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strippersheith! hunk wants to take keith to the movies for the night after a stressful week, lance butts in and decides that they're going to a stripclub instead! thank you in advance if you fill in my request <3

You’ve got it!! Thank you so much for supporting us by buying us a coffee, @itdans and I really appreciate it. Here’s a little thank you drabble, we hope you enjoy.<3

Keith was forced to admit that Hunk had terrible taste in friends, but Keith had long admitted that Lance had terrible taste in everything.

They were supposed to be having a quiet movie night, something to get them through the rest of the week, when the weekend felt as far away as the moon. Instead they were here, in the middle of flashing lights and a pounding beat, in a club that felt like it wanted to be fancier than it really was. In the center of it all was a large stage, not unlike a catwalk. In one corner sat a group of girls, talking in hushed whispers. In the other corner was a group of burly men who would not talk to each other at all. There were more people along the back, in strategically shadowed booths that Keith very pointedly did not look at.

It was a specific kind of club. Keith never should’ve let them talk him into this.

“Let’s get a seat at the front!” Lance yelled, already heading for one of the tables near the middle.

“Nooo.” Hunk argued, but it was the same ‘no’ that had gotten them into this mess in the first place because in all honesty, Hunk really liked bad ideas, too.

“I’m gonna get singles!”

Keith groaned.

“Can we go home yet?” He muttered as Lance exaggerated a gasp, hand to his chest like he’d been personally wounded.

“We’re doing this for you! You’re the one who’s been complaining about stress all week.” Lance said with a sharp grin, throwing an arm around Keith and Hunk. “So quit your bitching and relax. I promise you’ll enjoy the show.”

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Forever the One

Summary: When Omega Dan is of age, he is told by his father that he will be sold off to find an Alpha mate. Cue, Alpha Phil. Alpha Phil is in desperate need for a mate, and although Phil is only a few years older than Dan, he holds a reasoning behind why he needs a mate so quickly. When secrets are revealed that give up why Phil needed a mate, this story may not have a happy ending.

Chaptered Work: This is chapter 5 of 16.

Warnings: Very light smut as in some grinding, and some heated kissing. Overall, pure fluff. Mentions of illness and a brief mention of a panic attack. 

Word Count: 1,489

Authors Note: Happy Easter everyone! As my gift to you, I’m giving you a new update AND it has some smut! Look at me go! :)  I know that this chapters are not exactly long but do realize that I cannot work on something long because I tend to get bored and feel like I am dragging everything out way more than needed. But on the bright side, shorter chapters mean less waiting time for all of you! Hope you enjoy chapter five! Happy reading! :)


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You Know I Do | Zen/Hyun Ryu x Reader

RATING: Teen | GENRE: Action(?)/Drama | WORD COUNT: 335
SUMMARY: You and Zen have been taken hostage.
AUTHOR’S COMMENT: This was supposed to be a much longer fic before I decided to scrap/drop my MM fics, but I decided to share what I managed to write.

Zen takes a sharp inhale of breath at the pain in his side, his arms gingerly clutching around his stomach as his body curls up to help alleviate the pain. The actor had been beaten down and kicked around with no mercy, but he had no choice. After all, these worthless scum had taken you hostage, and Zen had no choice but to give up his own well-being for yours.

You flinch and turn away when the towering man plants one of his boots onto Zen’s stomach with enough force to make your boyfriend gasp for air, his eyes bulging wide. You don’t want to look away, but at the same time, you can’t bear to see the actor continue getting hurt for your own sake. It’s your fault; if you had just been more wary of your surroundings…

Another anguished cry leaves Zen’s lips, pulling you out of your self-blame and thoughts. Despite your best efforts, you’re unable to suppress the pitiful sob from your throat as you hang your head low. You’ve long since given up on trying to break free from your binds. The ropes only seemed to dig deeper into the skin of your wrists the more you struggled, making the skin raw.

