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The air signs typically have very little energy for emotional labor. Comforting others, showing affection, and communicating their feelings can drain them rather quickly, and it isn’t that they don’t want to do those things, it is more that they often lack the courage and vitality of heart to make the effort. This can manifest in many small ways – for example, Libra may prefer small talk and chit-chat over more personal conversation when spending time with friends because they don’t have the will or the strength to face issues that lie under the surface. Gemini may joke & try to “laugh off” sincere moments. Aquarius may rationalize personal problems, deeming them insignificant in the grand scheme of things.

A big part of the reason they are too tired inside to deal with other people’s problems is because they repress their own. They spend so much of themselves on holding back their own tears that they can become indifferent to others’. In detaching from themselves, they detach from other people. This is actually very damaging to their relationships, and they may not know it. They may think they have smoothed things over by distracting a friend from an issue, but in reality they have burned a bridge, made their friend uncomfortable and made them wonder just how valuable they are. You simply cannot band-aid deep wounds and expect time to heal everything – but sometimes, that’s all air signs know how to do. This often comes from childhood complexes, things they were taught as kids (especially air moons) which become stubborn habits.

While air signs are good debaters, they are very rarely good arguers. The moment a discussion becomes personal, the anxious, awkward side of them erupts in nervous laughter, diversion, and all manner of evasive maneuvers.

Developed air signs gracefully handle emotion along with intellect as a natural component of human nature and a healthy social climate. They learn how to clearly express not only what is in their head, but what is in their heart and soul as well, and they also learn how to react to such expressions from other people. But underdeveloped air signs can be ironically socially inept in the area of emotion. They become like children again, faced with a judgmental parent who scolds them for crying or for seeking affection, uncomfortable and unable to process warmth or coldness alike. For signs that value connection, they can be so bad at forging valuable ones, and it is all due to fear – not having the backbone to face or facilitate interpersonal depth.

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What do you think weddings in each nation would be like? Help ya girl out, your writing is A1 and I could use some of your ideas plsss

Fire Nation weddings and Earth Kingdom weddings would probably be similar and depend on your social status. For the nobles and upper class, the event would likely be grand and formal, following certain traditions, requiring particular recitings, and likely stripping all real romance from the day (don’t hate me, but I really, really see tons of similarities between strict Catholic weddings and upper class FN/EK weddings). 

For the middle to lower class, the weddings are probably far more intimate, with touches of tradition and formality, but the day focuses on the couple over anything else. It’s a celebration of them. 

I’ve written a fic based on what I think a Southern Water Tribe wedding would be like, and this stems largely from my headcanon that consummation, fertility, and pregnancy would be at the heart of the traditions (survival, basically). You can read it here: Lessons

Long story short, the wedding spreads out over a week. The Tribe’s matriarch speaks for the spirits, who unite the couple in their strengths and weaknesses over the course of seven days and nights. Sex Intimacy is the biggest focus, but luckily, with the war’s end, survival becomes less and less of an issue. Couples are allowed to opt out of getting pregnant immediately and simply enjoy each other and what the spirits are teaching them.

For the Northern Water Tribe, given their highly patriarchal society, I see arranged marriages being the common tradition. If you’re lucky, you’ll meet your spouse before the wedding day, but ultimately, there is no time for bonding or courting before the wedding day. Families choose who their children will marry and there is little-to-no-say in the matter from the children.

The Air Nomads don’t practice marriage. 

Signs as iconic 80s synth pop

Aries: hungry Like the wolf // Duran Duran

Taurus: take on me // a-ha

Gemini: don’t you want me // the human league

Cancer: Time after time // cyndi Lauper

Leo: (keep feeling) fascination // the human league

Virgo: weird science // oingo boingo

Libra: tainted love // soft cell

Scorpio: sweet dreams (are made of this) // eurythmics

Sagittarius: don’t you (forget about me) // simple minds

Capricorn: everybody wants to rule the world // tears for fears

Aquarius: whip it // DEVO

Pisces: video killed the radio star // the buggles