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To those who don’t know yet, Saudi Arabia created a coalition (comprised of Bahrain, Qatar, Kuwait, United Arab Emirates, Sudan, Egypt, Jordan, Morocco, Pakistan) began bombing Yemen yesterday, and there are talks of a full ground invasion in the coming days. Right now people are terrified for their lives, people are losing their homes, their loved ones, access to food and water. Many civilians have already been killed. Please pay attention to Yemen. Don’t stand by and silently ignore yet another country being bombed into nothingness. Not again. Give the Yemeni people all of your support, your prayers, your solidarity, keep them in your thoughts. Do not let their suffering go uncared for and unnoticed. I know you all would care if it were your streets that were on fire, or your homes turned to rubble.

How A Stolen Backpack In Casablanca Inspired A Novel About Shifting Identity

Immediately upon arriving in Casablanca author Vendela Vida was robbed. Her backpack with her laptop (with a book she was writing) was gone in an instant.

“At first I was so upset. We had just arrived. Everything was gone–this book I had been working on was gone–but while I was sitting there answering all these very irrelevant questions I started thinking about this … idea for this novel I had about the malleability of identity. It’s this novel that has been circling in my head for a few years and I had written passages but I had never known exactly how the book would start, I hadn’t found my way into the book, the entree into it. So while I was sitting there with these detectives I suddenly realized that this was my opening: a woman arriving in Casablanca and having her stuff stolen, and in the case of the protagonist having her passport stolen, and so suddenly I became the happiest person I think the police station had ever seen.”