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Stamped Clay Bowls | Gathering Beauty

Aren’t these gorgeous?! And seriously, the process is so easy to follow, you’re going to have a stack of these bowls in no time. What to do with all your bowls? Keep them on your bedside table or near your front door for your keys/jewels/watch. Put it in your bathroom with some pretty soaps in it or just use them as decoration anywhere in your house. Plus this would make a really lovely gift - you should be able to get a few bowls from a packet of clay, meaning you’ve got a cheap gift that looks a million bucks!

DIY Air Dry Clay | Mashia Crafts

Air Dry Clay or Cold Porcelain is so fun to use - like playdough but it air dries hard. I was a bit dubious of how easy it was to make but all you need is glue, cornstarch, lemon juice and baby oil… and a microwave! You can dye it any colour you want, which means you’re going to save money on buying lots of different colours. Have a look back through the archive for lots of projects you can create with your new DIY dough!

DIY Harry Potter Mandrake Root Bouquet for Valentine’s Day Tutorial from EPBOT.

Why give a dozen roses when you can give a magical DIY Harry Potter Mandrake Root Bouquet for Valentine’s Day? 

The mandrake is made from air dry clay, and the flowers are artificial. 

For over 300 of the best unique Valentine’s Day DIYs, go here.


Hairclip “Lavender and lilac” made from air dry clay.
Length: ~2.6 inches

Light, bright, fabulous hairclip with pink flowers of lilac and dark purple lavender. Perfect accessory for creating a romantic image. Made from air-dry clay from start to end by my hands, petal by petal. No two pieces will be exactly alike. Like a real flowers! Not fragile! They are very lightweight and beautifully semi-transparent.

♥ All of my items are designed and carefully handmade by me. ♥

♥ If you have any questions, just contact me ♥

DIY Air Dry Clay Claw Nails from Klaire de Lys. This DIY uses Fimo air dry or paper clay. The video tutorial is really good (as is her YouTube channel) and is under 3:30 minutes.

For more really good DIY Halloween Nail Art go here. If you don’t want to make actual claw nails, check out these nails.

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DIY Essential Oil Necklace Tutorial from mommypotamus.

Make air dry clay pendants that absorb essential oils. The oil is placed on the side of the pendant that doesn’t touch your skin or clothes. *Lots of answered questions in the comment section at the link.