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Back from the void, it’s that great time of the year again, when people have fun and enjoy holydays and I decided that it would be great if I spend that joyfull summer working. At least I have air conditionner, and this is wonderful. Have some alien hunters ~ 

  • Ty: Kit and I slept together.
  • Livvy: And?
  • Ty:
  • Ty: ...I thought you would be a little more shocked.
  • Livvy: *in shocked tone* AND?!?

when one of the most talented rpdr casts ever is getting screwed over by bad challenges and bad editing


I… really like Overlord… it’s such a good show it’s all I’ve ever wanted out of an anime… I love all of the characters and it’s hard for me to pick a favorite (besides Ainz ofc) but here are some I like a lot!!

01.11.17 // Hello November

It’s November at last! Of course, I managed to miss the first day of the #NovemberStudyChallenge, but I wouldn’t be true to myself if I wasn’t late.

I kicked off the new month by going paintballing, which turned out to be a lot of fun, although it’s definitely taking its toll on me in the form of several nasty bruises. It was good to do something fun and active though, so I can settle down to the hard work that November will inevitably throw at me. I’m still getting the hang of taking nice study photos, so hopefully I’ll get plenty of practice over the course of this study challenge!

Also, the beautiful matching wallpapers are by @emmastudies!

No Air

Summary: Set directly before Swan Song, the reader and Sam celebrate his birthday, one more time. 
Pairing: Sam x Reader
Words: 990
Warnings: The expected sad moments that would surround the events of Swan Song. 
Challenge: @impalaimagining‘s 3K Follower Celebration/Sam Winchester Birthday Celebration. My prompt was No Air by Jordin Sparks & Chris Brown.

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Luz Argentina Chiriboga is an Afro-Ecuadorian writer who was one of the first writers to address the duality African and Hispanic cultures. In her poetry and novels, she writes about women in ways that challenge preconceived stereotypes. Her short story “El Cristo de la mirada baja” won first prize in 1986 in the International Literary Contest of the Liberator General San Martín held in Buenos Aires.

Beginning in 1983, Chiriboga became involved in the Congress of Black Culture, participating in the event held in Cali, Colombia and the 1985 Congress in Panama. These conventions, inspired her to begin work on her novel Bajo la piel de los tambores (Under the Skin of the Drums).[1] The novel, published in 1991,[4] marked an emergence of Afro-Latina identity into what had been either a homogenized Hispanic literary tradition or an Afro-Hispanic tradition focusing on male protagonists.[5] Not only did it introduce race, but the work encompassed topics often avoided in Hispanic literature, such as birth control, fetishism, sexual violence, and others. It received favorable critical attention, as[4] as had a short story she published while she was working on the novel, called “El Cristo de la mirada baja”.[1] The story won first prize in 1986 in the International Literary Contest of the Liberator General San Martín held inBuenos Aires.[2]Chiriboga’s works challenge the stereotypes of women’s sexuality, and looks at desire, ignoring the traditions of propriety imposed by patriarchal honor codes and religious authority.[6] She confronts stereotypical ideas of clerical purity by depicting their sensuality and lustful black women with characters who are asexual.[7] Recognizing that men writing about women tend to poeticize them, Chiriboga uses her voice to raise consciousness.[8] She also questions the duality of culture and what it means to be part of the African Diaspora in a country dominated by Latino and mestizo traditions.[3] She has been a featured speaker at conferences and seminars throughout Africa, the Americas, the Caribbean and Europe, and has had her works translated into English, French, Italian and Quechua.

Ten giving us “Cherry Bomb” spoilers since 170320: “If u happy and u know just clap your hands”

CG: Elemental Magic

Air Spell for Direction

Stand in the wind, if it’s from the North - all the better.

Into the wind, say, sing, whisper or otherwise breathe with the following intent:

“North Wind blow true and strong,
Blessed One of Air,
Lead me to where I belong,
Great Wind take me there.”

For the record, chanting this out your car window onto the wind while driving on the highway at night seems to work - for when you are both literally and figuratively in need of direction.

Also for the record, chanting about other things out your car window onto the wind while driving on the highway at night appears to have pretty good results too.