles into you so deliciously, the sound of damp skin and crinkled sheets intoxicating.

“Oh, fuck,” you whispered back, “Please.”

His head bent slightly as you both continued to work each other into a slow and torturously delirious mess. Bucky’s mouth pressed to the base of your throat, your lips running along his hair as you both pressed as close as possible, desperate for more of each other.

“I want to come,” you mumbled, “But I don’t want this to end.”

“Who said it’s going to end? We’ll just do it again, and again, and again,” he thrust with each word, pushing you that much closer to the edge. He, too, was mumbling as neither one of you wanted to break this trace, this silence, whatever this was. It was yours and it was perfect and it was never going to stop.

“Promise,” he whispered, tipping his head up to brush his lips against yours. The skin caught on skin, dragging your bottom lip down as he moved his head back down to press against your chest. You worked your pussy back on his cock, gripping it with the muscles in a tight clench, loving the sounds of his moans as you did. When your hips were flush against his groin, you ground your pelvis into his, searching for just a bit of friction for your clit.

“Ride me, pretty girl, please,” he groaned, his hands fisting the sheets.

“Yes,” you whimpered, feeling his cock brush against the best spots inside of you, heat building in your tummy. His abs clenched against your skin as he got closer, holding himself off for your release. Your hand reached down between you both, trying to reach between your folds and play with your clit before being slapped away by his own hand. His fingers expertly moved your bud, hot breath against your chest. You body got impossibly hot before bursting, your orgasm taking you away, your vision practically whiting out. Bucky groaned against you before biting down on your skin, the clench of your orgasm so good around him his hips pressed against yours as he spilled into the condom.

You both panted as you came down, moving slightly against each other to ride it out before he started softening, his cock slipping free of your pussy. He groaned, leaning back to take the condom off and throw it in the bin. Falling to the side, you tried to catch your breath before getting up to use the bathroom.

When you returned to the bed, Bucky was already laying down, hands over his eyes. You were unsure of what to do now, if you should leave or stay. He made the decision for you as he patted the mattress softly, feeling it dip as you climbed back on next to him.

Bucky sighed, eyes on the ceiling, “I hope that wasn’t just a hook-up.”

“Did that feel like a hook-up to you?” You rolled on your side, head falling on his chest as you traced circles with finger tips in his chest hair.

“No. It felt like nothing I’ve ever felt before.”


You both chuckled slightly at that understatement, hands intertwining on his sternum. He turned his head slightly to look at you, smiling softly as you paid him no mind.  

“I was serious when I said I don’t want this to end,” you whispered, laying your vulnerability out in the open, something you felt you were capable of in the quiet.

“I know,” he murmured back, “I wasn’t jokin’ when I said I wanna give you the world. Something about you, darlin’. Got my head all kinds of messy over you, baby.”

You smiled shyly, ducking your head to hide your grin in the pillow. This man was something you never expected, a complete 180 on all of your plans. It was worth it, you thought, to see that face whenever you want, to kiss him, whenever you want. Peeking out at him, the cheesy grin softened into a small smile. Leaning up hesitantly, you pressed a kiss to his lips.

He pulled back first, hand coming up to cradle your jaw, “I think this is a forever kinda thing, darlin’.”


Ты думал, что ты единственный солдат в городе, зима 

- You think you’re the only soldier in the city, Winter?