air force homecoming

The wait is over! 5 months and 13 days later you’re finally home. That’s over 23 weeks, 165 days, 3,960 hours, 237,600 minutes, and 14,256,000 seconds without you. I know you will leave again one day but I also know you will always come home to me. My time without you has made me cherish every moment we share together, every touch is something special. You sacrifice everything for me and the rest of this country and for that I can never thank you enough but I hope vowing to love you until my last breath will be a start. Welcome home Airman, you’re my hero!❤️🇺🇸


Okay, I’m actually really obsessed with this song and video. It encapsulates what military s/os go through to a T.

Deployment Playlist: Take Me Home - Us

He came home! 😁 He was setting me up for a surprise the whole time, his flights kept getting pushed back but he finally came home! My family and friends and coworkers knew about it the whole time while I was trying to piece together clues because they were acting weird. But he came in and I was finally able to hold onto him and kiss him after months of not being able to. We didn’t sleep the whole night with his body still on Japan time, and just because we were so excited to see each other again.

I missed this guy so much and now we’re together for almost a month before he goes to his next assignment. I’m so incredibly lucky and grateful

Isn’t it odd how the first time you see someone you love after not seeing them for a long period of time you feel like you’re dreaming? As if their presence is just a figment of your imagination. After going months on end of anticipating and thinking about the moment you two will meet again, when the time actually comes that moment is surreal, and nothing else compares.