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diana day 2017

hey guys! as you know, i held a haline day a couple weeks back and it was a massive success. it was honestly so amazing, i’ve never seen people make such beautiful content and all come together to appreciate this under-appreciated ship, and it’s even now having effects on the content the fandom produce, i’m seeing more haline than ever, and it’s honestly beautiful.

while doing haline day,i was thinking about other woefully underrated characters, and i realised i could probably count the number of aesthetics of diana on two hands, which lead to the idea of Diana Day! she’s a confident, proud poc trans woman and i’m slightly staggered by the lack of response the fandom had towards her.

anyway, i’ve scheduled diana day to be on the 29th of October, which is next sunday. i’d love it so much if this post could be reblogged by people, so everyone can get involved and share, reblog, or like diana content on that day.

once again, diana day is next sunday, the 29th of October. please tag your creations, whether it be text posts, edits, aesthetics, headcanons, fanfictions, or anything else you can dream up, with #dianaday2017

please share this post around with your followers, mutual, etc, so everyone knows about it! thank you!

Diana: would you stab your best friend in the leg for ten million dollars?

Emma to Cristina: you stab me and then when I’ve healed we can buy everything we want

Cristina: you can stab me too, then we’ll have twenty million

Emma: *high fives Cristina* good thinking, fuck the system

Julian: Ty, why would you want to move out?

Ty: Independence.

Ty, to himself: Getting a lizard.


——I’m the spoiler line————-

So we’ve got more info and clues from the new case..but still not much!


And by the way I love that spectacular but strange guuuun wwwwwww

okay so they were…sort of keeping to shoot the tree …and… ooooohhhh

—from S2E2– “Fans of Wet Circles”


Thank god this didn’t all stay trapped in Taika’s head prison