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ANJ, what do you think of Drake's "I used to wanna be on Roc-A-Fella then I turned into Jay." line in Summer Sixteen? You think he reached that GOAT status? 🤔

Bear with yo, I’mma speak on this in depth and clear this shit up right now, HA! Firstly, you know ANJ is a Jigga Stan, but I do enjoy Drake and have no qualms listening to his pop-friendly hip hop. As Hov says, music is universal and we all have the ability to appreciate the many forms of rap. But let’s get into Drake’s latest false start: No one should compare themselves to JAY Z, least not Drake. Was it even a shot? I’m not sure. Because a rapper with reference tracks shouldn’t go anywhere near that comparison to save themselves embarrassment - and I’m hoping Drake knows that and was instead paying homage to the legend Hov. If it was a shot? I’d say I appreciate Drake is having his moment currently, and his music is catchy as fuck and serves a purpose in the game, but it is fascinating how the public have given him so much hype his ego has managed to inflate to declaring himself to be Jayhovah. Nah boy. #FACTS? Drake is worth $75 million, Hov is worth $560 million. Drake has four platinum albums, Hov has SIXTEEN. Drake has sold 5 million albums worldwide, Hov has sold 60 million. Drake is signed to Wayne, who is signed to Birdman; Hov built Roc-A-Fella Records from nothing into one of the most successful rap labels ever. OVO Sound is owned by Warner Music Group, but meanwhile Hov owns the entire Roc Nation company, including the music label, management group, and a sports management division. Drake signs his life away to a streaming service, Hov BUYS one. Drake is an ambassador for a NBA team, while Hov has actually owned a NBA team AND still owns the arena the Nets play in. AND if we’re simply talking skills, which is the most important part of any rapper, Hov out-rhymes Drake ten-fold. Hov studied his elders and perfected the rap craft, but Drake is out here just swinging at his OGs. Rappers these days seem to get a little cash, quickly forget who the GOAT is, and start speaking out they neck. EVERYBODY is influenced by JAY Z, so these rappers need to stop coming at him with this petty shit. He perfected what it means to be a successful rapper, while still showing a consistent talent as he changed to fit the rap environment. Y’all need to leave him alone with his business ventures, cause he’s on some mogul shit now trying to create a legacy for his future generations. There is room for everyone to make music and spread love, these fake beefs are worthless and not worth our time yo. Step to Hov when you can actually match him Drake, otherwise stay in your lane.

Jay-z on Beyonce

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Jay Z writes:

“The way she has changed my life… If I didn’t have her…? Where would I be? Who will I be? Sometimes I wonder if I would still be Jay-Z. It’s so surreal. First time I laid eyes on her she was 16, I had a thought in my head, “she will be mine“, became my best friend….20 years old, it was time.. before you knew it she made me swallow my pride and my own words bit me in the ass.. “Forever mackin” – 8 years later, married, one kid. She saved me. @ibbaddie @baddiebey”

Do you believe Jay wrote this? OH!

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omg remember that interview when Jay was just sitting on a couch being interviewed right next to two girls having sex and on the other side of him was two other girls just rubbing their titties and the whole time Jay was lowkey peepin?😩😩 I forgot about it until now


HOV fact of the day:

JAY Z and Young Jeezy’s dope 2014 collaboration ‘Seen It All’ was recorded with the intention of featuring on Hov’s 2013 twelfth studio album Magna Carta… Holy Grail, but the track didn’t make the final cut. According to Cardo, the track’s producer, he had first wanted to send the beat to Big Sean and Travi$ Scott, but an e-mail mix up meant he sent it to Jeezy - who in turn sent it to Hov, knowing he was secretly recording his latest project.

AintNoJigga fam...

“Fuck hastags and retweets…”

Just a heads up, due to ever-increasing demand in the inbox I have created Twitter and Instagram pages for the fam to follow. Seems like for many of you one of these is your preferred social medium; so I’ll try to keep them as updated as possible. And as always, click the links for the full story on here. Username on both is just /aintnojigga to keep it clean and easy.

As always, thank you for the following and support from the ANJ fam. Even after all these years I still believe it’s important to have a place where true JAY Z fans can come together and share our respect for the GOAT. Keep it locked, cause I have pleeeenty more in the archives. HOOOOVVVAAAA!

MyHiddenDiva: So being a girl, none of my friends appreciated how geeked I was to get this. Tenth anniversary edition. Blue Print. Blue vinyl. I’m scared to even take it out of it’s covering.

Awesome! That is definitely one for the collection. I would recommend not taking it out of the package either- it might be worth a bit more one day.