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“In the past she was not the case


At 14:30 on June 2 around, Xuzhou passes through the district five-year-old girl Mandy (a pseudonym) ran home crying to his mouth shouting “Grandma, my ass hurts.” Mandy’s grandmother hurried out to greet her panties found full of blood, before that,hogan interactive, Mandy was the same village, a supermarket owner sexual assault. Yesterday, one passes through the district Public Security Bureau official said that at present the suspects fled,hogan uomo prezzi, the police has set up a task force to start pursuit.

 Granddaughter ran home crying

Yesterday afternoon, the reporter went to Mandy’s grandmother passes through the district, talking about the afternoon of June 2 things, Mandy grandmother’s hand trembled with emotion has been non-stop. On the day is Sunday, granddaughter Mandy did not go to kindergarten, her sister, Sister went home early in the morning to go play.

14:00, Mandy returned home from aunt, my father called her sister back home to do homework sister, her sister was married, lived in the village. “Her sister elementary school, you know to play, did not do the job.” Mandy would go alone, the sister’s home in the north end of the village,air max pas cher, she went out to the north along the dirt road in front of the home, out of one hundred meters enter an asphalt road, turn right, then through a small supermarket.

Mandy grandmother said, Mandy’s sister home in a few hundred meters away, but Mandy go out for half an hour did not come back, “I was in the stack of quilt,hogan prezzi, I heard Mandy cried out, and said his own ass hurts.” At the time, Mandy hands clutching a few sweets, crying and ran to the house, his mouth saying, “Grandma, my ass hurts.”

Since then slapped boss ran

Mandy grandmother bullied out that Mandy was hit, and son hurried out. “Granddaughter said there was a man made her butt hurt, I felt too much, how children play, and her dad went to that man’s theory.”

Mandy ass man is hurting the supermarket boss, grandmother with Mandy Mandy walk north along the dirt road and found blood on the asphalt road when Mandy’s pants came, “I was panicked, thinking that was hit bleeding,, and also to check off her pants,air jordan 4 pas cher, then he noticed something wrong, “three people came to the supermarket, the supermarket boss also sitting at the counter inside, Mandy grandmother asked him:.” you how can kids hands-on “,prezzi hogan,” he At that time even say sorry, and said ‘I was wrong,moncler outlet ufficiale,, I was wrong’, said as he slapped his face against two slap. ”

At this point, Mandy grandmother let son seize the police. Because acute go out, the phone falls on home, son out of the store by phone alarm, while holding Mandy Mandy grandmother stood outside the supermarket. In this case, the supermarket boss suddenly got up and ran to the back door to the supermarket, got into an alley Bypass West Hospital,hogan donna prezzi, south bolted,parka woolrich,, “I followed the chase son out, but did not catch up.”

Girls were raped in the van?

Later, Mandy was taken to hospital, and her family after repeated communication, she finally uttered the incident scene. The same day, Mandy went out the door after the supermarket, the supermarket boss stopped her, give her candy, Mandy did not ignore,, supermarket owner went out to pick up the Mandy went straight into the supermarket.

Supermarkets have a back door, the owner can enter through the back door of the house of West Branch, usually parked in the courtyard to the west cargo van, when the boss’s wife is on the second floor bedroom to sleep. “He put Mandy hold to the car, her head covered with clothes, and then off her pants. Mandy crying because of the pain more than he coax her with sugar.” Over 20 minutes later, Mandy from van Lane ran, clutching the candy, ran home crying.

According to hospital admissions records, Mandy was taken to hospital two hours after the incident, the lower body bruising bleeding. Hospital extracted secretions, which report that found no sperm.

Local police set up task force

RAISING District Public Security Bureau,, a responsible person in an interview with reporters said that after the incident, police rushed to the scene investigation, forensic identification injuries and young girls. At present, the suspect fled. Xuzhou City, passes through the district police has set up a task force, and the suspect online pursuit, police said the case is very negative, the panel will go all out to hunt down the suspects,louboutin france, to prevent the impact detection, temporary inconvenience to disclose details of the case .

Family worried

Will not affect

Girl next life

Yesterday afternoon, Mandy lying on a hospital bed listening to her mother read a story book, she was wearing a pigtail on his head, is very cute. Mandy’s mother said after the incident, Mandy often awakened from their sleep and crying more than, “In the past she was not the case, she is a particularly sensible child, lively, intelligent,, able to teach kindergarten texts back down,air jordan pas cher femme, see to call on anyone cry. “Whenever the family filed the same day thing, Mandy always silent language, head down, rubbing his hands.

According to the description about a number of villagers, the supermarket boss,, 40, is near the village, his wife Mandy same village, five or six years ago to open a supermarket here. “This man is usually very honest, supermarket business is good,,veste moncler pas cher, really can not think of such a thing actually will dry out. Heard some time ago that he and his wife have trouble, two ferocious fights.” Said a villager supermarket opposite.

Mandy’s mother, said she was most worried that this will affect the future life Mandy, it might affect her fertility, and her mental health. “We and the supermarket boss no injustice Wu Chou, how his heart for kids to start?!”
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