air a

A warm up sketch I did before working on some commissions. I liked how this turned out so I cleaned it up and added some 80′s-tastic colours. It’s hard to tell what’s going on, but it’s supposed to be Jack catching Johnny before he falls >w>; It’s like the start of a cheesy romance anime JFC

Listened to this sweet remix of Fresh Prince of Bel Air while I worked.

I hope no one misunderstands this episode and starts like… twisting it up to be a real awful mess…

I mean i think the message is really clear…

Don’t be an asshole and don’t think you have the same voice weight as an “ally” that as a real part of the minority.

Prefiero cuidarme a mí mismo antes que a los demás. Después de todo, la supervivencia es un instinto, ¿no?
—  Capricornio ♑ Géminis ♊ Escorpio ♏