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Characters:  Dean x Reader, Sam

Summary:  Reader and Dean are…you guessed it…hexed.  Is it a sexual curse or something more?

Word Count:  2111

Warnings:  Lots of language, lots of smut (rough-ish smut)

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There is a time and place for everything, this is neither the time nor the place. Not for Dean to be looking at me like that, no sir. Had I always hoped he’d fix those ethereal green eyes on me that way? My mama didn’t raise a liar, so I’m not going to lie to you. Yeah, I want that man to fix those eyes on me just like that. Wanted him to for a long time now. There’s a lot of things I want from Dean Winchester.  That man is a walking wet dream, sex on bow-legs.

Things is, he’s not supposed to be looking at me like that. Sure as hell not right this very minute.  It’s not part of the plan. We’re working a fucking case for god’s sake. I’m not talking about research or footwork, interviewing and investigating. We are legitimately standing in this room right the fuck now and a motherfucking witch was just here with us. There is a blade in my hand and a gun in his. We had a job to do, one goddamn job.

Now that bitch of a witch is gone. Poof, vanished, adios amigos, just fucking gone. She mumbled some shifty spell work and now Dean fucking Winchester is looking like he wants to screw my brains out.

I’m looking right back at him and I got the same look in my eye.  

I don’t know what that piece of shit did to us, but my breasts are heavy, achy. My nipples are straining against the fabric of my bra and if somebody doesn’t touch them right this very instant and relieve that pressure, I’m going to scream. Or come. I don’t know which.  

There’s a burning in between my thighs, I’m squeezing them together hoping to ease some of the pressure but it’s only making it worse. Times infinity. My skin is all heat and fire, I’m consumed by need and lust.

Dean is a mirror, his eyes reflect back at me the same fever I’m feeling. I can see his cock - Jesus fucking Christ - swelling and straining against those blue denim jeans. In three short steps his crossed the room, a strangled sound leaving his lips before his lips press to mine. Our weapons clatter to the ground making one hell of a racket, but I give no fucks.

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Jealous Much? (Pietro x reader)

Good evening babes! I hope your Saturday went well. I love you all, and I’m sorry this weekend isn’t super filled with fics, but it’s a hectic family kind of holiday, so I’m doing my best to be as active as possible. Much love, xoxo

Request:  can you write a pietro imagine where he loves the reader but doesn’t show it so she brings someone else as her date to a party and eventually he gets so fed up that he picks her up and runs off and they have really rough dominant sex? by: Anon

Warnings: SMUT. Cursing. 


Tonight was one of Tony’s grand parties where all important and famous guests came to spend their Friday night. He had asked you to find a date, so that you wouldn’t be alone. Everyone else on the team had a date, well, besides Pietro. Honestly, you had a huge thing for him, but you always thought that he could never feel the same way. He was always so feisty, and it made it hard for you to read him. Was making snark remarks his way of flirting? Nobody knew, especially you. So, having no date within the circle of your fellow Avengers, you had asked one of your old friends if he would accompany you to the party. Luckily, he agreed. 

You slipped on a form fitting black dress with a low neck line, that showed just enough to catch the right person’s attention. Your hair fell effortlessly around your shoulders, brushing lightly against your arms. You met your date at the party, and as you walked across the room, you started catching people’s eyes. They stared at your curvy figure, the exposed parts of skin, and they were head over heels for the way you strutted. You kept mostly to yourself and your date, not wanting to draw attention to yourself. Well, the only person’s attention you wanted was Pietro’s, but you wouldn’t admit it. So, you talked it up with your good friend, bringing up old memories and cracking jokes with them. The two of you were really close, you guys were basically siblings. Naturally, you were more comfortable with them, and you would nonchalantly would drape your arm over them. To other people it would seem like you were a couple, but to you two, it meant nothing. 

But, oh, did it mean something to Pietro. He was drifting away from a conversation with Wanda as he stared daggers at you and your date. The way you put your arm around him, or whisper in his ear, got his blood boiling. Seeing you with him was making him jealous. He should be with one with you on his arm, whispering all the things he was going to do to you later. Yeah, okay, he didn’t ask you. But, it was out of pride. Pietro didn’t want everyone to think that he would just fall to his knees for you. 

At this time, you and Pietro were catching glances at each other, the tension between you two growing. He would slit his eyes at your date then quickly shift his gaze to yours. You would respond with a stoic glare, quietly wondering why he was acting meaner than usual. He was being sassy, and it was pissing you off. But God, did he look good in his suit. The dark blue contrasted against his alabaster skin so well, his bleach blonde hair complimenting the look. You wanted to tear it all off of him, and you were doing so in your mind, biting your lip at the thought. From across the room, Pietro was leaning against the bar, a growl erupting in his throat. He couldn’t take this anymore. You were being a little to friendly with your date for his liking. And seeing you bite your lip got him very aroused. 

“Get the fuck over here, princessa.” A low, raspy voice whispered in your ear, before zipping you off down the hall, leaving nothing but a blue streak in their wake. It all went by so fast, making you very disoriented when he stopped in his bedroom. 

“Pietro, what the fuck?” You furrowed your eyebrows at him, quite baffled at his actions. “I swear to g-” You were quickly cut off by his lips harshly colliding with yours. It was unexpected, but you quickly melted into his touch. You had wanted this for so long that nothing was going stop you now. 

“Stop talking to other men, F/N. I don’t like to share.” He pressed you up against a wall, whispering into your ear, then lightly biting your neck. You moaned, the sensation sending shivers down your spine. 

“Jealous much?” You mumbled under your breath, pressing your lips against his in a passionate kiss. Without saying another word, the two of you quickly tore each other’s clothes off and threw them onto the floor. 

“Fuck, F/N. I want to fuck you so bad.” He mumbled into your neck, sucking on your sweet spot. You already knew he was going to be leaving a bruise there. But, you didn’t mind. If he was marking you as his, then hell, let him do it. He roughly kneaded your breast with one hand, grabbing your ass with the other. You gasped as your nipples began to harden under his touch. He lifted you against the wall, and you wrapped your hips around his waist for leverage. Your bare core brushed against his stomach, earning a moan from him. With every movement, you could feel Pietro’s erection getting harder.

“Why the fuck didn’t you do this earlier?” You gritted through your teeth. Pleasure surged through your veins. Your eyes were dilated with pure lust for him. “If you wanted me all to yourself, you should have done something about it.” You met his gaze, receiving the same lustful look.

“Don’t question me. Piss me off more, and I’ll fuck you harder than anyone has ever before.” He ended with a slap to your ass, leaving a red handprint. You yelped, and he grinned at your reaction. When you couldn’t take the build up anymore, you clawed at his back, trying to lift yourself onto his cock.

