air raid warden

England as an Air Raid Warden during WWII because he would be out there helping people and y’all fucking know it.

Also, because I like both, here is the unfiltered, colored version under the cut:

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A lapse in fate | 1

Pairing: Mercier x Betty

Rating: Teen and up (for now)

Word count: ~5.5k

Summary: WW2 AU. When Colonel Mercier recruits Betty for the Special Operation Executives— aka Churchill’s secret army—  it’s her chance to escape her fate, at least temporarily. It seems like a good idea until she overhears a conversation she shouldn’t have. She will have to work with Jean-François to stop a traitor in their midst.

Warnings: mental health issues (Betty’s mother); death (because war)

A/N:  You don’t need to have seen either series to understand. (see Ao3 for more)

I’m very excited (and nervous) to start posting this, I hope you will like it :D


Chapter 1: Leeds

“My heart wants roots
My mind wants wings.
I cannot bear
Their bickerings.”
― E.Y. Harburg

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“Obey Your Air Raid Warden” a fun song about what to do during an air raid, from 1942

Zhukov's Year in Review! 2014 Edition!

Another year passed, and time for a bit of retrospection.

Some of the Year’s Top Posts Included:

American Nurses Train in Judo

Air-raid Warden Mary Couchman

The Christmas Truce

Czeslawa Kwoka, age 14

With so many great photos to choose from, picking anything close to a favorite is quite hard, but here is a small selection of ones I especially liked:

Marine “Devil Dof” Caesar von Steuben

A soldier bids goodbye

The Weather War

Togo the kitty!

There were quite a lot of topics covered as well! 46 of them in total
I won’t list all of the, but some of the highlights include:

Samurai; Armored TrainsSix Day War;

Crimean War; April Fools!; Crete;

The Ten Tragic Days; Spanish Civil WarHeavy Artillery

Aleutian IslandsThe IRABreech-Loading Rifles

Automatic WeaponsArmorWar Dogs 

So Happy New Years to everyone!


 Witches Of Moonlight Falls [Season 6]; Part 21}           
                           Siren Or Soviet?
Roaring Heights, 1947;
Enemy planes detected! The whistling sounds of bombs as they drop finish with loud explosions! [BOOM] All citizens of Roaring Heights must evacuate to safety before they die! The air raid wardens sound the siren and take a close look at enemy planes using a built in binocular device.
Air Raid Warden 1: “ Nazis! I knew those darn Germans would attack after the reported Mustard gas attack that occurred a while back. ”
Air Raid Warden 2: “ Blimey matey, watch It! [takes cover] Our defence team is already shooting the planes down! Good at ‘em. Dear god, the damage from this blitz will be absolutely devastating! [covering ears] Move the binocular device and scan the ground area, we must look for innocents in danger, the possibility of trapped survivors is endless! ”
Air Raid Warden 1: “ Roger that! [panning] Wait ‘o minute! I see someone down there, she’s landing from something? No way I think she may have detached from an enemy plane!? A WOMAN! ”
The woman lands with a flawless forward roll, every curl in her hair still in place. Aware that she might be targeted visually the Russian Spy must think on her heels.
Dottie [thoughts]: The U.S.S.R made me a new Soviet detachable parachute, the motherland must be avenged but for now I’m finally here in enemy territory. Seducing Hitler proved beneficial to get me ride with one of his bomber pilots, the pilot was cute shame I gassed the plane. Ah… The familiar sound of the air raid siren! Music to my ears… The perfect distraction, with everyone in hiding It should be easy for me to infiltrate and grab the intelligence I need and be out before they could say espionage. Those air wardens have detected me, fools! I’m no German, I’m no solider, I’m a spy! Any wise man would know It’s mistake to target the Black Widow!!!