Ok ! so this is a little tutorial on “ how to make a chibi toon”

This is just an exemple, but there alot of different way, also it will depend of what face you will be using or what kind of chibi you are aiming for ( anime style ? doll ? lolita ? kid ? ect ect… )

Feel free to make it how YOU like and adjust it with the face/ hair you wanna use ^-^

I tryed to do a step by step so it’s easier to customize it :D

Types of Aion Skin Whores
  • 1.) The one who skins fashionably on their gear sets.
  • 2.) The one who stocks up skins and never skins them on anything.
  • 3.) The one who buys 2 same skins, one for skinning and an extra for display/future use.
  • 4.) The one who never seems to have socketed/enchanted gear but has buttload of skins.

Обработки с моим персонажем:

1. Лионель Романова

2. Мария Лето

3. Галина Бутакова (Мельхиора)

4. Меллиса Сатаненко

5. Татьяна Шульпина

6. Полина Совушкина

7 и 8. Александра Вабищевич Shizik

9. Мария Веретинская

10. Ксения Неонова


Old screenshots, was good memories with my friends Pastry and Periwinkle :)

Outfit : Cloth : full Primal Spirit set ( the one on the left is dyed in True white, the other one on the right is dyed in Romantic Pink )

            Chain : full Primal Spirit set ( dyed in True White )

              hats : Primal Spirit Hat ( dyed in True White )

thoses set and hat are from the instance Elementis Forest and Argent Manor