“Eager, are we?” He smirked. Then his face turned stern and dominant. “You don’t get it till I say so, princessa.” You moaned. Your bare core was pulsing, and you were leaving your juices all over his toned abs.

“I swear to god…” You said in between moans. “Fuck me already, damn it.” The two of you were fighting for dominance, and both of you were relentless. This time, Pietro gave in, but he wasn’t nice about it.

“You asked for it.” He growled and lifted you up, then forcefully thrusting himself into you, bottoming out inside of you beating core. You screamed his name, painful pleasure erupting in your body. He gave you no time to adjust to his length and immediately pulled out almost all the way before plunging his cock back into you. You clawed at his back and tugged at his hair. He moaned your name, you tight core feeling so good around him.

“Pietro! Fuck… I-I’m almost…” You couldn’t even finish your sentence as you gasped for air, every thrust knocking the wind out of you. He smirked, glad he was getting you to your breaking point. Without warning, he used his speed to thrust in and out of you at mind blowing rates. You screamed out as he hit your g-spot what seemed like a million times.

“Fuck!” You moaned out and your body tensed, your orgasm rippling through your core. Pietro followed close behind, and you felt him twitch inside you, his movements becoming sloppy. He slowed down, rocking you through your euphoria. You felt his hot cum release inside you, then felt it dribble down your thighs. He bit your collarbone and you fell into him, exhausted and blissful. You were slumped against his body as he pulled out of you, then lifted you up into his arms bridal style, laying you in his bed. You eyelids were heavy, and your breathing was slow and deep. Pietro pulled the covers over both of your bodies, pulling you into him. As you fell asleep, you completely forgot your friend along with the party that was roaring downstairs.

You were fast asleep in minutes, and Pietro took the opportunity for his confession. His face softened, a different wave of emotions rippling through him.

“You’re mine, F/N. Never forget that. Because guess what? I’m in love with you.”

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Better This Way (Chapter Six)

The beginning of this is some smutty smut, so mind the “Read More”. And then… well I mean, I warned you guys about the angst lol. Not too bad yet but its getting there!


Enjoy :)


The sun was just barely coming up, pinpricks of light stealing in from the edges of the curtains when Peter’s full heat finally hit, and he went from mewling softly as Wade touched him to crying out, digging his heels into the bed to shove his hips into the air, thrusting helplessly into Wade’s loose grasp. He was swearing, sweating, tearing at the sheets, rubbing his thighs together as slick started flowing.

“Pete.” a growl ripped from Wade’s throat. “Omega.” He could feel the change in the air, as the easy lines of contentment, pleasure, gentle between them ratcheted up to need, desperate, more.

“Yes.” Peter moaned. “Alpha. Yes.” he was already starting to slur a little as the heat took him, dragging his fingers through his hair and down his face, trying to muffle his moans behind his hand.

“God dammit.” Wade ran his hands up Peter’s chest, resting over his racing heart before moving back down, not stopping the restless motion of his hips, just pressing lightly so Peter had something to thrust up against, nearly biting his tongue off when one of those long legs hooked around his waist, urging him down against the omega. “Wish I could see you.” he muttered and Peter nodded.

“Alpha, want to see you too. Want to see you and taste you and–fuck fuck—” Peter wrapped his other leg around Wade’s waist and tightened them, canting his hips and forcing Wade down against him.

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Okay imagine this..

Tae is getting very needy cause kook is more interested in the game, so tae begins to grind on kook, to get his attention. Kook begins to get frustrated as he wants to continue the game but Tae keeps grinding and grabbing his butt. Kook eventually gets so pissed he grabs tae and picks him up. Tae wraps his legs around kook giggling as he knows what is about to happen. Kook then throws tae on to the bed, he looks so frustrated and tae loves it. Kook then jumps on top of tae and begins to rip his clothes off and kiss and bite his neck. Tae is completely taken back as kook has never been this affectionate before. He usually just fucks and leaves. This time is more passionate and steamy. Kook begins to grunt and growl down Taes ear, he then begins to kiss tae all over his soft body. Tae starts giggling as kook gets to his stomach, as his stomach Is super ticklish and sensitive. Kook then flips tae over so he’s flat on his stomach. Tae then grabs the sheets to prepare himself for the deep fuck he’s about to get. Kook then grabs taes hips so they’re up in the air ready to thrust viscously in and out of him. He begins thrusting harder and harder, you can hear tae weep quietly with both pain and enjoyment. As kook is still and always in control both him and tae are close to cumming. This time it’s different it’s more of a magical moment where it happens at the same time. Letting a loud moan out with relief kook and tae both flip onto their back on the bed. Kook and tae start cuddling and kook gives tae lots of little kisses up his arm. They fall asleep in each others arms peacefully.

The Job

Dylan O’Brien smut

warnings: secretary!y/n, smoking, oral, nsfw

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The heels of your shoes clicked as you trudged your way to show the new employee around his new setting.  “Welcome to the Google corporation.” You apprised followed by, “My name is Y/N, Y/N Y/L/N. And your name is?”
The boy became all flustered as he tried to stutter out his name, “D-Dylan, Dylan O’Brien.”

“Well Mr. O’Brien, we expect you to exert your best effort in this industry and  we expect that you do not stay idle and follow the ground policies.” A stern look plastered on your face looking directly in the eyes of the boy. 

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Team Bonding


Y/N had been a member of the BAU for eight months before she finally learnt why the team were so close and exactly how they all liked to unwind. She’d been invited to team outings before, dinners in restaurants, nights out in bars. This one was different though.

When she arrived at David Rossi’s house for ‘dinner’ in a little black dress, she hadn’t realised that she would be the desert.
But dear sweet jesus, how she was loving it.

It had all began around an hour after she’d set foot through the door, being immediately handed a glass of wine by Emily. The team had proceeded to talk casually, making small talk and nibbling on the appetisers that had been laid out. Y/N had noticed that Dave had his hand on Penelope’s butt over her dress, and that curiously, Penelope didn’t seem in the least bit bothered. When Derek had walked over to the pair to join in the conversation Y/N had been shocked and surprised to see Garcia drop to her knees, unbutton Derek’s pants and take his cock into her mouth.

“What the…. ” the words had slipped from Y/N’s lips, hers eyes widening when Dave dropped his own pants, Garcia’s hand wrapping around the older man’s fully erect length and stroking him as she sucked away.

Y/N heard a low chuckle next to her. She looked around the rest of the room to see Emily and JJ sitting side by side on the couch, enjoying the show, their hands stroking up each others thighs before they turned to each other and started kissing passionately, Aaron Hotchner stood by the fireplace observing it all.

Y/N turned to Spencer who was stood by her side, he’d been the one who’d chuckled. He smirked at her, waiting for her to ask questions.

