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The signs as TV best friend duos
  • Aquarius: Scott and Stiles
  • Pisces: Ted and Marshall
  • Aries: Jim and Pam
  • Taurus: Leslie and Ann
  • Gemini: Monica and Rachel
  • Cancer: Serena and Blair
  • Leo: Peyton and Brooke
  • Virgo: Lip and Ian
  • Libra: Will and Carlton
  • Scorpio: Chandler and Joey
  • Sagittarius: Lily and Robin
  • Capricorn: Veronica and Betty

Jason Segel talking to Terry Gross in 2009 about the naked break-up scene in Forgetting Sarah Marshall:

“That was taken from the pages of real life. I once got dumped while I was naked, but she asked me to put clothes on during this real breakup, my real life breakup, and opposed to in the movie when I say “no,” I did go to put clothes on. So she waited for me while I went back into my room to get dressed. Let me just tell you, Terry, picking out an outfit for the second-half of a breakup is like the hardest outfit you’ll ever pick out in your life. I came out, I came out in a blue, buttoned-up shirt and khaki pants, like I was going to private school.”

Tinder Date From Hell

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Request: Could you please do a fem! reader fic where y/n is on a first time tinder date, so she wants mark to come with her just in case because she doesn’t know the guy shes meeting. Then the date starts to go bad and mark helps you escape in a funny way? Thnks💗 

Summary: Bad Tinder date. OlderBrother!Mark saves the day, kinda.

A/N: Idk man I meant to have this up on the weekend but I’m glad I waited because damn this is great lol enjoy y’all let me know if you figure out who the date is with lmao

Wordcount: 1580 longer than usual yay

Requests are closed at the moment, sorry folks!

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piecesofscully  asked:

Write me a protective!Skinner drabble where he finds out about them being romantically involved and threatens to kick Mulder's ass if he ever hurts scully.

Alright, my love! I changed it just a bit, it’s unbetaed, and sappy af! Enjoy!


He barely catches himself as his dress shoes slip across the slick tile of the hospital hallway when he rounds the corner. Doubling back, he wipes the sweat from his balding brow as he makes his way down the opposite corridor, toward the man who just called out his name.

He spots Mulder pacing in front of a closed door clutching a bundle to his chest. “Mulder, thank God. How is she?”

“She’s better now. She lost a lot of blood; they’re going to have to hold her for observation for a couple of days.”

Skinner’s eyes look the agent up and down taking in his appearance. Mulder looks exhausted but strangely serene and neither one of them seem to want to take their eyes off the tiny baby in his arms, a small spattering of reddish-brown curls peeking out from underneath the soft knit hat that adorns his head.

He takes his glasses off and uses the edge of his tie to wipe down the smudged lenses. “I uh, rushed to the airport to catch the next flight to Atlanta after you called. I had to flash my badge and I might have erroneously threatened an air marshall or two, but I got here as fast as I could.”

Mulder finally looks up at the Assistant Director and a smile briefly skips across his features. “Thank you, sir.” He drops his voice to a whisper as he continues, “What about Krycek?”

“Handled. Don’t worry about all that, you have enough going on now. How did you find her?”

“You wouldn’t believe me if I told you,” he chuckles. “The important thing is that we found her at all.”

Skinner nods his head in agreement and reaches forward, softly brushing the back of his knuckle along the newborn’s downy cheek. “Wow,” he breathes.

“Yeah, I know.” They share a look of wonder and awe between them as they gaze at Mulder’s sleeping son.

“My God, he looks like the both of you.”

Mulder beams with pride, tears in his eyes. “Those eyes are all Scully though.”

A fierce wave of protectiveness for Scully washes over Skinner as he thinks about everything that woman has been through over the past year. As much as he respects and even cares for Mulder, he doesn’t know what he would do if he had to once again sit idly by and watch Scully go through what she did when Mulder was missing. He knows the love that exists between the two agents is strong and he is envious of the connection that they inherently share, but he needs to say something while he has Mulder here.

“Mulder,” Skinner begins, nervously clearing his throat, “I know you already know this, but I can’t walk out of here without speaking my mind. That woman in there loves you more than you could ever know or frankly deserve. And that baby… My, God, Mulder. If you ever do anything to–”

Mulder’s laughter cuts him off and Skinner fixes him with an unwavering glare. “I’m not laughing, Agent Mulder.”

Mulder stares at his boss for a beat, a somber sincerity chasing the laughter from his eyes. “Sir, with all due respect, you don’t think I know that? My entire life has been spent on this quest for the truth.” His voice grows in intensity as he speaks, “The truth behind The X-Files, the truth about my sister. But now, I’m here with a woman who I can’t imagine breathing another breath without her by my side and I’m holding–”

Mulder chokes down a sob that threatens to escape and lifts his watery eyes to Skinner’s.

“I’m holding my son,” Mulder continues, despite the gravel in his voice. “When my sister was taken, my family fell apart. My mother withdrew into this cold, distant mockery of her former self and my father…” He shakes his head in disdain.

