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TV show idea: Sexy Baking Show where the director pays absolutely no attention to it and is probably just producing it to win a bet, which results in the actor(s) basically saying whatever they want. Of course, they hire the first actress based solely on her appearance and are completely unprepared for the weird shit that she says. The rest of the crew goes along with it because they’re underpayed and the boss is kind of a dick, so they release it with the audio completely unedited.

First episode airs, and it’s 45 straight minutes of sexy shots of a girl in baking-themed lingerie giving occult advice, political commentary, and really, really bad voice impressions.


And here some Swapfell stuff!!!!!
I think you can relate it on this by @xladymalice cause I get inspired by it. Well this pic by her is old but cause of a friend of mine I saw it again and well…… I still like it alot…. Well Black fainted cause of no air~~

This here took 45 minutes and I guess that is fast for me :D I’m tired so I’ll go to sleep now~


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Current British Navy vs Current French Navy?

Ah, now that’s more like it!

Before we begin, I’ll only be accounting ACTIVE ships, so planned or under constructions won’t be mentioned, while ships close to retiring but still active will. Also amphibious ships won’t be accounted for as well, as in case of a naval clash they can’t provide any form of assistance, as this is a Jutland-type scenario.  

With this said, let’s begin with the ruler of the waves for over 200 years, the Royal Navy.

77 active ships, of which her main combatants are:

4 Vanguard-class nuclear ballistic missile submarines

3 Astute-class nuclear attack submarines

4 Trafalgar-class nuclear attack submarines

6 Type 45 air-defense destroyers

13 Type 23 multipurpose frigates.

Now, let’s move to the French navy, the Marine Nationale.

96 active ships, of which her main combatants are:

The Charles de Gaulle nuclear-powered, catapult-equipped aircraft carrier, which carries the superb Rafale M naval multirole 4.5 generation fighter jet, alongside a small AEW&C detachment of E-2 aircraft

(Plus varios ASW helicopters, deadly to any submarine.)

4 Le Triomphant-class nuclear ballistic missile submarines 

6 Rubis-class nuclear attack submarines

2 Horizon-class air defense destroyers 

2 Jean Bart-class air defense destroyers 

3 FREMM ASW frigates

5 Georges Leygues-class ASW frigates

5 La Fayette-class general purpose (anti-surface with very limited ASW and AA capabilities) frigates

Alright, so lets break it down:

The French have a (true) carrier, while the brits have none

Both navies have equal numbers of ballistic missile subs, but the French ones are younger, more modern, and with better anti-surface capabilities, although both are equally quiet, as confirmed when two subs of both classes accidentally collided while underwater after neither managed to detect the other.

Britain has 7 attack subs, while France has 6, and France’s fleet is far older and less capable than her British counterparts overall, being their first generation of this type of subs, with all 6 vessels being close to decommissioning, while in Britain’s case only the Trafalgar boats share a similar situation.  

In surface combatants, Britain has the numerical advantage with 19 vessels vs 17 french ones, and overall hers are of superior quality, specially compared to the older George Leygues and Jean Bart classes, the FREMMs being basic frigates with Stealth characteristics and piss-poor AA systems, and the 2 Horizons being slightly inferior to their Type 45 counterparts, both classes sharing somewhat similar requirements as both were originally envisioned as a single multi-national class. 

So, all in all, a very tough choice, but the French carrier, the world’s sole non-america fully-fledged vessel of her kind, is a big game changer, and that coupled with the slightly superior french ballistic missile subs and adequate surface fleet, has to make France the winner, if only by a small margin.

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Hello, I'm scared to come off anon. I'm currently trying to learn Irish, do you know any good resources?

thank you so much for the ask!! and please don’t be nervous about it - everyone’s always still learning every language they speak! it’s all good. we’re always delighted to hear of more people who want to learn the language! the resources available to you will vary depending on where you are in the world, but hopefully i can get you started.


if you’re living in ireland, here’s a few things that you can do:

. walk into your local conradh na gaeilge and see if they have any irish classes - there’s always a beginners class, and bc irish is a necessary subject for secondary school, there should be classes suitable for you as you progress too! there’s full courses available in dublin and galway.

. hell, if you did irish in school, or know anyone who did, get those books out - the reading comprehensions will help you so much.