But she didn’t. She just accepted it, surprising quickly, reasoning in her mind that they’d invited her here so they must want her to join in.

“So do I just pick someone and start kissing them?” she asked the genius standing besides her, watching as he licked his lips.

“Pretty much. I was kinda hoping you’d pick me first though.”

“Reid, you know the rules.” Aaron had strode over, placing his hand on his younger colleagues shoulder, a glint in his eyes that Y/N had seen before.

“Yes Sir, I do know the rules. But could we share maybe? You know that I’ve had my eye on her since she started.”

“Haven’t we all?”

Y/N looked between the two men suddenly feeling extremely aroused. “What exactly is this rule?” she dared to ask.

“Hotch gets first dibs. As the boss, he gets to be inside first,” Spencer told her, reaching his hand on and fingering the thin strap of her dress.

“Alright then.” Y/N stood in front of the two Agents, running her hands teasingly down the front of their torsos, stopping when she reached their groins. Both men were hard, bulges pressing against their pants. She palmed them through the material, looking at Spencer and seeing his pupils dilate at her touch.

From behind Y/N felt a pair of hands envelope her, running up and down her ribs lightly as a another set of fingers started trailing up and down her legs. She looked back to see that Emily and JJ had joined them, Emily’s hands now kneading Y/N’s breasts through her dress as JJ knelt on the floor, her hands creeping higher and higher up Y/N’s legs. Both woman were completely naked now and Y/N’s eyes were drawn to their luscious figures. Emily’s hands reached for the hem of her dress tugging it upwards and JJ felt for the waistband of her panties, dragging them down her legs and helping her step out of them, removing her heels one by one.

“Want us to get her ready for you, boss?” the petite blonde asked from the floor.

“Ladies, that would be excellent.” Aaron and Spencer took a step back, sitting on the couch side by side. Y/N watched both men unbutton their pants, pulling out their dicks and stroking them lightly as they watched.
Sounds of Garcia’s excitement were filling the room and Y/N looked over to see what was happening, gasping as Prentiss’s lips suckled on her neck, her finger tips stroking over her nipples as JJ kissed her thighs. 
Derek Morgan was sat on an armchair with Penelope straddling his cock, facing away from him. Rossi was knelt on the floor, his face between Garcia’s thighs as she bounced up and down on Morgan. The technical goddess looked to be in throws of ecstasy as she was fucked by Derek and eaten out by Rossi.

Y/N herself was starting to feel pretty ecstatic. Jennifer’s lips had made their way to her clit, her pink tongue circling it as Emily tugged and teased at her hard nipples. JJ has holding fast to Y/N’s waist, keeping her upright as she tongued her cunt, lapping up the juices that Y/N was rapidly expelling.
From behind she felt two fingers slip between her legs, feeling for her entrance.

“I thought, I thought Aaron had to be inside first,” Y/N gasped out as the digits entered her, thrusting inside of her straight away.

“That’s correct,” came her supervisor’s voice from the couch. She looked over to see that he was no longer stroking his own dick but was instead stroking Spencer’s, the genius’s head lolled back and his lip caught between his teeth.

“I get to penetrate you with my cock first. Emily’s using her fingers, it doesn’t count.”

Y/N nodded, another gush of excitement running through her as she watched her boss working Reid’s cock, pumping his hand up and down. She wanted that cock in her mouth if he couldn’t be fucking her first.
The two girls continued their ministrations on her, Emily’s long delicate fingers curling inside of her slit as JJ toyed with her clit making Y/N moan loudly. Her legs started to shake and she allowed her orgasm to overtake her body, Emily’s arm looped tightly around her waist as she came.
JJ crawled away from her, wiping her mouth with her hand as Emily pulled her fingers out.

“She’s definitely ready for you boss. Y/N, when the boys are done with you, do come and join us over in the corner. We’ve got a wicked double ended dildo that I think you’d very much enjoy.”

The two girls moved away, Emily almost pouncing on Jennifer, pushing her to the floor and burying her head between her legs. Y/N watched for a second before dropping to her knees and getting on to all four.

“Both of you,” she whispered, wiggling her butt in the air as the two men glanced at each other and then hauled themselves off the couch, shedding their clothes as they did. They joined her on the floor, Spencer in front of her and Aaron behind her, his hands gripping her hips as he pushed his dick inside of her.

“Fuuuck!” she cried out as he started to thrust hard. She lowered her head as Spencer held his cock at the base so she could slide her lips over it, Spencer gasping as she accepted him into her mouth.
Hotch’s thrusts drove her forward and she used the momentum to assist her, her moans vibrating through Reid’s cock as her boss pounded into her from behind, his hand slipping around to her front and rubbing her clit.

“Spencer, you’re gonna love this. She’s got a glorious pussy.” Y/N heard her supervisor groan out as he pulled all the way out before slamming back inside again.

Spencer didn’t respond with words, just moans as Y/N sucked him hard and fast, feeling another orgasm building inside of her as Aaron’s fingers played with her clit.
Suddenly, she felt him pull out of her, his fingers still toying her clit as hot liquid spilled onto her butt cheeks. Seconds later his fingers were inside, helping her to her orgasm as she felt Spencer’s cock twitch, his hand tangling in her air as he thrust into her mouth, fucking her face.

Her walls tightened around Aaron’s fingers as they fucked her through her orgasm, Y/N gulping down Spencer’s juices as he came into her mouth, pushed over the edge by the noises she was making as she came again. She sucked him dry before pulling away from the two men and collapsing onto the floor, rolling onto her back and seeing that the rest of the team had been watching.

She grinned, getting her breath back before exclaiming, “You guys waited seven months to invite me here for this? How often does this happen?”

“Once a month at least,” came Spencer’s hoarse reply. He’d slumped to the floor next to her.

“I’m mildly upset with you for not bringing me in on this sooner. But, I can think of a way you can make it up to me. JJ, Emily, you mentioned a double ended dildo?”

