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What would you like to see from the 14th season?

Amelia letting her guard down and actually talking to Owen about why she’s been acting the way she has for the past season. The two of them making their peace and picking up their marriage from where they left off, having a fun, lighter season with enjoyable moments. And then when they least expect it, Amelia gets pregnant and they get through the drama and the fear together, supporting each other the way it should be.

Jo and Alex talking over their crap and realizing how they’ve both screwed up, apologizing for their mistakes, realizing they’re better together than apart, getting together again. At some point, her husband will turn up and Alex has to stand up for himself without physically harming anyone, for God’s sake. Bonus points if Alex stops being Meredith’s puppet. 

A fun plot twist for the Megan arc. Maybe us finding out that there is much more to her story than we were actually told.

Arizona actually having a storyline that doesn’t involve another woman. 

Deluca NOT being an intern anymore. It’s been 84 years. The residents actually picking a specialty and being trained for it. The least possible screen time for the new interns. 

Bailey owning up to the leader she used to be in the previous seasons and not the joke of a boss and pile of insecurity she became on s13.

Webber going back to being a background character, the voice of reason who is there to give everyone advice and not hog screen time for his annoying relationship with Catherine. Aint nobody got time for that. 

April realizing that being with her daughter makes her happier than anything else, regardless of anyone else. And having a storyline thats not centered around Jackson or Jackson’s family. She is more than just Jackson’s ex or Jackson’s baby mama or Jackson’s family something. She is so much better than that. 

Jackson and Maggie not being a thing and if they are a thing, that at least I don’t have to see it.

More Omelia, Jolex, fun bantering between doctors. Cool medical cases. Challenging medical cases. Medical cases that make you think: whoa, I don’t know which side to pick, or which decision I’d make in this situation.

People generally being happier, and laughing about things, and having fun instead of so god damn miserable all the time like s13. Characters actually communicating and having real problems instead of just dragging their problems because they don’t talk to each other.

and on top of all that, LESS Meredith. 

Especially less Meredith getting in the middle of everyone else’s storyline. Less Meredith being victimized by the show as an attempt to make people pity her. Less Meredith shouting at everyone and thinking she has a free pass to be nasty to everyone. Just give Riggs to her and let her stop whining for once. 

Hart sharing some stories with Vier. They’re probably about her punching things to death. I’m so behind with posting drawings, my lap top isn’t doing the best.

Funny story

Bit of a background: i was raised by my aunt who said “damn” a lot and constantly.

So when I was about 5, my family was still trying to do the whole religion thing. Well whenever we’d get there apparently when someone would say anything to me i’d respond with “i’m only here to meet jesus and eat damn donuts” and i genuinely meant it. So one time i refused to go up to a microphone and the pastor was like “and why wont you come up to the stage?” I yelled out “cause you aint got damn donuts and you aint jesus” in front of the whole church. Needless to say we were not welcomed back. Now i’m an atheist who still loves damn donuts.

BUT CONSIDER a Young Justice crossover but after the series ended. After Wally disappeared it’s just like Artemis was in Paris for a week or something for a surveillance mission with M’gann and Conner (Kon what language can’t you speak like seriously). And so they’re doing a recon mission when an Akuma attacks at night and they don’t really know what’s going on, think it’s magic related or something.

Then LADYBUG and CHAT NOIR come in and then they’re seriously like what the damn hell is going on and the Parisian heroes think they’re villains. After a mini fight ensues they leave after M’gann summons the bioship and the next day Artemis and M’gann are visiting the Eiffel Tower and bump into Marinette, have a little conversation and plan on visiting the bakery because “Artemis, FRENCH pasteries! It’s been so long since I’ve baked something too and I’ve never made these c’mon it’ll be fun!”. And Conner is going around, somewhere I guess, maybe he’s trying to find a lead on kids they bumped into yesterday or he’s in the park brooding idk.

And that night they go out again hoping to come across the heroes and find out more about these villains. Is magic involved? Are they a major threat? Sent by Vandal or the remains of the light? KLARION FOR GODSAKE?! And they eventually come across them again, explain their biz and Tigress is just looking at Chat Noir kinda angrily and sad at the same time or whatever because he reminds her of Wally who’s gone. And M’gann is comforting her through the mind link.