. irish language summer camps are genuine brilliant craic, and you will learn irish, if at expense (the suitability of this depends on your age, unfortunately)

. check out the irish language section of your local bookstore. there’s lots of learning resources out there, between grammars, dictionaries and books at all levels. they’ll be really handy.

. watch tg4 - the content is brilliant, and there’s subtitles on every program. it’ll really help you with your pronounciation. if you like music, you’re sorted. the news and weather is great practice, too.

. raidio na gaeltachta is on 92-94 fm. the presenters can be quite hard to understand at first, but the benefit of listening to native speakers cannot be overstated. there’s trad music shows in the morning, and pop music in the late evening. raidio na life and raidio rírá are also available in leinster.

. watch the irish language news. rté’s airs at 5:45. there’s even irish-language shows on bbc northern ireland, these days, as well as raidio fáilte, which broadcasts from belfast, and bbc raidio uladh’s show, blas

. irish language newspapers!! this is the best thing ever. there’s seachtain, which comes with the indo on wednesdays, and bileog, which comes with the irish times on mondays. there’s lots of vocab help at the end of the articles, as well as pages for learners.

. if you grew up in ireland, you’ll be pleasantly surprised at how much you know already, tbh :)


if you’re not living in ireland never fear! there’s still lots of ways to develop your skills! (these all still work if you’re in ireland too!)

. if your local bookstore doesn’t have what you’re looking for, then you can order school books and other resources online. check out conradh na gaeilge’s siopa leabhair.

. there’s also online courses - like duolingo and memrise. they have lots of resources, made by capable speakers of irish.

. start with basic vocabulary - the best advice i have for this is to keep a notebook. my teacher in first year told us to do this. i still have my ‘foclóir’, and now that i’m going to uni, i’ve started a new one. it’s perfect to have sometime to refer back to, as well!

. don’t trust google translate - like, at all. it doesn’t work properly for languages like irish. good online translation services are teanglann, té, and pota focail.

. there’s lots of great vocab blogs in the ‘gaeilge’ tag on tumblr, as well. you could set up a sideblog to keep all of these resources in one place, if you want.

. there’s online courses available from universities, and from places like 'talk irish’ - these cost money, though. 'talk irish’ is €7 a month.

. mairéad ní ghráda’s irish grammar book, or its equivalent, is a must. irish is a kind language - there’s only 11 irregular verbs, once you’ve learnt them, and the rules about eclipses, then you’re good to go.

. get a good hard-copy irish dictionary; the purple foclóir one is like a fiver - and you’d be surprised how much you learn just flicking through, even looking for another word.

. irish language radio is also available online, with the site radiogarden. raidio rírá have their own site, as well. tg4 have an app, too, that lets you watch shows for free.

. listen irish translations of pop songs, like coláiste lurgan.

. if you find someone else who’s interested in learning - or who already speaks it, and is willing to help you - then practice together, for the love of god. communicating naturally, even with the very basics, is the best learning you’ll come by.


this is probably a lot to take in, so here’s your plan of action:

1. download duolingo and memrise
2. add teanglann to your internet favourites/shortcuts
3. get a grammar guide (or a schoolbook* with one!)
4. start a vocab notebook.
5. make flashcards of phrases and words if that helps
6. look into courses, if you can
7. find irish language media (esp tg4 when you’re starting out)
8. get involved in the gaeilge corner of tumblr!

*i recommend buntús cainte, or the usborne 'irish for beginners’ book (it has audio resources! -aka. gifts from heaven)

sorry this took so long, and i hope it helps some bit. please feel free to ask me to clarify any of this at all. best of luck with your learning - practicing even a tiny bit, regularly, will help so much. and you’re not alone in learning irish! hope you have fun xxx