Caught, bound and fucked

smut// JiKook // I’m gonna put “////” where the paragraphs are bc for some reason they keep disappearing. /// The cell was a little cold but Jimin didn’t mind. What he did mind however was the lack of explanation when he was shoved into said cold cell by a particularly attractive detective. “Wait here.” The detective grunted at him as he locked the cell, Jimin couldn’t help but watch his ass as he walked away. Nice. //// He looked around his cell, there wasn’t much save for a blanket and a roll out bed. Sighing he decided to sit on the cell wall, legs dangling through the bars, listening as another jailor was being questioned. ///// He started to zone out fast, legs swinging back and forth, until he heard “Detective Jeon, bring him over.” Huh? ‘Detective Jeon’ strolled over. Jimin, still with his legs dangling, didn’t have enough time to pull them out before Jeon slapped one of his thighs, harsh and fast. Jimin couldn’t help the soft moan/yelp that escaped his mouth. The Detective smirked, interesting. Jimin pulled himself up and out of the bars, quickly jumping down to avoid another smack. Something struck jimins mind, as soon as the door was open he tried to run, but was captured by Detective Jeon and threw over his shoulder. The next thing Jimin knew, Jeon was placing a large, harsh spank on jimins ass, he moaned… Detective Jeon froze and put Jimin down, but when Jimin looked up Jeon was smirking again, he looked…almost…aroused. ///// The next half an hour went by like a blur. Jimin couldn’t get the thought of Jeon out of his head…his thoughts were getting more and more..sinful. One second Jimin was thinking about Jungkook, his first name as he was thrilled to discover, pounding into him, cuffing him against the cell and making him cry, and the next thing he knew Jeon was pushing him back into his cell, that familiar smirk back in his face. “You’ll be staying overnight, so make yourself at home.” He locked the cell door. “I’ll be here all night to watch over you. So make sure you be a good boy.” He winked. Winked. Jimin, speechless, just nodded and sat down on the floor. He wasn’t sure if he actually saw it, or if it was his sex crazed mind satisfying his sex drive. He shook his head and lay down against the harsh flooring. Not long after he left his eyelids close, he smiled entering his fantasy dream… //// He woke to the sound of moans, not something too out of the ordinary but this time they weren’t his…///// Detective Jeon wasn’t a quiet fuck he must admit, his moans would fill an auditorium like music from a band, and what a beautiful song it would be he might add, and the moans he produced from others, well… In front of him, Detective Kim was bent over the desk they shared, ass red and cheeks just as ruddy, he smiled a boxy smile, breathless as he usually was around this time. Jeon’s tongue was at his fellow detectives hole, where it belonged as Kim says. “Mmmm” Kim moaned. “Oh yes daddy.” Ugh, the pet name sent Jungkooks tongue into overdrive, working hard and fast. No mercy. Jungkook pretended not to hear when Jimin woke, he pretended not to see when Jimin walked over to the bars, he pretended it didn’t turn him on that the boy was slowly humping the bars… “arghsunfjsjs” with a final lick Kim came and collapsed against the desk, panting even heavier if that was possible. Jungkook kisses his cheeks and locked eyes with Jimin. He bit down hard on Kim’s ass when Jimin bit his lip before scurrying away. “Ow! Baby enough, I already came.” Jungkook sat back in his chair, his dick still hard and leaking in his pants. Kim quickly dressed himself and turned so he was sat on the desk facing jungkook. “You sure wanted to switch shifts huh? Eating me like that, I think someone’s got a crush.” Kim gestured to the cell where Jimin lay, hard and panting. Jungkook just rolled his eyes and nodded his head toward the door, telling Kim to leave. //// The detective held his hands up and made a move toward the door. “I’m going I’m going. Have fun.” He sang. //// Oh he will. ///// Jimin heard Jeon before he saw him. His feet stomping agasint the floor, keys rattling as they opened the cell, boots squeaking as his squatted down to Jimins level. Jimin could do nothing but look down. Down at his knees, currently pulled up against his chest to hide his throbbing cock. Jeon hooked a finger under Jimins chin and pulled him so they were eye level. //// “Have you been weapon searched yet?” Jungkook asked. Jimin just shook his head, eyes near watering. “Well then, stand up. Arms out.” Jeon commanded. Oh no… jungkook quickly rose to his feet, expecting Jimin to follow but the boy stayed sat. “Up!” Jungkook yelled this time. Jimin scrambled up, standing arms wide, tears officially threatening to fall. His erection strained against his pants and the sudden movements made him whine. Jeon started patting him down, arms first, then torso. Satisfied, the Detective got on his knees and started patting down the boys legs, slowly making his way up. When he got to his ass/crotch he slapped rather than patted. “Oh!” Jimin squeaked. Jungkooks hand closed over Jimins dick and smirked. “What’s this? Feels..long..” his fingers stroked up and down as he spoke. “Hard..mmm. I think I need to take a closer look. You know, for safety.” They locked eyes, Jeon silently asking for consent. “Of course officer. For safety.” He breathed. Jimins hands tangled in the detectives hair as he pulled his erection free and licked up the underside. Jimin could feel him smirk against his dick at the moans spilling off his tongue. Finally jungkook took all of him into his mouth, releasing again with a loud pop but quickly going back for more. Jimin felt like his brain was going to explode, was this really even happening? Jungkook sucked slow at first but he soon quickened his pace, bringing Jimin right to the edge before pulling away. “Eh? What..” Jimin breathed, looking at Jeon confused. “Oh I’m not done kitten.” He palmed the others ass. Jimin moaned and fell to his knees, nearly pushing Jeon down to the floor. Now both on their knees, chests heavy, hearts pounding in unison, Jeon snaked his hand around Jimins neck and pulled him closer, connecting their lips in a passionate kiss. Just as Jimin began to kiss back, he was threw to the floor, face down ass up. The elders ass was exposed and the cold air stung but what stung more were the smacks. “Ah!” He squealed. Jungkook couldn’t help but smile as he soothed the others now reddening ass. “Wow.” Jimin looked over his shoulder to see jungkook, smiling down at his ass. “I knew it would look great but I never thought it could be this great. Wow..” jungkook started to undo his shirt, he’d removed his undershirt from earlier Jimin noticed, revealing is tan toned abs, clenching and releasing as he breathed in and out. He left his shirt loose around his shoulders, arms rolled up to the elbow. Jimins breath caught in his chest, he never expected this was they way his night in jail would go…go, wait where was Jungkook going? Jungkook returned with a couple of things, handcuffs being the one Jimin decided to focus on. They were black and looked heavy duty, well they were for criminals he rationalised. “What are you going to do to me?” Jimin breathed, panting at the thought. “Get on your back, against the bars. Now.” Jungkook commanded. Jimin did just that, excited and scared about threat was going to happen. “Hands up and around the bar. Come on.” Jimin felt something close around one of this wrists, then the other, chaining him to the bar of the cell. Jungkook lifted the hem of the elders shirt and pulled it up so it bunched around his face. He pulled it so it covered Jimins face, from neck all the way to his now cuffed hands leaving Jimin essentially blindfolded. Jungkook made a start on pulling off the rest of Jimins clothing, placing sloppy kisses to his sculptured thighs and calves leaving Jimin a moaning mess. Jungkook marvelled at the toned boy in front of him. He slowly slid his hands up the others thighs, lifting his legs slightly so he could reach his ass. The hands the found their way to jimins ass were heaven, pulling scratching and kneading desperately. “Ahh jungkookah” Jungkook groaned at this, he loved the way the other moaned his name. Jimin felt the first finger push into him fast, not enough to hurt but enough to make him jump and squirm. Jungkook leant forward and kissed the base of Jimins neck, sucking and biting as he pumped him. He brought his other hand around and grabbed Jimins throbbing dick, now pink with all the stimulation, and started pumping that too. Jimins head swam, he couldn’t move or see or breathe at this point, he just surrendered his body to the will of the Officer. Another finger found its way inside Jimins hole and his breath caught in his throat, coughing and spluttering to gain it back again. “Careful now baby,” jungkook whispered against his throat. “If you’re going to choke it’s going to be on my dick, yeah?” Jimin nodded and bit his lip, throwing his head back allowing his hips to slowly grind against Jeons fingers. “Such a slut.” Jungkook moaned as he pulled his fingers out, much to Jimins disappointment, and thrust them into Jimins mouth. “Suck.” Jimin did. Fast and messily at first but once his eagerness ebbed, he slowed down, following the rhythm of jungkooks fist, still pumping him. Jimin was close…so damn close his hips moved by themselves, thrusting into the hand wrapped around his dick. Jungkook laughed before pulling away both of his hands. Jimins hips continued thrusting the air, trying to find anything to rub against to her his release. “Such a naught boy. Don’t you wanna be a good boy?” Jungkook slowly palmed his ass. “Don’t you wanna get rewarded.” He circled soothingly. “Or do you wanna get punished?” He smacked down hard on jimins ass making him whine, precum flowing by this point. “P-punished..ah punish me.” He sighed as jungkook dug his nails in. Jungkook couldn’t hide the smirk as he pulled his own trousers down, letting his rock hard dick spring free. He knelt and shuffled forward then lifted Jimins hips so that his butt rested on Jungkooks thighs. “W-what’s going o-ahhh” Jimin started but was cut off when Jungkook thrust into him, bottoming out then moving at a punishing pace. “Ju-Jungkook!” Jungkook wanted to see tears streaming down the others face so he sped up as fast as he could without loosing it too fast. “Oh yes. Punish me! Punish me!” Jimin screamed, pulling against the restraints and arching his back, impaling himself further on jungkooks dick. Jungkook licked up the stream of salty tears that fell from Jimins eyes, his head swimming, drowning in the soft whimpers spilling out of Jimins mouth. Jimin was close, so close, Jungkook could feel his walls clenching tighter as he hurtled towards his peak. Jungkook quickly leant forwards, not breaking pace, and pulled the temporary blindfold up so it bunched around his cuffed hands and allowed him to see. The light hit Jimins eyes, stinging painfully, it took him a second to adjust though the sight that greeted him blinded him even more. Jungkooks face was dripping with sweat, head flung back, hair sticking to his forehead, this muscles were working overtime, he looked like a sculpted god. Jungkook smiled down at Jimin as he leant in closer and kissed him, passionately but slowly. Jimin came in a burst of fire, Jungkook not stopping his pace, letting Jimin ride out his high. Jungkook didn’t last much longer, spilling into Jimins abused hole just a few breaths after, Jimin affectionately kissing his neck. Before Jungkook collapsed against the other, he reached and un-cuffed him, letting his arms fall limp to the floor. Jungkooks dick slipped out of Jimin as he fell onto his chest, resting there while Jimin stroked his hair, trying to catch his breath also. //// “If punishments are all like that, I should commit crimes more often”.

