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*Masterpost of all elements HERE

  • REPRESENTS: Your mind, intelligence, communication, physic abilities (e.g Telepathy), dreams, wishes, inspiration and knowledge.
  • SYMBOLS: The sky, the wind, clouds, smoke, feathers, birds, breath, flesh and vibration.
  • SEASON: Spring
  • TIME: Dawn
  • SENSES: Hearing and smell
  • PLANETS: Jupiter and Venus
  • ZODIACS: Libra, Gemini and Aquarius
  • COLOURS: Yellow, crimson and white
  • STONES: Topaz, amethyst, alexandrite, aquamarine, clear crystals and rainbow stones.
  • HERBS: Primrose, Pansy, leaves, clove, dill and lavender
  • ANIMALS: Spiders, winged insects (e.g Ladybug), Eagle, Raven.
  • ELEMENTALS:  Sylphs, Zephyrs, Fairies of trees, flowers and winds and Angels.
  • CHAKRA: Heart Chakra
  • MAGICK WORK: Manifesting, karma work, prophetic visions, divination and wind/storm magick
  • RITUALS: Burning incense, visualisation, positive thinking, decorating trees/ hanging objects in the air, tossing things over your shoulder and travelling.
  • AIR PERSONALITIES: Are the logical thinkers, the intellectuals and the problem solvers, if a person is ever in trouble or in need of a second opinion, air personalities are the people to call on. They value the thinking process, have a strict attention to fine details, and often believe that everything must be worked out perfectly and in proper order before action can be taken. Air personalities are the type of people who can adapt to any situation quickly, they can pick up on social cues and problems easily and will go out of their way to resolve the issues at hand. They are beautiful minds who have an easier time impressing themselves than relying on someone else to entertain them.

    Air personalities have a very interesting side to them too. Although they are very intellectually gifted individuals, they often can come across as stubborn, rude, judgmental or even narcissistic if they are not in balance with themselves and their heart chakra. The hardest thing for an air personality to overcome is their own ego; dropping that pride and not always having to be ‘right’. However, spending some time outside, feeling the wind on your face is the easiest way to get back to the centre of self. Enjoy a hike to the top of a tall hill, a look-out scenic point or a mountain top. Check out hotels, apartments and towers where you can go to the top floor and feel the power of the wind crashing against you like an enormous wave; sit outside or with the windows open during the thunderstorm or spend some time browsing around a quiet old library; Air personalities are easily made content by the least materialistic things.