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You looked into my mother’s eyes and you said a great war lay ahead of us, one in which pirates and slaves would stand together and strike a blow that might shake the very foundation of the British Empire. Now our ships are gone, our army is fractured, battered, and beaten. And the only man among you I trusted is dead.

Christmas Pt. 1

A/N: This was requested to do a Christmas imagine with Shawn! This is part 1 of a possible 2, so if you enjoyed this please let me know and I can continue to write about the rest of Christmas day:) I may also be doing a New Years Eve and Day imagine soon so look out for that one! Hope you enjoy x


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It was Christmas Eve, and you were sat in your boyfriend’s living room with him, his parents and younger sister. The Christmas tree lights were glistening in the corner of your eye, and Shawn’s sister, Aaliyah, was putting on her favourite Christmas film for you all to watch together. The atmosphere was relaxed, but there was also a sense of excitement in the air as everyone looked forward to Christmas day the next day. Shawn put his arm around you on the sofa, and his mum smiled over at you both, content at your happiness.

 “Hey Y/N,” Shawn almost whispered to you, “I can’t wait to give you your present tomorrow.” He grinned, which made the butterflies in your stomach that are always there when you’re around him go crazy.

“Well, I can’t wait to receive it! I have high expectations.” You joked. 

Shawn replied, “No pressure then or anything.”

“I’m scared my present to you is going to be awful now.” You truthfully state to Shawn.

 “I already have been given the best gift I could’ve asked for.” Shawn says.

Confused, you ask, “And what is that exactly?” 

Almost embarrassed, Shawn replies, “You… here… with me right now.” You feel your cheeks warm, and the butterflies go crazy once more.

“Thanks.” You reply to him softly.

Aaliyah sat down on the other sofa with her parents by her side and shushed you both as the film began to play. You put your head into Shawn’s chest and muffle your laugh. Shawn looks down at you lovingly, as you attempt to get comfy and lie down to watch the film with everyone. He strokes and plays with your hair throughout the entire film, making you feel tired, but also at home even though your own family aren’t there. Before you know it, your eyes are slowly closing and you are drifting away into a peaceful sleep.

Waking up with a start, you feel someone’s hands around your waist and shoulders picking you up.

“Oh my god! Shawn! You scared me.” You laugh and tell him.

Shawn looks upset, “I’m so sorry, Y/N, I didn’t mean to I was just trying to take you to my bed without waking you up. You looked so peaceful and I know it’s normally hard for you to sleep on Christmas Eve because you get so excited.”

 “That’s very true,” you say laughing, “Well I won’t stop you then.”

Shawn proceeds to gently grab your waist and lift you up almost in a bridal carry position.

“You won’t be able to do this at this time tomorrow; I’ll be double the size with all of the turkey and chocolate.” You tell him laughing hysterically.

Shawn responds, “Don’t worry, I can manage.”

Shawn climbs the stairs, holding you close to his chest as though you are precious diamonds and gold. He opens the door to his room and places you delicately on his bed and you don’t even bother to get changed or take off your makeup, because you are that exhausted.

Shawn gets into bed next to you and whispers, “Goodnight beautiful, and Merry Christmas.”

It’s 6:00am and Shawn’s sister can be heard all through the house. “Wake up every one! Wake upppppp! Santa’s been!” As soon as Shawn hears her voice, he literally leaps out of bed and pulls on his slippers.

“Morning, Y/N! Come on, I know you’re probably not used to this, but I would like to show you a typical ‘Mendes Christmas’.” He says to you with an excited expression plastered on his face.

“Well, Shawn, I would love to experience a ‘Mendes Christmas’. Lead the way!” You say as you hop out of bed too and grab your dressing gown that you brought with you from home.

Shawn grins at you, and pulls you close in for a kiss, “I love you so much.”

“I love you too.” You reply.

He takes your hand and runs downstairs with you, to where the stockings hang by the fireplace and the gifts lay by the tree. His parents come towards you with open arms saying in a chorus, “Merry Christmas Y/N!” 

Aaliyah’s beaming face looks up at Shawn and you, the excitement radiating off of her.  It feels too perfect, like a cheesy Christmas film that you would watch to get you in the festive spirit, only it’s not. This is your life now, and it’s amazing.

