air cooled porsche 911


RWB Japan visit

I was recently invited to visit Rauh-Welt-Begriff (RWB) in Chiba, Japan. The garage is the birthplace of the now internationally renowned Porsche tuning shop. 

It was crammed full of street and circuit RWB Porsches, some of which were being inspected and worked on by the owner of RWB; Akira Nakai. It was an honor to be able to watch Nakai-san work on the cars. The way he moves around the vehicles is reminiscent of an artist carefully and lovingly attending to a painting. I really felt like I was in the presence of a master at work. 

What struck me was how, despite RWB’s sleek image and international notoriety, the garage itself is still a local, old-school workshop. This is not some glossy, squeaky clean showroom. It’s a gritty, dirty, mechanic’s working place with tools, nuts, bolts and bits of bodywork scattered in every corner. The surroundings however, contrast the beautiful, clean flowing lines and glittering bodywork of the cars themselves.