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Be a bad neighbor, I get your house...

I live on a nice quiet one lane road with very few neighbors. The neighbors that I do have are all nice and respectful of everyone else. Near the end of my driveway there was a really old mobile home that had a few extra rooms built on to it, they were nice enough and kept what they had looking as nice as they could. Eventually they moved out and the mobile home was removed leaving a three walled room there, about 10'X20’.

Now the bad neighbors (a man and a woman) moved in, they built a fourth wall onto the room closing it in and started living in it. I don’t care what your house looks like, they could have lived there in a tent as far as I’m concerned but they were loud and obnoxious. Very loud.

They would be outside at 3am on a week day revving their motorcycle (with no mufflers) for 30-45 minutes, loud stereo going or fighting with each other. Loud screaming arguments were frequent. The guy would ride his two stoke dirt bike up and down the street being as loud as he could, he had a truck with air horns on it that he blow every time he came home regardless of what time it was. All of this was frequent and ongoing every week for about three months before I finally had enough of it.

I tried calling the police a few times but they really didn’t do anything. I finally started filing complaints with the city Property Code Enforcement, they get shit done. Every week I would go to the city’s Code Enforcement website a file a new complaint on the property. Things like no gutters, the house didn’t have siding or a proper roof, vehicles parked in the grass, junk and trash everywhere on the property and every other little thing that I could think of. I also reported them to the city for not having permits for the improvements that were being done to the property.

After about two months I was pulling into my driveway and noticed there was a bright pink sticker and some papers stuck on the door of their “house”. All of their cars were gone so I walked over there to look at it. It was a notice to vacate the property, the structure had been condemned as unsafe. I never saw them there again.

The “house” was demolished and the property put up for sale. I found out from a neighbor that their (the neighbor) brother bought it and is planning to build a garage on it to store cars in. It’s back to being a nice quite place to live.

I would like to emphasize that had they been respectful of everyone else around them they could still be living there. I wouldn’t have done anything. I don’t care what what you do on your property or what it looks like until it directly affects me, especially being excessively loud at night and waking everyone up. Repeatedly.


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