“Who wants to give presents?” Shawn looks like a little puppy, his eyes wide with anticipation. You can tell he is probably the happiest he has ever been.

A/N: I’m really sorry if there are any spelling mistakes in this and if I overloaded on the cheese :/ hahaha but yes, if you would like to request an imagine, just pop it in my ask box here!

Things YoI Fans/Ficcers Should Know About Skating (#3)

There is no such thing as a quadruple (quad) axel. No one has landed it, I don’t think anyone has tried.

The axel is a really difficult jump because of its forward takeoff. You have to throw your body into the air forwards and twist to rotate backwards right after. It takes a huge amount of speed and power.

Men do triple axels in competitions. It’s rare in women’s competition, but there are at least five ratified landings in competition. The first was Midori Ito. Other female competitors include Japan’s Mao Asada, and Russia’s Elizaveta Tuktamysheva.**

Keep in mind that quads became a necessity in the men’s completion recently in the last fifteen years. One used to be a big deal.*** Now, Nathan Chen just broke the record with five in one program.

**Edited with aid from friendly @jennibeultimate (Thanks!) and my sister (who’s a coach).

***As @jennibeultimate pointed out, since 2015 having two quads is necessary to be competitive in the top field. However, they are not a technical requirement (you can compete without them, see Jason Brown 2017 U.S. Nationals) but you won’t rank highly.

I’m fascinated by the way in which the second half of the zodiac houses (and signs, to an extent) are so public and shared, whereas the first half are so private and personal. (You could even go so far as to say that the first half is the past and what we already have and know, whereas the second half is the future.) You can even pair them off into sister houses:

1st house says ‘This is me!’; 7th house says ‘This is us!’

2nd house is personal physical possessions; 8th house is shared subconscious traits

3rd house says ‘Look what I know’; 9th house says ‘Look what we must learn’

4th house is personal life; 10th house is public achievements

5th house is creating for self; 11th is creating for the good of others

6th house is personal servitude; 12th house is spiritual servitude

But think about this: fire and earth are known for their honesty and straight-forwardness, whereas air and water signs are more deceptive and tend to have more vivid imaginations (there being exceptions, of course). Maybe that’s because two fire signs and two earth signs are in the first half of the self, making them sort of… straightforward. Whereas air and water signs are concentrated in the second half, strengthening their connection to others and the shared psyche, meaning that not having that strong access to ‘themselves’ gives the a changing and unpredictable energy.

What kind of energy, then, does that give Gemini, Cancer, Sagittarius and Capricorn? Not an easy one, that’s for sure. I feel that the conflict in these signs is very interesting and probably what makes them so different from their elemental counterparts in many ways. Air signs are known for allocentrism, but Gemini? Not so much. Water signs tend to have deep connections to the psyche, but Cancer’s is less pronounced than the other two. Fire signs can be seen as simple, but Sagittarius is very complex. And earth signs are supposed to follow the rules. Capricorn? Hahaha. This is why I want to look deeper into these four signs - I would appreciate any thoughts on my theory.

She walked down a single path that would take her through one of the city parks, away from the rows of buildings and the busy streets. It was cool tonight, but not uncomfortably so, and for that she was grateful. Perhaps she should have brought someone with her, but there was a note on her bed back at the Institute and she had her phone. 

Her feet crunched on a few stones as she crossed towards a small bridge and leaned up against its edge. Peered out at what was below. Time ticked away and after a couple minutes she pressed on, eventually stepping off of the path and onto some snow. The grass was beginning to show in some spots. She stopped once she reached a rock, a pond just beyond it. Clary hopped onto the stone and gently guided her backpack down to the ground. 

She drew in a sharp breath of air and closed her eyes, letting what little wind there was whip against her face. 

The world stood still around her.    

Morning, Darlin' (Steve x Reader) Part 3

Summary: Y/N and Steve have history, but they don’t get along. Now they’re stuck in a house in the middle of nowhere with the other Avengers, and end up having to share a bed. With Bucky torn between them, the situation seems to become increasingly unclear as Y/N and Steve are forced to spend more time with each other than either of them wants.