”This whole quest to find my sister…don’t you get it? This whole time I’ve been searching for my family,” he drops his gaze back down to his son and gently caresses his nose and cheek, ”and I’ve finally found it.”

A nurse comes out of the door behind them and smiles sweetly before addressing Mulder, “She’s asking for you two.”

Mulder begins to turn back towards Scully’s room, but Skinner stops him with a hand to his shoulder. “Congratulations, Mulder. I mean that.”

“Thank you, sir.” He turns and leaves and Skinner remains in the hall and watches Mulder rejoin his family in the next room.

nightpool  asked:

Gimme some midnight dirkjohn meetcutes. Here I'll start dirk is a semi-popular tumblr blogger and john is a marketing intern in charge of the dennys blog

sure why not

dirkjohn meetcute john is an air marshal and dirk gets detained and questioned for suspected terrorism 

dirkjohn meetcute dirk is catfishing people on tindr with john’s pictures and john sees his face on someone else’s profile

dirkjohn meetcute john is a vigilante super hero who assumes dirk is some sort of super villain based on his outfit and swordfighting ability and decides to be his nemesis but dirk is just a serial media pirate with poor taste

dirkjohn meetcute dirk is a city employee who tows john’s car for being parked in a fire lane but he was actually pulled over because the employees at sonic gave him a peanut butter blast instead of an oreo blast by accident and he was in the middle of anaphylactic shock 

The Usual

Anon asked: AU for Poe please. As a Air Marshal or as an Air Force Pilot.

Author: Zoe

(A/N: I’m currently digging deep into my inbox to get to some requests that got buried. So if you sent in a fic a while ago, keep an eye out!)

Modern AU! Poe Dameron x Reader

Plot Summary: Poe’s been your best friend and most loyal customer ever since he sat at that counter and ordered the same order from the same waitress every time. He’s flagged you over for a cup of coffee, a slice of pie, and good conversation for the past three years, and you love the routine. But when he gets deployed, you realize how much that routine really matters to you.

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“Honey, I’m home!” Poe called into the diner as a few of the patrons looked at him with slight amusement, before returning to their meal.

“Mr. Dameron, back so soon?” You chuckled, grabbing your notepad and pen as he took his seat on the same stooltop he’s claimed for three years. “What’ll it be, hotshot?”

“The usual. Oh! Actually, extra cream on the apple pie?” He rested his elbows on the countertop as you wrote his order.

You smiled, ripping the paper out of your notepad and sending it on through the kitchen, ringing the bell. “Extra cream? Changing it up today, aren’t we?” Poe scoffed, watching you in your uniform as you got his cup of coffee ready. Always the same order, too. One cream, no sugar. 

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Fic: Those Bright-Eyed Boys

Title: Those Bright-Eyed Boys
Author(s): Lavenderprose
Rating: T
Summary: Yuuri has no idea how he came to be surrounded by so many different kinds of love.

Notes: Written for Victuuri week Day #1, with the Yuuri prompt: Confessions. Will be cross-posted to AO3 at some point, but not right now because I’m barely getting this in before the day is over and mama needs to slEEP.

Just so y’all know, there’s some past Chuchuyuu (Yuuri/Phichit) in this, but it’s mostly just them being incredibly loving and supporting friends and Yuuri being very deeply an happily in love with his fiance, Viktor Nikiforov.

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The Planners of D-Day: Supreme Headquarters Allied Expeditionary Force commanders at a conference in London, 2 January, 1944. From left to right: Lieutenant General Omar N. Bradley, Admiral Sir Bertram Ramsay, Air Chief Marshal Sir Arthur Tedder, General Dwight D. Eisenhower, General Sir Bernard Montgomery, Air Chief Marshal Sir Trafford Leigh-Mallory and Lieutenant General Walter Bedell Smith.

Chocolate Kisses

Rating: Explicit

Category: M/M

Fandom: Adventure Time

Relationship: Marshall Lee/Prince Gumball

Characters: Marshall Lee, Prince Gumball

Stats: 1,207 words

Summary: Marshall gets kinky.

Notes: Just a quick one shot I wrote a while back. I thought it’d be fitting to post it now since I just started this blog. This is my first time putting my work out there so feedback is appreciated. Anyways, enjoy! (✿◠‿◠)

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They [Churchill and Stalin] talked for a while. The only time Churchill got upset was when Stalin brought up the PQ17 convoy again and asked him, “Has the British Navy no sense of glory?”
Churchill was ready for him this time.
Admiral Leatham had cabled Pound:
As if the Ohio were one of His Majesty’s own ships.
Air Marshal Park had cabed the RAF chief Tedder, who was with Churchill in Moscow:
Finally, Churchill received the Most Secret and Most Immediate Cypher Telegram on which his political life depended, along with thousands, maybe hundreds of other people’s lives. The cable contained the words that the prime minister had been agonizing to hear.
—  At All Costs: How A Crippled Ship And Two American Merchant Mariners Turned The Tide Of World War II, by Sam Moses