air jordan 4 white cement

The Air Jordan 5 borrows some inspiration from the Jordan 4 with this “White Cement” colorway that drops in the AM. Will you be grabbing a pair? Tap the link in our bio for the latest images and release information. #kicksonfire

Sneaker Passion

Sneakers have been a part of my life since I’m about 8 years old. I started buying sneakers when i was about 13/14 hustling around to make enough money to buy sneakers.

When I was 8 years old I saw the bigger kids in my hood walking around in the Nike Air Max 1 OG Red and I instantly fell in love even though I don’t like red as a color that much.

When I was able to get money they were one of the first sneakers I purchased alongside a pair of Jordans. I was fortunate enough to find an OG pair of both the Air Max 1 as the Jordan 4 White Cement. Because I was hustling to get money I couldn’t take my pairs home with me so I left them at a friends place where I would go before going to school to I could put my kicks on.

My parents didn’t have that much money so they couldn’t buy me that many sneakers. We (my brother and I) did get a pair of bball sneakers at each season start and those were the moments our parents spoiled as a bit.

I remember them letting my buy the Nike Air Force Max Black one year. I loved them so much. Now I have that same pair on display because of the memories. I also had the Reebok Double Pump (that’s what I called them) with the weird system on the heel you could switch from left to right. I also played a season in the Nike Air Raid 2 Peace Edition Black version. Still one of my personal grails. After the bball season ended I ended up skating in them and killing them.

Since the OG pair in 1992 I was able to have the pair 3 more times killing all of them. The last one I still have at home in a box as I can not put them on display.

Back then it couldn’t be called a passion as there was not really a community like now. I didn’t know anybody else who like me was so passionate about sneakers and just wanted more and more sneakers.

Also back then I never really thought about stocking them which led to me rocking all my sneakers to the points of killing them. I don’t look back with regrets as I have enjoyed rocking my sneakers but from time to time I do feel guilty about rocking to the point of destruction.

So many sneakers that never made it to the collection I have built since I realized what sneakers meant to me. The funny this is most of the sneakers I worn back then were underrated but now became like holy grails to everybody which always surprised me.

But this is a whole conversation for some other time.

Let’s keep to the subject at hand. Like I was saying, sneakers have been a part of my life since I’m a kid and it has turned from rocking to collecting to a real hardcore passion.

But now I’m in a position which might give me the opportunity to work in the world which is my passion. I will not name any companies or whatever as I’m still in the middle of everything but tomorrow might just be the most important meeting of my life.

I never thought I would be in a position where I could make my passion my work. Off course most sneaker collectors would love to work in the sneaker world. But personally I always felt like I wanted to keep work and passion separated. Now I feel the time has come to take this step.

Most sneaker people when they start a blog it’s with the purpose to gain some name recognition. Same goes for an instagram account or facebook page. And maybe a part of me does it for that same reason but the main reason for me is that all of that serves as a form of therapy.

I will explain more about that in later posts.

Anyway, tomorrow I will know more.