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The parallel I didn’t know I needed. (FitzSimmons + La La Land)

She can hear the soft pattering of rain against the window, and then nothing at all.  No time and a lifetime later, somewhere deep in the back of her mind, an alarm goes off.  The pair of arms (the right pair, the right pair) untangle themselves from around her and turn it off.  The shower joins the rain and she is alone.

She opens her eyes to darkness.

She blinks and still darkness.

Again and again, darkness.

The shower turns off and the curtains open.

(No light comes in–still darkness)

Deep within her head, a voice like home speaks to her.  She knows he’s kneeling in front of her.  She sees him, but she also sees through him and around him and doesn’t see him at all.  She wills him to come into focus, but it is too dark.  She shivers as tears sting her eyes and drip steadily off her nose.  He tries to wipe them away, but they are faster than he is.  There is a soft hum of his voice but it comes to her as no more than a vibration.  No more than nothing.

He kisses her forehead and the warmth of the action startles her in the chill of the darkness.  She gasps, eyes wide.

She knows he is in front of her, but she can only see darkness.

She gets there in 15.

As Daisy hurries towards the building, the rain soaks her clothes but she barely notices it. She slings her bag off her shoulder and sticks her hand inside, rummaging around. After a few moments, just as she’s about to reach the door, she huffs and stamps her foot. Daisy pauses, and then crouches down, placing the bag on the ground and peering inside.


She pulls out the key and brushes some hair that fell into her face, making a mental note to, next time, put it somewhere other than the bottom of her bag. Granted, when Jemma had given it to her with a smile and a nod, they had been called by Mace just a few minutes later. Daisy could only just throw it in somewhere before she headed out.

It deserves to be somewhere nicer than jumbled with old candy wrappers, tubes of lipstick, and black eyeliner.

Daisy clutches the key in her hand, and runs towards the door.

(The key is to see where you were, and to see where you are. The key was jumbled with all these things that were from when she ran, and the key is something that she runs with, secure in her grasp. The key is to see where you were and to see where you are. But it’s also to see who you were, and who you are now.)

Daisy doesn’t wait for the elevator but climbs the stairs, reaching the floor where Fitz and Jemma live. She reaches out towards the door, the key gripped tightly, when she suddenly stops.

The last time she was here, she was on the opposite side of this door– coating it with her blood, and telling Jemma she had nowhere else to go.

She shakes her head, squeezing her eyes shut. She had thought she had nowhere else, that she had no one else, but she just couldn’t see that they were just waiting for her. While she ran and ran and ran, they waited.

She turns the key into the lock, and goes exactly where she needs to be.

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Fitz/Simmons Edits

Episode: 4x14 - The Man Behind The Shield
Original air date: February 14, 2017
Scenes: Simmons reassures Fitz that he’s not responsible for the evil that Radcliffe has done, and they join the team on a mission to retrieve Mace and May. 

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Angel. You’ve got wings, baby.

A SEPECAT Jaguar GR1 of No. 41 Squadron, RAF, is serviced as a U.S. Air Force F-15E Strike Eagle from the 4th Tactical Fighter Wing taxis during Operation Desert Shield, 23 January, 1991.  An unsung workhorse and success story, the Jaguar proved a capable and resilient little aircraft, one surviving a hit from a Sam-7 or similar to the port engine during the conflict. In all they flew some 600 sorties without loss, destroying 15 Iraqi ships, before turning their attention to the silkworm missile and SAM sites as well as artillery batteries along the Kuwaiti coast, which threatened coalition warships. 

im still just… shaken by the fact that doctor who series 9 was basically the halo 5 we were promised, right down to visual parallels w/ the hobo chief e3 2013 trailer……..

Vigilant Eagle.

A United States Air Force F-15C Eagle from the 144th Fighter Wing in Fresno, California prepares to taxi out for takeoff during Vigilant Shield 16 at 5 Wing Goose Bay, Canada.

From Oct. 15-26, 2015 approximately 700 members from the Canadian Armed Forces, the United States Air Force, the United States Navy, and the United States Air National Guard are deploying to Iqaluit, Nunavut, and 5 Wing Goose Bay, Newfoundland and Labrador for Exercise Vigilant Shield 16. 

(U.S. Air National Guard photo by Senior Master Sgt. Chris Drudge, 22 OCT 2015.)

The steady beeping of the heart monitor woke you from your hasty and uncomfortable sleep. The moment your eyes snapped open, you sat up, glancing around and wondering if the past few hours had been only a dream–twisted, yes, yet so vivid.

But no, here you were, sitting on a rock-hard chair in a hospital room, your heavy winter coat draped over your body as a blanket. Your tuque was still covering your head, the floor messy and wet thanks to your black boots. And there was Calum, lying on the hospital bed, his eyes closed and his left leg suspended in the air, golden skin shielded from view by a white cast.

Your stomach churned with guilt as you remembered the event that had occurred only a couple hours ago. It had been his first attempt at skiing–he’d done a pretty decent job on his first run down the hill–and you’d both been fucking around on the lift bringing you back to the top.

Moments later, you were screaming, and Calum was sprawled out on the white snow thirty feet below.

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Treasure Planet- The Ships

One of the less successful, but certainly incredibly creative and endearing Disney projects from the late 90’s, Treasure Planet was a re-imagining of the classic tale Treasure Island, but set in space. With cyborgs. And aliens. And Joseph Gordon-Levitt. The ships themselves were, by nature, ‘space ships’, bur designed to be visually similar to classic ships from the age of expansion in the mid 18th century. “Solar Sails” powered the ships to emulate the winds of yore, and invisible shields of air kept the boats open up top despite being in space. 


a thousand other boys could never reach you
           how could I have been the one?

write your own story

in stories, the hero always wins.

the dragon they’re fighting is so clearly a dragon,

and with sword and shield, a valiant battle is fought.

there’s a struggle, and the hero,

our beloved, brave hero,

is down, has fallen, has almost lost hope

but for them, it isn’t over.

the music picks up, the sword slashes through the air,

the shield lifts to block the flames

and it’s done

the hero has won, free to live happily ever after in the kingdom they have defended.

but my life is not a story.

my castle is the hallways and the classrooms,

battles fought quietly, with no clear victor.

my sword is my mouth and my shield is my silence,

both keeping me safe in the war that can last for years.

in stories, there’s a princess in a tower

a goal - a beautiful, blonde goal

endlessly appreciative of the valiance and chivalry of the hero

in life, there is only you

a single soul

acting for themselves, by themselves.

they told me, high school is every man for himself;

a dog-eat-dog world that never ends.

better sharpen your blades, kid, because

you’re about to grow up.

they told me, don’t bother coming back here,

don’t bother sitting down,

don’t bother raising your hand unless

you already know the answer.

they gave me a script, and expected me to read.

they handed me an outline, and told me to fill in the blanks.

but i’ve read classics and contemporaries,

poets and journalists,

sci-fi and fantasy and horror

where stories are made,

not read.

where heroes create themselves

and write their own endings.

and you can bet that i’m going to do the same.


FitzSimmons Winter (Re)Watch: One song per episode
             Among Us Hide…: “Mess Is Mine” by Vance Joy (x)