I was at work and in walks @iamdannistarr. I literally started to geek out lol. My co-worker asked me “who is she that you are basically hyperventilating for?” I was like that’s danni from #thekaneshow my boyfriend and I listen to them everyday. I’ve been listening to the kaneshow since I was in high school. I was so excited haha!! Thanks for coming in and thanks for being so sweet as I went a little fangirl crazy #mamabear #imetbabymjanddc #legitfangirledit #aintevenmadtho (at Lucia’s Joann Kitchen @ Broadway Market)

Yep… Camera caught a playa in a chicken-finger & French Fry fueled itus at the #Nets game…. #AintEvenMadTho

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Nope not a bad shot, @mrmecc is literally sleeping on this game 😴 @ipullrank