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Levi Ackermann mistrusts water

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Me 3 years ago: I’m going to learn how to play the guitar!!!! It’ll be fun!

Me 3 years later, fingers calloused and scabrous, trying for the 52nd time in 6 hours to play this god damn dominant 7th sharp 13th suspended harmonic bullfuck chord:

Inspired by a voice dub by @pmseymourva

I’m sure this has been done a millions times before, but I wanted to do my own take on it.

Also, for some odd reason, I decided to risk it and ink/color this because I really liked how the sketch turned out. I’m about 93% proud of the result XD

mystery skulls gang: @mysterybensmysteryblog

Bonus Sketch Under Cut: 

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idk which version is better so here you go have both of them

a mix of all the shits on my mind atm 

Fun fact: Did you know that if you drop an apple on the ground your horse will actually go after it. 

I dropped an apple on the ground for Wolf Link so he could heal a bit of health, and Achak actually stole it from him, stepping on him in the process. Wolf Link legit took half a heart of damage. I’m pretty sure it was a glitch or something, since I couldn’t get it to happen again, but it was incredible.