aint my son


My son aint come to play with you hoes!


so after what like 18 years of me obsessing over @thearcanagame I finally manage to design my baby boy Roh ??


I mightve been late to the other prompts but i would never be late for my lil hard champ’s birthday!!! I just posted it here late lmao jfc.

bakugou isnt in here bc he’s thr babe he needs smth espesyal.

This is actually an au i’ve thought of where Shane initially started going with Ryan cause he can see all these dark taints slowly covering Ryan’s spirit (aka that is a bad omen) when he started the buzzfeed unsolved series. He knew Bronttt can’t do anything about it since he’s only an ordinary human, but Shane can. So he’s going to stick with Ryan to keep him safe.

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Do you think Mob could kill?


I think he’s fully capable. I mean, hell - he reached 99% murderous intent. Teruki was at murderous intent when he choked Mob out. That boy is very lucky that strangulation is not an effective kill method because hoo boy,,, if he had stayed committed to something else (say, stabbing with a knife) Mob could be dead. 

//hibas is predicated on this concept

Mob has had a lot of times where he’s toed that kill line. 99% murderous intent, he’s “killed” plenty of evil spirits, he fully started using his powers against other ‘students’ and also choking them out in Mogami’s mindscape, he went into ???% mode when fully awake when he saw his family’s fake corpses in the Fire chapter, 100% resignation in the world dom arc, and this recent almost murder of Jun by ???% in the Confession arc….

Mob could kill.

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Hello, Elise! for the writing prompts thing, Enjoltaire and "I wish we could stay like this forever" .

Here is a high school AU because my feelings will not be contained

The afternoon was drawing to a close, filling Grantaire’s bedroom in a warm, comforting light. There was something about this place that Enjolras cherished, a feeling of comfort he rarely found anywhere else.

Grantaire’s bedroom was more than the sum of its parts. It was not so much the Beatles and Fall Out Boy posters, or the pictures of Grantaire as a child, or the evolution of the watercolours stuck on the walls that created that sensation. Grantaire’s presence was so embedded in these walls that just being there made Enjolras feel light as a feather. Of course, having Grantaire with him only doubled the feeling. Oh lord, if he went any higher, he’d touch the clouds…

His boyfriend shuffled against him, pulling Enjolras out of his reverie. Grantaire’s head rested comfortably on his stomach, while Enjolras slowly played with his hair to the rhythm of Grantaire’s vinyls. The only thing his father had given him, apparently. That and a hatred for mathematics. And his hair, too. Enjolras had to say, he was grateful for that.

“So do you like it? The music?” Grantaire asked.

Enjolras had no idea what was playing.

“It’s catchy. I like it. The lyrics aren’t very… groundbreaking.”

“When it doubt, write something about love. Add in some vague physical attributes. There will always be a sucker somewhere to relate.”

There was truth to that. There was something about love songs that finally resonated with Enjolras lately. They didn’t all sound dumb anymore. Though most of them still did, but it was mostly due to bad poetry.

Enjolras was so engrossed in the music and in an atmosphere that he could only describe as “Grantaire” that he didn’t hear the knock on the door. It was too late when Grantaire’s mother came into the room, with Grantaire’s little sister in tow. Immediately, Enjolras’ bubble popped and a wave of panic engulfed him. He promptly took his hands off Grantaire’s hair and straightened his back, ready for the debacle. Something along the line of “Get away from my son!”

It never came.

Instead, Grantaire’s mother just smiled and put a platter of food and drinks on her son’s desk, without even batting an eye.

“I kept calling you from the kitchen, but the music must have been too loud. I thought you’d be hungry, it’s almost six.”

“Thanks, Mom.”

“Thank you,” Enjolras echoed timidly.

Grantaire’s sister, who must not have been more than 6, took a couple of steps into the bedroom.

“Can I play with you, R?”

Grantaire’s mom was quick to take the little girl by the hand to guide her the other way.

“I think Grantaire wants to hang out with his friend for the moment, Delphine. Come on, we should leave the boys alone, maybe they’ll want to play later.”

They were gone as quickly as they had come. Enjolras, still confused and on his guards, looked at the space Grantaire’s mother had occupied just a second ago. Grantaire had not moved an inch, as though the incident was absolutely nothing out of the ordinary. Had the same scene played in Enjolras’ bedroom, starring Enjolras’ mother, the outcome would have been radically different.

“So… that happened.”

“What happened?”

“Your mom. Catching you with me.”

Grantaire snorted.

“Oh come on, it’s not like she caught us doing the good ol’ beast with two backs! She’s seen more jarring than two guys cuddling on a bed.”

“So this is okay? I mean.. Your mom, she’s cool with us being together?”

“I guess. I mean I talked about it with her before, you know. All that bi stuff.”

Enjolras propped himself up on the bed to have a better look at Grantaire’s expression.

“Ooh.What did she say?”

“She made a bi flag cake,” Grantaire shrugged, though Enjolras could hear the fondness in his voice. “Raspberry, blueberry and blackberry. T’was a grand night. Never quite understood why blueberries where-Why are you smiling?”

“Nothing. I just wish we could stay like this forever.”

Relatable Kuroko no Basuke characters
  • Kuroko: all his old friends emotionally hurt him and abandoned him
  • Himuro: feels inferior towards his naturally more talented friends and is bitter about it
  • Kise: no matter how hard he tries, he still can’t win
  • Akashi: strict (abusive???) parent, fears of abandonment, the term I would use is “mentally fucked”
  • Ogiwara: after his passion was crushed, he gave up on it and quit

the crossover no one ever wanted, but ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

(excuse the different line art sizes/styles, this was rushed lol)

**edited since i forgot to shade hanzo’s arm OTL