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Band kids do the weirdest things

So at every competition, during awards our captains have this dance that they do on the field while waiting. Its literally just air thrusting. And every time, at least one band joins in. We’ve gotten our whole band to do it. Its literally just a bunch of high schoolers air thrusting. Its a tradition at this point it’s been going on for years.

We had an old snowman prop from a show just sitting in the copy room. A tuba player entered the copy room and turned the lights off. Everyone heard him moaning, the lights were turned on and he’s jerking off frosty’ nose.

People printed a bunch of pictures of our band director out and hung them up all around the band room. No reason, just because.

Feel free to add more stories!
  • Armin: What do you think they're doing in there?
  • Eren: Probably discussing a secret plan to overtake the military police.
  • -In the Commanders Office-
  • Erwin: You know it's been hard relieving myself with this arm gone
  • Hanji: Well that's the point of having Levi so you don't need to do that anymore
  • Erwin: I know but-Wait what?
  • Levi: What?
  • Hanji: I just know *pelvic thrusts the air*
Donald Pierce x reader

Logan (2017)

Warnings: Smut. Smut. Smut. ANNNNND SMUT


I walked through the halls, keeping the files close to my chest. Rushing outside, I crossed the cement, trailing beside the wired fences over to the other building. My tag hit my chest with each step, and the mist in the air cleared my lungs.

Scanning the doors, they beeped with the sound of locks, and I pushed my way through. Soldiers armed with guns stood beside them, glancing at me, they nodded, and I passed them. Turning the corner, I stopped dead in my tracks. Donald Pierce stood only a foot away from me. He smirked at me, and I swallowed with nervousness.

Slightly arching his eyebrow, Pierce reached over with his machine hand. Slowly sliding the files out of my grasp. I clenched my jaw and stared at him while he opened them; scanning his sharp blue eyes over the words. He then clicked his tongue, and looked over at me, his thick words low and gruff. I felt goosebumps rise on the surface of my arms.

“Hmm… Somethin’ tells me… You… Aint supposed to have those, now are ya darlin’?” I looked at the ground, and he stepped closer to me. Lifting his machine hand, and flicking a metal finger over the corner of my jaw. Sighing, he set his shoulders and cocked his head slightly. Kicking his heels back, and walking away. Suddenly, he halted and looked slightly back to me. “I suggest you follow me, ms. Y/N.”

I cleared my throat, expecting him to take me to Zander Rice. Who ran Transigen over him.

Turning a few corners, Pierce slowed, sliding one of the panels to a door open, and outstretching his arm-reaching to my back. Lightly grazing my hip as I walked into the room, he trailed behind. Locking the door behind him.

“Now. Let’s just say I forget about whatever you expect to get away with…” He sat on the desk that was slid against the back wall and nodded to the chair that sat in front of it. “If you, sweet thing, would do one thing.” His heavy southern accent teased me, and I took a deep breath. Trying to shake it off. Business.

“What do you want?” I could hardly stop my voice from wavering.

“Oh, darlin’ I think we both want the same thing. Isn’t that right?” His voice was now nearly a whisper. He lifted his metal finger into the air, and set it, slightly waving it to the left before resting it against his knee. “One thing….” He smiled smugly at me as his words lingered and left a numb taste in my mouth.

