The Signs As Things My Cool Night Manager Has Said

Aries - I get called an asshole all the time! It happens

Taurus - That’s what friends are for :]

Cancer - Yeah. I’m bad at the girl thing

Gemini - That sounds a bit pointless

Leo - It’s alright haters gonna hate and ainters gonna aint

Virgo - Haha awkward

Libra - What the fuck does that mean?

Scorpio - Ohhh suck! You suck!

Sagittarius - Ohhh shoot.

Capricorn - I drove by my favorite taco stand a few minutes ago. And it killed me not to go in there and get tacos but I’m on a very strict diet

Aquarius - He said I’m a gay man’s 8!

Pisces - It hurts my feelings when you disregard my opinion

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