1. Australia is as wide as the distance between London to Moscow.
2. The biggest property in Australia is bigger than Belgium.
3. More than 85% of Australians live within 50km of the coast.
4. In 1880, Melbourne was the richest city in the world.
5. Gina Rinehart, Australia’s richest woman, earns $1 million every half hour, or $598 every second.
6. In 1892, a group of 200 Australians unhappy with the government tried to start an offshoot colony in Paraguay to be called ‘New Australia’.
7. The first photos from the 1969 moon landing were beamed to the rest of the world from Honeysuckle Tracking Station, near Canberra.
8. Australia was the second country in the world to allow women to vote (New Zealand was first).
9. Each week, 70 tourists overstay their visas.
10. In 1856, stonemasons took action to ensure a standard of 8-hour working days, which then became recognised worldwide.
11. Former Prime Minister Bob Hawke set a world record for sculling 2.5 pints of beer in 11 seconds. Hawke later suggested that this was the reason for his great political success.
12. The world’s oldest fossil, which is about 3.4 billion years old, was found in Australia.
13. Australia is very sparsely populated: The UK has 248.25 persons per square kilometre, while Australia has only 2.66 persons per square kilometre.
14. Australia’s first police force was made up of the most well-behaved convicts.
15. Australia has the highest electricity prices in the world.
16. There were over one million feral camels in outback Australia, until the government launched the $19m Feral Camel Management Program, which aims to keep the pest problem under control.
17. Saudi Arabia imports camels from Australia (mostly for meat production).
18. Qantas once powered an interstate flight with cooking oil.
19. Per capita, Australians spend more money on gambling than any other nation.
20. In 1832, 300 female convicts mooned the governor of Tasmania. It was said that in a “rare moment of collusion with the Convict women, the ladies in the Governor’s party could not control their laughter.”
21. Australia is home to the longest fence in the world. It is 5,614 km long, and was originally built to keep dingoes away from fertile land.
22. Australia was one of the founding members of the United Nations.
23. Melbourne is considered the sporting capital of the world, as it has more top level sport available for its citizens than anywhere else. Narrabri, NSW is Australia’s sportiest town.
24. Before the arrival of humans, Australia was home to megafauna: three metre tall kangaroos, seven metre long goannas, horse-sized ducks, and a marsupial lion the size of a leopard. It is theorised that it was also covered in rainforest before humans applied a burning style of hunting.
25. Kangaroos and emus cannot walk backward, one of the reasons that they’re on the Australian coat of arms.
26. Speaking of, Australia is one of the only countries where we eat the animals on our coat of arms.
27. If you visited one new beach in Australia every day, it would take over 27 years to see them all.
28. Melbourne has the world’s largest Greek population outside of Athens.
29. The Great Barrier Reef is the planet’s largest living structure.
30. And it has it’s own postbox!
31. The male platypus has strong enough venom to kill a small dog.
32. And when the platypus was first sent to England, it was believed the Australians had played a joke by sewing the bill of a duck onto a rat.
33. Before 1902, it was illegal to swim at the beach during the day.
34. A retired cavalry officer, Francis De Grootstole the show when the Sydney Harbour Bridge officially opened. Just as the Premier was about to cut the ribbon, De Groot charged forward on his horse and cut it himself, with his sword. The ribbon had to be retied, and De Groot was carted off to a mental hospital. He was later charged for the cost of one ribbon.
35. Australia has 3.3x more sheep than people.
36. Prime Minister Harold Holt went for a swim at Cheviot Beach, and was never seen again.
37. Australia’s national anthem was 'God Save The King/Queen’ until 1984.
38. Wombat poop is cube shaped! This helps it mark its territory.
39. European settlers in Australia drank more alcohol per capita than any other society in history.
40. The Australian Alps receive more snowfall than Switzerland.
41. A kangaroo is only one centimetre long when it is born.
42. Sir John Robertson, a five-time premier of NSW in the 1800s, began every morning with half a pint of rum. He said: “None of the men who in this country have left footprints behind them have been cold water men.”
43. The Box jellyfish has killed more people in Australia than stonefish, sharks and crocodiles combined.
44. Tasmania has the cleanest air in the world.