Chapter List


Part Three

The rope around your neck tightened and tightened. You tried to grab hold of it, but it wasn’t there. Nevertheless, you were suffocating, and you could do nothing about it. You coughed and spluttered, trying desperately to get a whiff of oxygen, but you couldn’t. Suddenly the rope dissolved, and you fell to the floor, gasping for air. You tried crawling forward, but realised you couldn’t. Your body was paralyzed, but your mind was fully functional. You were in a box-type room, dark walls and floor, a single window on the wall in front of you. All of a sudden the window opened and masses of water flowed in. You tried to get up and run, but you were still paralyzed. The water started suffocating you, and your lungs were on fire. Out of nowhere, the room started shaking, and you were slowly losing touch with reality.

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The Fairchild Republic A-10 Thunderbolt II is an American twin-engine, straight wing jet aircraft developed by Fairchild-Republic in the early 1970s. It is the only United States Air Force production aircraft designed solely for close air support, including attacking tanks, armored vehicles, and other ground targets with limited air defenses. The A-10 was designed around the 30 mm GAU-8 Avenger rotary cannon that is its primary armament. The A-10’s airframe was designed for durability, with measures such as 1,200 pounds (540 kg) of titanium armor to protect the cockpit and aircraft systems, enabling it to absorb a significant amount of damage and continue flying.  The A-10’s official name comes from the Republic P-47 Thunderbolt of World War II, a fighter that was particularly effective at close air support. The A-10 is more commonly known by its nicknames “Warthog” or“Hog”. Its secondary mission is to provide airborne forward air control, directing other aircraft in attacks on ground targets. The A-10’s service life may be extended to 2028, though there are proposals to retire it sooner.

Broken [ Part Eight ]

Prologue ( Optional ) || Part 1 || Part 2|| Part 3 || Part 4||Part 5|| Part 6||Part 7||Part 8|| Part 9|| Part 10|| Part 11 ||Part 12 ||Part 13 ||Part 14|| Part 15||Part 16|| Part 17 || Part 18 || Part 19 || Part 20 ||

Summary : Can a broken soul be put back together ? ( Mafia Au )

Warnings: Blood, violence.{ Mom I hope I made you proud. }

You’re going to hate me so much after reading this.

For a moment everything seemed still. You felt like you were floating on thin air. You were pushed forwards from the shock knocking the man holding you as well.

Hoseok having missed the first shot was certain not to do it twice. As soon as your body left Jae-In’s he pulled the trigger again with extreme determination. The bullet did hit the target this time but not to kill as it only scraped the side of his arm making a small amount of blood splatter then settled into a hole in the ground.

Namjoon held Jungkook back before he could reach you dragging him away while the other two – Jin & Yoongi – covered his back since everyone from the other side were getting their guns out and ready. Hoseok giving up on his original goal turned to shoot one of the Jae-In’s men whose gun was dangerously aimed at the members. And for once hitting him perfectly to the head making him fall to the ground dead and giving the others a chance to escape before the rest of the men were ready to shoot as well. Taehyung abandoned his weapon before he could even utilize it, much to his displeasure, and took the wheel driving them off and away from the scene to join where ever Hoseok was.

Things started moving again, to you, when your body hit the ground. Blood welling up to your sides almost instantly mixing up with the dirt. The pain came soon after in a form of an intense electric shock to your brain making you scream out in agony bringing attention to yourself. You squirmed around, your hand coming up to your shoulder but not quite enough to reach the actual wound. Your first instinct was to push down on it but you could feel both of your arms growing numb and eventually motionless. This is it. You thought to yourself, your head starting to feel uncomfortably light. Seeing the blood to your sides, you gave up on putting pressure and laid still looking up to the sky. Each second feeling like an eternity.

You waited for the “ light” or, at the least, the playback of memories you had been promised. But nothing of the kind happened, you only smelled the scent of wet dirt and blood. Your eyes clouded with newly formed tears. The fresh aroma of dirt reminded you dearly of rainy night, your favorite kind of nights.

Jae-In stood up holding onto his arm to stop the bleeding before looking down at you when the loud piercing scream left your parted lips. His eyes moved to Jimin who had been holding the gun so tightly in his hand, his knuckles were white, but having not shot out one bullet from it only pretended to be planning offense. “ What are you standing there for ! Take her !” He called out to him peeling Jimin from his dozing off state. He quickly ran to your side picking you up from the ground and taking you back into the van.