That one heartbreaking sound reaches Zen’s ears, and he fights against the searing pain to lift his eyes to look at you. Sensing his gaze, you swallow the unpleasant lump in your throat and force yourself to direct your attention to the young man. There’s still a fire in his eyes, and it makes your chest swell with hope. The two of you manage to exchange words through just your gaze alone.

Zen’s eyes flicker over to the door behind you, the only exit in the room, before bringing his eyes back to meet yours. You understand that he means to escape, and though you want to believe in him, the doubt still creeps onto your visage. The actor flashes you a quick and small smile.

‘Trust me.’

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I Wanna be Yours

Dan’s been dating-well, seeing? He doesn’t know what to call it, this thing he has with Phil, this thing where they kiss and hold hands under tables and he’s allowed to stare at his shoulders-he feels fourteen years old and hopelessly smitten. Phil, on the other hand, doesn’t seem to be having this problem; he delights in calling Dan every embarrassing nickname he can think of. Dan hates it. Well, most of the time. Really.


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Where's Weiss?

So there was some drunk shouting outside my window again (someone shouting ‘we forgot Emily!’) and it had me and skiretehfox discussing this and it’s really long but oh well.

Flustered Yang looks after a drunk Weiss basically.

Warnings: alcohol, blood, some violence and implied dark themes. (but also freezerburn cuddles)


4954 words


The light pollution of the industrious city allowed less of a clear view of the night sky than Yang would have been awarded with back home, yet she still admired the limited sprinkling of winking stars that were visible on the sea of black velvet.

She growled and yanked her curtain across.

This was not aiding her studying process at all.

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You Haven’t Aged A Day

Part 5

“I’ve got enough anger and hate in me to make Hitler jealous.”

AN: I’m in my own special little AU here, anything is possible! And this is all a dream. WARNING: talk of torture, and swearing.

New York, 1928

It was a cold winter night. You and your mother had spent the day trying to sell knitted items, tea, and tarot readings on the streets. She had dropped the day’s revenue into your tiny and numb hands, saying she’d come home shortly. You gave her a smile, bundled up in another jacket, and went on your way.

You hummed a song you had learned the day before in school, and skipped along merrily. At the age of seven, you were a happy, care free child, who trusted everyone, and questioned known. Giving a little shiver, you turned down an alleyway and froze in your steps.

Before you were four kids from your school, but in two grades above you. They were big bullies from what you heard, and the biggest one, Thomas Hanks, took a big step towards you. “Well look who it is,” there was so much contempt in his voice that it made you cringe into your coat. “(Y/N) (Y/L/N), daughter of the gypsy.” he sneered, and the other kids laughed.

Even in the freezing cold, you could feel your cheeks turn bright red. One of the other kids, Eddie Burns, let out a loud laugh. “Are you going to put a curse on us, little witch?” he taunted, and tears started to form in your eyes.

“I sure will!” your little voice was shrill, and it seemed to carry out of the alley. “I-I-I’ll get my mom to put a hex on you!” even you could hear the wavering tone in your voice, and they laughed again, forming a circle around your small body.

Thomas’ eyes landed on the money clenched in your hands, and he grinned. “What’s that? The money you and your dirty gypsy mother made selling the Devil’s works?” Eddie snickered, and you tried to back away. You hit another boy’s chest, who’s eyes were cruel and dark.

Your heart started to beat faster, and you could taste the bitterness of fear in your mouth. Eddie took a step closer to you and his breath washed over your face. “You better give us that movie, or we’ll cut your hair off,” he threatened, and you could hear the unmistakable noise of scissors being opened.

Your lip started to tremble, but you were determined to cry. Just as you were about to drop the money into Eddie’s sticky fingers, there was a ruckus behind you. Two boys, one small and blonde, the other big and brunette, were standing behind you. You recognized them as two boys in the fourth grade that went to your school.  Your bullies shuffled behind you, and the brunette one stepped forward.