I watched him carefully, as he reached to the files again. The files I had planned to give to Gabriela-the files on the kids. He set them carefully next to him, before reaching over to my face. Touching me with his human hand, I felt his fingers shake slightly, as he dragged them down my cheek. Lifting my chin, I slowly stood up, and he wrapped his other arm around my waist. My heart slammed against my chest, as I felt his muscles tighten around me when he surrounded me with his tall frame. Leaning his head down, he kissed me. Gently, like he was savoring the taste of my lips. I sunk down, reaching my fingers to run through his thick blonde hair. Running them through, I twisted them and felt him reach under my legs. Thrusting me onto his lap, my legs crossed behind him, and he kissed me harder.

Sliding his hand up my back, I felt the cold hard metal press in between my shoulder blades. His tongue slid against my gums as he asked permission to kiss me deeper. Holding the back of my head with his flesh hand, he leaned forward, and I nodded against his lips. Letting him bite my bottom lip, slide his tongue against my teeth and the back of my cheek. I breathed in, taking in the scent of strong cologne and sweat.

Sliding his jacket off of his strong shoulders, my fingers contoured the lines of his muscles. Feeling him under my fingers, a low growl formed in his throat, and I parted my lips from his.

He stared at me with hunger, breathing heavy and sweat beading at his brow. Tightening myself around his waist, I felt him pull me up, set me on the desk, and crash against me. Moving my hips to his, my back hit the desk, and he pushed the papers to the floor. With the now-clear desk, he was able to rest his hands beside my head as he kissed me. With my knees pulled up and my feet sliding down his back, they fell to his belt, and I slid my toes underneath the leather. Pulling him closer by the caller.

His lips moved down my neck, nibbling at the sensitive skin. My fingers moved from his collar to the buttons on his chest. Pulling them apart, I threw his black shirt across the room. Leaning my head back, I let my fingers rest on his abdomen before he brought his head up from my collar bone. He slid his hands around my waist, holding me tightly, and I gasped as he dug his fingers into my skin. The pads on his machine fingers barely as soft as the others. I held his face, kissing him while he moved his hands around my pants. Pulling them off, he broke away and looked at me. I laid on top of the table, letting myself rest for a split second

Sweat moved down my hairline, and he slid my arms above my head. Tracing the curves of my body, and moving my shirt above my head. Gazing on my figure underneath him, he admired me with slow breaths.

With my black sheer bra revealed to his eyes, he bit his bottom lip, grazing his thumb over my nipple, before moving his lips over the tender area of my breast. Leaning over me, I grasped his hair, grunting as he pulled the fabric of my bra away from my flushed body.

Moving his hand down to my panties while he continued to suck at my breasts, licking my nipples and nipping at them while caressing my body, he massaged his fingers through the lips between my legs. I gasped at his movements, bringing myself up and holding myself by his neck. Pressing his thumb against my clit, I gasped, and he then leaned down and breathed in, pushing his mouth to mine until I suffocated in his breath.

Closing my eyes, I let his warmth envelop me, and I felt myself melting to his touch. An orgasm went through my muscles, and I grunted softly. His fingers only traveled deeper-opening me up to his greed.

Ripping my panties to the floor, he slid his black cargo pants to his ankles, stepping out of them in hurried trips. Letting his member spring free, he kicked his underwear next to his pants and angled himself to my hips. Pulling my lips apart, I slid my hand over his chest, and my other around his waist. Pulling him towards me in desperate whimpers. As he set the tip over my entrance, he throbbed against the inside of my thigh, and then suddenly thrust himself into me. Pulling out, and allowing my wet walls to open up to him before he slid in again, only deeper. I then heard him huff for air, thrusting until he found his rhythm. Digging his metal hand into the desk.

Grasping onto his shoulders, I wrapped my legs around his waist once again, letting him go deeper. His hair stuck to his forehead, and as he breathed heavily, I looked up at his gold tooth. Biting my lip as I yearned to feel his mouth on mine.

A moan suddenly pressed against my lips, and I strained against it. Waves thrusting themselves through my body at the beat of Pierce’s hips, and another orgasm tore through me. He kissed me through it, his words hard to swallow.

“Quiet-else they’ll hear us-“ He grunted, and nuzzled his head in the crook of my neck.

Pulling out, his skin stuck to mine with sweat, and he cursed, his voice now muffled. “Fuck-you kill me…Oh-fuck.” I took a deep breath, closing my eyes. He grazed his fingers over my lips and moved a strand of hair away from my eyes before pushing himself off me. Cleaning himself up, he then threw the cloth in the trash can, and I sat up.

“So, is that all you needed?” Rubbing the scruff around his chin, he looked at me and then slid his arms under mine. Pulling me off of the table, and against his naked chest.

“Baby… You know me…” I let him move his mouth across mine, caressing my face. My fingers pushed through his hair, and I pulled away. Sucking at the inside of my cheek, I then sighed. No matter how much he gave me, I always wanted more.

A knock on the door shook us from the trance we were in, and with a slight jump, I shook my head.

“Mr. Pierce? Mr. Rice is looking for you.” A Hispanic voice echoed through the room from behind the door.

He cleared his voice and buckled his belt.

“Thank you.” We listened to the small lady hurry off to do more files, as I pulled my jeans up to my hips. Clasping my bra, and pulling my shirt over my head. Tucking the smooth fabric of my shirt into my jeans, Pierce finished dressing and then walked over to me. Holding me by my hips, and letting out a small sigh. “You should be more careful, Darlin. Don’t want nobody to find you with those files now would we?” Smirking, he kissed my temple, grazing his mouth to my ear, where he whispered, “I know whatchu’s thinkin’ of doin’.” Even in a low mutter, his accent dripped from his tongue like syrup. I leaned against him. “And trust me, baby, it won’t work.”


Note: This one really sucks and I apologize.

I'm Sorry- What Did You Say? (Jared Kleinman X Reader)

WARNINGS: fucking daddy!kink. Swearing, spanking, hard smut. Like seriously this gets dirty so..

ALSO this was inspired by problematicc-favs’s daddy!kink headcanons. You’ve probably already seen them but if you haven’t CHECK ‘EM OUT

Jared kissed down your throat, lips leaving little track marks as he went. You brush your fingertips against his hands as he holds your wrist into the sofa; pressing you down further. It was always hot when he was on top like this. You wrap your legs around his hips as he moves to your clavicle. You lean your head on the armrest and arch your back, fully aware that tomorrow you’re going to have wear a turtleneck in then middle of summer. Jared bit down harder than before and earned a small, shaky breath from you, “oh god, Daddy.” You freeze. It’s out before you can stop it, and you press your lips together in the feeble hope that he hasn’t heard you.