And if Conner and Adrien met he’d just be like a big brother type guy because he knows what it’ll like to feel like you’ll never live up to the expectations of your father figure and/or (If he IS HM) coping with the fact you’re related to the enemy. And if Artemis is hanging out by the school at their lunch time and witnesses Chloe and Adrien and everyone, she it reminds her a lot of Gotham Academy. Like Chloe is like all the mean girls combined, Adrien is like Dick in his later years after she found out he was Robin, Alya supports her like Bette did and Babs always had Dick’s back whether she was Batgirl at the time or not. And the kids just kinda see her, maybe someone recognizes her or she name drops Dick, but there’s just a scream like “YOU KNOW DICK GRAYSON?!”

And she’s like “Yeah, we went to GA together” and Chloe just kinda scoffs her cause she’s a scholarship and she’s like “WELL this girl got into Stanford while Dick went to police academy, life’s strange ain’t it?”. Mari kinda asks her about it later “My dad and sister are criminals, my mom went to prison for taking the fall for my dad, I was mistrusted by some of my friends for with holding secrets I thought would ruin our bond, and had people who made fun of me for my background. I’m a tough girl but I’m glad I had friends to have my back in times of need, have a second family” and Adrien overhears and is like “yeah my friends are my family”.

Bonus: There’s a blue streak running around Paris. (SPEEDFORCE ENERGY CHRYSALIS AINT GOT SHIT)

Also AU on the way  ಠ◡ಠ 


Nope! Nope! NOPE! I’m not falling for this SamCedes shit! I can smell the fuckery from a mile away! Ya’ll honestly think they gonna give us some fairytale ending? We fans of Amber/Mercedes. We can’t have that…not in this fandom. Mercedes can’t be COMPLETELY happy.

She can have a boyfriend……but not the one she(or we) truly wants.

She can have a far superior Glee group of her own…but they can’t win

She can have a solo at competition…but not a true only person in the spotlight kind of solo

Mercedes said that she dumped Sam twice…and they made sure that she said it in a gleeful way. Now they got her singing Natural Woman while with Sam there?

I’m calling it now! She’s gonna catch feelings or admit to never losing feelings for Sam. She’s gonna sing a song and be at his mercy and he is gonna turn her ass down! He’s gonna run off and be Rachel’s or some random chick’s lap dog. And Mercedes is gonna return to LA or Lima a crumbled woman. (I mean, Amber is only in a few episodes right…it would make sense)

And you know what, no one outside of Amber/Mercedes/SamCedes fans will care cause SOMEHOW, Cedes is everyone’s enemy. So most of the Glee fandom will either not care or be happy as hell that she got told off about her “diva/self centered” self and rejected.(Cause you know for Cedes…..standing up for herself is bad while being the “mom” prop in the background is good.)

Will enjoy the gifs that will come and the fan fiction inspired by it but I am not getting my hopes up. Nope! No falling for this shit. I’m good. Dropping the mic….walking away now!

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see all these larries talking about how none of this adds up (which is true, but that's besides the point) and yet they happily believe all the shit that's happened with zayn? aint that some shit

I sympathize with them feeling like they’ve been run over by a bus. Been there, done that. Nothing phases me at this stage in the game. At the same time though–FEEL MY PAIN! FEEL IT! FEEL TO THE BONE! FEEL IT IN YOUR SOUL!! HOW DOES IT FEEL?? KINDA FUCKED UP, HUH?

Ahem, I’ve always said partyboy trainwreck Louis was part of the stunt narrative. It got too much attention from the usual suspects–who gave us background info on Briana early on. So yeah, catch up and get on the stunt train. Let’s gooooo!

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The whole 'I'm white' things bothers me. Believe it or not, people with a light skin tone are more than entitled to come from more than one place. I'm sicilian Italian on my dad's side as well as Greek, Russian, and Austrian on my mum's. It's nothing to be ashamed of. It is your background. A background no one else has. There's more to someone than their skin tone. Why is that so fucking hard to grasp

yeah I think it’s bullshit too, but sometimes you just gotta placate the masses.