aint no such thang

Quiet [EruRi]

[rated light M, ~3.5k of fluff and gentle angst] Ao3

More catdads and catbabies. What can I say? My heart wants what it wants. I think I crave these AUs because, to me, SnK was essentially a gory tale of two dorky dads trying really hard to raise some fucked up kids and save the world.  

¯\_(ツ)_/¯  Probably from the same ‘verse as Knead.

And so, here, have some dorky dads trying to raise little balls of fluff:

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Aint nun but a Flexing thang.


anonymous asked:

Awww you're adorable! Nothing to be ashamed of because you still look cute & chubby and there aint nothing the matter with that! Do you thang girl!

dude this is beyond sweet! thank you😁 its just rlly sudden and i know with my condition i’ll keep gaining weight…i just need to start healthy habits to keep it under relative control, and this sweater covers up SO much ngl😅

anonymous asked:

Okay wtf does that ending mean? Like I'm nervous. And how will stiles and Lydia be together if he's in DC and she's in Massachusetts!? Like are the final ten episodes going to be them during the summer! I'm concerned and scared

Well, this was shot with dob being ‘done’ for good. The last 10 episodes more than likely were going to or maybe still will focus more on 2.0 than 1.0 however with the news that dob ‘unwrapped’ and will be back for 6b we can assume they’ll bring more of the originals back.

Lydia is in Mass and Stiles is in DC which is east coast and 5-6? maybe 7 hours away from one another. Not THAT bad. Long distance etc etc. See each other for long weekends, holidays. Aint not thang. 

The final 10 might be them back for the summer and spending time in beacon hills fighting supernaturals again.