air cruelty

Open starter: Being followed

Night. It was cold and full of sadness. The stars were casting a weak light down on Beleriand, and the moon had a melancholic face. Clouds were travelling fast to the west, but it would not rain that night. The wind was blowing, shaking the last leaves hanging from the tall trees with the crooked branches. There was loneliness in the night airs, there was cruelty in this world.

Huor felt more lonely than ever. He pondered the difference between loneliness and solitude, and he wondered why he had to travel alone. He did not like that but he had to do it. He had to find the way back home. He missed his house where he had lived for so long. It was the only place where he felt safe and calm.

But home was far away, and only the cold night was his companion. He looked at the clouds and the stars, praying to Varda. The prayer helped him feel better because he knew that Elbereth would listen to him. That moment, he had to think of something else. Someone was following him, and Huor had to defend himself if he was attacked. “Who are you?” he shouted as he turned back.

There was a time when the thought of going on without you would empty the air from my lungs.
And now here I am, and there it is, stretched out before me.
And somehow I will go on.
And that’s the cruelty of it, isn’t it?
We just keep on living, with empty lungs.
—  molliefox, The In Between

libras can get too caught up in acting how they believe people expect them to, rather than letting their true qualities shine. there is a great need to please in libra. they have a great psychic sensitivity to social cues, and a strong resistance to violence or cruelty. air keeps libra kind of floaty and detached, and yet venus expresses a welcoming warmth