Just when the pain settled into a mild, bearable one and you felt yourself drifting into what felt like deep sleep. The strong arms nudging you up revived another storm of aching through your body in forms of constant waves of excruciating pain. You tried to pull yourself away but unable to as Jimin kept you in place with a tight apologetic touch. He set you inside the backseat before climbing in himself then made you lean forward against him. He pushed a discarded shirt onto the wound as hard as he could on the back of your shoulder leaving you only able to whimper and let out low grunts into his chest.

You slowly felt your senses die off into the deep. You closed your eyes accepting it for what it seemed like to you : The end.


They drove off into the dirtied path, Namjoon still trying hard to keep the squirming youngest in place while Taehyung took them to where Hoseok had been patiently waiting.

The car stopped and Jungkook fleeted the boy’s grasp jumping out the car immediately. He walked at an agonizing fast pace towards Hoseok. He didn’t feel himself do what he was about to do, driven by blinding anger – for whatever reason that is -. He swung a clenched fist at the older’s jaw making him fall back.

“ I told you not to fucking shoot !” He yelled out furiously hovering over Hoseok.

The other rubbed his jaw, wiping the blood from his mouth, and trying not to let out a similar response seeing how shaken up Jungkook was, wondering since when had he been that way and how was he not able to notice it before. - Jungkook not having really put up much effort to hide it -

However, the eldest wasn’t so patient as he got out the car kicking Jungkook into the floor next to Hoseok as he tripped forwards. “ Have you forgotten your place, brat ?! ”

Hoseok stood up abandoning both the rifle and the youngest on the ground and walking back into the van taking Taehyung’s place. Jungkook flipped around balancing himself on his elbows before eventually standing up straight again “ Hyung … I … She” He couldn’t find words through the mess going on into his brain, muffled with your screams of pain.

“ She was going to die anyways, get her off your mind this instance, or I will beat her out of you ” Jin threatened as if Jungkook had the power to just switch off his worried feelings as simply as that. If it could’ve been done, this whole revenge wouldn’t be taking place anyways.

During the ride back, Hoseok strangely and unwillingly understood Jungkook’s reaction, now that he realized what he had been so oblivious to. Now that he started sorting out moments when Jungkook’s eyes lingered on you more than then they should, how careful he was every time you were in his arms and how much time he spent with you for the silliest reasons. He couldn’t protest against his actions either because he, himself, was beginning to feel remorse over what happened moments ago. The image of his bullet penetrating your frail body through his scope making him feel disgusted of himself. But, it was for a reason, it is for a reason. At least that’s the excuse he used to be convinced that it wasn’t wrong. It wasn’t his fault, you came into his line of vision. It was her fault. He concluded.


An itch, an uncomfortable, uncontrollable and unsatisfying itch was what waked you up. You parted your heavy eyelids slowly taking in the light. Sadly, “I’m still alive.” You sighed deeply, the air coming in and out burning your lungs.

“ This reminds me of the old days, beautiful.” That voice again, but this time it didn’t feel like a dream, it sounded real … it was real. Your eyes widened to take in the sight of a smugly smirk decorating his disgustingly ugly face. Unable to look at him for more than a split second, your eyes darted off of him to the figure, gloomy, next to him. Jimin’s eyes wavered as if he had met eyes with a ghost. Now, only, looking at his shoes like he was in love with them.

You were stripped of your sweater, left only in a blood covered tank top which didn’t do much to cover you. The bleeding had stopped, and they messily gauzed up your shoulder, the bandages searingly tight, then put you into a chair. While the order in which those happened may be irrelevant at the moment, you, again, were back to the starting point. You shifted a little then stopped all motions when the pain started to wake up again. You let out a grunt then quickly swallowing it back when seeing the amused, satisfied look on the man in front of you.

