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No me cortaste las raíces, vos me quemaste las flores.

Y por qué habrás dejado crecer a la flor, que pasado algunos días, arrancarías de madrugada para regalar a algún afortunado.

Qué dichosa es la fortuna, que aquel me tendrá contentado, que vos también lo estarás, y que yo lo estuve todo el tiempo mientras cometías el crimen.


elements in astrology

the 12 signs are divided into 4 groups of three. each group is assigned an element. learning about the elements can help get a better grasp of the traits of the signs individually. these groups are called triplicities, because there are 3 signs in each group. 

the order the signs are listed in is not accidental! the zodiac starts in aries and ends in pisces. the signs are listed in order by their element as well! isn’t that cool how everything just lines up? makes it so much easier to memorize. below, the signs are grouped with their element so it’s not technically in order. the 12 sign order goes: aries, taurus, gemini, cancer, leo, virgo, libra, scorpio, sagittarius, capricorn, aquarius, and pisces. notice how it goes in element order.

elements are just one of many ways that the signs of the zodiac are classified by. having an understanding of each type of classification will help you so much in differentiating among the signs. I will post about the other classifications at a later date. 

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FIRE: aries - leo - sagittarius

action, enthusiasm, passion, warmth, courage, independence

there is a light that never goes out 

whether it’s through the drive of aries, the romance of leo, or the wanderlust of sagittarius, fire signs have a fire burning inside them. like a match striking into a flame, fire signs desire action. life doesn’t just happen to fire signs, fire signs go out there and live. fire signs are often all lumped together as being extroverted, but this doesn’t always have to be the case. regardless of how comfortable they are in a crowded room, fire signs are passionate and enthusiastic about their interests and ideas. and the warmth radiating from them is unmistakable. however, a fire can easily turn from a tame campfire to a raging forest fire. an untamed fire sign can be arrogant, bossy, and aggressive. fire signs are also not without hardships and feelings of self consciousness. a fire needs fuel to keep going, so be sure to fuel your fire. if that fire goes out, you have the ability to rise again from the ashes. 

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EARTH: taurus - virgo - capricorn 

practical, stable, grounded, reliable, responsible

we built this city 

earth signs stay grounded. the builders of the zodiac; taurus builds a strong foundation, virgo pays attention to detail, and capricorn strategizes. earth signs require a solid footing in life, keeping firmly planted on the ground. your practicality gives you a desire to obtain the tangible in the world, just beware of becoming too concerned with material items. that practicality also gives you the ability to rationalize and heed caution. this gives you a reliability and an ability to lend a hand to your more risky friends. however, this can go towards the side of being prudish or overly cautious to the point where you’re not realizing your full potential. trust that the house you built will withstand anything, and if it doesn’t you have the ability to rebuild an even stronger one. 

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AIR: gemini - libra - aquarius 

intellect, communication, perception, curiosity, idealism, objective

in the air tonight 

curiosity killed the cat, but not the air sign. through gemini’s thirst for knowledge, to the way libra shares ideas between opposing sides, to aquarius’ forward thinking nature. air signs share ideas, making you communicative as well as intelligent. air signs could be referred to as the “winds of change,” but is it a nice cool breeze on a hot summer day, or a howling, fierce wind in the middle of a tropical storm? it all depends on whether someone is on your good side or not. air signs have the stereotype of being air headed, but this just comes from the tendency to stay pretty surface level on topics. like air, air signs are hard to catch but can also bring a breath of fresh air. you are capable of moving people with the knowledge you deliver, springing them to action. air fills the space it occupies. no matter what container it’s in, it will bend to fit its new space. in the same way, air signs are capable of walking a mile in another’s shoes. you are idealistic and aim to create a better world. 

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WATER: cancer - scorpio - pisces 

intuition, security, emotion, compassion, receptive, mystery

like a river 

water signs have a deep understanding of human emotion. cancer nurtures based on the emotions projecting from others, scorpio can see deep into a person’s soul, and pisces soaks up the emotional environments they’re in like a sponge. like a vast, deep ocean, water signs give off a mysterious vibe. water is fluid, needing a container to hold its shape, just as water signs need security. water signs use their intuition over fact-based means. you want to feel that something is the right answer, rather than being told that an answer is correct based on logic. you’re in tune with your environment, and driven by emotions. sure, this can mean you’re ultra-sensitive and moody, but it more so means that you make decisions based on how you or others feel rather than the facts presented in front of you. water can be refreshing, or it can be dangerous. a dangerous water sign is manipulative and sneaky. however, a refreshing water sign is compassionate and understanding. 

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