aion shit


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I want to apologize because due to oversight on my part, I have left out a vital piece of information regarding vision stigmas. As you all know, we will have two categories of stigmas next patch:

1. Dropped
2. NPC-sold

Here’s the thing, vision stigmas cannot be unlocked by NPC-sold stigmas. And regardless of your combination, if even one of your equipped stigmas is NPC-sold, it will not unlock the vision stigma.

This also explains why certain stigmas cost so darn much in Korea. Players have been rampantly trying to upgrade them (for good reasons), demand and supply happens.

You can obtain stigmas from the following methods:

- hunting mobs (based on the stigma’s level, eg. level 20 stigmas dropping off level 20+ mobs)
- instances, the only instances that drop them are Danaur Sanctuary, Rentus Base, Dragon Lord’s Refuge (level 65 versions, AKA hard mode)

And to add further grind, the entrances to these instances are in the opposing faction’s area. Yes, that means asmodians have to rift over to the elyos side to enter said instances, while elyos have to rift over to the asmodians side to enter said instances.

(it’s not going to be fun if people camp these places for PVP)

This has been an emergency Aion public broadcast.