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What kind of forrests do you have in Argentina? Are they coniferous, deciduous, a mixture of both, or something else? Are there places where people can access them or does the government keep most of it private?

Oh buddy…

Have you come to the right place.


Argentina is the 8th largest country in the world, and one of the longest. It spans across 30 degrees of latitude, from the tropic of Capricorn almost to the Antarctic Circle. That’s a big chunk of the southern hemisphere.

This means there’s… a LOT of different climates, weathers, habitats and the like here.

To cover Argentinean forests I should spend at least an hour talking, but… Frankly? It depends, because some parts of argentina look like this

In others it can look like this

In others like this

Or like this

Or like this

Maybe like this

Like this?

Ooooor like this

Technically speaking, forests aren’t what we imagine them like. All of these places have different forms of forests (yes, even the big ice chunk, there are forests in those regions, but they are made of bushes and bushes and bushes and more bushes)

The jungles in the north-east are rainforests, but you’re probably thinking of something more along the likes of Neuquén or Río Negro

Fucking infested with fae is what they are *spits* 

TL;DR: Answer to your question: YES. Yes to all of those. Some we have to pay to access, some we don’t. Here in Mendoza the forests are either desert thorny bush forests like an undergrowth? Or artificial tree forests (I live near one). These forests have to be constantly watered. They were planted by people and maintained by people, else they’ll dry out. Mendoza is a big chunk of desert with artificial oasis made by humans here and there.

So yeah, Argentinean geography, tons of fun!

The Prince by Elicia Donze. Drawn in PS. Please do not remove caption.

[Caption: A realistic digital painting of Will Smith circa 1991. Portrait is from the waist up. Will is standing with one hand in his pocket. He’s wearing a dark gray suit jacket with a silvery sheen over a black-and-white tropical leaf patterned button down shirt. Some of the leaf patterns are glowing yellow and red as if lit from within. His hair is styled in a high top fade, and he’s gazing at us with a soft smile. The background is a gradient from soft yellow to deep rose with a border of jagged yellow loops.]

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“have you seen the justice league? and what do you think?”

Wonder Woman literally gets the most screen time next to Batman, literally is the only person who holds her own against the villain until the end, and then literally defeats the villain. There’s a reason the movie has 93% positive reaction from women.

….you do know that just because a woman is on screen for a long time it doesn’t mean the story she’s being put through is good or well-written, right?? …like…most of cinema’s history will back me up on this…


Around the middle of the first act, if I’m not mistaken, Diana tells Bruce about the history of the Mother Boxes and how Amazons, Atlanteans, humans, GODS, and beings from other planets CAME TOGETHER to defeat the invasion. No ONE god, human being, or alien stood out among them. They defeated the threat because they worked TOGETHER. That’s the point the movie was TRYING to make (it’s not a coincidence they chose the song Come Together for the trailer and the movie….subtle, I know…. )

But what they ended up doing was saying there’s no hope on Earth without Superman. That Superman is the be all, end all. And without him, they wouldn’t have defeated Steppenwolf.

You know what movie had a better team than Justice League? Freaking BvS! At least in that movie they worked TOGETHER, playing at and counting on each other’s strengths to defeat the villain.

You say Wonder Woman defeated Steppenwolf, but who actually defeats him…who delivers the “final blow” are his own freaking minions….

Also, here are some things that happened to Diana that shouldn’t have happened (especially since the DCEU itself changed Diana’s background, turning her into a demigod):

  • Not holding her own against Clark;
  • Not being able to have a better handle on things when facing off Steppenwolf.

Things that shouldn’t have happened to Diana because it’s not freaking 1999, and this shit just isn’t fucking funny:

  • Barry tripping and falling on top of Diana (aka the typical accidental face-on-boobs scene…)
  • Bruce being incredibly rude to her and then the writers making her go to him to tell him he was right…
  • Arthur saying Diana is pretty and freaking grunting at her, but oopsie, I guess it’s all right because he was sitting on her lasso…

ALL of that is the result of an outdated LAZY AF screenwriter.

I just started studying screenwriting and dramatic writing and I already know better than that! I can literally pick the movie apart and cite academic sources explaining why the writing was rushed, full of cliches, and altogether bad.

It’s one thing to say, “hey, this movie is bad, and has some problematic things, but I enjoyed it,” that’s A-okay. What’s not okay is saying, “this movie is good because I liked it.”

Meeting you was like a breath of fresh air in a time that I was drowning.

You came to me unexpectedly and took the water out of my lungs allowing me to breathe again.

Although you had frayed edges and dangerous ways, you intrigued me like no other.

You were broken too, but I was there for you in times of need.