The door opened and you knew who it was just from the sound of familiar footsteps. “ We always seem to find ourselves in this situation baby.” He stepped in your line of sight taking the other man’s place since you couldn’t turn back to look at him. “ You promised that it would be the last time. But, here we are again.” He shrugged before glaring back at you “ And, this time you even brought people along to kill me, you little bitch ” Jimin’s heart jumped at that sentence. He stood there knowing that it was only a matter of seconds before you spilled out how deep he was into this and how you weren’t even on the surface. He waited, but you didn’t say anything. Mainly because you weren’t given a chance, or so he thought.

And just like you predicted, this time was going to be the worst of them all.

“ Jae-In … ” You whispered, your voice barely audible but before you could say anything the stinging sensation of his open palm hitting your cheek made you go silent once again. Your head turned at the impact and your eyes met those of Jimin who flinched at the loud slap.

“ Don’t you dare say my name like that.” He shouted with force. You lowered your head shutting your eyes tightly, to subdue the pain creeping up from the back of your shoulder.

Jae-In cleared his throat adjusting his posture before continuing in a more calm tone. “ Since when did you have connections ? Or did you whore yourself to one of them ?” He waited to see your reaction, to hear your answer but nothing. He shifted again, leaning back against the wall “ Was it the dark haired one ? I saw the way you clung at him like a little …” You snapped your head up to glare at him interrupting him mid-sentence. He smirked, almost bitterly, before nodding.

“ So, it was him.”

It felt offending, hell even humiliating for those allegations to be put on you. But most of all, you didn’t want him speaking of Jungkook in any way, shape or form. Not the only person who had been nice to you through out this entire time, not the only person who comforted you, and let you be comforted.

You were still not speaking, not answering the multiple questions about the men, who they were, their names, their location |…| Questions both you and Jimin answered internally. Jae- In was starting to feel annoyed and impatient with your response, - or  the lack of it - . He looked up at the man before advancing towards him, a hand resting on his aching arm.

“ That bullet needs to come out, don’t you think ?” He whispered, his hand leaving his arm to land on the other’s shoulder. The man only smiled back getting the knife out of his pants in a similar motion to the first time.

In one swift movement, he removed the bandages from the nasty, still throbbing wound. “ You know, beautiful, I really hate doing this.” lie You could feel his fingertips shivering in utter and extreme enjoyment against the sensitive skin. “ You can just tell him what he wants to hear, and I wouldn’t have to do this to you.” At this point, you couldn’t even remember the question nor if there was a question to begin with.

“ I don’t know ” You blurred out, stuttering from the pain. And you weren’t lying, you didn’t know where they were. - You only knew that one of them was in the same room right now -

Jimin took a threatening step forwards, which Jae-In noticed. “ Stop.” He ordered and the knife’s tip came to a halt before it could scrape the surface of your skin. You breathed out a long held exhale. The man turned raising an eyebrow to his boss who only smirked his eyes focused on Jimin.

“ I think Jiminie here, would love to try it. Don’t you ?” He asked the orange haired male who shook his head almost immediately.

“ I think you do … actually, scratch that, I know you do.” He motioned to the other with his fingers to hand over the knife. Which he did with an unsatisfactory look, maybe even glare, having lost the chance to enjoy himself.

Jimin’s trembling hand wrapped around the grip as he positioned himself behind you, where the other once stood. Both your backs turned to Jae-In. He was hesitant to do anything, his lips parted into a trembling mess, while his free hand found your other shoulder. The coldness of his hand against the your flaming skin soothed the pain a little but even that couldn’t repay for what he was about to do, the pain he was about to be giving you. You gulped closing your eyes again, and again holding in your breath which seemed to trivially help you through as you felt the tip of the knife close in on your back. No matter how many times this had been done to you, it still hurt more and more each time.

Click. He started playing with his lighter again.

You let out a strangled scream when the blade finally penetrated the skin creating a line where the hole once was. Jimin’s head lowered onto yours, his forehead pressed against the back of your head. A motion Jae-In couldn’t see from where he stood.


He kept whispering “ Sorry. ” into your ear, like it would help one bit. You couldn’t hear him anyways through the piercing pain.


You still didn’t speak.


Why weren’t you speaking ? That’s what agonized Jimin the most. At one point, through your screams and the clicking sound he almost wanted to urge you to answer, he almost answered in your place. He preferred being dead over hearing one more shattering cry for help leaving your lips.

