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It’s not about a three day weekend for Memorial Day. It’s about remembering those who gave the ultimate sacrifice for our country.

My service in the Air Force doesn’t hold a candle to what men and women went through in all of America’s wars that saw combat. Let’s take a moment and remember their bravery and the ones that didn’t come home.

LGBT Characters In Animation

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these are just some of my favourites, full list here :)

A pilot of the 100th Fighter Squadron shows off for the camera, buzzing by a B-24 Liberator as they return from an escort mission. Although it is a myth that the Tuskegee Airmen never lost a single bomber they escorted, they nevertheless had a stellar record in defending their charges with losses well below the average for all P-51 escorts, and were quite popular with Fifteenth Air Force bomber crews.

(Collection of Frank Ambrose)

Ultramarine Successors

Novamarines, “Titan-killers”

The founder of this Chapter literally made a Word Bearer’s Warlord-class titan kneel before him before it was blown to smithereens.

Black Consuls, “Bane of Lorgar”

These guys are known for carrying genocidal grudges. When a Dark Eldar raiding party blew up their Star Fort they annihilated 12 Systems worth of Eldar colonies and collapsed a section of the Webway.

Aurora Chapter, “Rolling Thunder”

These guys have 5 times as many Tanks than any other Chapter (eat your heart out Iron Hands) as well as an entire planet full of slaves dedicated to pumping out armor and ammunition.

Eagle Warriors, “Masters of the Void”

This Chapter are experts at void warfare, their skill and mastery of void warfare saving the Ultramarines Legion again and again during the Horus Heresy, especially during the Battle of Calth.

Hawk Lords, “Death from Above”

These guys are completely dedicated to air-to-air combat. They so good at this that other Chapters send their Thunderhawk/Stormtalon/Stormraven Gunship pilots to train with them.

Preators of Orpheus, “Keeper of Secrets”

This is a Chapter whose understanding of technology and science is second to that of the Adeptus Mechanicus itself (Once again, eat your heart out Iron Hands).


@xenosgirl this is what I was talking about earlier. Entire Chapters dedicated to Void/Air Superiority and Armored warfare.