You engulfed me in your words and held me close by

But in the end, I was just another cigarette to you -

You threw me away with ease and lit up the next one.


Unhealthy Moons

Aries: The Aries moon has a lot of conditioning to do. Aries is like a child that needs to be constantly reassured and nurtured. Unhealthy Aries moon lacks emotionally maturity. They tend to be agitated, confrontational and also very vulnerable. They have an “angry” cry. Unhealthy Aries moon doesn’t see the importance of active listening, they completely disregard the other person’s feelings. They can also make themselves seem like a victim—again going back to that “child” complex. Struggles with identity are also highlighted

Taurus: Unhealthy Taurus moons have very BAD coping mechanisms. Keyword is indulgence but over indulgence. You tend to have an abundance of what’s not good for you. This can be alcohol, food, sex, compulsive buying, drugs, etc. They also are pessimistic. They can’t see a good and does absolutely nothing to change it. They just sit and let the fire just burn them. Unmotivated to do anything but also can get heavily attached to their “values” whether it’s people or again, their mechanisms etc. The biggest indication of an unhealthy Taurus moon is their lack of wanting to create or curate art. This sign is very in touch with expressing and spreading creativity. When that is hindered, they feel less of value. They tend to demonstrate poor budgeting skills and will become unresponsive to their environment

Gemini: Unhealthy Gemini moon is a bit tricky. Again mutable moons are usually very adjustable. But an unhealthy Gemini moon is one that is too sporadic that it’s hard to comprehend their needs. They can be very isolated which causes even further agitation. Also, they are constantly stressed. Unhealthy Gemini moons are very insecure when it comes to their worth and the validity of their ideas. On the other extreme, a Gemini moon may be too “happy” (happy isn’t the best word but close enough) that they just do things without thinking. Spending way too much money or just being out of touch with reality. This can hinder their rationality skills. 

Cancer: Unhealthy cancer moon lacks balance. They can almost be “stuck” in the past and refuse to push forward. They constantly victimize themselves and has a poor ability to communicate with their partner or those around them. Hindrance in creativity is also noted.  They find too much refuge in the home so they can be a “failure to launch.” Overabundance in comfort can be manifested into lethargic behavior. Unbalanced emotions also can lead to outbursts and saying things they don’t mean. 

Leo: Unhealthy leo moon lacks the intuition and drive to create. They are unsure of their talents, can be very needy and latch onto people. Constantly needs reassurance that it can drive them into a state of inactivity and lack of worth.They can make things about themselves than those around them. There is a sense of disregarding other people’s needs and all around being unrealistic and having unrealistic expectations. There is also an “obsession” with how you look. You want to please people TOO MUCH that you lose who you are in the long scheme of things.

Virgo: Mercury dignities in the moon placement is always a call for self destruction. Unhealthy Virgo moon lacks the ability to comprehend their emotions which manifests into anxiety and frustration. Also, poor structure and low self esteem. You will rely too much on organization that it only stresses you out further. Unhealthy Virgo moons don’t know how to phrase how they feel to others and will feel that it is a lost cause. Poor self care methods = bad health. Can have constant stomach aches. 

Libra:  An unhealthy libra moon really struggles forming authentic and proper partnerships. They can be really self deprecating, they may even do this to get sympathy from others. They thrive on pleasing their mothers specifically despite a strained relationship. They can get very stress induced when the ppl they try to please dont reciprocate. by return, they can act shallow and disregard others. on another flip, they can be very stagnant and use ppl for their own gain, their own pleasure, their own need for having ppl around them (libra moons NEED partnerships). They can lament about relationships when tbh half the time they are ones at fault–almost like a self sabotage.

Scorpio: Unhealthy Scorpio moons can be a bit selfish. They need others to comfort them but will simultaneously push them away. They might be too paranoid to open up to others bc of the fear of being incriminated or manipulated. They, too, lack emotional maturity. Their wounds may be too deep for others to understand so they just sit, mope around and wait for death. Sounds over dramatic but that’s exactly what an unhealthy Scorpio tends to operate or act. Again, they disregard people’s needs and may victimize themselves too much. Worst thing of all, they may not even realize it. They can be repulsive, pessimistic and lonely. 

Sagittarius: Unhealthy Sagittarius moon can be very resistant and almost stubborn to understanding other people’s perspectives. they feel they are the most correct and like other people said, unhealthy sag moons can be TOO dogmatic. They like to be “free” and this idealization of freedom can get in the way of reality and being practical. they always fight for their own cause without being realistic about it. unhealthy sag moon can evolve into extremist behavior. Since they are fire, they may use “force” to voice their beliefs and make them become widely accepted. too much independence and self centrism can make it difficult for connections to flourish.

