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Our love has a way about it.

So, yes, after gazzilion iterations and plenty of rants to ppl’s personal chats, I have been finally able to get my version of post that call fic. Plenty thanks to the ever lovely @love-yellow-door for her beta-ing skills and continuous patience and encouragement.

Also posted on here and ao3 here.

“Oh Go-”, she’d gasped as soon as she’d entered her flat. Eyes closed she took a moment to catch her breath and waiting for her heartbeat to become normal. She removed her shoes and hung her coat by the door, noticing then the Belstaff already occupying space on the rack.

Sherlock’s silhouette was backlit by the street light as he reached over and switched on the light by his side. It made his face look sharper, his eyes glinting in the dark like an animal’s on a hunt. But it also made his face look gaunt, a fact that didn’t escape her.

Entering the living room she stood facing him, her face devoid of any expression other than mild resignation at the cancellation of whatever plans she was sure she would’ve made.

“Hungry?” she asked.

He gave a sharp nod, not able to hold her gaze. She sighed as she moved to put the kettle on, removing ingredients from the fridge before finally heading to her bedroom. She usually shut the bedroom door whenever he was in the flat, but today she didn’t bother, instead heading right to her wardrobe to grab her change of clothes and then moving out of sight, into her shower.

He had always found things to keep him occupied otherwise but today he couldn’t take his eyes off her open doorway.

It only seemed right; after all there wasn’t much left for her to hide now.

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Quiet [EruRi]

[rated light M, ~3.5k of fluff and gentle angst] Ao3

More catdads and catbabies. What can I say? My heart wants what it wants. I think I crave these AUs because, to me, SnK was essentially a gory tale of two dorky dads trying really hard to raise some fucked up kids and save the world.  

¯\_(ツ)_/¯  Probably from the same ‘verse as Knead.

And so, here, have some dorky dads trying to raise little balls of fluff:

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callout post to @paperfruit

  • pisses on the bathroom floor
  • has Dangan Ronpa kins
  • sticks leggy up
  • pees every 2 seconds
  • started out as an mlp blog
  • emo
  • wrote emo poetry when he was 12
  • constantly shits himself
  • slaps people with his huge ding dong
  • a furry
  • he SCREM
  • probably owns a princess peach dakimakura
  • ships komaedaxjunko
  • lives in his shorts
  • would destroy u in mariokart with no remorse
  • u can never stay mad at this man
  • astral projects into another dimension as his past time
  • thrives on ramen
  • says “dickie” when he talks about a penis
  • likes toesies
  • has a furaffinity account
  • looks at cockvore
  • has discussed to me about how it would feel to be cockvored
  • a virgo

Birthday Stuff~

Hey everyone my birthday is on October 1st!!

I’m posting my wishlist because, why not ya know!

I really need hoodies and clothes in general, but if you don’t wanna spend alot of money, I have alot of cheaper stuff on there too!

I’ll draw u something as a thank you gift, if you get me anything because I feel weird not giving anything back. :3c

ANYWAYS the link is here. 💕

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Looking back now I kind of side eye Look At Us Now for not showcasing Ally's beautiful vocals but it was the reason I got into 5H in the first place so I can't complain lol. Heard it on the radio and I just decided to dive in head first into the fandom immediately after.



so this blog turned 1(!!) today wow that’s exciting! happy birthday j0eygraceffa! yay me!! this causes for celebration!!! and i think it’s an excuse to send out some love, yo. i’ve not done one of these since 1k, so it’s definitely overdue amirite amirite
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Well on a side note antis are freaking out and saying Louis confused himself for Harry in the picture (I cant even with that logic all I can do us lol) and Freddies are mad because Louis liked the pic of Harry and not the one of Freddums on the account. Also I saw some Douis shippers are pissed cuz he liked the pic of Harry and not Danielles "Lazy Sunday" claiming its our fault. Apparently we "harassed him into aknowleding Harry." Great day to be a Larry aint it!