air concept


The water flows and then freezes. 

The air cracks with lightning and rolls with thunder. 

The fire spreads throughout the earth. 

But you are still my light.

concept: you can finally dig you favorite sweater out of the back of your closet and when you put it on, you know today is going to be a good day. because you don’t need a jacket but it’s still cool enough where you won’t sweat profusely from wearing cotton and long sleeves. because you take a look at yourself in the mirror and smile at your reflection for the first time in months. because when you put it on, it feels like a hug from an old friend you haven’t seen in a while.

concept: the crunch of orange and yellow and red and brown leaves beneath your boots drown out the final crash of the waves against the ocean shore. the sun is setting sooner and sooner, but you welcome the darkness like an old friend. it is comforting and warm, despite the cooling air around you. 

concept: the taste of apple cider almost as sweet as their kiss (almost), and you both giggle, slightly embarrassed, at how sticky your lips are, or maybe just at how you’re both wearing the same kind of flannel shirt. you stand on a pumpkin, just to be taller than them, and the glow of the sun around their head looks like a halo.

concept: the warmest drink tastes the best on the chilliest night, and you sit outside to watch the sunset with a blanket draped around your shoulders. the world is still and silent, no screaming cicadas or biting mosquito or the sounds of children running through the streets before bed. the air is no longer thick and suffocating, and it’s a little easier to breathe.

concept: everything is orange. sometimes yellow, often times brown, but mainly orange. you look around and all you see is orange illuminating at every corner, the glow of tangerine and pumpkin and peach caressing everything in its sight. everything is a little bit dimmer but somehow brighter at the same time.

—  concept: fall is life
(cc, 2016)