45. The average Aussie drinks 96 litres of beer per year.
46. 63% of Australians are overweight.
47. Australia is ranked second on the Human Development Index (based on life expectancy, income and education).
48. In 2005, security guards at Canberra’s Parliament House were banned from calling people 'mate’. It lasted one day.
49. In Australia, it is illegal to walk on the right-hand side of a footpath.
50. Australia is the only continent in the world without an active volcano.
51. Aussie Rules footy was originally designed to help cricketers to keep fit in the off-season.
52. The name 'Kylie’ came from an Aboriginal hunting stick, similar to the boomerang.
53. 91% of the country is covered by native vegetation.
54. The largest-ever victory in an international football match was when Australia beat American Samoa 31-0 in 2001.
55. There are 60 designated wine regions in Australia.
56. Melbourne has been ranked the world’s most liveable city for the past three years.
57. If all the sails of the Opera House roof were combined, they would create a perfect sphere. The architect was inspired while eating an orange.
58. Australia is home to 20% of the world’s poker machines.
59. Half of these are found in New South Wales.
60. Moomba, Australia’s largest free festival, held in Melbourne, means 'up your bum’ in many Aboriginal languages.
61. No native Australian animals have hooves.
62. The performance by the Sydney Symphony Orchestra at the 2000 Olympics opening ceremony was actually a prerecording- of the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra.
63. The wine cask (goon sack) is an Australian invention
64. So is the selfie.
65. Durack, Australia’s biggest electorate, is larger in size than Mongolia.
66. The world’s first compulsory seat belt law was put into place in Victoria in 1970.
67. Each year, Brisbane hosts the world championships of cockroach racing.
68. In 1932, the Australian military waged war on the emu population of Western Australia. Embarrassingly, they lost.
69. Canberra was created in 1908 as a compromise when Sydney and Melbourne both wanted to be the capital city.
70. A gay bar in Melbourne won the right to ban women from the premises, because they made the men uncomfortable.
71. In 1992, an Australian gambling syndicatebought almost all the number combinations in a Virginia lottery, and won. They turned a $5m purchase into a $27m win.
72. Eucalyptus oil is highly flammable, meaning gum trees may explode if ignited, or in bushfires.
73. In 1975, Australia had a government shutdown, which ended with the Queen firing everyone and the government starting again.
74. A bearded Australian was removed from a darts match in the UK, after the audience started chanting 'Jesus!’ at him, distracting the players.
75. There have been instances of wallabiesgetting high after breaking into opium crops, then running around and making what look like crop circles.
76. An Australian man once tried to sell New Zealand on eBay.
77. In 1940, two aircraft collided in midair, in NSW. Instead of crashing, the two planes became stuck together and made a safe landing.
78. The male lyrebird, which is native to Australia, can mimic the calls of over 20 other birds. If that’s not impressive enough, he can also perfectly imitate the sound of a camera, chainsaw and car alarm.
79. Some shopping centres and restaurants play classical music in their car park to deter teenagers from loitering at night.
80. Despite sharing the same verbal language, Australian, British and American sign languageare all completely different languages.
81. In 1979, debris from NASA’s space station 'Skylab’ crashed in Esperance, WA. The town then fined NASA $400 for littering.
82. There have been no deaths in Australia from a spider bite since 1979.
83. There currently a chlamydia outbreak among koala species, which has led to a 15% drop in koala populations.
84. In NSW, there is a coal fire beneath the ground which has been burning for 5,500 years.
85. An Australian election TV debate was rescheduled so it didn’t conflict with the finale of reality cooking show Masterchef.
86. Chinese explorers travelled to Australia long before Europeans arrived. As early as the 1400s, sailors and fisherman came to Australia for sea-cucumbers and to trade with Indigenous peoples.
87. The first European to visit Australia was Dutch explorer Willem Janszoon, in 1606. More Dutch explorers visited the country over the next hundred years, plotting maps and naming it 'New Holland’.
88. Captain James Cook first landed on Australia’s east coast in 1770. In 1788, the British returned with eleven ships to establish a penal colony. Within days of The First Fleet’s arrival and the raising of the British flag, two French ships arrived, just too late to claim Australia for France.

