aint nobody fresher than my clique


So everyone is doing that 6 selfies thing and that’s great but I need to dedicate a post to my best friend, my brainmate, my amazing sister and partner in crime Keveena.

I seriously wouldn’t have made it through the last 6 months or rather the past 11 years, without her. She brought me halfway around the world, held me up when I was in a seriously dark place, chased after my crazy ass when I was goin off the rails, listened to my soap opera worthy woes, is endlessly my biggest cheerleader, makes me laugh like a loon on loon tablets, shows me so much kindness and compassion and makes me feel like I’m safe. She is my family and I truly would be half a person without her. I wouldn’t even know how to begin thanking her for being a huge blessing my life.

I’m bein all lame and shit but I don’t care. This girl silently and gracefully fights all the shit that’s thrown at her and never gets her props, she just keeps on goin. She’s one of the biggest inspirations in my life and I’m a better person because I know her. She’s the most passionate and hard working good soul on the planet and I cannot wait to see all the incredible things she’s destined to do, with the same passion, grace and unbeatable beauty #nohomo:)

I love you Little Baby Clubfoot. Ya little daisy.