beaten, a tryptich

o, soulless: pioneers of inactivity,
beyond lost, like air-plants drifting
from host to host, intellects,
wasted—cast back by imaginative lack
of acceptable image, of self-defeat
and the starving wait for market


a wild unattended

an oyster shell on the floor of the sea,
that cut—deep—the sole of your foot
as you danced in cold surf?

[more, more disconnected]

we move without touch, we
learned speech entirely
without sound.


words, what’s in it for them?
I have to ask—as they pile
into the thousands of thousands
for no one but themselves.

a mountain made of coca-cola cans,
a pigeon or an eagle, and an ear
was bitten through by that same bird
before he shot it from the sky.


Other plant updates: the air plant is pregnant, the cutting i snabbed from a zoo’s landscaping is showing new buds, two cuttings taken from walmart bottom shelf plant cruft are showing growth, more discarded plant pieces from lowes have grown deep roots so thats a good sign, and finally Babey Cactus


These are the two air plant babies I just got from Lowe’s. They’ve perked up a lot since I brought them home. They weren’t in the best of conditions and were really in need of some water. The little containers they were in were also full of glue??? So I cleaned them up and put them in these adorable little jars I snagged on clearance 🌿💖✨


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