”Whatcha’ doin’, Eddie? Thomas?” the brunette boy asked conversationally, carrying himself with confidence that was rare to boys his age. “Pickin’ on this little girl?” he crossed his arms, and the blonde boy starred Eddie down.

Eddie and Thomas exchanged a glance, and ran off. The two other boys took followed their example, shoving you down in the snow before running off to. Despite trying to not cry, a tear escaped your eye, and you let out a little whimper. You felt a cold hand on your shoulder, and automatically flinched away. “Oh, no, I’m sorry, did we scare you?” it was the blonde boy, his voice higher and their was a tinged with worry.

You sniffed, and clenched the money tighter in your hands. “N-no,” you got out, meeting the blonde boy’s bright blue eyes. “Your hand was just really cold.” you lied, and the brunette boy chuckled, while the blonde boy let out an amused cough.

”The name’s James Barnes, but you can call me Bucky,” the br- Bucky introduced, and offered you his hand. You took it without hesitation (blame it on your trusting attitude), and dusted the snow off yourself. “And this punk over here is Steve Rogers, my best friend.” the two friends exchanged a glance, and Steve punched him in the arm.

Steve shook your hand, and dusted off a bit of snow that you had missed. “And you are?” he asked, tilting his head to the side that reminded you of your tiny puppy at home.

”(Y/N) (Y/L/N),” you answered, and you could see their eyes widened as the recognized your last name. “And before you ask, no my mother is not a gypsy, yes she can curse you, and no I cannot,” you said heatedly, a common trait in the younger you.

Both boys were quick to dispute your claim. “No, no, of course not! We weren’t going to say that!” Bucky said quickly, an honest expression face.

”We’ve never believed those silly rumors anyway.” Steve added, letting out another cough.

A smile grew on your face. “Really?” you were shocked that boys, that anyone, could not judge you on the rumors spread around the school.

”Of course,” Bucky scoffed, and you giggled. The three of you fell silent for a moment, before Bucky broke the silence. “How about we walk you home, and make sure you don’t get in more trouble?” he teased, and Steve laugh.

You linked arms with both of them, a bright smile on your face. “I’d quite like that.”

Berlin, Germany. Winter of 1971.

”(Y/N),” you started, your eyes widening, the sudden noise chasing off the remainder of your day dream. Logan stood in front of you, blood dripping from his bone claws. It was clear from the tone of his voice that it wasn’t the first time he had called your name. Your eyes scanned the destruction of the metal room. The body of the Scientist lay in front of you, his throat sliced clean through. That image filled you with a sick joy, and you could hear your old friend inhale as your feelings wash over him. “(Y/N),” he said again, his voice gentle. “are you able to walk out of here?” he questioned.

You inhaled deeply, as if just realizing he was there. “Logan?” you asked in amazement. “Is that you? How did you find me? Where am I?” the questions spilled out of your mouth as you finally broke out of your drug induced state. “The last thing I remember was the concert and…” you trailed off, and you shivered in the cold air

”I’ll fill you in later, doll face, but we’re on a tight schedule.“ he promised, taking in your appearance. You were wearing what looked like a flower printed dress, with the word ‘Woodstock’ imprinted on it, but it was so badly torn and ripped that Logan couldn’t tell. Bruises covered your body, and your ribs stuck out. Your collarbones were prominent, your eyes large in your thin face, and your face was angular. Your once shiny and long hair was flat and dull, and was cut in a rough pixie cut. And the thing that set off your long time friend was the brand on your neck. Property of Hydra, it read in precise script. Under it was the number 001 in tiny print.

The gruff man held back a growl, and sheathed his claws. You blinked up at him, your brain moving at about a mile per hour. Before you could ask another a question, a handsome face popped in. “(Y/N)! I knew dat we’d find you!” Remy cheered, but his smile faded quickly as he saw you. His voice took on a serious tone as he directed his next statement towards Logan. “It’s gettin’ quite hairy out dere, Logan. We better move out quick.”