He stops; pulling away; looking down at you and grinning like an idiot, “I’m sorry- what did you say?” You feel yourself turn red and push him off of you, “nothing. I didn’t say anything. Shut up.” You can’t even look at him, you don’t have to in order to know that he’s losing his shit and giggling like a moron, “you called me daddy.” You feel like your whole face is on fire as he leans in, “you want daddy to punish you, princess?” He stutters his laugher through a whisper and you instantly stand up and cross your arms- mortified, “Dude, shut up.” He bites his lip and cocks his head slightly. You feel him wrap his arms around you from behind and rest his head on your shoulder, “I’m sorry… “ you relax as he kisses your neck, “c-can daddy make it better?” He chortles and you push him off you.

“Listen, asshole.” You start, but he takes your chin in his thumb and foreigner and kisses you. He’s done this before to stop you talking- it was a dick move, mainly because it worked. He places his hand in your waist and you pull away, “you suck.” He’s still very clearly trying not to laugh, “I… I just didn’t a-actually think it w-w-was a thing people got off to.” He’s got this big, arrogant grin that makes you want to hit him. Nevertheless you both sit back down and go back to making out. His hand grazing up the side of your thigh and you honestly not trusting yourself to open your mouth incase you say it again.


A few days pass and he hasn’t brought it up again. You were used to you both mocking each other for shit like this for weeks- one time he called you “dude” during sex and you’d kept reminding him of it for a month. However he’d just dropped this. All you really felt was relief. Too at ease to actually wonder why Jared hadn’t brought it up again.

You were both alone in his back yard. His parents had gone out for the evening and naturally that meant you were both only half dressed as he pushed you against the side of the house. He pulled off your shirt and peppered light kisses down your chest as he held your hands above your head. He’d been going heavy for a few days and you were exhausted in the best possible way. He unhooked your bra and realised your hands for you to let fall to the floor, “Jared, your neighbours.” You whisper quietly as he rubs his thumb against your nipple, kissing the side of your neck. He nibbles lightly and you let out a small whine as he lightly squeezes your breast.

He unbuttons your jeans and slides his hand inside and your eyes flutter closed, “Jared, really- if anyone see…” You outwardly gasp as he moves your underwear to the side and letting two fingers slide inside you. You feel yourself go lightheaded and rest yourself against the wall, he brushes his thumb against your clit and you buck your lips lightly against him. You hum and as you open your eyes you see his, dark and watching you. You feel yourself clench as his thumb quickens and you try to catch your breath. He was pushing further against the brick wall and you could feel yourself letting go.

“Jared I’m going to…” You gasp and he kisses your neck, “say it again.” He whispered. Confusion hits you with the lack of blood travelling to your brain and you just lean back, “ah-a.” You gasp out and he’s curling and tensing his fingers as his thumb picks up a quicker rhythm, “oh my god,” you breath out and he unbuckled his jeans with one hand and takes out his dick. He rips the condom packet open and rolls it down himself before pulling your own jeans down further as you kick them off. Your almost dripping in his hand as he eases himself into you, and you cum on contact. Pulling his hair as your lungs ache for air. He’s thrusting hard inside of you as you bring one leg around him, softly moaning into his ear. His breath hitches, “Say-it.” He commands. And it is a command. His eyes are penetrating you and you feel yourself blush harder, because suddenly you understand what he wants you to say.

You’re not entirely sure if he’s mocking you, but he hits your g-spot at such an angle that you feel your inhibitions lessen to the point of not caring either way, “fuck me, Daddy.” You don’t mean it to come out into a whine, and you can feel him pushing further inside you, “Oh god.” He hissed, and you wrap your arms around his neck, you’re gasping into his neck and he increases his speed, “fuck yeah. I’m gonna fuck you till you can’t walk princess.” You rest your head against him and can barely stand, “please, Daddy.”

He pulls you off the wall and on top of him, sitting on the grass with you straddling him on your knees. You feel his hand smack your ass lightly as he thrusts up into you. You don’t realise you’re blushing so hard until his hand makes connection, the air is knocked out of you with shock and you look at him. He’s biting his lip and grinning that same arrogant grin; “you like that, baby girl?” He whispers and you can barely look at him. You’d never been this vulnerable and open about to side of you with anyone. He must see the hesitation in your eyes because he instantly brings his hand to your lower back and strokes lightly.

You see him go from this smug, horny nerd into a very caring person. His thrusts are slowly and you fear that he’s going to stop. Not now. Jesus you’re so close. You lean forward, “you can do it again.” You whisper and his eyes widen, looking at you in a ‘really?’ Sort of way. You nod and the corner of his mouth turns up, he brings his hand back down on your ass and causes you to jump. He does it again, a little harder and you let out a moan as he drives himself further still inside you. You let out a loud groan as you grind down on him and he brings you closer toward him, “you’re so fuckin’ hot baby girl.” He smacks you again and you feel yourself lose control. Your body shakes around him as your vision goes blurry. You cum around him again, gasping and twitching a little. Tightening yourself you feel him inside you.

“Fuck, Daddy.” You whisper, and his thrusts begin to get messier, losing their rhythm and pounding harder. He holds your hips and pushes you onto the ground with him on top of you, he holds your thighs up around him as he moves faster and harder until he almost collapses, you watch as he lets out a loud moan and cums inside you. Lying beside you and panting. You rest your head on the grass with your mouth parted slightly.

You look over to him, smiling a little as he wraps an arm around your shoulder, “I can’t believe you have a daddy kink.” You whisper and he looks down at you, “I didn’t think I did. The laughter and judging you was real at the time. But then today I just kept trying to get you to say it again.” You wrap your arms around his stomach and bury your head into him, “so what happened?” He rubbed his face and chuckled, “I couldn’t stop thinking about it when I got home…” You placed you hand on your chest in a mock-shocked expression, “did you jerk off to me?” You said it as a joke but he looked away from you and cleared his throat.

“Oh my god, did you?” You laugh and he shoves you, “to be fair you sounded great. Like a goddamn pornstar.” You raise your eyebrow, “gee thanks.” You mutter and he adjusts to lye on his side and look at you, “was the… Slapping…?” He trailed off and you felt yourself start blushing again, “No, no, I uh… It was really good. I just… I’m not usually that open with it.” You felt your mouth go dry and look up at him to see him beaming at you. You look at him cautiously, “what?” And he pulled you closer to him, “It… I don’t know. It’s really sweet that you trust me.” You’d usually roll your eyes, or squirm at something so sweet, but instead you kissed him. It was gentle and you feel yourself melt into him. You force yourself to pull away, “We should go in the house…” You look around and he raises an eyebrow, “you cold baby girl?” He sounds a little cocky and you start to get up,

“I know you’re still being kinky, but I am lying naked in your back yard so I actually am pretty cold..” You chuckled, and Jared nodded quickly, “oh-right, yeah.”

