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i told myself i was gonna finish that really old sketch of maevaris and i finally did it :’0)

my ass angry that steve trevor isn’t diana’s modern day love interest when i know damn well he’s gonna die in the WW movie

My Mum's experience with a lying rude lady

My mum works as a CEO for a organization that helps the mentally disabled and one day a lady phoned her complaining that the police were at one of the grouphomes in that neighbourhood because one of the ‘bad seeds’ (a girl) was acting up again. The lady called the girl a bad seed over and over again complaining. She told my mum that these 'bad seeds’ needed to stop acting up because they were a threat to her kids.

And this is how the conversation went down:

Lady: Your bad seeds need to be-

My Mum: Why are you calling them bad seeds? Where did you hear that?

Lady: *brief akward pause* The lady told us that they were bad seeds.

My Mum: What lady?

Lady: *very quickly says* The one at the neighbourhood meeting last month talking to us about the group home. She called them bad seeds.

My Mum: Are you sure?

Lady: yes she told us that they were bad seeds and were a threat to our kids.

My Mum: *calmly says* See I find that hard to believe because I WAS the lady talking at the meeting.

*10 second silence from the lady*

 *Lady hangs up*

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It aint over yet! This is by far the most creative protest I saw last week. I just had to record it. We’re still fighting for justice. Those 6 police officers are out of jail now free on bail which makes no sense. I hope they all actually get charged. They need to suffer the consequences of what they did. My city went through complete hell last week to get the world’s attention for Freddie and now these officers are free! Smh I guess it’s in God’s hands now. We did what we had to do. Gotta keep fighting to get these cop killers off the street for good. Keep fighting everyone. Don’t lose your voice! Baltimore started a revolution, so we gotta keep it going. This is just the beginning. Thanks for all the support everyone! ❤️

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its sad that when something big like terrorist attacks happen in a western country, so many people mention the attacks that also happened in other countries that weren’t western countries and no one paid attention to. Its sad because nobody is trying to make this a competition of whose suffered more, its just the bigoted reality that although MILLIONS of people die every day due to ISIS attacks in the middle east, western media outlets and people on social media platforms including tumblr BARELY cover those events yet the entire world will know of attacks in the west - which they should. But what about those not in the west? At the same time i want to apologize to any Belgium’s that feel anybody mentioning muslims or muslim countries in times like this is insulting or degrading to the memories of people who died today, thats honestly not the intention. If anything we mention attacks like the one in Turkey last week because WE UNDERSTAND. We understand you right now more than anybody else does and we stand with you. But we also expect you and others to stand with us too. We constantly lend a hand in times like this only to be given not a shred of respect in our times. So today, while you pray for those affected by the attack today in Belgium, please just say a little word in there for all humans affected by these attacks that occur on a daily basis. Pray for those in Istanbul, pray for those in Paris who still haven’t recovered and are probably going through another flash black, pray for those in Syria, and pray for yourself and your safety as well wherever you live because events like this affects us all.