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If ur not poc/latinx don’t message me about floriana’s casting cause i aint about to listen to white people on matters they got no say over. Shut the fuck up. Be quiet. This is not something u can talk over actual woc. Ur opinion is literal nothing goodbye

can people stop getting mad at artists for having lyrics that might be a bad influence on young fans? literally let them make the music they want. if they’re writing about sex and drugs the odds are they didn’t write it for any 12yr old that might hear it. they wrote it for themselves.

also, don’t use this as an excuse to shit on a band you don’t like. chances are your faves have some equally shitty lyrics and a hoard of young fans that are gonna hear it.

I know it’s important to talk about that buzzfeed article about how lesbians aint shit, but it’s so depressing to see and I hate seeing it on my dash. I wish it becomes old new already so it only goes around once in a blue moon as a “hey remember this shit?” and brought up to libs and transacts when they try to say they never say lesbians are bad or whatever they say. I really hate that article. I really really hate it. It breaks my heart.

Am I the only one who noticed the Cochlea arc is dealing with Fathers and their children?

We start off the arc with a following up to Eto and her story, something we know already. Then we get a flashback about the Kirishima family. Reji is a father figure to Touka and to a lesser degree Ayato. Arata ended up leading to their split as a family once Hikari died so he also impacted their lives.

Torso and Mutsuki have flashbacks about their fathers and what they did to them to shape them into who they became.

Kaneki faces off against Arima, the man who was Sasaki’s “father” and as the most recent chapter showed, Kaneki’s “father”.

Donato is now out and about and we all know who Donato fucked over as a father.

Now we have Matsuri freaking out about his dad’s death, and I aint touching the implications of that.

Hinami will likely find Akira, seeing as the arc is about Fathers and well, Akira is fighting with her Dad’s Kagune.

Amon will have to show up to deal with Donato.

Not sure who else will be involved like this but it is interesting.

one of my coworkers and i were talking about arsenal’s situation last night and it was just so therapeutic (he’s a coach so he’s not in the office often so we don’t really get to talk a whole lot and he’s a gooner and everyone in the office is well, not a gooner). but something i found hilarious that he said was how bellerin needs to cut his hair because he hasn’t been the same since growing out his hair lmfao


Ey, TLF here.

I noticed something ever since everybody else moved out: Nobody’s putting up the decorations. Like, TLB’s outta it so she aint thinking about it, and the boss probably don’t even know where the things are.

So it’s my job to get everything looking nice for Vday.

I think I did pretty good! Got some’a them cheap heart banners strung up everywhere, couple balloons on the walls. Jars of candy in the workshops. Heh, I bet they won’t make it to the fourteenth. 

I got those cards we used to give out as kids, too. Some of them are, well, going to the kids. I hope they like ‘em. They don’t mean to be bad, right? They’re just kids. What’s the worst they can do, color on the walls?


  • Rick: i'm going to stop writing after PJO.
  • Also Rick: I think I'm gonna make them fight Gaia and add new kids.
  • Same Rick: Yeah I'm stopping with the Greeks and Romans but I ain't got a series about Norse1!1!1!1!
  • Still Old Rick: Ok so I'm bringing back some teensie weensie Greek into my new series.
  • Awful Cliffhanger Rick: Yeah, Annabeth's aint telling him about Percy juuuust yet.
Let’s talk about the Combat Zone

So according to this video there was a LOT more planned for this place than what actually ended up in the game. 

Basically instead of just killing everyone as soon as you walk in, you’re able to actually fight in the arena and sign up for matches in exchange for caps. The more fights you win, the higher your rank. The higher your rank, the harder the fight. Harder the fight, bigger the prize.

No guns. No power armor. And even if you don’t want to fight you can place bets on whoever is.

If you do fight, eventually you’d be up against Tommy’s Little Bird herself – Cait. And if you beat her, you get Cait’s contract instead of Tommy throwing her at you in the final game.

How freaking cool would this have been?! I would LOVE to fight in the Combat Zone. This place is so interesting but we’re forced to just kill everyone and leave, just like at Easy City Downs with the robot racetrack.

Cage fighting is badass enough but just imagine bringing a companion with you to a match. Each one could have a few different lines. Oh man…

  • Piper: Are we seriously doing this? [dislikes it]
  • Codsworth: Oh do be careful in there, sir/mum… [dislikes it]
  • Hancock: Go kick some ass, brother/sister. I’ll find a good seat. [likes it]
  • MacCready: Hell yeah! Time to place some bets! [likes it]
  • Deacon: I’ll go find a seat, I guess.
  • X6-88: This is a complete waste of time.
  • Curie: Please be careful monsieur/madame. I will stand by to tend to any injuries./We can find another way to make caps, no?
  • Danse: You’re better than this, soldier. [dislikes it]
  • Preston: Why are we doing this?/This isn’t a good idea… [dislikes it]
  • Strong: HUMAN SMASH [likes it??]
  • Cait: Are you serious? Why the fuck would I want to be here for this?! [hates it]

And they can comment on whether you win or lose…

  • Piper: (losing) You feelin’ alright there Blue…? (winning) Congratulations. Can we leave now?
  • Codsworth: (losing) Sir/mum, are you alright?! (winning) I’m glad you won, but please let’s not do that again.
  • Hancock: (losing) Better luck next time, brother/sister./What was that? (winning) I knew you had it in ya’.
  • MacCready: (losing) Lame. What the hell happened out there? (winning) Alright! Looks like we’re leaving with a pocket full of caps!
  • Deacon: (losing) That looked like it hurt. (winning) Feeling better now?
  • X6-88: (losing) That was embarrassing. (winning) Nicely done, sir/ma’am.
  • Curie: (losing) Oh, this is sad… (winning) We have won!!
  • Danse: (losing) Have you learned your lesson, soldier? (winning) Well. At least you put up a good fight.
  • Preston: (losing) Well that was… interesting. (winning) You did pretty well out there.
  • Strong: (losing) HUMAN WEAK!! (winning) YES, HUMAN FIGHT WELL.
  • Cait: (losing) Jesus, what happened to you? That was a pretty shite display. (winning) They almost had ye there. But ya did well.

(I based their dialogue on their original comments at the Combat Zone so I had no idea what Nick would say, sorry feel free to add on) but how COOL would this be??? It’s a long shot but I really hope they bring this back in a future DLC. This content is too awesome to just drop completely. Why did they cut this at all? Bethesda pls

Father!Ethan – Requested

Ok so I kinda see Ethan as being like a derp father but like in the sweetest and cutest way possible like he’d be taking care of baby dolan all by himself bc he wanted you to go out and enjoy some time with your friends cause you’ve been stuck inside ever since you came home from the hospital and he’d be like bouncing your baby on his leg and he’d be all giggles till your baby bursts out crying and he starts panicking (! but he aint at the disco) and ethan will look like he’s about to cry and question baby dolan like “why are you crying” “I’m sorry what did I do wrong” “I didn’t mean to hurt you” and “please don’t tell mommy” he’d literally try everything to stop your baby from crying until finally he couldn’t figure out what to do and calls you a total mess and you have to come home to help and as soon as baby dolan is in your arms baby dolan stops crying and then ethan would get super insecure thinking that your child doesn’t like him and then you’d just reassure him that the baby loves him but he was just hungry and needed to breast feed