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Recently I've been really fixated with the difference in physical size between dan and phil? Like dan is broader and taller and phil has a somewhat narrower frame. This is a really hot idea to me, especially with dan on the bottom because it seems to contrast in a very pleasant way

Okay I know I have older prompts but just??

Sidenote: Please be patient with me, as I’m swamped with writing things that aren’t on this blog, productions and school, plus something that I don’t think I mentioned on this blog. I’ve been having unidentifiable health issues lately, and was in the hospital for it a couple of weeks ago and they couldn’t figure out what was wrong with me, but I’m in a lot of pain sometimes because of complications from these issues. I’ve only been getting so much done because I’m on break right now, but it’ll be even more difficult when I go back to school next week, so please be very patient with me <3

~Nothing was added because I felt it had to be~

- “When did you get bigger than me?” Phil asks one day, turning away from his laptop to face Dan. “I mean, I can’t shove you into a wall or something anymore because you’re taller and stronger and broader. When did that happen?”

- Dan thinks for a moment before he answers. “Gradually, I guess, but I like it this way. D’you know why?”

- “No,” Phil says quietly.

- “Because I can overpower you really easily, and have you desperate beneath me now.”

- Swiftly setting his laptop aside, Dan stands up and reaches for Phil, pulling him to his feet and immediately spinning them around to press Phil into the wall, kissing him. Phil lets out a small sound of surprise but kisses Dan back, rocking his hips forward into Dan’s and wrapping his arms around Dan’s neck. A low growl comes from Dan’s throat when Phil plays with the sensitive hairs at the nape of Dan’s neck. “What’re you going to do, since you’re so sure you can dom me?” Phil asks with a smirk.

- “Going to fuck myself on your pretty cock, use you for my pleasure. Don’t think I’ll let you come either, at least not right away. That’s one of your favorite things to do to me, isn’t it?” Dan teases. “Now jump.”

- Phil does, wrapping his legs around Dan’s waist and tightening his grip around Dan’s neck as Dan grabs Phil’s ass to help support him. He moans when Phil starts kissing and biting at his neck, because Dammit Phil, you know what that does to me. Dan all but throws Phil onto the bed when he reaches their (Phil’s) room. “Strip,” he demands, already taking off his own shirt as he watches Phil. He smirks as Phil’s shaky hands unbutton his dark blue shirt, pushing it off of his own shoulders. Dan manages to get completely undressed before Phil, and wastes no time in getting the lube and spreading it on his fingers. “Want to see a show?” He asks, batting his eyelashes. Phil wants to laugh, but he nods instead.

- Dan pushes Phil down so he’s lying on his back and straddles Phil backwards, his bum facing Phil’s face. He balances himself on his right arm and reaches back his left hand, rubbing his fingers over his hole, teasing both himself and Phil, before slipping two in- after all, he and Phil have a healthy sex life and Dan likes the burn of the stretch. He moans as he adds a third finger, rocking back onto his hand to tease Phil even more.

-”Look good, baby?” Dan moans, tossing his head back. “You want to put your thick cock in my tight ass?” He laughs. “Yeah, you do.”

- “Fuck it,” Phil growls and suddenly flips them both over so that he’s pinning Dan down. “I think you forgot your place,” he says in a quiet but dangerous voice, seizing Dan’s hands and pinning them above his head.

- “What’re you going to do about it?”

Phil shifts so that he’s holding Dan’s wrists in one hand and uses the other to guide himself into Dan’s hole, groaning at the feel while Dan just whines and lifts his hips off of the bed. He slowly pushes in, and goes back to using both of his hands to hold Dan down as he starts to fuck him. He starts off slow, but quickly speeds up, going faster and harder until the Dan’s curls are bouncing and the headboard is repeatedly banging against the wall.

- “You think that just because you’ve gotten taller that you can dominate your Daddy?” He asks, shaking his head to throw his hair out of his eyes.

- “No, I’m sorry Daddy!” Dan cries, clenching and unclenching his fists and wrapping his legs around Phil’s waist.

- Phil chuckles. “Better be. If I didn’t let you come, would that teach you who’s in charge?”

- “Daddy, Daddy, please, please, Daddy, sir, please let me come, Daddy! I’ll be a good boy, I’ll do whatever you say, just please let me come! Please!” Dan all but screams.

-”Wait for me.”

- “I- I can’t, Daddy,” moans Dan, gasping for air because every perfect thrust into his prostate makes it harder to hold back.

- “You can, and you will,” Phil commands, tightening his grip on Dan’s wrists, thrusts beginning to get sloppy and messy because he’s close. “Almost there, Dan, just a little bit longer. Be a good boy for me.”

- The moment Dan feels the first wave of cum in his ass he cums with a shout, followed by a string of garbled words that sound vaguely like ‘Phil,’ ‘Daddy,’ and ‘Thank you!’ Phil fucks them through their respective highs, pulling out when he’s satisfied and Dan is starting to try and push him away from overstimulation.



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Winter Interrupted (Part 9/?) (Bucky Barnes x reader)

Part 8

The next time you opened your eyes, the pain stung and the tears rolled freely to clear the grime and debris away, and you were thankful for that ability.  You felt like you were carrying the weight of a building on your back, and it very well could have been true after the explosion that shook the ground beneath your feet and toppled everyone to the ground. You lifted your head as much as you could, searching for anyone or anything familiar, breathing a restricted sigh of relief at the view of Steve, running and appearing unharmed, coming closer to you as he called out something that you couldn’t hear.

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Sorry for the delay! I’ve been on a damn quest, an adventure…an epic journey to get to my current location and I am finally here and part three is edited!! Just to let you know, the longer I take editing-the better these parts will come out. haha. Anywhoha, enjoy! :)  

Nessian Part Three by L.J. LaFleur 

“You stole something precious. Something sacred,” his gravelly voice made my skin crawl with bumps. Darkness surrounded me, blocking my view but I knew that voice. We had only come face-to-face a couple of times yet he was forever burned into my memory…my nightmares.

I could feel his breath on the back of my neck, tiny hairs pulling away from me. “You’re dead,” I shuddered, turning only to face nothing but an unending black pit. “I took off your head. I watched you die.” I almost stuttered, not out of complete fear, but outrage. I killed him, I twisted and twisted until his head popped off. It was a nightmare that I couldn’t outrun, bloody hands that I couldn’t get clean.

Hybern’s unnerving laughter echoed around me, I couldn’t tell where he positioned himself. “Nesta Archeon, the Cauldron thief.” Spit left his lips-hitting me on my neck. The smell of rot made my nose wrinkle with distaste. “The cauldron wants your gift back. It wants more than what you received and what you stole, it wants you.”

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