”Got it,” Logan replied, and the Cajun flitted out again. As he turned back to you, he could see the questions forming in your eyes. But he just held out a hand, and took a drag from his cigar. “Okay, (Y/N), I know you got a lot of questions, but the swamp rat is right. We gotta get out of here fast. Can you walk?”

You bit your lip, and hesitated. It had been at least a week since you last ate, and a couple days since your last glass of water. “No,” you replied. “I don’t think I could even take a shit by myself right now.” you said morbidly.

Logan’s mouth quirked in a smile. Even in the worst of times, your humor still showed. “Fine, Siren,” he said, calling you by your nickname. Picking you up gently, he positioned you in his arms so you wouldn’t get jostled. “But I can’t use my hands right now, so you gotta use your special power, got it?”

You nodded grimly as he walked over to the door. “I’ve got enough anger and hate in me to make Hitler jealous.” the man quickly looked down at you in surprise, hoping you were joking. But you weren’t. Your mouth was set in a hard line, and your eyes cold. It made him want to slaughter all of Europe for the crimes committed against you.

Without a second thought, Logan threw open the door. Almost immediately, you could see Remy in the midst of the fighting. He was surrounded by the pink light of his powers, and picking off the enemies one by one. But you could tell he was getting tired, by how his light would dim every now and then. You knew if that light went out, you were screwed.

Focusing all your emotions, you inhaled, and then exhaled. Wispy, golden smoke started to gather in your hands and drip off onto the snow covered pavement. Even though you hadn’t used your powers in over two years, in came to you like it was just yesterday. “Let’s go,” you said, the determination clear in your voice.

”As you wish,” Logan growled, and ran into the fight. As soon as you saw a Hydra soldier approach you, you threw the ball of gold smoke at you. Immediately, he fell to the ground, gagging and eyes bulging. The air around him, his aura, flickered a molten gold, the same color of your smoke, as he could feel the pain and suffering you had felt. And that was your power: to project your feelings, emotions, and memories onto other people and they felt like it was their own.

It felt like an infinity had passed as you watched the nameless soldier suffer before the next one came at you. Logan was bracing to fight him, but you flicked molten gold at him and he collapsed. There was no remorse in your eyes as you, Logan, and Remy, single handedly took down the whole Hydra base.

It was silent for a moment, until you could hear someone crying. I thought they were all dead or unconscious, you thought to yourself in confusion, until you realized the sobs were coming from you. Your thin, weak, and emaciated body shuddered as you sobbed, and gold smoke slowly faded away.

”Shh,” Logan murmured, his soft side showing for once. “It’s okay, (Y/N). We’re going to get you out of here.” you nodded, but the tears kept on coming. You had been in that place for two goddamn years. Two years of your life wasted, that you would never get back.

Logan’s head jerked up as Remy walked over to the two of you. The Cajun looked as charming as ever, in his long black jacket and purple shirt. His eyes were still red as they flitted to you in Logan’s arm. “What did they do to her, Logan?” he remarked quietly, as your thin shoulders shook. “She looks broken.”

”I don’t know,” the gruff man replied, his eyes narrow and cold. “But I do know whoever it is, they’re gonna pay.” he promised, and the Cajun made a sound of agreement. “They’re gonna pay.”

New York, Present Day.

You woke up with a gasp, your head shooting up. Sweat trickled down your forehead, and you absently touched your neck where the brand was. You could feel yourself go into a panic, but was quickly calmed down as you felt the warmth of bodies next to you.

Bucky was on your right, his hand wrapped tightly around your waist. Steve was on your side, his head buried in your neck. It was only a dream, you reassured yourself as you started to drift of back to sleep. But you knew one thing for certain: something big was going to happen.

AN: From now on, every part of YHAD will have a flashback!