if anyone has a source for this, please add it!

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well it's friday. guess i should be more specific: what time does the episode air? :) and does it air once a week

It’s friday?!?!

Ok, I’m sorry, I thought it was Thursday askdj So, the episode is scheduled to air at 20:45 Norwegian time and it’s gonna be 30 minutes.

And so far we’ve had ~ 15 minutes and that means they’ll probably release a 15 minute clip about an hour before the episode airs on NRK3. :)

i stayed at work late tonight and was the last one in my office because the display sign at the bank across the street kept flashing to show the temperature was 105 degrees and i couldn’t bring myself to leave the air conditioning for a 45 minute long commute. this city is so horrible

Sam/Jess Fic Recs:1K-5K

All the Right Moves by seimaisin (AO3; 1110)

      Sam’s smoother than he thinks he is.

       Jess decides to dance with a cute and awkward Sam.

Sunshine After Rain by The_Lady_Meg (AO3; 1156)

      Timestamp set between Essays in Demonic Politics and Treachery, Thy Name Is Brother

       Will never stop reccing this series. Good for all your KingOfHell needs, and for your SamJess needs as well.

A Little Black Box (Or How Jess Broke the Winchester’s Ugliest Lamp)  (AO3; 1163)

      Sam was gonna ask her to marry him. (AU)

      Idiots in love. It’s an awesome AU, background DeanxCas.

The Art of Foot-In-Mouth and Falling in Love by yalu (AO3; 1178)

      Sam meets Jess. Sam inserts foot. Jess is easily amused. Happy fluffy fic in which Jess is an artist and Sam is clueless.

      What it says on the tin.

A New Favorite by ArtistKurai (FFN; 1198)

      A short story about how Sam came to love salads.

      Sam and Jess’s first date.

Perfect by bleuboxes (FFN; 1224)

      But if nothing is perfect, then she can’t actually be real.

      How Sam and Jess got together, from friends to lovers. Not as sad as it sounds.

The Perfect Gift by Sly Severus (FFN; 1224)

      Sam is spending his first Christmas with Jess and he’s left the shopping until Christmas Eve. What will he do when all the stores are closed and he’s still left with nothing for his girlfriend?

      Sam is insecure and carries on the Winchester tradition of gas station presents.

Crafting for Cash by LadyAJ_13 (AO3; 1239)

      Sam and Jess have money issues, so find a creative solution

      Cute and fluffy (isn’t there a gif of Stitch I can use…)

Sorority Girls by morrezela (AO3; 1296)

      Jess makes a last ditch attempt to join a sorority. Sam is there for her when it doesn’t go so well.

      Sam is a gentleman, sorority girls are awful, Jess’s hair is green.

Worn for Sleeping by SnickFic (AO3; 1324)

      It takes three tubes of paint – three shades carelessly selected, though when she finishes Jess sees each one is progressively more red – to write Sam’s name on the wall.

      Post-Pilot, sad af.

Stanford Days by masquerade97 (AO3; 1370)

      Sam is drowning in his studies for the LSAT and Jess demands he take a break.

      What it says on the tin.

Surf’s Up by fireSign10 (AO3; 1415)

      Jess takes Sam to the beach for the first time…and maybe the last.

      Vacation turns into hunt. Jess finds out but that talk isn’t addressed here.

Crash and Burn by Remember Ember (FFN; 1828)

      Crash and burn. It was their catch phrase, their signature line. Sam would come back from a hard day and Jess would bring him cookies and they would smile at each other and Sam would be like; “What would I do without you?” “Crash and burn”

      Spans the length of their relationship, as well as a scene from the funeral.

Patient Name: Cute Guy by madeByMe (FFN; 1894)

      When a cute-but-sick guy enters the health clinic, Jess can’t help but get invested. Featuring sick!Sam.

        What it says on the tin.

Secrets by Fynnegan (FFN; 1936)

       Why are there so many secrets? Sam/Jess

       Jess gets angry about how little she actually knows about Sam.

Stepping on Toes by ElectroKate (FFN; 1939)

      Simple, cute one-shot of Sam and Jess first meeting under awkward circumstances.

      What it says on the tin (should I make an abbreviation?)

Fix Me in 45 by Air Guitar Pixie (FFN; 2041)

      The one where Sam is asexual and adorable. Because we need more ace representation in this fandom, ya hear me?

       Beginning of their relationship and Sam worrying about being a good boyfriend. Also, yes we need more Ace!SPN stuff.

It’s a Wonderful Life by kety77 (AO3; 2219)

      Finding the first gray hair turns out to be a bit more life changing than expected.

       Set over a long period of time, kind of a curtain-fic. Also cute and fluffy.

Trading Scars by trueUnbeliever (AO3; 2301)

      Sam and Jess aren’t without their scars. Sharing them, on the other hand, is something they never thought they’d do. But this is what they are for each other, and this is what they need. It’s nice, sometimes, to have someone who understands.

      Sam and Jess comfort each other. Discussion of past child abuse and nightmares.