He only stopped when the small shard of metal hit the ground completely indulged in blood. Then, you went silent. Not a word, not a sound. He swallowed hard and rough thinking you were dead. Which you would have wished to be. Only feeling at ease when your chest rose up then down, the sound of your heavy breathing now filling the room. Your breaths were shaky and quivering with dry coughing. The knife fell down as well, joining the bullet on the ground. Blood dripping down traumatizing Jimin but at least you weren’t losing too much of it compared to the first time. It was still a terrifying amount.


“ As always, this was pointless” Jae-In stated closing the lighter.

“ Then, why …” Jiming uttered fearfully’’ Why would you do it ? “. Words the boss wasn’t very fond off, especially coming from someone lower than him.

” So, she would learn her lesson.“ The other man replied in Jae-In’s place who stepped closer to Jimin putting his arm over his shoulder. ” That’s none of your business, jiminie. You’re only here to take orders. Patch her up and put her in the room. Then come see me.“ Those were the last things he said before walking out the space leaving you alone with Jimin.

He quickly came up to the front, cradling your head up to look at him since you were too weak to do it yourself. ” I’m so…sorry. I had no-o choice.“ He kept repeating like a broken disk. He wiped the sweat clouding your vision when you tried to open your eyes to see him. Your lips were a light shade of blue, shaking with every breath. Your breathing eventually steadied and you fought the frightening urge to sleep. New bandages were now put on you, less chaotically than before since he put in great care into wrapping them as painlessly as he could. That was his way of apologizing, but it was still not enough. Jimin untied you from the chair, pulling you into his arms not even risking the attempt to try and make you stand, then walked you back into the room. The room you supposedly shared with your ” fiance “. Only now did he understand why you laughed with disbelief anytime they would bring up love, or the sweet connection you had with him, only now did he know that they have chosen the wrong person, only now did he realize that he was a monster just like him … they were all monster, just like him.

By now, you had lost an awful lot of blood which caused this sensation of vertigo, one you felt way too many times. You craved something … sweet. You mind, to drift you away from the hurt, kept delving into your childhood memories reminding you of all the candies you’ve seen and tasted even down to the trivial details of brand names and flavors. But, every time he would shake you up when you slipped out of his grasp, you would be brought back into the pain, low and weak cries leaving your dry lips. And every time you did so, he would whisper ” Sorry. “. That was the only word he could remember right now.

Pushing through the door, you opened your eyes to see that room again. God you hated the sight of it. You wanted to break free from him and run, but how could you do that when every last of your energy was being drained by the simple act of breathing. You wanted to go back home, you wanted to go anywhere else but here … You wanted to go back to Jungkook.

He laid you down on the bed all so gently, leaning you on your other side then putting pillows down the other to keep you from turning on the wound. He only turned after making sure you were as comfortable as you could be in that situation, making his way out to go find out what Jae-In wanted to see him for. He stopped just before he walked out the room, glancing back at you.

” Y/N … “ He started, not waiting for you to answer, since he knew you wouldn’t be able to.” Why didn’t you tell him about me ?“

You heard him clearly and tried to find the power to say something, anything. The words only came out in your mind.

” So you could kill him’‘ 

Thank you for reading. 

anonymous asked:

Hey I'm a trumpet player but I'm teaching myself to play a lil' bit on the flute for fun, I've got the lowest octave covered but when I'm playing an octave above that the notes split- how do you stop this? Again sorry this is probably such a stupid question but I'm very new to this!

Hi! Great question. This is a common problem for flutists, especially beginners. I always recommend trying to keep your tongue wide, relaxed and forward. Don’t push air to get to the middle and higher registers. Keep the corners of your lips wide, while pursed, and use the muscles right below your bottom lip to support the embouchure. Thinking “forward air” can help as well. Sometimes I ask students to stair at something across the room, slightly higher than their direct viewpoint, and imagine directing your airstream towards that point. That usually helps relax the throat and upper lip.

I actually believe that the buzzing technique brass players use can help develop the correct/ natural embouchure for flute playing. Playing the flute also requires resistance as we don’t have a reed. Try to apply some of your trumpet warm-up techniques to find consistency in sound throughout the lower to higher registers.

I hope this was helpful, and not too vague. Thanks for your question and best of luck in your practice!