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The plants that I brought to college with me! It was difficult deciding which to bring (and my mother got a lengthy explanation of how to care for the ones I left). Bonus close-up of my air plant with all its bright and happy colors. (New plants I bought today not included)

Your dorm is set for some perfect plant vibes. Thanks for sharing and keep us updated on their college experience!👌🏻😄

Did you know that you can have a pet jellyfish without setting up an aquarium? All you need is an air plant, a sea urchin shell, and some fishing line. Or you can simply pay a visit to Petit Beast and adopt a pet jellyfish right away. That’s where LA-based designer and art director Cathy Van Hoang sells the utterly enchanting Jellyfish Air Plants that she’s been making for a few years now.

From an interview at Dearest Nature:

“When I discovered air plants and how hardy they were, I simply fell in love. I became an overly-enthusiastic air plant collector (hoarder), and our place was quickly becoming too densely populated. My boyfriend suggested that I start selling some of the plants in order to keep my collection from taking over our home and our lives. A couple photo sessions later, my Petit Beast shop was born!

The idea of turning air plants into jellyfish was an accidental one. I had the right ingredients to make them from the start. Sales really started to pick up and I was running out of space, so I started to hang them from the ceiling and voila. All of the positive responses I’ve been getting from people makes me very happy. I’m really glad that people are able to relate to them.”

Air plants come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, textures and colors. We think they’re awesome because they look like they come from alien planets and are also extremely easy to care for. Van Hoang has a great eye for pairing just the right plants with just the right sea urchin shells and sometimes even paints the shells to make the jellyfish even lovelier still.

Head over to the Petit Beast Etsy shop to check out even more of these delightful little planters. You can also follow Van Hoang right here on Tumblr at petitbeast.

[via Colossal]

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