The Secret Life of Sam Winchester by alethiometry (AO3; 2302)

      What I Know: Sam’s parents are named John and Mary. He has an older brother named Dean. They lived in Lawrence, Kansas until Mary died suddenly. Sam was just a baby when it happened, and Dean was four. John took his boys on the road and eighteen years later, Sam got a full ride to Stanford. He hasn’t seen or spoken to his father or brother for four years.What I Don’t Know: Everything else.

        Jess has many ideas about Sam’s past. They’re not necessarily accurate (hero isn’t on there, for one).

Breath of Fresh Air by Zana_Zira (AO3; 2454)

      Sam has had asthma his entire life, and usually he manages it just fine. But the winter air has never agreed with him, even in Palo Alto, and no one at Stanford seems to know enough about the condition to be any help. So when Sam suffers an inevitable asthma attack on campus, who will be able to help him this time?

       It’s on a SamJess rec list, we know who helps him out. Possible medical inaccuracies, definite hints of John Winchester’s A+ parenting.

But There Was Jess by wonderSam (AO3; 2817)

      Sam and Jess have seen each other around campus, but could a few coffees and a picnic turn into a relationship?

      Freshman year at Stanford and ‘How Sam and Jess got together’.

Happy Families… by UnabashedBird (AO3; 2861)

      Sam goes with Jess to her family reunion, and receives help coping from an unlikely, adorable source.

       Sam + toddler = cavities.

Lost Boy by UnabashedBird (FFN; 2870)

      Sam and Jess meet in a park when they’re kids. Years later, friends at Stanford, they figure it out.

       Same author as Faith, Trust, and a Dog or Four

Leading by lanri (FFN;2978)

      For Sam, Jess was a dream come true. For Jess, Sam was everything she had ever wanted. It was perfect.

      Part of Lanri’s Unseen ‘verse. Blind!Sam

Where the Heart is by alethiometry (AO3; 3132)

      It’s barely the end of junior year, but Jess already has an idea for how they can spend their post-grad summer.

       Sam and Jess discuss future plans and practice compromise (although it more resemble a game of ‘No you hang up first’).

Sam and Other Sam by InTheCompanyOfDragons (FFN; 3351)

      Jessica Moore loved Sam Winchester. But she also knew there were parts of him she would never understand.

       Ch1 is Jess ruminating on the different (hunter) side of Sam. Ch2 is Dean and Stanford Sam (also Sam missing Jess).

Bella Omnium Contra Omnes by ninhursag (AO3; 3814)

      A dorm prank war gets out of hand and Jessica Lee Moore meets a tall, handsome stranger.

      What it says on the tin. Here be implied monsters and ruined coffee.

Turn a Life Around by kanoitrace (AO3; 4400)

      It’s three weeks into her second semester at Stanford that she notices him, and once she does, she’s left wondering how it took that long. The story of Sam Winchester and Jessica Moore.

      Another ‘How Sam and Jess got together’.

Blind Date by ColtsandQuills (AO3; 4430)

      Jessica’s roommate is a little on the overprotective side, but that’ll be the least of Sam Winchester’s worries as secrets come to light.

      Second-Person POV, meant to be read as a reader-insert but good even if that’s not quite your cup of tea. Hunter!Jess.


Two new fakemon, Flaeray and Airayd!

Magma Skate Pokemon
Type: Fire
Ability: Flame Body
Flaerays make their home in under sea volcanoes, effortlessly gliding through volcanic lava and super heated water. If startled, Flaeray will try to sting its assailant with a venomous barb on its tail, quickly escaping while the poison takes its effect. they rise from volcanic vents to feed on their preferred prey, Shellder and Clampearl.  

Evolves Into Airayd at lv 45

Air Strike Pokemon
Type: Fire/Dragon
Ability: Levitate
Airayd’s are fast and dangerous predators with the ability to both swim and fly through the air. They take to the skies by leaping from the ocean, then they propel themselves skywards by forcing fire out of special valves on their wings. Flying this way, it can exceed speeds of Mach 3 to snatch up bird and fish Pokemon alike. This Fire type Pokemon’s necessity for an aquatic environment puzzles researchers to this day…

((both these fakemon were made with my first time using layers in an art program, i hope that it turned out as good as i hoped!))