Capricorn: Unhealthy Capricorn moons are scared. they can be really isolated but on the lowest of keys, thrive for some emotional comfort and security. believe or not they can have outbursts and show anger/frustration. i mean how can they not when they feel “lost” in the world. They may not be in control and that can terrify a cap moon. Not being in control means no framework holding them together. “just going with it” scares a cap moon and this can turn into bad behavior, reliance on substances etc. Like we will see in an aqua moon, unhealthy cap moons may despise and get frustrated by feeling “small” in the world. They can be heavily pessimistic and do nothing to change it. Capricorn is the architect–when they no longer want to build or create, they have hit rock bottom. They may feel like they have nothing left to “fight” or strive towards. They can ruin their connections with others bc of frustration. Again, very self deprecating and rather be left alone despite NEEDING guidance

Aquarius: Unhealthy Aquarius moons are said to be “very detached” but that is not entirely true. They actually become too chaotic. They can become too extreme, completely disregard ppl’s feelings, and may even act out to get ppl to care about them and what they stand for–to see how integral they are in the world. When air moons get going they REALLY get going. Again, aqua is air so there is nothing keeping them stable. their emotions can be so consuming that eventually it makes them NUMB. They can get lost easily, lose sense of purpose and destroy all their connections. Unhealthy aqua moon will drop everything and just immerse themselves in the fucking woods tbh. They will lack worth, lose common sense and completely shut down. there is no longer clarity. 

Pisces: Unhealthy Pisces moon lose their agency. They can get too raveled by how other people feel. they will feel like a lost cause; extreme loneliness and they will lose all sense of wanting to create and heal others. Unhealthy pisces moon might get attached to substances or anything that can take them to a different realm. they will lack clarity which can get them or others hurt. also, they can get very tensed, easily strung up and may not even be able to make sense of it. As a last resort, unhealthy pisces moon will look for some type of salvation; look for some type of spirituality that can be offered by people who have bad intentions. The unhealthy pisces moon can eat their souls away. 

Bedridden witch: Elements edition

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Little ways to connect to the elements while you’re bedridden or stuck inside.


  • Keep jars of dirt from special places.
  • Grow cacti or succulents.
  • Make a mini sand garden.
  • Hang macrame with crystals or stones.
  • Keep a bouquet of flowers.
  • Hang herbs from your walls/ceiling.
  • Get a little plant starter kit, keep seedlings by your window.
  • Keep some books on plants and geology around.
  • Watch nature documentaries.
  • Keep pebbles and crystals under your pillow.
  • Make a miniature garden/landscape using fake or real plants!
  • Reach down and feel the energy of the earth below you. Sometimes this is easier on the floor.
  • Burn candles that smell like the earth/forest/your favorite place.
  • Drink herbal tea.


  • Get a mini waterfall or fountain.
  • Keep plants that grow in water.
  • Get a water essential oil diffuser.
  • Make a spray from infused water.
  • Open windows when it rains.
  • Set up a bird fountain outside.
  • Fully savor your next glass of water.
  • Keep blues and sea green colors around.
  • Watch videos or documentaries on aquatic/marine life.
  • Watch the raindrops or condensation on your window.
  • Keep a bowl of water around. 
  • Listen to water/rain ambiance.
  • Burn candles that smell like the ocean or the rain.
  • Use a washcloth to wipe down your face/body.
  • Keep jars of water from your favorite places.


  • Open your window.
  • Use room spray/mist.
  • Burn candles that smell like the wind.
  • Hang wind chimes.
  • Listen to air/wind ambiance.
  • Get a small fan for some air flow.
  • Burn incense and watch the smoke move through the air.
  • Use your breath.
  • Hang feathers in your room.
  • Hang scarves and cloths around your room, watch the breeze sway them around.
  • Get some air plants.
  • Use an app that lets you see the sky/night sky.
  • Watch the clouds from your window.
  • Meditate, allow your senses to explore the air around you.


  • Burn candles/incense.
  • Hang red or orange curtains.
  • Get a Himalayan salt lamp.
  • Use a wax melter.
  • Get an electric candle.
  • Use a heating pad or electric blanket.
  • Listen to fire ambiance. 
  • Use the heat of your body.
  • Watch gifs/videos of fire.
  • Keep a lighter nearby when you need a little flame. 
  • Place a little tealight in a fireproof vessel near your bed.
  • Feel the warmth and strength of the sun.
  • Build up energy with your hands, imagine it’s fire.
  • Drink tea with warming spices (cinnamon, cloves, etc.)

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Thanks to @healing-water-witch for giving me the idea and contributing!



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